Average Salary Of Soccer Players In Europe (Well Explained with Table!)

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The median annual salary for Pro Soccer Players in the US is $69,303 . The middle 57% of Pro Soccer Players makes between $69,303 to $226,661 with a top salary of $384,204.

Soccer is a global sport that can be played anywhere on the planet, albeit in somewhat different ways. While it’s typically considered to be a European or South American sport, play tends to differ from the usual format based on climate and available space.  As you probably already know, there are quite a few people who enjoy watching soccer being played by elite athletes from various leagues around the world. Soccer players have different contracts and according to Wikipedia, this usually varies depending on their popularity and success as an individual player. The best players tend to earn some serious money playing in professional leagues – so how much exactly do they cost? Well… just keep reading!  Let’s find out how much professionals can earn playing the global game!

How Much Do Soccer Players Get Paid?

How Much Do Soccer Players Get Paid

Top soccer players in the major leagues across the world can earn millions of dollars every year. While their paychecks vary depending on their performance level, which league they play in, the team they play for, and how good of a position they are playing, since soccer is one of the most popular sports globally it’s not surprising to find out that these types of athletes make more money than athletes from other major sports usually do. In general, European teams tend to pay more on average than teams in other countries such as America or China.

The average salary for players in each of the top tiers in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States is nowhere near the world’s highest paying leagues. The MLS averages slightly less than its counterparts despite having additional player benefits like health insurance, a 401k plan and two-dozen business class flights per year for the whole team. If one were to scroll down to their season roster composition you can see that most of them earn anywhere from $62K – $226K. Bear in mind that these are senior roster players as well! So while this income might seem high to some, when it comes down to individual bases it actually isn’t even enough to break into the top five highest paying divisions across Europe. 

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In Europe?

European soccer leagues, such as the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, and the Spanish La Liga, pay their players a lot of money. Top British soccer club Manchester United pays its players $78 million per year. Lionel Messi from Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid have the highest incomes among all football players in Europe, taking home $73 million each per year. When you add in their sponsorship deals, image rights, advertising contracts and endorsements, these professional athletes could earn as much as $300 million more per year.

Though Cristiano Ronaldo plays soccer, he is known more for his off-the-field earnings than he is for actually playing the sport! Although Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s soccer salary outdoes his fellow superstars Messi and Neymar, his soccer related earnings aren’t exactly as high as you might think. The common reason behind this is because some of his high net worth and earnings can be attributed to his affiliation with major companies like Nike, Armani, Tag Heuer and pokerstars.com just to name a few. 

Most impressively however, Ronaldo was able to make quite a few dollars from the start due to one of the highest Instagram following statistics that has ever been recorded at over 144million followers. At least half of Ronaldo’s soccer related income comes from endorsement deals that he has established. According to some estimates it is estimated that Ronaldo has already made over $1b in career earnings so far! Pretty crazy!

The table contains the top 5 paying football (soccer) leagues in Europe. 

CountryLeagueAverage Salary
EnglandPremier League$3.9 million
SpainLa Liga$2.75 million
Italy Serie A$2.23 million
GermanyBundesliga$2.05 million
FranceLigue 1$1.54 million

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In The Premier League?

The Premier League is the best-known league in the world; its players are paid more on average than any player from any other country. The reason for this is a simply case of supply and demand. Decades of popularity and loyal fans, along with ample talent, have made English football a highly valued commodity amongst soccer enthusiasts. In 1992, the English Football First Division rebranded as the FA Premier League as part of a series of reorganizations.

The Premier League sold exclusive rights to the UK’s first pay-television broadcaster, SkySports. The deal was an important step on the road to transforming the competition from one which existed on free-to-air television into a commercial entity that could sell its own broadcast slots and sponsorships. 

Soccer has changed so much over the years. Today, teams need to make sure they’re going for experienced players who are able to put up top performances so that their team can be in a position to win multiple trophies. And the best way for them to do this is by deciding whether or not they want to appoint an expert manager with demonstrated sports leadership skills of a managerial level whereby he/she will determine what talent he/she wants from abroad, or from within the country that is going to enhance his/her club status if it’s a Premier League team.

Premier League clubs are delighted with the latest TV deal, which is worth over 2.7 billion in total and has been signed with NBC for 6 years. Although a number of teams have fallen on rough times due to the economic crisis, this broadcasting deal will ensure that Premier League players will continue to receive high salaries for many years to come.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make Per Game?

How Much Do Soccer Players Make Per Game

Soccer players are typically contracted per season, they receive a fixed salary based on the length of their contract. For example, they may have a weekly salary and they will also be able to negotiate per game payments if they are likely to play more than 1 game per match day.

However, some soccer players have additional bonuses built into their contracts depending on how many games they play that year and where those games take place (for example home or away) for example many players who don’t make it out of the Champions League group stages will receive an extra few thousand pounds from performances in the last round of qualifying, this is just one example we want to draw your attention to so you can be aware when negotiating a new agreement for your star striker in a training camp that never sleeps! 


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