Best Golf Cart Speakers (Ultimate Reviews And Buyer’s Guide!)

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We can’t displace the fact that silence is golden, but there’s nothing like enjoying the wind through your hair with some nice tunes up there in the air as you drive around the course. A good golf cart speaker offers a stable, strong Bluetooth connection for fluency of your tunes and great sound quality. A good golf cart Bluetooth speaker is generally well equipped for high volumes since it’s played outdoors in the clearing of a course.

Furthermore, golf cart speakers are designed to be portable and lightweight since nobody would love to use a heavy dumbbell while zipping around on the course. Getting the best golf cart speaker within budget can be time-consuming because there are thousands of options available on the market. They sometimes come from many manufacturers and in many different varieties Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of well-researched golf cart Bluetooth speakers and a detailed buyer’s guide to help you make a wise buying decision. Read on to find out the best golf cart speakers for your needs.

What To Consider Before Buying A Golf Cart Speaker? 

Like we said earlier, anything you’re spending your money on should be carefully considered. You wouldn’t want to go for a counterfeit option that’ll not stand the test of time. There are some certain factors you need to consider before making a buying decision on the best golf cart speakers. These factors will make the buying process easier for you as you’d figure which is right for your needs. Here are what to look out for when buying a top-quality golf speaker that will serve its purpose. 

Installation Methods 

The installation methods of golf cart speakers are one of the most important factors that need to be considered before making a buying decision. People’s needs differ when it comes to the installation methods of golf cart speakers. Some love speakers that can be installed directly in their cart for immediate use whenever they drive. Though if you’re willing to spend some extra money and fully upgrade your cart, this would be the right choice for you. The speaker system in this option will combine a variety of options which will include tweeters and woofers to deliver a premium quality sound. The truth is that these options will usually cost you more money and are often difficult to install. 

Another option is the portable models that sit comfortably on the cart floor to produce some nice sound for your tunes. One thing you should know is that these models may obstruct or get in your way while you’re going in or off the cart. You may sometimes kick it out unknowingly. Also, there some other models that are placed in the cup holders but the downside is that they won’t produce the same level of high-quality sound as other speakers. The last kind of models you can choose from is the portable models that can be attached to the cart rather than placing it in your cup holders, m or even on the floor. Basically, we would recommend this model to everyone since they can be fixed into a small area of the cart including the roof or arm of your cart. They also provide high-quality sound with a reasonable spread. 

Frequency Response

The range of audio frequency differs in various Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect them to deliver the same range of audio frequency. Frequency response is known to be the frequencies that Bluetooth speakers can reproduce. It is another important thing to look for when you’re making a purchase. However, you should know that frequency response is ultimately less important than a speaker’s drivers. Furthermore, keep in mind that the frequency effectiveness of a speaker will be impacted by your hearing. Let’s take, for example, you may not need a speaker with a broad range of frequency responses if you’re struggling to hear high frequencies or having hearing damage. 

Bluetooth Version And Drivers 

The Bluetooth version and drivers are other factors to consider before buying a golf cart speaker. Let’s take, for example, some inexpensive speakers that have Bluetooth 3 which is still good enough for your cart. Though it is preferable for you to go for standard Bluetooth 4 or even 5 because they deliver a premium quality level of sound. It is important to choose a high-quality speaker driver to get the best quality of sound from your speaker. A driver of about 40mm is still ideal for a typical golf cart Bluetooth speaker. However, it is advisable to buy drivers with bigger millimeter levels like 58-65 or even more. Also, you need to consider the connectivity. Having said that, your speaker must have a charging option beyond traditional batteries, like a standard USB port or even a Micro-USB option. 

Protection Options 

A well designed golf speaker should be equipped with one or two protection option from the environment, including wind protection, rain protection, and more. Most great speakers are built for outdoor purposes though some are better than others. For example, some of the best cart speakers are built with waterproofing designs while others are equipped with sun protection to protect them from getting damaged when used out there on sunny days.  

Operation Mode

Why do you need a cart speaker and what do you want it to do for you? If all you need it to do is play music, then most speakers should deliver that. But if you’re considering some other additional inputs like SD cards and 3.5 mm aux-in or even extra features like speakerphone, Google or Siri voice commands, then look carefully for key features before making a purchase. 

Speaker Drivers And Capability

Do you like to blow up your tunes? Do you want booming bass? If yes, you must pay attention to the drivers of your cart speaker. Basically, the more the drivers, the better the sound! Like we said above, you need to go for speakers with drivers between 55mm-60mm for great sound. Consider mono output (single) or stereo (Left and Right) sound, as doing this will make you choose a speaker that will offer you a great sound experience.

Features & Durability

The key features and durability of your golf cart speaker is the most important factor to consider buying making a purchase. No one wants a counterfeit option that won’t last long. Everyone would love speakers that are robust and rugged enough to stand up to use, as one can not precisely predict the kind of weather or other conditions that could be encountered on the golf course.  That’s why is important for you to carefully consider each of the key features of your preferred cart speaker. The good thing is, all the speakers on our list come with some sort of waterproof rating, drop-proof, dust-proof, and even shock-proof. 

Battery Range And Runtime

Here’s another crucial factor you need to pay close attention to even if all the golf smart speakers that we reviewed on our list are reliable enough to carry you the rough 18 holes of golf. Before pay for your preferred speaker, check out the battery range and runtime! You’ll really want to check closely at a speaker with a bigger battery if you’re a golfer who always forgets to recharge the battery. Speakers with a larger battery can also be used to charge other devices. If you don’t want to regret after making a purchase, we advice you choose speakers with bigger battery life. 

Wireless Range

There’s nothing as annoying as having sound drop in and out because the device of yours being far from the Bluetooth golf speaker of yours. This occurs when the device of yours gets outside of the speaker’s wireless range. So, the farther it goes, the more breaks in the sound quality. So, go for golf cart speakers with longer wireless range to avoid having your sound drop in and out.

Comparison Chart

The table below is a comparison chart of the 11 best golf cart speakers.

Best Golf Cart SpeakersReason For Pick WeightWaterproof RatingBattery
Noam NUTV4 Golf Cart Speakers Best Pick8.8 poundsIPX4 RatedNon-rechargeable 
Pyle Marine Golf Cart SpeakersBest Performance 15.67 poundsIP 44 Rated Non-rechargeable
Celtic Blu Golf Cart SpeakersBest Buy1.3 poundsIPX4 Rated6000mAh rechargeable 
Boss Audio Golf Cart SpeakerBest Design 6.4 poundsIPX6 RatedRechargeable 
JBL Clip 3 Golf Cart SpeakerBest Brand9.6 ounces IPX7 RatedLi-ion Rechargeable, 10-hour of playtime
Bag Boy Bluetooth Golf Cart SpeakerBest Budget5.8 ouncesNo Rating750 mAh, rechargeable, 5-hour of playtime
Pyle PLUTV41BK Golf Cart SpeakersBest 2-Way Speakers5.02 poundsIPX5 RatedNon-rechargeable
Madjax Stereo ConsoleBest Customer Service 4.79 pounds No RatingNon-rechargeable
Comiso Golf Cart SpeakersBest Battery13 ouncesIPX5 Rating4400 mAh, rechargeable, 36-hour of playtime
JBL Clip 4 Golf Cart SpeakerBest Best Single Speaker2.4 poundsNo Rating3000 mAh, rechargeable, 12-hour of playtime
Altec Lansing IMT804Best Wireless Range13 pounds IP67 RatingRechargeable, 20-hour of playtime

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11 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers Reviews 

After extensive research, we’ve curated 11 top golf cart speakers for review. Go through each of them to find out the one that best suits your needs. 

1. Best Pick: NOAM NUTV4 – Marine Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers

[amazon box=”B00UHVUYYO” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The NUTV4 Marine Bluetooth golf cart speaker from Noam is our first pick on the list of the best Bluetooth cart speakers. If you want to enjoy your music in high-quality sound while riding wild on the course, the NUTV4 model is the best choice for you. This model has received the best reviews on Amazon and it has been highly rated by other top websites for its classic features. 

The speaker is well built with a simple mounting system that makes it easy to be mounted to your cart and taken down when you’re done. NUTV4 cones with impeccable features that include an excellent range of control options that are hardly seen in other speakers on their market. We loved that there’s a smart Bluetooth remote that helps you control your phone’s function and can also be used to connect the remote’s Inline AUX input to your music player.

The model is designed with an all-around water-resistant unit which makes it rugged enough to withstand any weather conditions. This water-resistant unit consists of a Bluetooth remote, Speakers, and AMP. Also, the remote comes with a background light for use in dark conditions. This model is a pair of 4” 2-way Waketower mountable speakers, with Marine grade waterproof body construction. That’s not all! There are free mounting pads and you can mount these speakers on any round roll bar with the size of 1.5” -2”. Lastly, it is equipped with four channels and a marine amplifier with an On/Off switch.

Key Features

1. Marine Amplifier 

2. Four channels 

3. Pair of 4” 2-way Waketower mountable speakers

4. Marine-grade waterproof body construction

5. Simple mounting system

6. A Smart Bluetooth remote 


1. Easy to use mountable speakers

2. Uses an inline AUX for absolute music options

3. Weather protection for stormy days on the golf course

4. Remote comes with background light for use in dark conditions

5. Top quality design 


1. Quite expensive 

2. Best Performance: Pyle Marine ATV Powered Golf Cart Speakers

[amazon box=”B07RYZ93P9″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Pyle Marine ATV powered golf cart speakers claim the second spot on our list. Even if these speakers are technically designed for ATV devices, they are just too great not to be included on our list. This Pyle Marine’s model has some of the most powerful and most significant speakers on the market, with one-inch tweeters (Titanium dome diaphragms) and 6.5-inch cone speakers (Poly injection). 

This model is enginnered with a tube design that offer a higher level of sound when compared to its other counterparts on the market even if few people complained that it seems bulky. We noticed that there’s a built-in 2-Channel digital amplifier that can be powered by a cigarette lighter or can be hard-wired. Also, we liked the fact that these speakers are very strong and powerful with a max output of 800 Watt of RMS. One of the eye-catching features of this model is its automatic 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity that offers wireless music streaming for tablets, iPhones, iPad, Android, and other devices. Basically, the Bluetooth name is “Pyle” and the password is ‘0000’ with a 30’ plus feet range.

Concerning its durability, this is a waterproof dual 2-way sound system with an IP 44 marine grade rating. So, you don’t need to be scared of unexpected rainfall or any other stormy weather. Besides, its water-resistant housing is rugged and robust enough to keep your speakers from drenching, making it ideal for Snowmobile, UTV, Jetski, ATV, 4×4, and golf carts. What more! The signal-noise ratio is 90 dB and the frequency response is 45-25kHz. Lastly, these Pyle speakers boast built-in flashing and dancing color-changing LED lights. The model comes with 19 dynamic color-changing modes in blue, red, and green. With the remote control, you can adjust the color brightness and speed. 

Key Features 

1. 6.5” Speakers

2. 19 dynamic color-changing modes

3. IP 44 Marine Waterproof Rating

4. Automatic 4.0 Bluetooth Connectivity 

5. 2-way Audio System 

6. Built-in dancing and flashing color-changing LED lights


1. Uses many LED lights to enhance safety

2. Automatic Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

3. 800-water sound output

4. Water-resistant housing

5. Adjustable speed and color brightness 

6. Durable and rugged construction 


1. The irregular shape may make these speakers difficult to mount in some carts

3. Best Buy: Celtic Blu Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers

[amazon box=”B01LY6UKCL” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Celtic Blu isn’t one of the leading manufacturers of cart speakers but they still thrive in producing excellent audio options at affordable prices. This model weighs only 1.3 pounds and it comes with a relatively portable bottle shape design to fit easily into cup holders in your carts. To offer a great sound experience, this model was equipped with a Micro SD card that is spacious enough to accommodate up to 8,000 songs.

 As you enjoy your ride on your cart, you don’t necessarily need a device to control this audio system. What we quickly noticed about this speaker was its exquisite body design, which adds tunes to the beat of your lifestyle. We noticed the sound system was equipped with BAS technology, which produces a louder permeating sound. If you’re one of those golfers who do not always charge their golf devices, this model is ideal for you.

 These Celtic Blu cart speakers come with a long-lasting battery that delivers up to 30 hours of playtime. Since it boasts of a long-lasting battery, it can serve as a power bank to charge your other devices. Bluetooth connectivity also offers a wireless connection up to 100 feet (30.48m). Furthermore, there’s an AUX 3.5 mm audio jack cable that offers numerous modes of sound media. As if that is not enough, there’s also a Carabiner D-Clip.

 What more? There’s a microphone designed for phone answering, a versatile bike cage that can be fixed to a Recreational or Work Vehicle. Road, Mountain, or Electric Bicycle. Golf Cart, E Scooter, ATV, or even Motorcycle, and a handlebar remote for volume control and other control options. One of the reasons why Celtic Blu cart speakers make our list is its lifetime warranty on every speaker and the inclusion of English and Spanish-based manual. 

Key Features 

1. 16W Power 360 Surround Sound 

2. BAS Technology 

3. Measures 7.5 inches (19.05cm) in length and 3.5 inches (8.89cm) in height.

4. Comes with Carabiner D-clip

5. Waterproof IPX4 

6. AUX 3.5 mm audio jack cable

7. Portable bottle shape design

8. Handlebar Remote 

9. Versatile Bike cage


1. The follow-come power bank helps to charge other devices 

2. Offers an integrated FM radio

3. TF slot for MicroSD

4. Bilingual for Spanish users

5. Offers up to 30 hours of playtime 

6. Lifetime Warranty 

7. Comes with manual 


1. If you drive recklessly, the speakers could fall out of your cup holder 

4. Best Design: Boss Audio MCKGB350B.6 Golf Cart Speaker

[amazon box=”B00VV6YOD6″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’ve been in search of something that will fit directly into your golf cart, the Boss Audio MCKGB350B.6 cart speaker is the ideal option for you. It comes with an antenna and uses two 6.50-inch speakers to grab radio waves. In case you want to catch a football game even while you’re on the court, this model comes with an AM/FM radio that gives you just what you need.

Without any particular connection required, you will be able to stream off of apps like Pandora and Spotify, making MCKGB350B.6 a powerful speaker unquestionably. You can now play and control music wirelessly through your MP3 player or smartphone as well as apps like Pandora and Spotify. For your media playback, this model features, USB port, Bluetooth, NOAA weather Band Tuner, and AM/FM radio for up-to-date sports, music, and news. However, it is important you know that the MGR450B receiver does come with a CD player, which is actually not a big deal. 

Concerning its durability, this receiver has been IPX6 rated to offer protection against splashing water during stormy weather. Besides, the two 6.5” speakers have been engineered with the latest weatherproofing techniques. Like we said earlier, this model comes with a USB port which offers you the option to have vast storage of audio files at your fingertips. What more? We loved that the audio output from MP3 players and smartphones is compatible with the auxiliary input. 

Key Features 

1. NOAA Weather Band Tuner 

2. Weatherproof 

3. Measures 7.5” in width, 3.4” in height, and 3.3 lbs. in weight

4. IPX6 rated 

5. Nice body construction 


1. Easy-to-mount design

2. Includes fader controls for perfect sound selection

3. Can use an SD card to play pre-loaded music

4. Comes with a three-year online dealer warranty


1. Requires installation to function appropriately

5. Best Brand: JBL Clip 3 Golf Cart Speaker

[amazon box=”B07Q6ZWMLR” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Clip 3 Golf Cart Speakers from JBL make the top five pick on our list. You should be assured of top-quality products when you hear the name “JBL” in the market. If you’re a golf cart owner looking for a relatively-inexpensive speaker, the JBL Clip 3 model is an excellent choice for you. It comes in a wide variety of different colors like blue, black, pink, white, camouflage, forest green, gray, mustard yellow, red, sand, and teal. You can also hold this speaker up on your cart in different ways with the help of its simple carabiner. The Clip 3 model comes in a small size but still offers a big sound. Thanks to the fully integrated and upgraded durable carabiner, you can easily clip it to your backpack, clothes, or even belt loop, making the model a better companion on every outdoor adventure. The Clip 3 is powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers 10 hours of playtime. Concerning its durability, it comes with IPX7 waterproof, making it ideal for use under stormy weather conditions. For crystal clear calls with the press of a button, this JBL cart speaker features a built-in echo and noise-canceling speakerphone. 

 Key Features 

1. Built-in echo and noise-canceling speakerphone

2. IPX7 waterproof 

3. 1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

4. The fully integrated and upgraded durable carabiner


1. Offers 10 hours of total playtime

2. A rechargeable battery saves you money

3. Echo and noise-canceling design ensures your tune sounds great

4. Comes in a variety of different colors


1. Some users say it’s too fragile 

6. Best Budget: Bag Boy Golf Bluetooth Cart Speaker 

[amazon box=”B074G9BN3J” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re looking for a low-budget model with some nice features, the Bag Boy Golf Bluetooth speaker is the ideal choice for you. The truth is that this model is not in the leagues with other top models on our list, but its low price makes it the best budget model. As long as you don’t drive recklessly, this speaker should sit well on your cart without slipping or falling off. The Bag Boy speaker does sync up quite well with most devices. We noticed its lightweight design as soon as it was lifted, making it a perfect choice for some outdoor activities. This wireless speaker streams music and tunes from Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Bag Boy cart speaker is powered by a 750mAh battery that offers up to 5 hours of battery life. What more? There’s a built-in volume adjustment to play and control from speaker or device. Also, you should know that the wireless range is up to 32 feet. 

Key Features 

1. Built-in volume adjustment

2. 750mAh battery

3. Lightweight design

4. Wireless range: up to 32 feet


1. Easy volume control

2. 32-foot wireless range

3. Very affordable 

4. Offers up to 5 hours battery life


1. The speaker may tumble since it’s lightweight 

2. Battery isn’t as strong as other models on our list

7. Best 2-Way Purpose: Pyle PLUTV41BK 2-Way Dual Waterproof Off-Road Golf Cart Speakers

[amazon box=”B07JXJDP3L” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

This is another simple 2-way dual waterproof cart speakers form Pyle. This model was engineered to be compatible with a lot of off-road items like boats, ATV devices, and golf carts. Pyle has maintained a reputation for designing cart speakers with a durable universal mounting mechanism that delivers the safety to your speakers while you drive around the course.

Wanna amplify your ride today? Why not try getting these simple speakers from Pyle. This model is just what you need to get high-quality sound on your ATV, quad, boat, golf cart, Jeep, and any other outdoor vehicles. It comes with two 4” passive 2-way off-road speaker systems. The pair of this model boasts of an 800W high-powered output. What more? The pair of Pro Audio Powersport speakers is equipped with an integrated speaker wiring for quick connection and w/ impressive bass response.

That’s not all! PLUTV41BK cones with a frequency response of 85Hz-20kHz w/ 4-ohm impedance. What more? There are molded ABS machines baskets and grilles. Furthermore, the wakeboard speaker kit boasts of a 20oz magnet structure that powers a 1” aluminum mid-woofer voice coil for a full-range stereo sound reproduction, two 0.5” neodymium dome tweeters, and two 4” polypropylene cones w/ butyl rubber surround. 

What about its durability? For enhanced durability, this model features a waterproof construction with a water-resistant housing suitable for use in any rainy conditions. PLUTV41BK has received positive reviews from end-users for its sleek design and durable machine molded speaker cabinet housing. We loved that the speakers can be mounted on a support bar, roll-bar, frame, or even roll-cage. What’s special in the box? You’ll get a wire butt connector, connection wires, and mounting pads. 

Key Features 

1. Waterproof construction 

2. 800-Watt High powered output 

3. 20oz magnet structure

4. Molded ABS machined baskets and grilles

5. Molded cabinet w/ butyl rubber surround


1. Can be mounted on a bar, roll-bar, frame, and roll-cage

2. Utilizes four-inch cones and one-half-inch tweeters

3. Water-resistant housing perfect for extreme water sports use

4. High-quality bass level

5. Comes with some accessories 


1. Does shake a little at high volumes

2. Frame may break under pressure

8. Best Customer Service: Madjax Golf Cart Universal Overhead Stereo Console 

[amazon box=”B00O6AWXUU” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

We’ve got this unique golf cart stereo console from Madjax. Mad Max might not be one of the most famous manufacturers on the market, but they still impress their customers with a premium quality sound system. Be assured that any product that makes our list is rigorously tested and meets high standards. This stereo console is distinct from some other models on our list since it’s a speaker control unit as opposed to a speaker. It is well worth including on our list of the best golf cart speaker since it’s a great option for golf cart owners. Mount it on your golf cart and sync it with your speakers today for the highest level of control, including sound, treble, and bass options. There’s a golf cart King’s customer service warranty on this product. What’s included in the box? Just the console only, no speakers or CD player included. 

Key Features 

1. Universal mounting design 

2. Attractive body design 

3. Versatile, compatible with a lot of speakers 


1. Rigorously tested and meet high standards

2. Comes with the King’s customer service warranty

3. Looks attractive on most carts

4. Offers the highest level of control, including sound, treble, and bass options


1. You’re required to purchase special speakers

2. Does not work with other types of audio

9. Best Battery: Comiso Waterproof Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers 

[amazon box=”B0744JGZ1T” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

This Comiso waterproof golf cart speaker is one of the best you can probably find out there. It is a waterproof speaker that provides your cart with the complete protection that it needs during stormy weather conditions. The model is basically popular because of its waterproof protection but also boasts of some other nice features that offer the best sound quality. Unlike some other speakers on the market, the Comiso won’t distort when the sound is turned up as high as possible.

 Thanks to its two precision acoustic drivers, you can be assured of enhanced bass and excellent stereo sound from Comiso’s proprietary passive bass radiator design. If you’ve ever wanted to get speakers that deliver more bass at a louder volume without distortion, this model is ideal for you. Its exquisite sound system makes it perfect for a car, dorm room, bathroom, home, car, kitchen, parties; streaming internet radios like Spotify and Pandora or music from your audio device, smartphone, or iPhone. 

What more? We loved that this model was equipped with the true wireless stereo function that enables users to pair any two Comiso speakers. This can be achieved by playing from the right and left channels separated by two Sbode Bluetooth speakers. To play the audio in sync on both devices with double enhanced stereo sound, just control the True Wireless Stereo master device. Thanks to its splashproof, sand proof, dustproof, and rainproof design, this speaker are suitable for use on the beach, golf cart, poolside, and in the car. The Comiso speaker is IPX5 rated and can resist gentle water splash and spray but it should not be fully or partially submerged in deep water. Weighing just below 13 ounces, and powered by a rechargeable 4400 mAh battery for up to 36 hours of playtime, this model will give you the best sound experience.

Key Features 

1. IPX5 Rated; dustproof, splashproof, sandproof, and rainproof

2. Waterproof construction 

3. Ultra-Portable 

4. True wireless stereo function 

5. Under 13 ounces, 6.5 inches tall, 2.8 inches diameter

6. Powered by rechargeable 4400 mAh battery


1. One of the few stereo-quality speakers available, when paired with another

2. Very small size and weight makes it easy to store in your cart

3. Rated with higher weather protection than other speakers

4. Long lasting battery life, up to 36 hours of playtime 

5. Superlight and easy to fit in your bag or backpack

6. Distortion-free at maximum volume


1. If it mistakenly roles under the seat, its compact design may be easy to lost track of. 

10. Best Single: JBL Flip 4 Golf Cart Speaker

[amazon box=”B01N0QHI8L” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Here’s another top quality product from the renowned and reliable manufacturer. In terms of outstanding features, the Flip 4 is the bigger version of JBL smaller cart speaker that was built to meet the needs of people who want a high-quality cart speaker within budget. JBL isn’t a new manufacturer in the industry of sound system. As a matter of fact, they are on of the leading manufacturer that’s known for their durable, efficient, and cost-effective products. The Flip 4 is one of the most popular models from this prominent brand. This model is one of the finest and most reliable cart speakers available on the market. If you want a portable option that’ll fit on your golf cart, the JBL Flip 4 is an excellent choice for you. The speaker is powered by a robust, rechargeable 12-hour battery for a long-range of usability. What’s in the box? One JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, one portable hardshell case, and red. 

Key Features 

1. 12-hour rechargeable battery 

2. Protective Hard Case with a rigid structure

3. Soft interior 

4. Bluetooth connection 

5. IPX7 rated 


1. Connect links, multiple speakers, at once

2. Google Now and Siri connectivity

3. Can be used for conference calls

4. Up to 12 hours of playtime

5. Comes with a protective hardshell case


1. Considered expensive for its quality 

2. Without adjustment, sound may be tinny

11. Best Wireless Range: Altec Lansing IMT804 Sonic Boom 2 Ultimate Cart Speakers

[amazon box=”B071P4QD5R” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The last on our list is this durable, fairly bulky, and budget-friendly golf cart speaker from Altec Lansing. According to its specifications, it’s one of the most affordable options you’d find on the market. Altec Lansing might not be really popular in the sound system industry, but they are dedicated to producing top-quality cart speakers that are durable, efficient, and affordable. Altec Lansing has the best customer service, as they value each customer with high esteem. 

Altec Lansing has produced one of their best Bluetooth speakers with this model. It has up to 20 hours of battery life and one of the largest connectivity ranges we could find. Beyond that, it also has an IP67 certification, which means it is protected from water, shock, snow, and even sand. And while the speaker is a little larger than others on this list, it is surprisingly light and easy to move. IMT804 is the latest and the most popular model from Altec Lansing. This model was built with ease of use, durability, and efficiency in mind. Firstly, we noticed that the speaker is everything-proof, that is, it’s water-proof, dustproof, and sand-proof, making it ideal for use on the beach, boat, car, poolside, and golf cart. It features a 50 ft. pairing range that allows you to connect wirelessly to different speakers. We loved that the speaker works with hands-free speakerphone from iPhone Micro USB, Smartphone, and AUX cable. Thanks to its built-in smartphone ports, you and your guests will be ultimately entertained. 

Key Features 

1. 50 FT Range 

2. Waterproof

3. Dustproof

4. Sand-proof

5. 100 FT Bluetooth pairing

6. Ultimate charging station 

7. Hands-free speakerphone


1. The 50-foot range for easier sound access

2. Hands-free operation for easier music control

3. Comes with IP67 certification

4. Built-in Smartphone ports for easier phone charging


1. Fairly bulky for a golf cart

2. Price is a bit high

Final Words – Rounding It Up! 

The bottom line is that the best golf cart speaker provides a stable, powerful Bluetooth connection for fluency of your music and fantastic quality of sound. An effective golf cart Bluetooth speaker is usually well equipped for huge volumes since it is played outside in the clearing of a course. For you to get the right cart speaker for your needs, you need to make use of our detailed buyer’s guide. Try to consider all the factors listed in the buyer’s guide to making a wise buying decision. Thanks to our recommendations and buyer’s guide, you can now choose the very best golf cart speaker to deliver a high-quality sound experience. We’ve come to the end of this lengthy article. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks!

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