Best Football Gloves For Rain (Complete Reviews with a Detailed Buyer’s Guide!)

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The game of football is played under any weather conditions. For footballers, getting acquainted with playing in harsh conditions is not very easy. It’s something all footballers have to learn. Practicing under the rain means you have to practice running, forward and backward, passing, and other necessary skills. Guess what? Most times, it’s not just about practice, but also having the best gear should make you become a winner in football. There would be a lot to learn from this article, including the best gloves review. You have to be careful when shopping for a new pair of gloves because there are a huge number of choices out there with various styles, plans, and producers, each encouraging to offer a better in-hand experience. However, there are additionally fake alternatives with terrible quality and modest costs. Our review of the best football gloves will help make the buying process easier. Firstly, let’s talk about the different positions in football and their gloves. There are the receivers, lineman, quarterback, running back, and defender gloves.

Receivers Glove

The receiver gloves are made for skillful players. They are meant for receivers, quarterbacks, and other running backs to gain control of the ball. Defensive backs can also wear receiver gloves for more grip while intercepting passes. Players who make big returns like the players that field kickoffs and punts can also use these gloves. These gloves are light and work well through traffic. 

Lineman Glove

In the game of football, the lineman takes more hits than any other player. For this reason, their gloves are made with extra tough padding to protect their hands from injury. Furthermore, the lineman position has a spill nature so whoever is in that position has to protect his fingers and hands completely.

Quarterback Gloves

Quarterbacks do not wear gloves like other players, they wear on one hand. The other hand is their throwing hand, so gloves are not required on that hand. Most times, quarterbacks wear gloves because of the weather. They don’t need the tacky feeling on their hands.

Running Backs Gloves

Running backs wear gloves all the time for when they carry the ball. They don’t need gloves as much as the receivers do, but they need gloves for a good grip while running with the ball.

Defenders Gloves 

The defenders on the field have a low chance of even carrying the ball. Most times the idea of a defender wearing a glove is based on his personal preference. Among the defenders, there is the defensive back, linebacker, defensive lineman. The defensive backs put on gloves because they are likely to catch and carry the football. While the linebacker and defensive lineman wear gloves for only protection. 

Football Rain Gloves For Rain – Buying Guide

The main aim of wearing gloves is the grip it gives you. And so before buying a football glove especially for rain, there are some factors and features that should be considered. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying Football Gloves For Rain


Size is an important factor to be considered while getting a football glove, and not just for football gloves. But our main focus here is football gloves. You have to find out what size of glove fits you perfectly so that you don’t get an undersized or oversized glove. And that’s not all, to figure out your size, you have to measure the length and width of your hands. There are various ways to measure your hands but the most efficient is with a tape. Measure your hand means you have to know both the length and width.

• Length: To measure the length of your hand with a tape is easy. All that has to be done is to take the tape and measure from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm. 

• Width: For the width, you take the tape and take it round just below your knuckles. While taking your size might be efficient, you could also try testing on some gloves to find the perfect fit. Most times, good gear is the key to success on the field.  


Durability is also of high consideration because every footballer likes to buy gloves and be sure that its not going to wear off after one game. Before going out to get a glove as a footballer, try to look for durable materials. Like we always say in our previous articles, no footballer would love to go for the counterfeit option that won’t lasts long. It is very important to go for a durable and sturdy football globes that can withstand elements from the football environment. You don’t necessarily need to replace your football gloves now and then, that’s why we recommend you go for a lasting one with durable body construction. 


The price of your preferred gloves is another important factor to consider when shopping for one. This factor depends on your budget, you don’t have to go for a more expensive glove when it exceeds your budget, try to stay in your financial lane. The amount you’re willing to invest and your football gloves budget have a lot to do with the reason you’re buying it. The expensive options are ideal for people who want high performing and durable football gloves with comfort and latest technology. Though that’s not to say that you won’t find good ones that will go with your budget plan.

Ease Of Use

This is another important factor that most people refuse to consider before making a buying decision. When you end up with a pair of gloves that is difficult to put on and off, you’ll face a challenging pre and post-match challenge. We strongly recommend that you go for a pair that’s easy to put on and off anytime. 

Features To Consider Before Buying A Football Glove For Rain

The new advanced football gloves have some features that have been added to improve comfort for the footballer and also protect your hands from harm. The features below have been added by the best brands that make football gloves. 

Supplementary Ventilation

There is nothing a footballer would hate more than a sweaty palm during a game or even practice. That’s why the extra ventilation in modern football gloves is useful to the footballer. These modern gloves are made with extra ventilated parts all over the gloves to keep your hands cool and comfortable. Most importantly, it keeps your hands dry because of the airflow that comes in.

Additional Padding 

Footballers take hard hits to their hands on the field. With a glove that isn’t padded, you might not feel comfortable, and also get injured during the game. An extra padded glove is good for taking hits mostly as a lineman. Furthermore, a high-quality football glove would be made with lightweight and soft foam that would reduce the impact of the ball on your hand. 

High-Quality Fabrics

It may be hard to spend extra bucks on football gloves, but most times, you only get good quality materials when you put in some extra bucks. Gloves made with high-quality fabrics are sure not to rip in the middle of a game. The main message here is that you can add a little buck to get good quality, make sure it doesn’t affect your budget badly. Also to save yourself from humiliation, don’t buy lesser quality just to get a lesser price.

Best Football Gloves For Rain – Comparison Table

The table below is a comparison chart of the best football gloves. You’ll find the reason for pick, highlighted features and some other things about each products on our list. 

Best Football Gloves For RainReason For PickHighlighted FeatureModern Technology 
[amazon link=”B07G9RV6PY” title=”Nike football glove 2.0″ /]Best for comfortVapor knitMagnet grip
[amazon link=”B08XZJZT6P” title=”Cutters Rev Pro” /]Best gripBreathableTriple contour c-tack palm
[amazon link=”B0719KFZ7T” title=”Under Armour F6 Football Gloves” /]Best for YoungstersOne-piece palmHeat gear fabric
[amazon link=”B08611B435″ title=”Nike Men d-track 6″ /]Best for Adult LinemanStreamlinedHydro grip technology 
[amazon link=”B07TQYHZTV” title=”Nike Youth Superbad 4.5 Football Gloves” /]Best for Young ReceiversSuper padding
[amazon link=”B07TQW932W” title=”Battle Ultra-stick Receiver Gloves” /]Runner up Receiver GlovesChecker-woven fabric
Nike Football Glove – Vapors Jet 5.0
[amazon link=”ASIN” title=”My product name” /]
Best DesignReverse wrist closureNeoprene material 
[amazon link=”B07CN8ZWY8″ title=”Adidas Adizero 7.0 football gloves” /]Best Skilled Receiver GloveSuper stretchyPrime knit
[amazon link=”B08D7JV2P8″ title=”Under Armour Men’s F7 Football Gloves” /]Best Choice for Adult MenAdjustable closureGlue grip
[amazon link=”B01E52E5RC” title=”Cutters Glove Rev Pro Receiver S451″ /]Best for Adult ReceiversUnmatched stickStrategic panels
[amazon link=”ASIN” title=”Adidas Adizero 9.0 Football Receiver Gloves ” /]Best LightweightExceptional comfortGrip tack

1. Best For Comfort: Nike Football Glove Vapor Knit 2.0

[amazon box=”B07G9RV6PY” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Nike has been a lot of people’s favorite when it comes to high-quality sportswear and equipment. And that’s mainly because they’ve maintained a reputation for designing and building top-notch products at reasonable prices. The Nike vapor knit is one of the best Nike football gloves. Some of the reasons, why this is so, are things like the way these gloves feel on your hand, the look, and the magnetic grip. These aren’t the only reasons why the vapor knit is special, several other reasons make them good for rain. The Nike vapor knit 2.0 is a receiver glove. Some of its features can be found in lower-priced gloves, but of course, it won’t have the technological feature as the vapor knit. 

It has a manual grip and various color designs. This love could easily be anyone’s favorite. These Nike football gloves have a customizable comfort and enhanced grip the gives you confidence as a player on the field. The engineered grip makes it lightweight and extra ventilated. While the magnigrip palm gives it incredible grip. And the overlaying at the fingertip gives it a lock-down feel. It also has a Hook-and-loop that gives it a personalized fit fabric. The only thing we didn’t like about this product is that it’s at the expensive side. The football glove Vapor Knit 2.0 is one of the most expensive on our list. But it does truly pack some unbeatable value that you’ll probably not find anywhere on the market. 

Key Features 

• 68% polyester, 16% silicone, 8% nylon, and 8% PU leather.

• Engineered knit

• Extra sticky magnigrip

• Hook-and-loop wrist closure

• Gusset system


• Lightweight and surplus ventilation 

• Personalized fit

• Enhanced grip

• Allows natural range of motion


• Very expensive

2. Best Grip: Cutters Rev Pro Receiver Gloves

[amazon box=”B01KJWYDOW” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Cutters Globe is known around the world by professional football players. It’s suitable for any weather. This model is known for its magnificent technology, CTAK grip, and a resourceful technology that gives your glove a perfect grip. Besides, the REV pro receiver glove is the most popular glove out of this brand. Also, the REV pro receiver glove is both durable and fit. They are super lightweight and flexible at the back of their hands for ultimate flex, comfort, and superior control. Let’s dig deeper into the CTAK technology. This technology can’t be endangered by weather, it covers your whole palm and fingers, and wrist. Furthermore, it is also machine washable, although, it doesn’t require much stress to get cleaned. It comes in various sizes. 

Going even further, the perforated and contoured C-tack palm gives it a good grip and improved ventilation. Like we said before, the C-tack is what makes cutters outstanding. Its permanent grip gives players confidence and also, the weather isn’t a threat to the C-TACK technology. There are two downsides to the model. Firstly, the breathability of the gloves is questionable. It isn’t quite reliable. Secondly, the gloves can not be used by linemen. Apart from those two flaws, this pair is one of our top pick and it’s recommendable to all footballers except linemen. 

Key Features 

• Synthetic

• Lightweight mesh

• Finger lock gussets

• Triple contour crack palm

• Perforated c-tack performance grip


• Support lightweight

• Super grip and extra ventilation 

• Supports finger and thumb mastery

• Maximum comfort


• The breathability isn’t perfect 

• Linemen can’t use this glove

3. Best For Young Stars: Under Armour F6 Football Gloves

[amazon box=”B0719KFZ7T” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Under Armour F6 or UAF6 has a super slim nature which makes it excellent for receivers. It has a super stretchy backhand which is also a little transparent. It also has a glue grip that makes it extra durable. This sports glove is specially made for footballers. It is made to execute extraordinary quality and performance with extra grip. GrabTak on the palm area helps improve your ball-handling skills in any weather. 

Key Features 

• HeatGear fabric

• Closure system

• Silicon and polyester

• Sticky Armour GrabTak


• Unique one-piece palm

• It dries up sweat very fast

• It keeps your hands cool and light


 • None

4. Best For An Adult Lineman: Nike Men D-Track 6 Football Gloves 

[amazon box=”B07HCMH5N2″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Talking about the best lineman glove. The Nike men d-track 6 has been able to surpass all other lineman gloves made by other companies. What do we mean? Let me show you. The Nike men d-track 6 has a thin streamlined nature that makes it thicker than usual. This glove is also super padded, such that a receiver can use it. It also has a hydro technology that keeps it from damaging in wet conditions. It has gel padding at the bottom and the bottom to help you have a strong grip in any weather condition. Apart form the fact that it is quite expensive, the pair is one of the best gloves out there. 

Key Features 

• Protective gel padding

• Damp Hydro grip

• Strategically placing for fingertips


• Adjustable cuffs

• Allows natural movement 

• Maintains grip in any weather


• More expensive than most

5. Best For Young Receivers: Nike Youth Superbad 4.5 Football Gloves

[amazon box=”B07TQYHZTV” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Nike Superbad is one of Nike’s best-seller gloves, mostly because it is well padded and has this new knit feature at the back of the hands that make it feel more like a proper receiver. This glove helps you fulfill your dream of having a simple well-padded glove as a receiver. The best part is you don’t feel the padding, it just protects your hands from taking a hit. Meanwhile, the new knit at the backhand makes it feel right on you. We noticed that some end-users complained that the pair is too tight. So, it’ll be better to go for bigger sizes because these gloves runs smaller. Fortunately, that’s the only thing we didn’t like that much about this pair. Apart from that, we recommend this pair for every footballer out there who in search of quality hand gloves. 

Key Features 

• Protects your hands with padding down to the back of your hand

• A well constructed knit

• Magnigrip Palms

• Adjustable fit


• Breathable knitting 

• Extra-sticky catchy surface

• Custom fit


• Too tight

6. Runner Up Receiver Gloves: Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves

[amazon box=”B07TQW932W” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The ultra-stick receiver gloves are made with a Battle boast. Battle boast is high quality and tacky Material that gives you a good grip, Better catching, and handling skills. The battle’s proprietary ultra blad-span technology offers you breathability at its peak, it also gives you full-hand flexibility for good control and operation. These gloves are usually meant for football players who play hard. Based on this, they were equipped with reinforced stitches and wear points. So, be rest assured that they won’t wear out quickly. The only thing we didn’t like was the fact that there are no big sizes. 

Key Features 

• Ultra-tack Glove

• Pro performance gear

• Battle sport science

• UltraTack palm


• Tough and durable for receivers

• Very comfortable and durable

• Perfect fit with free movement 

• The highest quality sticky material 


• Don’t have big sizes

7. Best Design: Nike Football Glove – Vapor Jet 5.0

[amazon box=”B079Y7F5TY” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

One of Nike’s best product is on our list, this is one of the best gloves for rain and snow. These gloves have a magnigrip and Nike’s slimy gripping technology on the palm. They also feature finger gussets that provide a high grip in any weather. These gloves are made with reinforced breathable mesh that improves airflow, removes moisture, and offers lightweight durability. Their design gives a prime fit and high performance. The gloves are pre-curved in the finger area for minimal fatigue and resourceful free flex gussets that help your hands open completely to maximize your chances of catching it. They also have hand protection features for when it gets rough on the field. Unfortunately, we noticed three flaws in this pair. Firstly, it isn’t machine washable, meaning that it is only washable with hands. Secondly, its grip reduces dramatically when its dirty. And lastly, the materials used in the manufacturing process are questionable as the gloves tend to wear out quickly. 

Key Features

• Lightweight padding

• Pre-curved in the finger area

• Free flex gussets 


• Adaptable closure

• Breathable sprawl texture

• Multiple colors alternatives

• Sticky Magnigrip


• Only washable with hands

• Dirt reduces grip

• Material wears out

8. Best Skilled Receiver Glove: Adidas Adizero 7.0 Football Gloves

[amazon box=”B07CN8ZWY8″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Adidas is one of the leaders in the market of sportswear and equipment. They are known for their innovative products with latest technology. The Adizero 7 football glove is best for skilled players, it has all these qualities that make it more than just a receiver glove. Do you want that ball feeling on your hand, that motion range, terrific feel, excellent grip, and breathability? We guess your answer should be yes. All footballers want all these things while playing. This Adizero 7 has an improved knit that makes it stretchy and extremely lightweight. The GripTack technology in the Adizero 7 gives it excellent grip in any weather. It has a compression fabric that gives it an exceptional fit on the wrist. They also have an engineered multi-directional fabric that makes it expand as you move. The downside of this pair is that it isn’t suited for beginners. Apart from that, you won’t regret investing in these gloves as they are made with high-quality materials. 

Key Features 

• Engineered multi-directional fabric

• GripTack palm technology 

• Compression fabric 


• Good grip, no matter the weather 

• Prime knit

• Moisture wicker


• Can’t be used by beginners

9. Best Choice For Adult Men: Under Armour Men’s F7 Football Gloves

[amazon box=”B08D7JV2P8″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Under Armour F7 is a great football gear. It has a very simple quality, unlike the other gloves. We love that the under armour football gloves work best as training gloves. This pair helps you with the zeal to work harder towards an important game. The fiber turfgear is extra durable and breathable. It has a UA glue grip that makes sure the gloves are sticky. They have the best fit, closure, and consistent tack. If you’re a footballer in search of a budget-friendly option, this pair is quite recommendable for you. The only thing is that you might not get the best of quality from these gloves. But if you’re not planning to use it for a long time, then it is a very good budget-friendly options for footballers on tight budget. 

Key Features 

• UA gluegrip

•  Modifiable closure for custom

• Textured turfgear 


• Extra durable and breathable

• Added support

• More consistent tack

• Very affordable 


• Not up to standard quality

10. Best For Adult Receivers: Cutters Glove Rev Pro S451

[amazon box=”B01E52E5RC” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The last on our list is the Rev Pro S451 glove from Cutters. As normal, the Cutters don’t disappoint, this is a very wonderful glove. You might not have been hearing the brand name for long but they’re known for delivering innovative products with high-quality. It’s got better quality and stick than most of the gloves on this list. It’s not a fashionable glove though. This pair can be washed using your machine, meaning it can withstand water and doesn’t wear out. It has the C-Tak grip material, Finger-lock gussets, it’s fit, durable, and can be counted on in any weather condition. The only downside here is that the glove is useless for lineman. Apart from that, this pair is quite impressive and performance-oriented. 

Key Features

• C-TAK Performance grip

• Finger-lock gussets 

• Strategic panels

• Compressed neoprene cuff


• Fits perfectly and is durable

• Wrist comfort

• Machine washable


• Useless for lineman

11. Best Lightweight: Adidas Adizero  9.0 Football Receiver Gloves

[amazon box=”B08G3ZK7ZT” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Adizero 9 is made to give you comfort and enhance your grip to make you play better. We loved that the glove was equipped with a box fingertip construction to give you incomparable fits for your fingers without being tight. These gloves are made with time and caution. Thanks to its primeknit mesh which provides the structure and performance you want. It has the GripTack palm to provide you with excellent grip. They keep your hands cool and dry. These gloves deliver you with supreme accuracy. 

Key Features 

• Aeroready technology

• GripTack palm technology 

• Primeknit mesh


• Makes you feel at home

• Wicks out moisture 

• Gives amazing grip


• None

Benefits Of Wearing Gloves While Playing Football

We will start by saying that every footballer needs to wear a glove during every game, not just because it looks good on them, or because they are designed to improve their performance. The main question here is why do footballers need gloves? Football gloves have been changing for the past twenty years. Both in quality and design. Football globes help in different ways during a game. It helps to reduce the cold, dry sweat, increase grip, and keep your hands from getting hurt.    

We would be explaining some of the reasons why we think football gloves are important for footballers.

1. Gloves Can Help Keep Your Hands Warm During Cold Weather

From the onset, gloves were seen to help keep your hands from the elements. Such as rain, snow, and cold. These elements can make your hands a little impaired during a game. They were always people who were not cool with the use of gloves during a football game. Footballers who started playing without gloves found it hard to play with gloves because they were bulky. They were even more stressful for players that had to carry, catch, and throw the ball. Gloves then were made for only linemen and defense, since they didn’t have to handle the ball frequently.

The main aim of these gloves was to keep the hands warm. And now guess what. The new technology age has come, and gloves have improved a lot. Even so that every skilled player could use a glove and feel comfortable. These new gloves are less bulky and comfortable for all football players. The sole purpose is still to fight the cold elements.

2. Wicks Moisture From Your Hands

In every football season, there will always be hot days. On days like that, players will go through dehydration, high body temperature, and sweaty palms. Just like every human being, footballers sweat on hot days. Heat makes them sweat and based on the work they put in on the field, the heat is heightened and causes excess humidity all over the body. Before gloves, players would tie a towel on their waist and use it to dry their palm. Every footballer at some point has to handle the ball and dry hands reduce your ball control skills. Every footballer now is required to wear a glove during a game because gloves keep your hands in good condition. The factor that determines you handling the ball successfully is the condition of your hands. No matter the weather, gloves keep your hands cool and dry.

3. Gloves Lessen The Wear And Tear On The Hand

Some time ago, linemen only were allowed to wear gloves. These old gloves were very big and bulky, but the linemen were able to adapt to wearing them to keep a healthy hand. There were times when linemen would make mistakes on the field that would cost them. They knew gloves were good for healthy hands so they had to manage and keep to the game. 

In football those days, shoulder pads helped the male and female defense to block. What we mean is, those days the only blocking style was with your shoulders. The linemen then used their hands because they had gloves and healthy hands. Most of these things have changed now, everyone on the field use their hands to defend now. The health of your hands as a footballer is important.

4. Gloves Can Sometimes Pass As Fashionable 

This is something that came with the new styled gloves they are making now. Not just in football or sports in general, looking good is very important. Nowadays, especially the youth footballers always want to look good. There are varieties of gloves, different manufacturers make have different choice of styles. It’s just left for the footballer to pick whichever one fits him or her better. Most times, the coaches may be old-fashioned and not know what the young players want. The truth is when the players feel like they look good, they play better. Every year a new glove comes into the market if it’s within your budget, get it for them. When it comes to looking good, these youngsters know how to look good.

5. They Offer Excellent Group

Football gloves nowadays are used especially by footballers that participate more on the field. We are talking about those that catch, carry and throw the ball. These new gloves are especially used by those that catch the ball more often because they are tacky and have great grip. Mostly, the players now catch the ball with one hand, this can only be done because of the improved gear they have. It has been concluded long ago that positions like a receiver, running back, and any other return positions require gloves to play football.

Conclusive Opinions

Football gloves have been improved so much over the past decades. It isn’t meant for protection anymore, it can be used for so many other reasons. This is why there are buying guides and many options to pick from now. Like we said earlier, there are thousands of options out there with different styles, designs, and makers, each promising to offer a better in-hand experience. But there are also counterfeit options with bad quality and cheap prices. So, you must be very careful when shopping for your football gloves. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the very best 11 football gloves. Also, make use of our buying guide to find the right pair for your needs. This buyer’s guide contains the features and factors to consider when buying a pair. With the help of this review, we hope you were able to figure out the best football gloves for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions comments. Thanks! 

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