Why Do Running Shorts Have Liners

Why Do Running Shorts Have Liners? (Explained!)

Liners provide moisture-management to help keep things cool, comfortable and dry. Additionally, they are built to provide enough support and compression as well as comfort for men who don’t like wearing jocks – because who said you need a jock? These days, more and more sports suppliers are coming out with a product that combines … Read More

Why Is It Called Formula 1

Why Is It Called Formula 1? (Explained)

There is a genre of racing popular in the world called Formula One, of which the rules are very strict and only allow for the best of the best cars to race. The name not only stems from these rules but also from the fact that this is one of the top racing categories under … Read More

What is a WRT in Fantasy Football

What is a WRT in Fantasy Football? (Analyzed!)

WRT stands for Wide Receiver, Running Back and Right End. This is a slot in the line up that means WR RB TE. You can slot any of your skillful players in those position. Depending on the fantasy league, it would probably allowed either 1 or 2 “flex” options. WRT is a multipurpose spot where … Read More

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What Is A Blackout Football Game

What Is A Blackout Football Game? (Well Explained!)

In simple terms, a blackout football game is an NFL home game that is not televised on local television due to a lack of tickets sold out before kick-off. The black-out policy is designed to encourage the physical attendance of fans in the stadiums during NFL matches and ultimately generate more revenues from ticket sales. … Read More

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