Best Golf Clubs For Driving Range (A Complete List with A Detailed Buyer’s Guide!)

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A driving range is an area or a facility where you can practice your golf seeing as a golfer. There are normally drive ranges attached to golf courses and sometimes, drive ranges are found as stand-alone facilities, mostly in urban areas. If you want to go out with a set of golf clubs to practice in the driving range, you’ll definitely need the best club for the purpose. Unfortunately, getting the best golf club is quite overwhelming and time-consuming. This is mainly because there are hundreds of different manufacturers, varied kinds of clubs, and multiple price ranges. And it will be so disappointing to buy an overpriced or counterfeit option out of ignorance. We’ve composed this article to help you avoid the stress of the buying process. Our guide contains the best golf clubs for drive range and it covers putters, wedges, drivers, and fairway woods. 


As a new golfer, you’ll notice an 8” rubber grip normally glued onto the graphite or steel shaft of a golf club. It is called the grip! Grip does one thing, and that’s giving your hand something to hold on to, in order to avoid the club from slipping off your hand as you swing during a round of golf. You’ll normally find grips in different sizes like the oversize, midsize, and standard size. A thicker grip is ideal for people with bigger hands. These thicker grips are good for golfers because they come in handy in keeping golfers’ hands less active. Furthermore, you’ll also find grips in varied designs, textures, and colors. As a beginner, it is advisable to start your golfing adventure with standard grips that come with your golf club set. However, if you don’t like them, you can as well replace them or buy a custom grip. 


When you hold on to your club you’re notice a cylindrical pole that connects with the clubhead. That’s the shaft! You’ll find club shafts made of graphite, stainless steel, or other strong metals. Mostly, you’ll find drivers with graphite shaft because the material is quite lightweight. Flex is another component of shafts. The shaft flexes create a whipping effect to produce a force that makes the ball speed up when you swung a club at fast speeds. The level of flex stiffness needed is influenced by your swing speed and it can vary from “S” for stiff, “L” for ladies, “X” for additional stiff, “A” for amateur/senior, and “R” for regular. We recommend “A” or “L” flex shafts for senior, beginner, and women golfers with slower swing speeds even if the regular flex is quite common. The stiffer shaft will be more beneficial to professional players with high swing speeds. You will definitely hit the ball long with better control if you make use of the right shaft flex that matches your golf swing. 

Best Golf Clubs For Driving Range – Comparison Chart

The table below is a comparison chart of the best golf clubs for driving range. You’ll find what’s in each set, the reason for pick, and some notable features of the clubs on our list.  

Best Golf Clubs For Driving Range Reason For Pick Highlighted Features What’s in the set?

[amazon link=”B08P9L1LXR” title=”Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set For Driving Range” /]
Best BuyHigh-performing irons12 clubs, containing a sand wedge, two hybrids, and a bag
[amazon link=”B06XNPNBGR” title=”Wilson Golf Ultra Complete Set For Driving Range ” /]Best BudgetHigh responsiveness There’s no sand wedge, but there’s a fairway wood, a pitching wedge, and a hybrid
[amazon link=”B077F1D9VM” title=”TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver For Driving Rang” /]Best For Classic Design Tried-and-true perimeter weighted design460cc driver
[amazon link=”B00B213D1Y” title=”Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge For Driving Range ” /]Best ValueChrome coating Single wedge
Taylormade AeroBurner For Driving Range 
Best For High PerformanceExcellent alignment aidSingle long fairway wood
[amazon link=”B01M4QT61Y” title=”Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch For Driving Range ” /]Best For Penetrating FlightGreat body design Fairway wood
[amazon link=”B075SPLTTK” title=”Cleveland TFI 2135 For Driving Range ” /]Best PutterLatest 2135 Technology Putter

Best Golf Clubs For Driving Range Reviews 

After much considerations and testing, we present to you the best golf clubs for drive range for reviews. Let’s see what they have to offer! 

1. Best Buy: Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set For Driving Range 

[amazon box=”B08P9L1LXR” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Whether you’re just getting back into the game or you’re a beginner, the Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set is an excellent choice for you. That’s mainly because Callaway is dedicated to providing high-end golf clubs with affordable prices. Besides, this set comes with premium performance. The Strata complete golf set is one of Callaway’s bestselling golf set in the market. This beautiful set comes with 12 clubs, containing a sand wedge, two hybrids, and a bag. 

A complete golf club set like Callaway Strata is an ideal choice for people who don’t have the luxury of time to know about the cultures of choosing an iron set, a putter, a driver, and woods.  Just think of when you’re buying a complete tool kit – you’ll get to have all the things you need for different purposes. That’s what it’s like to buy a complete golf club set. One thing you need to know is that buying a complete set gives you the opportunity to customize it just to your taste and liking once you’ve gotten accustomed to the equipment. 

Thanks to the fact that the Callaway Strata set comes with a 4- and 5-hybrid instead of long irons, you’ll get to enjoy nice touch while using them. Since it is more difficult to use long irons because they are hard to hit, many top golfers have even been drifting back to the hybrids. And as a beginner who wants to enjoy some practice time in the drive range, we also recommend hybrids. 

These hybrids make golf more fun and help lessen your learning curve and stress. So, go for this set that includes hybrids to avoid long irons! One of the set’s downfall is with the putter. After trying them out, we figured out that the putter’s face is quite inconsistent to the point that two putts might hit the same speed of stroke wind up tossing varied degrees. 

We recommend you replace or upgrade the first piece of this set when you have enough money and time. We loved that there’s a golf bag included but we were disappointed to find out that the bag wears out quicker than the clubs. You have to be extra careful when using the zippers because they are a little feeble. Apart from that, the whole set is quite a great deal that helps you get hooked on the game of golf. 

Key Features

1. Highly flexible 

2. Lightweight design 

3. High-performing irons 


1. Reliable and trusted brand 

2. Incredibly forgiving and very flexible 

3. Comes with a sand wedge

4. Available in different options 

5. Easy to launch

6. Includes two hybrids 

7. Reasonable price for top quality

8. Comes with a golf bag 


1. Inconsistent putter 

2. Bag not durable enough 

2. Best Budget: Wilson Golf Ultra Complete Set For Driving Range 

[amazon box=”B06XNPNBGR” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Wilson is one of the big fishes in the industry of golf equipment and one of their bestselling golf clubs for drive range is the Ultra Complete Set. They had people who practice in the driving range in mind when building this super golf club set for drive range. This set comes with nine clubs at a reasonable price that makes it affordable to people on tighter budgets. There’s no sand wedge, but there’s fairway wood, a pitching wedge, and a hybrid. 

The only thing that is missing in the set is the sand wedge. Since this set helps eradicate some of the initial complexity of club options and preferences, we recommend it for beginners who love to practice in the driving range. When a new player gets to the course or a driving range, he wouldn’t know the difference between a 6-iron and a 7-iron. 

All you need to do with a fairly sparse set like this is to grab one of its club and go on and make a good contact with the ball. There’s no other possible way to get going as a starter. You can move on to adding a 5-iron or 5-hybrid to your setup after playing a few rounds and experiencing a good feel on the differences you got while hitting with the hybrid and the 6-iron.

 Thanks to its thick head, you’re provided with a smooth feel and incredible forgiveness. Also, we noticed that the driver in this set is quite fast and light, providing a decent feel and forgiveness. What more? Most people complained that the putter is too light but we think that’s because they are accustomed to the game. It’ll be just fine for new golfers. Apart from the fact that the putter is incredibly light, it is also surprisingly soft, rolling the ball adequately. There’s a golf bag included, just like it is in the Callaway Strata set. But in this case, the bag is a bit more durable and it should last for a few seasons. 

Key Features 

1. Excellent forgiveness 

2. Thick head 

3. High responsiveness 

4. Great sweet spot 


1. Highly responsive 

2. Incredibly forgiving 

3. Comes with a golf bag 

4. Trusted manufacturer 

5. Quality and comfortable clubs 

6. Excellent price range 

7. Comes with a hybrid 


1. Most people complained that the putter is too light

3. Best For Classic Design: TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver For Driving Range 

[amazon box=”B077F1D9VM” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re looking for a great way and piece of golf equipment to start off your round, then the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is an ideal choice. For a while now, TaylorMade has remained trusted and reliable when it comes to the production of golf equipment. They’ve maintained a good reputation of designing and building high-quality golf clubs. Coming just at the half price of other TaylorMade drivers, the RBZ comes with some nice features even if it’s not at the same level with M5 and M6 models. 

The simplicity of the design got our attention. We loved that this driver comes in a very simple design. The RBZ is a 460cc driver with a classic shape and a titanium head. We noticed that the understated alignment aid located in the crown is quite effective even if it’s of fair quality, and also the lines are clean. There’s a tried-and-true perimeter weighted design, so you don’t have to worry about sliding weights on the bottom. 

With this feature, mis-hits will be corrected and your ball will be heading straight down the fairway. Thanks to the adjustability option provided by the hosel, this ensures you to be able to nip the driver’s loft. All you have to do every time you’re not getting the ball up there in the air is to add a little lift. However, you can also de-loft the driver’s loft a little if you’re not getting any roll-out because your ball is ballooning. 

The adjustability option of this driver makes it effortless to get the right setting dialed in. There’s nothing like going through numerous different weighting options when you’re out there for practice in the driving range.  All you have to do is a minor grasping and setting it at your preferred trajectory. Then set your priority on how to hit the sweet spot. Overall, this driver is quite simple, with a high-quality design just at a small price. The only downfall of this model is that it isn’t as durable and rugged as other TaylorMade models on the market. 

Key Features 

1. Simple design 

2. Tried-and-true perimeter-weighted design

3. Classic shape

4. Titanium head

5. 460cc driver


1. Adjustability option 

2. High-quality design 

3. Fair price 

4. Long and forgiving 

5. Reliable brand 

6. Awesome feel 

7. Comfortable 

8. Excellent stock shaft 

9. Mis-hits are corrected 


1. Not as durable as other TaylorMade models 

4. Best Value: Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge For Driving Range 

[amazon box=”B00B213D1Y” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Even if Wilson isn’t among the biggest brand in golf equipment industry, they are still one of the most respected golf clubs manufacturer in the game, and the Harmonized Golf Wedge truly represents a great value. This model beats most of the wedges out there that cost double its price, so it is our top pick for the best wedge for the money. Just for getting a single wedge, you’ll also get a lob wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge at the same price. And if you want to truly produce some nice shots, this Wilson Harmonized wedge is the ideal club for you. Most people say the clubhead is quite heavy but it will surely come handy for sand shots and greenside chipping. 

If there’s one good thing about this wedge, then it’ll be about hitting good sand shots. But then, you have some mastering to do before getting just the best sand shots. Make use of the wedge’s bounce to slide the club through the sand behind the ball. Doing this will impel the sand to move the ball onto the green. 

However, you should know that the playing technique is unique on a greenside bunker. Make sure the clubhead doesn’t touch the ball, only the sand. That’s more reason why we prefer heavy clubhead when hitting sand shots because a light clubhead will only glance off the sand to hit the ball. And this will only send the ball rocketing over the green, achieving double bogey or something horrible. But the ball pops up to the green when a nicely heavy clubhead slides through the sand. There are two flaws in the club. Firstly, the wedge’s chrome coating wears out quickly and secondly, the stock grip is not quite durable. Apart from that, the Wilson Harmonized Wedge is a great deal for your money as its overall performance is still top-notch. 

Key Features 

1. Heavy clubhead 

2. Tried-and-true design 

3. Chrome coating 

4. Stock grip 

5. Responsive 


1. Good sand hitting 

2. Comes with a heavy clubhead for a great time on the sand 

3. Quite affordable 

4. Value for money 

5. Reliable brand 

6. Delivers more accurate shots 

7. Solid performance 


1. Wedge’s chrome coating wears out quickly

2. The stock grip is not quite durable

5. Best For High Performance: Taylormade AeroBurner For Driving Range 

If you’re in search of a club with an extremely reasonable price and high performance, the TaylorMade AeroBurner is the perfect option for you. Here’s another top-class product from the reliable TaylorMade company. Talking about classic design? The AeroBurner model should perfectly suit your taste! It comes with a bright white clubhead and matching bright white Matrix shaft. This color combination is great for some people but few also don’t quite like it because they feel it’s a little off-putting. Since the clubhead is white, you should be expecting frequent maintenance. After we tried it out on the grass, we noticed some green stains on its head. This means that it requires more cleaning and general maintenance. 

Another thing we liked about this model is its clubhead sitting well below the ball, giving you a nice impact position to hit a nice, high long shot. We were happy to find out that the subtle lines around the hitting area support the alignment aid located at the sweet spot. This setup helps every golfer to achieve good contact with the ball when making shots! New golfers will find this club useful as it comes with a whippy shaft that helps elevate the ball quickly. 

One thing you should know is that some people complained about the experience they had when hitting a fairway wood off the ground. However, the could be corrected with a more flexible shaft which helps to support the ball during its flight. What more? You should know that the distance of the ball will be reduced than expected because the ball is made balloon by the high launch angle. The only issue here is with the ball ballooning, and it can be corrected with a stiff flex. Overall, the TaylorMade AeroBurner is a great option for anyone who loved long fairway wood that offers decent forgiveness. 

Key Features

1. Aerodynamic design 

2. Excellent alignment aid 

3. White clubhead 

4. Bright white Matrix shaft

5. Whippy shaft 


1. Sits well behind the ball 

2. Great alignment for long, straight shots 

3. Fair price for top quality 

4. Delivers decent forgiveness 

5. White coloration 

6. Easy to hit straight 


1. Issues with ball ballooning 

6. Best For Penetrating Flight: Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 2 For Driving Range 

[amazon box=”B01M4QT61Y” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Tour Edge might not be as popular as some other big manufacturers in the market but they have built themselves a great reputation, having known for delivering top-quality fairway woods. If you’re a high handicapper or a new golfer, the Hot Launch models were made just to help you get the ball into air off the ground quickly and easily. The Hot Launch 2 model comes at a reduced price since the introduction of the new Hot Launch 3 models. But this doesn’t mean that the Launch 2 model will not offer excellent performance.

It comes with 3-wood which some say is a little basic and bulky. Other people complained that the manufacturer should have improved the minimal alignment aids and the dull black paint job because they don’t offer much help when used to address the ball. Truth be told, the shots you’ll get from using this club are incredible and outperforms other clubs out there. 

With the help of this club, your ball will move up into the air with a penetrating flight after a good hit. Every beginner will find the slight offset in the hosel useful because it helps to correct a slice and delivers a great roll once the ball reaches its destination. The performance of this model is quite unbelievable, even if its distance isn’t at TaylorMade Aeroburner’s level. 

We’ll kindly recommend the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 to every golfer who couldn’t just cope with the all-white design of the Aero Burner or probably couldn’t stand the ballooning that comes with the ball flight. The only truth is that if the model isn’t working out, you will find it quite difficult to resell it for a decent price as the manufacturer isn’t quite popular. People might not be interested or they might just price it down.

 Used Tour Edge golf clubs don’t have much demand as the price for a new one is quite affordable for anyone to want to risk investing in a used one. Overall, the club will offer great performance so much that reselling it won’t be an option for you.

Key Features 

1. Slight offset in the hosel

2. Excellent distance 

3. Great body design 


1. Slice-correction 

2. Delivers good distance 

3. Fair price for great quality 

4. Ideal for new golfers 

5. Offers a penetrating flight 


1. A bit difficult to resell

2. New brand, reliability is not tested

7. Best Putter: Cleveland TFI 2135 For Driving Range 

[amazon box=”B075SPLTTK” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The last but not least, Cleveland TFI 2135 for a driving range. This model is our top choice for the best putter. If you really want that kind of blade-style putter that delivers top-notch performance with a balanced presence, the TFI 2135 from Cleveland is the best choice. It was designed and built to help you keep putts along the target line with incredible forward roll and accuracy. 

We all were surprised when the manufacturer dubbed this model as the “softest putter in the world of golfer”, and that’s not an exaggeration. As soon as you get flatstick on the putting surface, you’ll find out why it was termed the softest putter in golf. One good benefit you’d get from buying this club is the incredible touch from short and long distances with impressive distance control. Concerning the hitting area of this model, we noticed that the manufacturer added an elegant milling along its face. 

Thanks to the soft polymer TPU insert in the CNC deep face, you’ll enjoy an improved feel and dampen vibration. There’s also a clear alignment aid at the flatstick’s rear side for easy visualization. What more? This model was equipped with the company’s latest 2135 technology that allows every golfer to see the line from just any angle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re slightly behind the putt or standing over it.

 Truth be told, golfers who prefer a firmer feel might find the softness of this putter unreasonable. But every beginner having a hard time with keeping the ball online will find this putter useful. Another thing about this putter that was well commended by end-users is its affordable price. Just for a discounted price, you’ll get the best tour-level putters on the market. Apart from the fact that the softness of this putter is unreasonable to some people, the putter is a great fit for golfers who love blade-style putter that delivers top-notch performance. 

Key Features 

1. Incredible distance control 

2. Latest 2135 technology

3. Top-notch performance

4. Soft polymer TPU insert

5. High contrast alignment aid 


1. Delivers easy visualization 

2. Well-crafted balance that slides smoothly through the impact zone

3. Good price 

4. Excellent balance 

5. Distance control 


1. Golfers who prefer a firmer feel might find the softness of this putter excessive. 

Things To Look Out For Before Making A Purchase 

Like we said earlier, there are hundreds of options out there on the market and different manufacturers claiming their models are the very best. One has to be vigilant so as not to buy from the wrong brand and model. Well, that’s why we’ve prepared a guide to help you with the buying process. This guide was composed to help you with the things to consider before making a buying decision. Please, make sure you read through the buying guide to find the right club that suits your needs. 


The first factor to consider before paying for your preferred golf clubs for driving range is the craftsmanship. Nobody wants a set of golf clubs that isn’t reliable to last through the season. So, whenever you’re buying a golf club for driving range, make sure it’s a reliable performer. We recommend you go for clubs manufactured by reliable brands because their clubs are well designed with expert craftsmanship. A good golf club must have its paint well applied and lasting, its grip should be well-aligned on the shaft, and lastly, the club’s head should be firmly attached to the shaft. The thing is, a good golf club might be quite expensive but it’s better than going for a cheaper option that’s gonna break in no time. 


The durability of your preferred golf club is one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase. Make sure that the club you’re going for is durable and sturdy enough to stand the test of time when you’re shopping for a new set of clubs for driving range. Using cheap and feeble golf clubs will only make your experience on the golf course bad since they may break at any time. So, make sure you buy from the ones on our list because they are all made from reliable brands that have a reputation to protect. 


Here’s another important factor to consider during the buying process. Every beginner will find golf clubs with great forgiveness helpful in their quest to have a great golfing experience on the course. Generally, clubs with incredible forgiveness will help all golfers not minding the skill level to achieve higher driver distances, increase their golf scoring, and improve their golf handicap in no time.


After trying couple of different clubs in every price range imaginable, we realized that prove doesn’t automatically equal performance. We’ve heard about end-users who bought a $15 putter that performed brilliantly and ones who dish out $300 on putters that felt like bricks. Ordinarily, when you invest huge money on a golf club, you’re expecting it to be built with quality material for greater performance but that’s not always the case. Some clubs have huge price tag but won’t fulfil their purposes. We are not saying expensive clubs are bad but when you get a comparable performance for less money. 


Another important feature to consider before buying a set of golf clubs for driving range is the swing speed of the golf club. This can be solely determine by your height, skill level, and gender. Mostly, short players can’t swing clubs faster than a tall player. But when it comes to result, that is, getting to the right distance, it doesn’t really have to do with your height. Also, when it comes to skill levels, “A” or “L” flex shafts aren’t recommendable for professional players because the speed won’t be good enough for them. Professional players can only do well with stiffer shaft with high swing speed. If you want to get enough power and speed on the ball, go get just the best golf club for your swing speed. 


The durability of your golf clubs for the driving range is one of the most vital factors to consider before making a buying decision. You wouldn’t want a counterfeit option that won’t last long and serve the main purpose of why it was bought. By the way, everybody loves something quite rugged and durable enough to stand up to use as no one can accurately predict what will happen on the course. More of a reason why you should make sure you’re buying a golf club made with credible and high-quality materials. It is quite advisable to go for clubs designed and built by reliable and trusted brands that have reputation for durable products. Just go ahead and choose from any of the models on our list as they are all quite durable and rugged. 

Closing Thoughts – Rounding It Up! 

Driving ranges are good facilities for golf practice and there are some specific golf equipment needed to achieve your aim there. Our list comprises of the top golf clubs for driving ranges and we advise you choose from it. Why? A lot of manufacturers and brands have arrived into the industry of golf clubs and therefore causing a large market output. You’ll come across different designs, styles, and models, each promising to offer the best golf experience to you. Most golf clubs with suspiciously cheap price tags are made of bad quality.

You must be very careful when shopping for your golf clubs for driving range. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the very best 7 golf clubs for driving range. Before going for your preferred one, make use of our buying guide to find the right pair for your needs. This buyer’s guide contains the features and factors to consider when buying. With the help of this review, we hope you were able to figure out the best golf clubs for driving ranges for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions comments. Thanks! 

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