Are Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Any Good? (Find Out Today)

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Absolutely! Tommy Armour golf clubs are made to high specification and guarantee consistency in feel and performance. In terms of quality, this brand is best suited for beginners who are just learning the game and higher handicappers that craves for forgiveness and ultimate distance. 

In general terms, selecting a brand to buy equipment from is one of the major task faced by golfers. Important considerations has to be made before a brand version is chose by golf players according to their performance expectations, skill set and how a good fit the equipment is for their game.

Tommy Armour brand has particularly been an household name in golf industry for several decades and are widely considered as one of the most populous game improvement golf clubs in the 198Os. In this article, all questions regarding how good Tommy Armour golf clubs are and which of their different versions is best suited for your game will be answered to. Let’s proceed!

History of Tommy Armour golf clubs

History of Tommy Armour golf clubs

Historically, this brand was named after an highly successful Scottish-American pro golfer and hall of famer, Tommy Armour. The company has been a reputable brand for several decades, particularly in 1980s and 1990s. During its years of absolute dominance and strong reputation in golf industry, Tommy Armour brand is renowned for producing golf clubs of optimum quality and standard. The brand was hugely successful and gained recognition with one of it’s versions – Tommy Armour 845 – emerging as one of the best selling golf clubs in the 1980s. However, the brand went under the radar and suffer a reduced popularity for a long while due to multiple reasons which will further be discussed in this article.

What happened to Tommy Armour golf club brand?

Tommy Armour has endured a ownership instability since it’s inception and this has contributed majorly to it’s fall from glory and ultimate decline in popularity. Several companies ranging from the likes of Teargolf drop, Hilco Customer Capital, Crystal Capital and Huffy cooperation has previously owned the brand. Sport authority took over as the sole owner in 2010 but went bankrupt six years later. Presently, the sole ownership of Tommy Armour is Dick’s sporting goods while the brand design is made by design works company, one of the subsidiaries of the famous BMW group. The inconsistency in ownership has a telling effect on the brand’s image and sponsorships, which has ultimately resulted in it’s decline in prominence over the years.

Are Tommy Armour golf clubs any good?

Absolutely! Tommy Armour golf clubs are made to high specification and guarantee consistency in feel and performance. In terms of quality, this brand is best suited for beginners who are just learning the game and higher handicappers that craves for forgiveness and ultimate distance. Additionally, it comes with a affordable price and it is a smart choice for golfers on a budget. Despite the decline in popularity due to the emergence of new brands like Titleist and tailor-made, Tommy Armour has not drop a level in quality. The only major downside is they might not fitting suit the expectations of all players maximum feel and performance might not be guaranteed.

Which version of Tommy Armour brand should I buy?

Which version of Tommy Armour brand should I buy

Customarily, Tommy Armour brand are designed to meet customer standard and their products have been top quality for several decades. Through the successful year’s, they have produced several versions with different qualities  to suit the need of diverse golfers. 

1. Tommy Armour 845 golf clubs

This version comes with top quality iron and are better suited for golfers that craves comfortability and less vibration output. They come with a thick face design which enables golfers to maximize the club and ball speed. Produce in two different types – the regular and stiff flex, Tommy Armour 845 clubs guarantee a proficient and absolute command with enough forgiveness.

Furthermore, below is a specification chart about the Tommy Armour 845 irons to give you more insight on it’s special features specifically about it’s model, loft, lie, length and bounce.

ModelLoftLieLength Bounce
  48°48°64°35.75’’    8°
  52°52°64°35.5”    10°
  56°56°64°35.25”    12°
  60°60°64°35”    8°

2. Tommy Armour hybrid and wedges

As another quality golf equipment made by Tommy Armour brand, Wedges are iron clubs primarily used for high or short trajectories. An instance is the GXT steel made wedge that are precisely constructed with three separate loft angles. On the other hand, Tommy Armour hybrids are well built to customer standard and satisfaction. With the 845 hybrid the most popular of all, it comes with to different variations as 3-H and 4-H respectively.

3. Tommy Armour 845 driver

As a top brand in the industry of golf equipment, Tommy Armour are renowned for producing top quality drivers. Essentially, The flex variations of 845 Tommy Armour  drivers are of three different types and the helium graphite shaft guarantee a proficient swing. In addition, a longer distance can be ensured as the club head is designed with forged face design and revolutionary inertia technology is included for easy adjustment of the CG level to suit different golfers preference.


We have a complied list of frequently asked questions about how good Tommy Armour golf clubs is. Let’s take a look at them!

Is Tommy Armour still alive?

No! The late legendary Tommy Armour was an hugely successful pro golfer during his playing days, winning three major titles. As recognition for his legacy, he was inducted into golf hall of fame in 1976.

Are Tommy Armour golf clubs good?

To a considerable extent, yes! The are perfectly suited for beginners and high handicappers. Additionally, Tommy Armour irons, hybrids, wedges and other equipment worthy to be considered when you are on the look out for excellent game improvements.

What golf clubs does Tommy Armour brand make?

Back in the 1980s to 1990s, Tommy Armour are known for their irons. However, there are other golf clubs in their product line which are hybrid, wedges, putters, fairway wood and drivers. Additionally, Tommy Armour produces women’s golf irons.

Are Tommy Armour golf clubs made in china?

This brand’s headquarters is situated in Miamisburg, Ohio in the. United States and that’s where all Tommy Armour golf clubs are assembled.


Tommy Armour brand has been around for several decades and are a smart choice for beginners and high handicappers. It comes with a budget friendly cost and it is additionally a perfect choice for game improvement proposes.

We hope this informative article has provided you enough resources to answer your queries about the article topic. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions. Thanks!

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