Best Football Seats (Honest Review And A Buyer’s Guide!)

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As an avid football lover, you should have cushioned seating surface that will help the waist and uncomfortable stadium seating when you’re out there watching your favorite team play. The bleacher stadium seat is the ideal option for everyone in search of comfortable and well-cushioned seating in the stadium. Most of these stadium seats are equipped with some amenities like collapsible designs, supportive backrests, adjustable positioning, armrests, bleacher attachments, integrated handles, or even shoulder straps, and some even have storage pockets. 

Like we always say in our articles, one has to be very careful during the buying process of football seats because you’ll encounter different designs, styles, models, and manufacturers on the market. This can make the buying process a bit tedious and time-consuming as you won’t know the best one for you to choose. However, there are additionally fictitious options with awful quality and modest costs. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the best football seats for you to choose from. This review comes with a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you make the right decision.

Best Football Seats – Comparison Chart 

The table below is the comparison chart of the best football seat. Check it out to have a quick look at each products! 

Best Football SeatsReason For Pick Highlighted Features Weight
[amazon link=”B07TJK4M82″ title=”Alpcour Folding Stadium Seat” /]Best PickAnti-skid surface 7 Pounds 
[amazon link=”B07TP5115F” title=”Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair with Back Support ” /]Best BuyMachine Washable 5.04 Pounds 
[amazon link=”B07FPCJBY2″ title=”KHOMO Gear Stadium Bleacher” /]Best For DurabilityDurable steel frame3.7 Kilograms
[amazon link=”b004pp22z2″ title=”Picnic Time Portable Ventura Stadium Seat” /]Value for MoneyBackpack functionality 1 Pound 
[amazon link=”B00HQEMPHE” title=”RIO Gear My Pod Bleacher Seat” /]Best BudgetStrap-in feature 3.5 Pounds 
[amazon link=”B08DRBXH4Y” title=”Brawntide Portable Stadium Seat” /]Best In StockWater-resistant reinforced PVC3.82 Kilograms 
[amazon link=”B07BFCKTRJ” title=”Nova Microdermabrasion Stadium Chair” /]Best BrandNon-skid bottom8 Pounds 
[amazon link=”B00K6KP42I” title=”Trademark Innovations – Recliner Picnic Seat ” /]Best For VersatilityPortable Design 4 Pounds
[amazon link=”B00VKK3P38″ title=”Naomi Home Venice Stadium Seat” /]Best For LightweightErgonomic Design 6.59 Pounds 
Guidesman Cushion Stadium Seat Best For Easy TransportationClosed-cell soft foam0.32 Kilograms 

Best Football Seats Reviews 

We’ve handpicked 10 top football seats for review after extensive research and testing. Let see what they have to offer! 

1. Best Pick: Alpcour Folding Stadium Seat 

[amazon box=”B07TJK4M82″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re looking for a football seat that’s designed for small and big to fit adults, kids, toddlers, and teens, the Alpcour folding stadium seat is the ideal choice for you. This unit was designed to conform to most standard benches and bleachers. No more pains and aches of bleacher back again! There’s a hook located at the bottom of this reclining chair to securely attach yourself to the bleachers. This hook will firmly attach you to the bleacher, keeping you safe no matter how you’re jumping up and celebrating when watching your favorite team. 

Wanna elevate your game day experience? Then buy these stadium seats for every member of the family today! The installation process of this reclining chair is quite easy and straightforward. All you need to do is take it to the stadium, then fix it into place and recline it to your preferred position and enjoy your entire game without having pain or aches. Besides, it weighs only 7 pounds, making it easy to transport from one place to another. Many end-users were happy that the seat doesn’t have legs, all you need to do is fold it up until it locks into place, and then push it to recline. 

Also, we love that the seat is versatile. It is useful for all outdoor enthusiasts of any kind. Name it! Whether it’s for boating, camping, picnic, hiking, and beyond, you’ll find this seat useful. Ever heard of an amazing all-weather performance? The seat is equipped with indestructible polyester fabric that wicks away moisture to avoid water from sipping in it when it rains. Besides, your body will stay cool in the sun all thanks to its breathability function. Even in light rain and snow, the 600D waterproof polyester material integrated into this seat will help keep you dry always. 

For added support and safety, this unit features an Anti-skid surface and sturdy reinforced PVC. To be honest, this Alpcour stadium seat was made to help you watch all your game in total and complete comfort. No wonder it’s made with a lightweight, portable pad that transforms any bleacher and even benches into a cozy and well-cushioned lounge chair with an extra wide seat and arms for you and your kids. What more? There are tons of pockets to store your belongings. This unit cones with a built-in pocket for your keys, wallets and smartphones. 

Also, there’s a detachable side pocket for a drink or water bottle. And lastly, there’s a back pocket for your toys, keys, snacks, camping, and travel gear. One of the selling points of this seats is its easy all-in-one seat function that makes transportation easy. All you have to do in seconds is sit down, pack up, and go! That’s not all! If you’re a fashionable fan who loves colors, this seat is available in Coral Red, Royal blue, and black colors for you to choose from. 

Key Features 

1. Waterproof 600D Polyester fabric 

2. Weighs only 7 pounds 

3. Built-in pocket, detachable side pocket

4. Easy all-in-one seat function

5. Lightweight 

6. Anti-skid surface 

7. Sturdy reinforced PVC

8. All-weather performance 


1. Comes in three different colors 

2. Equipped with tons of pockets to store your belongings 

3. Cozy and well-cushioned in-seat experience 

4. Breathable, offering ventilation in the sun 

5. Anti-skid surface and sturdy reinforced PVC offer added support and safety 

6. Highly versatile and universal 

7. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of any kinds


1. Be careful with a sharp object around it

2. Best Buy: Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair with Back Support 

[amazon box=”B07TP5115F” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Stadium seats are very useful when you’re out there watching your favorite games. But are they also usable at home? Yes! The luxury padded floor seat with back support from Malu is both usable in a stadium and at home. Malu company took their time when designing and building this seat. It is truly a one-of-a-kind, super-comfortable, well-padded seat for all your outdoor and indoor activists like meditating or relaxing in the park, watching sports games, camping, or just chilling at the bench. Don’t forget that it comes with an adjustable backrest that is easily conformed to five different angles. Maybe that’s why it’s just so versatile!

 Like we said earlier, the seat is equally useful at home, especially when you want an extra seat for a new guest, playing video games, working on the laptop, and even watching TV. Let’s go into details now! This Malu floor chair is made from a high-quality microsuede fabric and trimmed with vegan leather. With these superior quality materials, you don’t have to worry about cleaning this unit, making it quite easy to maintain and clean. Since it is machine washable, all you have to do is remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine. Besides, this seat will blend well with any aesthetic style and design of your home. 

There’s an easy-to-clean nylon bottom that makes the unit very easy to transport from one place to another. Moreover, the unit is flexible and can fold into half or even lie completely flat, making it super easy for quick and straightforward storage when not in use. Malu’s stadium chair isn’t heavy at all and it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry around to football games, parks, camp, and even to the beach. What more? The seat boasts of five adjustable backrest positions to suit every of your mood. Don’t forget that the adjustable backrest was made with unique metal-locking technology. 

Ask us how? You can easily lay it flat while lying under the sun on a beach, fold it in half to carry around, incline it while watching TV, playing video games, or working, keep it upright while meditating. That’s not all! There’s a free QuickStart meditation user guide. Malu included its custom-created meditation eBook for every purchase. This eBook is designed to help everyone who has had experience with meditation or not. Lastly, we appreciate the superior customer care that people get from this company. Buying from Malu offers you quick and hassle-free refunds, easy returns, and a long-term warranty to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Malu has made customers’ happiness and satisfaction their #1 priority. 

Key Features 

1. Adjustable shoulder strap

2. Easy-to-clean nylon bottom

3. Machine washable

4. High-quality microsuede fabric 

5. Trimmed with vegan leather

6. Adjustable backrest


1. 100% customer satisfaction ensured 

2. Comes with a free QuickStart meditation user guide

3. Easy to carry around

4. Easy to maintain and clean 

5. Superior quality materials

6. Well-padded and cushioned seat 


1. None found

3. Best For Durability: KHOMO Gear Stadium Bleacher 

[amazon box=”B07FPCJBY2″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Football fans suffer greatly when sitting on those rock-hard, sometimes blazing hot or ice-cold bleachers and benches at concerts or sports games. When football games go extra innings or a double-header, you’re all ready for all the action except the painful distress of sitting on a hard, flat, unforgiving surface for a long time. That’s when you’ll see yourself shifting and twisting, but still, the pains and aches won’t stop. 

Sometimes walking around won’t even make things better. So, what exactly is the solution? You need a well-cushioned and cozy stadium bleacher from a reputable and trusted brand like KHOMO. The Gear stadium bleacher from KHOMO is the ideal choice for everyone looking for a more comfortable and plush seat to sit upon during sports games. Firstly, we noticed that the seat features a durable polyester padded cushion, making it ideal for your next sporting event, beach vacation, or even backyard hang out. 

We loved that end-users can easily adjust the seat to six different positions. For added comfort and convenience, there are integrated armrests that can be inverted to increase the width of the seat. Concerning its durability, they are unit was equipped with a polyester-covered padded cushion attached to a durable steel frame for maximum support and comfort. Your underside will always remain dry, thanks to the water-resistant material used to build the bottom of the seat. 

What more? There’s a removable storage pocket for stowing away extra accessories. Also, you’ll get to enjoy comfortably padded armrests and zipper storage. For easy transport from one point to another, the seat was equipped with backpack-style shoulder straps. 

Key Features 

1. Backpack-style straps 

2. 6 reclining angles 

3. Padded seats 

4. Durable steel frame

5. Integrated armrests

6. Durable polyester padded cushion

7. Water-resistant material


1. Backpack-style shoulder straps help for easy transport from one place to another 

2. Removable storage pocket for stowing away extra accessories

3. Durable steel frame delivers maximum support and comfort

4. Integrated armrests deliver ultimate comfort and convenience

5. Ideal for your next sporting event, beach vacation, or even backyard hang out

6. Reputable and trusted brand 


1. No Anti-skid surface 

4. Value For Money: Picnic Time Portable Ventura Stadium Seat

[amazon box=”b004pp22z2″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re a football fanatic or a season ticket holder, the Picnic Time – Portable Ventura stadium seat is a perfect option. Everyone wants a stadium seat that will offer comfort for the longest duration of time, and that’s why this model is preferable. It offers a long-time comfort and convenience all through the game time because it’s well-cushioned and padded. 

The backpack functionality of this unit makes it easy to move around. If you want to match the color design of your favorite team, this seat comes in many different colors. You should expect that all the features of this unit will come at a price. It is quite expensive but packs unbeatable features and benefits. You’ll certainly get value for money if you’re playing to use it for several years. Let’s move on! We noticed that the seat was equipped with adjustable arms which is a bit snug for few people. 

Besides, the seat is adjustable for the armrests to be lowered for a few more inches of width. We recommend that you measure the width id your legs from end to end when sitting in a chair in a comfortable stance if you’re not sure if the portable Ventura stadium seat will fit you. Note that if your leg-to-leg width measurement is more than 16.5 inches wide, then you might find it too narrow. We hated that there are some endusers who complained about the mechanism for adjusting the seat’s position.

 They complained that it broke after few tries. So, the manufacturer can do a little more better by improving the mechanism for adjusting the position of the seat.  Overall, this seat is a true value that delivers superior comfort and portability for serous game-goers. 

Key Features 

1. Backpack functionality

2. Well-padded and cushioned

3. Adjustable armrests 

4. High-quality material 


1. Optimal comfort 

2. Value for money 

3. Comes in a variety of different colors 

4. Highly versatile 

5. Last long

6. Durable 


1. Expensive 

2. Unreliable mechanism for adjusting the position of the seat

5. Best Budget: RIO Gear My Pod Bleacher Seat 

[amazon box=”B00HQEMPHE” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

For a while, RIO Gear contending with the big fishes in the stadium seat industry. They are known for delivering high-quality products that are lightweight. This company offers a variety of lightweight stadium seats, outdoor tables, folding outdoor chairs, camp cots, and many more. Their goal is to help every football lovers enjoy their game time without suffering pains and aches at all. This unit is made with lightweight materials to offer you maximum functionality.

 What more do you want? This seat is portable, lightweight, and also budget-friendly. Honestly, if you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want to spend over $50 for a stadium seat, the RIO Gear My Pod Bleacher is a good option. This seat is a serviceable option for fans who are in search of a backrest for an occasional game because it doesn’t have armrests, it has little padding, and its back support is quite unacceptable. But if you were to compare it with other models in a similar price range, this unit still scores significantly better. There’s one thing we really love about this unit. That’s its under-seat strap which ensures that you won’t fall back on unsteady bleachers. This unique feature makes this RIO seat is different from other models on our list.

 If you’re that type of fan who’s wild and feral when cheering or jubilating, the strap-in feature of this unit makes it ideal for you. Furthermore, there are additional pockets located at the front of the seat and two heating packs for those who stay in colder temperatures. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the unit is one of the lightest on our list, coming with an attached strap for easy transport around. Overall, the RIO Gear stadium seat is a great option for fans who have fair-weather and doesn’t want to spend over $50. 

Key Features 

1. Weighing only 3.5 pounds 

2. Strap-in feature 

3. Under-seat strap 

4. High-quality material


1. Maximum functionality

2. Budget-friendly option 

3. Lightweight 

4. Portable 

5. Comes with an additional pocket for storage 

6. Good for people with wild and feral cheering 


1. No armrests 

2. Little padding 

3. Poor back support 

6. Best In Stock: Brawntide Portable Stadium Seat 

[amazon box=”B08DRBXH4Y” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Nobody loves the hard and cold bleachers that cause back ache and pains from countless hours sitting on it. If you’ve been in this situation and wants it to end, then try investing in the portable stadium seat from Brawntide. This unit is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for picnics, beach, park, outdoor sporting events, and camping. It comes from a reliable manufacturer whose goal is to deliver the best quality outdoor products at affordable prices to the market.

 People used to say that the brand is a brother and sister combo with a passion for getting outdoors, teaming up with family and friends for lawn games, getting into sports, and watching big football games. Thanks to the two shoulder strap equipped with this unit, you’ll find it easy to transport to any game or event. We loved the adjustable bleacher strap of this unit. With this, you don’t need to worry about your seat toppling off your bleacher when you’re celebrating or cheering your favorite team.

 In terms of secure attachment to the benches or bleacher, it features an underside strap and buckle. For ultimate back support, there’s thick soft cushioning. You don’t need to be uncomfortable anymore when watching your favorite games. The seat was designed with three thick layers of foam and internal support straps for exceptional back support and outstanding comfort. Its high comfort and back support makes it an ideal option for any outdoor events like camping, beaches, picnics, fishing, and even parks. For people looking for a little extra room and comfort, this unit is extra wide. 

We were surprised to find out that the seat provides two widths – an extremely wide 22.5 inches with armrests down or a plush 17 inches with armrests up. You’ll probably never find any seat out there that would provide a much larger seating area like this. What more? There’s a water-resistant reinforced PVC base to keep you dry and comfy even in wet conditions. Like we said earlier, there are shoulder straps for easy carrying and it comes with four convenient pockets. There’s a pocket at the armrest which can accommodate your phones and other valuables. 

You’ll find another large one at the rear used for storing anything else and the side zipper pockets can help hold your snacks and drinks. Besides, it’s available in two packs – giving you the advantage of Brawntide better value two packs. Talking of the best customer service? The Brawntide offers really reliable customer service. There’s a 100% money-back guarantee on their products.  If you encounter any issue with a product you bought from this brand, just report it! 

You’ll insure with Brawntide’s 60-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Out of all the seats we’ve tested, the Brawntide is quite remarkable because of its full 5-inches wider without armrests with comfortable and more plush cushioning. The only thing you should know is that the unit is always out-of-stock on Amazon. Lastly, Big and tall people will find this seat perfect since it’s 2-inches taller than other stadium seats, reaching the top of your shoulders when you’re seated.

 So, if you’re six feet tall, you’ll find a lot of support in your lower back using this seat. Even though the Brawntide is about $10 more expensive than Picnic Time, it is well worth the price because of its extra and thick padding. 

Key Features 

1. An extremely wide 22.5 inches with armrests down

2. A plush 17 inches with armrests up

3. Three thick layers of foam

4. Internal support straps

5. Two shoulder strap

6. Thick soft cushioning

7. Water-resistant reinforced PVC


1. Easy to transport

2. Extra and thick padding

3. 60-day money-back guarantee

4. A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

5. Comes with four spacious pockets 

6. Waterproof design 

7. Easy to maintain

8. Offers two widths

9. Delivers exceptional back support and outstanding comfort


1. None found 

7. Best Brand: Nova Microdermabrasion Stadium Chair 

[amazon box=”B07BFCKTRJ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next on our list is the stadium chair from Nova Microdermabrasion. The Nova Microdermabrasion is a renowned skin care company that thrive in making great office chairs, beauty-salon chairs and equipment. The seat and armrests are well-padded but the only thing is that the chair is a bit narrow and too short. We didn’t like the fact that the armrests are not adjustable. So, if you have a big hip, this might not be suited for you. For optimal comfort, this seat was made with a 600D polyester-covered padded cushion attached to a durable steel frame.

 Thanks to its water-resistant function and a non-skid bottom, you’re assured that the underside is always dry and cool, and wouldn’t flip backward when you’re celebrating your favorite team. Furthermore, there’s extra storage for water bottles or other small things. Also, there are pockets at the armrests to keep your small belongings like wallets, phones, and keys. Lastly, you’ll get a zipper storage pocket for stowing away extra accessories. 

This is the perfect choice for all outdoor events like game activities, beaches, stadiums, outdoor concerts, and many more. We loved that you’ll enjoy six different reclining positions when using this seat. All you have to do is adjust the seat to the most comfortable angle of your choice. Weighing only 8 Ibs and measuring 32 by 21 by 2 inches, you can easily fold it flat for easy transport and storage. If you’re slim-hipped looking for a budget-friendly option, then this seat will suit you perfectly. 

Key Features 

1. Lightweight

2. Weighs only 8 Ibs

3. Measures 32 by 21 by 2 inches 

4. Adjustable backpack straps 

5. 600D polyester-covered padded cushion

6. Water-resistant function

7. Non-skid bottom

8. Durable steel frame


1. Budget-friendly option

2. Easy transport and storage

3. Space-saving design

4. Zipper storage pocket for stowing away extra accessories

5. Great cushioning 

6. Its non-skid bottom ensures that the seat won’t flip backward 

7. Waterproof 


1. Armrests are not adjustable 

8. Best For Versatility: Trademark Innovations – Recliner Picnic Seat 

[amazon box=”B00K6KP42I” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Trademark Innovations are dedicated to delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of items from Outdoors and Sports to Home and Kitchen. Buying from this brand is quite advisable because they value their customers and ensure that their products meet all of their customers’ needs. Customers’ satisfaction is their major priority.

 We loved that the seat was equipped with five adjustable reclining positions to satisfy you. There’s also a convenient carry strap for easy transport from one place to another, making it perfect for stadium seating, gathering around the campfire, or relaxing under the sun on the beach.  

Key Features 

1. Lightweight 

2. Portable design 

3. Adjustable carry strap 

4. Well-cushioned 


1. Adjustable to five different reclining positions

2. Well-padded for comfortable seating 

3. Perfect for use in the beach, sporting events, and picnics 

4. Comes with a carry strap for easy transport 


1. Durability is questionable 

9. Best For Lightweight: Naomi Home Venice Stadium Seat 

[amazon box=”B00VKK3P38″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Even if the Naomi Home Venice stadium chair isn’t as comfortable as the Picnic Time, they still have a similar price range and build. You might find it difficult to match the chair’s color with your favorite team since there are only few color customization options. On the good side, Naomi seat comes with large-sized option armrests, making it an ideal option for people with wider frame. This reclining set with armrest reclines up to six different positions for maximum comfort. Besides, it features an ergonomic design which integrated armrests for added comfort and support. 

For extra storage, this seat was equipped with a large hidden back pocket for storing your belongings to avoid forgetting anything. Also, we appreciated the fact that the chair folds flat for easy storage and transport. Thanks to its backpack-style that features an adjustable backpack shoulder strap for way transport. Concerning its durability, this unit was designed with a sturdy polyester-covered padded cushion mounted on a durable steel frame. Weighing only 6.59 pounds, you find this unit easy to carry around. 

Key Features 

1. Weighing only 6.59 pounds

2. Lightweight design 

3. Sturdy polyester-covered padded cushion

4. Durable steel frame

5. Adjustable backpack shoulder strap

6. Ergonomic design


1. Durable construction 

2. Enough pocket for storage 

3. Easy to maintain and transport 

4. Integrated armrests for added comfort and support 

5. Folds flat for easy storage 

6. Armrest reclines up to six different positions for maximum comfort


1. Not as comfortable as other models on our list 

10. Best For Easy Transportation: Guidesman Cushion Stadium Seat 

The last on our list is the cushioned stadium seat from Guidesman. The seat is perfect for a stadium seat, hunting, garden kneeling pad, and many more. We loved that the seat was well equipped with closed-cell soft foam which is fairly comfortable. We noticed that the seat is also waterproof but doesn’t work away from moisture. There’s a carry strap for easy transport from your car to the stadium and vice versa. It is quite affordable but barely performs better than any of the models on our list. Most people complained that the cushion doesn’t feel plush and cozy at all, just like normal plastic bench. If you’re willing to spend more than three hours sitting, we won’t recommend it to you. Weighing only 0.32 kilogram, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. 

Key Features

1. Carry strap

2. Closed-cell soft foam

3. Weighing only 0.32 kilogram

4. Lightweight design 


1. Not heavy

2. An affordable option 

3. Easy to transport 

4. Waterproof 


1. Not well-padded and cushioned 

2. Poor comfortability 

Things To Consider When Buying 

When shopping for football seats, you need to keep some things in mind. Certainly, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the right football seats for your immediate needs. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of fake options out there on the market. You can also be carried away by the flashy design of some football seats with poor body construction. However, there are great football seats from reputable brands with great designs and high performance. You’ll certainly be disappointed to buy a football seat that doesn’t serve its purpose or break quickly. Well, thanks to our buyer’s guide, the buying stress will be reduced.  


We can’t undermine the importance of cushioning in a football seat. What good is a football seat that isn’t well-cushioned? When you’re sitting on a well-cushioned seat, you won’t feel any back pain or aches and you’ll enjoy your game with maximum comfort.


Before making a purchase, the price range of the seat is another thing you should put in mind. In the rule of thumb, high-priced seats tend to be more durable with the newest functions and technology. But we aren’t saying that low-priced football seats are of bad quality. Never! Just like you know, the football seats on our list are quite affordable and see of great quality. 


When your sitting in a football seat that’s not your ideal size, it might actually increase your odds of getting uncomfortable or getting a back injury. The better a seat fits, the more comfortable you’ll be sitting in it. 


Football seats are never going to be comfortable when cheap materials are used in the production process. Go for seats that are breathable, lightweight, and most importantly,  comfortable – when shopping for your new football seats. When we say “comfortable”, what we are saying is from cushioning to size and fit and to back support. These are the things you need to consider to know if the seat will be comfortable for you. Access these things to have a comfortable experience out there in the stadium. You should know that discomfort won’t isn’t good for your body. 


You need to look out for the manufacturer of your preferred football seat before making a buying decision. Be assured of high-quality products when you’re buying from a renowned and trusted brand with years of experience. Since they have good reputations to maintain, they wouldn’t want to sell out bad products. It is important to go for brands with established names even if their products might be expensive sometimes, you’ll are certain that you’re getting a top-quality product. 

Closing Thought – Wrapping It Up! 

The bottom line is that football seats are very important for anyone who wants to have an enjoyable experience in the stadium watching his/her favorite team. Before choosing any of these models, make sure you look through our buyer’s guide. The buyer’s guide contains important features and factors to consider before making a buying decision. We’ve come to the closing chapter of this lengthy article. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide helped you choose to best football seats. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions or comments. Thanks!  

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