Are There Prescription Football Visor? (Explained!)

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No, there are no prescription football visors. It is not possible to create a prescription visor that can be worn safely in a football game. Football visors are made of a hard plastic material that is designed to protect the player’s eyes from impact. This material cannot be easily molded to fit an individual’s prescription.

How To Get a Prescription Football Visor 

We’ve Listed A Few Ways To Get Prescription Football Visors. 

Inform Your Coach 

The first thing to do is to tell your coach about your quest for a football visor. He or she will then state the rules and regulations specific to your league about acquiring a visor. These rules differ by state. New Jersey, for example, will only allow players to use visors that are not tinted. And so are some other states in the United States. So, you must inform your coach. 

Discuss to Your Team Doctor

The next thing to do is to meet with your team doctor. He’s going to help you find some answers about your eyes and the need for a visor. Don’t forget that your team doctor might not be able to prescribe the visor for you. But his advice will go a long way. Take, for example, your team doctor may help with the recommendation of an experienced and specialized eye doctor to. We don’t advise football players to bypass their team doctor and look for an eye doctor on their own. 

Obtaining The Visor

Don’t expect a regular prescription to be filled like a prescription for a football visor. It is scarce, unlike the normal lenses that you can easily get in stores or local pharmacies. The easiest way to get a football visor is by ordering it from an online store. Another typical resource for getting a visor is the equipment manager of your football team. 

Types Of Football Visors

Types Of Football Visors

Football visors come in different designs and colors and it’s up to players’ preferences and choices to decide which one would suit them better. For the record, there are three major types of football visors out others won the market. They include; colored, polarized/tinted, and clear/transparent. Let’s talk about each of them. 

Colored visors: colored visors are designed and available in a variety of different colors. They are more fashionable and make players unique on the field. However, they are not allowed to be used by most leagues in the United States. 

Clear/transparent visors: these are the most common type of visors in the world of football as they are allowed in most football leagues in the United States. Players will get a clearer view of the field during the game since the visors are made from a clear material. Clear visors also offer maximum protection to your eyes. 

Tinted/polarized visors: Players who are sensitive and to sunlight will find this type of visor useful. They help to offer protection against the damaging effects of sunlight. When you’re playing on the sunniest days, you need something that will help your vision on the field. These tinted visors help to prevent glares of sunlight. You can get these visors in 20, 45, and 60% variants capable of blocking different UVC, UVA, and UVB rays. 

Why Is Prescription Football Visor Scarce In Today’s Football

The excessive curvature of a football visor is the major reason why it is not common in today’s football. Curvature in this context means something popularly known as “the fishbowl effect”, which is otherwise called distortion. Also, another reason why the football visor is scarce is something known as vertex distance. Vertex distance is the distance between the prescription visor and the eye. Normally glasses even sit closer to the eyes than a football visor. With this, your existing prescription would be ineffective.

Why do some football players wear visors?

Football players wear visors for several reasons:

  1. Eye Protection: Visors shield the eyes from potential injuries caused by flying debris, fingers, or helmet contact during tackles.
  2. Sun Glare: Visors reduce sun glare, helping players see clearly in bright conditions.
  3. Inclement Weather: In rain or snow, visors keep water and precipitation off the face, improving visibility.
  4. Privacy: Some players use tinted or reflective visors to shield their eyes from opponents and maintain focus.
  5. Medical Reasons: Prescription visors help players with vision issues to see clearly without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  6. Style: Visors can be a fashion statement, allowing players to express their individuality.

However, visors must meet specific regulations regarding tint and transparency levels in organized football leagues, ensuring they don’t obstruct vision or provide an unfair advantage.

Are football helmet visors universal?

Football helmet visors are not universal; their compatibility varies by helmet make and model. They typically attach to facemask bars using specific hardware provided by the manufacturer. Different helmet brands have their proprietary visor attachment systems, which may not be interchangeable with other brands.

To ensure the correct fit, players should purchase visors designed for their specific helmet model. Additionally, football leagues often have regulations regarding visor tint and transparency levels, so players should choose visors that comply with these rules to avoid penalties during games.


We’ve prepared a list of the frequently asked questions and answers about prescription football visors. Let’s check it out! 

Are clear mirror visors legal?

Yes! As a matter of fact, football leagues like HS and NCAA only allow players to use 100% clear visors. With that, players are assured of clear vision during the heated games. 

What’s the point of a clear football visor?

In football, most players try to prevent eye injuries by wearing a visor of clear plastic. Some players collide more often with the opposing players and this can lead to serious eye injuries and damage. So, the visor helps players to avoid getting kicked or poked in the eye. Also, it prevents the accumulation of grass and dirt in the eyes when players fall to the ground during play. 

Can you play professional sports with glasses?

If you’re participating in sports like hockey, rugby, football, and soccer, it is not advisable to wear glasses as there are high chance that the glasses would come off and break. In the worst scenario, glasses might break and get into the eyes. The optometrist might ask you to use contact lenses if you really need vision correction.  

Final Thoughts – rounding up! 

Protection of the eyes is very important in contact and physical sports like football. More so, the football visor helps to offer protection to your eyesight and helps you relieve sensitivity to sunlight. As a footballer who plays in the receiver or running back position, you need to scan and see the ball carrier, running lanes, and open receiver clearly during a football game. So, your vision has to be 100% clear. Don’t forget to follow the steps required to get a prescription football visor.  We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know if there are prescription football visors. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks


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