Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes Review

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If you’re looking for a premium quality golf shoe to offer you stability and comfort which helps to improve your golfing performance, then the Adidas Men’s Tech Response golf shoe is your best choice. It is an affordable pair of golf shoes that will definitely improve your game while also making sure you have a comfortable experience on the golf course.

People who play golf regularly will benefit greatly from wearing these Tech Response golf shoes from Adidas. For exceptional traction, balance, and stability, Adidas equipped this pair with a spiked sole and wide base. Also, it features an EVA midsole for extra comfort and cushioning. Concerning its range of motion and flexibility, there’s a low-cut design that offers incredible flexibility and range of motion. 

What Are The Adidas Men’s Response Golf Shoes For? 

Adidas Men’s Response Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are footwear designed and built for golfing purposes. Golf shoes are meant to be an essential piece of equipment to help golfers improve their games, and they shouldn’t be seen as luxury items. Golf shoes deliver comfort and stability for golfers out there on the course. 

Are Adidas Men’s Response Golf Shoes Worth It? 

You might be thinking of wearing your regular shoes to the greens for some rounds of golf after spending some money on new golf clubs already. Well, that’s not a really bad decision. It’s just that your regular shoes might end up messing up your golfing experience for you. It is ideal to buy a pair of golf shoes if you’re really serious about playing golf. Adidas Men’s Response Golf shoes will help keep your feet dry, cool while also providing stability which gives you balance when taking swings.  

What Is The Cost Of Adidas Men’s Response Golf Shoes? 

A pair of Adidas Men’s Response Golf Shoes cost about $149 on Amazon

What Are Adidas Golf Shoes Made Of?

Leather, synthetic, and rubber materials are the three common materials used for the construction of golf shoes. Synthetic materials are commonly used in the uppers of golf shoes, while rubber materials are good for waterproofing design. Also, leather is durable and offers water-resistant. Different materials use improved materials for the manufacturing process of golf shoes. So, let’s talk about leather and synthetic, and other waterproof materials. 


Like we said before, leather still remains the most used material for the production of golf shoes. For decades now, leather material has been used for distinct kinds of golf shoes. Manufacturers have been incorporating a lot of technology to make larger materials more suitable for a perfect golf shoe. 


Synthetic material is a thinner, cheaper, and light option. This type of material offers less breathability because it comes in a non-porous material. Wearing golf shoes made with synthetic material for long on the course will cause your feet to clamp

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes Review 

The [amazon link=”B007M8575G” title=”Adidas Men’s Tech Response golf shoes” /] are a big fish in the golf footwear industry. This model has a lot of beneficial features to offer golfers who want to enjoy their golfing experience. The first thing we loved about this pair was its well-designed traction pattern. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing in a wet or moisture condition, this shoe will provide enough traction and a real stage base. With this, you’ll be able to play your golf without slipping off or losing balance during swings. The 6-spike configuration on the outsole makes it ideal for use on wet and sandpit courses.

In terms of the traction provided, this shoe is a top-notch option. Now, let’s talk about its wide base. This pair of golf shoes boasts of a really wide base which delivers a good base to stand on during swings or when you’re just casually walking around the course. The Adidas Men’s Tech Response golf shoes win the bet when it comes to providing secure footing and incredible stability. 

The low-cut design of the Adidas Men’s Tech Response golf shoes is another outstanding feature that catches our eyes when reviewing them. The low-cut design of this pair leaves your ankle free! Are you surprised? Or are you expecting a slow-moving sport to require really good ankle support? No! Golf is quite a slow-moving and less active game, so ankle support is less important.

The ankle-free design delivers a freer, fill range of motion for your ankle which enables you to turn, twist, and swing your golf club for ultimate power. Let’s look into the materials used for body construction. The Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes were made with 25% lightweight leather material. 

What Makes The Best Golf Shoes? 

The best golf shoes are the ones that are durable and tough enough to handle any playing elements. A good golf shoe should be either water repellent, waterproof, or water-resistant. This helps prevent you from having a bad game experience when you’re playing in wet conditions.

Beneficial Features Of The Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Added Comfort

A major concern when buying a pair of golf shoes should be its comfort. When you’re out there on the market to buy golf shoes, make sure you choose the one that fits perfectly without being too loose or too tight. Your preferred shoe shouldn’t make walking difficult on the course and your feet shouldn’t feel cramped in it. 

The pattern of the shoe production should be a concern too as it helps you understand whether it’s a narrow fit or a wide fit. No, whether it’s designed and built to run small or wide after some time. 

High-Quality Midsole 

The level of comfort of a golf shoe is influenced by the kind of technology and material used for the midsole. Polyurethane foam is a robust and flexible material commonly used for the midsole part of the golf shoe. Also, the EVA which is the polymer-ethylene-vinyl material is another common material used for the midsole part of golf shoes. Most golfers prefer golf shoes with EVA midsole because it offers the great bounce, lightweight, perfect cushioning, and balance. 

Mesh Uppers

The uppers of the golf shoes should offer incredible stability and balance for a perfect swing with the help of the latest technology in the material. The most common material found in these shoes is leather. Tumbling which is the latest technology is found in modern leather for maximum elasticity and softness. Also, the thin, mesh uppers feature lightweight materials that deliver maximum breathability and waterproofing function for all-weather use. 

Premium-Quality Outsole

Another important factor to consider before making a buying decision on your preferred golf shoe is the outsole. You’ll normally find advanced polymers as the main material for the outsole in recent golf shoes which delivers stability and flexibility too. 

Enhanced Stability

Most beginner golfers find swinging a golf club quite difficult on the course. And things will get a little bit more difficult when the amateur isn’t using a pair of stable shoes. A great about of pressure is applied to the feet even if most golfers think the game of golf mostly involves handwork. Your back foot stored a lot of energy when you’re trying to get into a backswing position. 

After making the swing, this stored energy at the back of your foot is then released to the front foot. You can be in an unbalanced position after a swing because of its greater kinetic energy, therefore there’s a need for a pair of shoes that offers support and stability. The ideal golf shoe should have enough traction and sturdy enough to handle your overall weight. 

Waterproof Design

Golf games can be played in the rain sometimes or in the morning when the grass is still wet with few. With this, you should know that the waterproofing function of a pair of golf shoes is quite important. 

A great pair of golf shoes shouldn’t feel soggy and should keep your feet dry on wet grasses on the course. The advancement of shoemaking technology makes manufacturers put the waterproofing feature of a golf shoe in mind during production. In today’s world, spray-on chemicals are applied to the older porous leather that soaks up easily. 

You’ll find most golf shoes with a microfiber mesh which delivers incredible waterproofing features. The truth here is that waterproofing functions in shoes come with some drawbacks even if it’s considered a good thing. A pair of golf shoes designed with a waterproofing feature will restrict airflow, leading to sweaty feet. 

As a golfer, your playing experience on the course might become unbearable when your shoe lacks enough breathability. Got days will make you feel like your feet are boiling when the shoe isn’t breathable. You should probably consider a pair of golf shoes that offers both breathability and waterproof features.  

High Breathability

When you’re playing golf, you need to wear a pair of golf shoes with limitless breathability for improved performance. Just imagine playing with a rigid shoe that doesn’t allow airflow, it’s definitely not palatable.

Shoes without enough breathability features will cause discomfort which leads to fatigue which won’t make you last for long on the course. You’ll find the most modern golf shoes with improved technology and other vital features that help improve your golf experience.

Maximum absorption of humidity is facilitated by the inclusion of components like charcoal and polyurethane material in golf shoes. When your feet are cool and dry, you will feel relax and comfortable during your playing time. The breathability of golf shoes isn’t mainly about comfort but health as well. Adequate air circulation will help keep your feet well-ventilated and prevent fungus that causes offensive odor. 


1. It’s quite durable 

2. Offers ankle flexibility

3. Good cushioning and support 

4. Delivers great stability and traction 

5. Lightweight 


1. No waterproof casing 

2. They run a little small

Final Thoughts

The Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe is our top pick golf shoe available on the market. It comes with the latest technology and beneficial features that help boost your golfing performance on the golf course. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this single product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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