Best Golf Clubs For Short Man (Honest Review And A Buyer’s Guide!)

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Generally, golf is not an intimidating game where a short player will have to face a taller opponent out on the course. The golf game is just about you and the hole on the course, and it’s not totally influenced by the height of a player. But that’s not to say that you should not use the right club that fits your height when you’re out there playing a round of golf or just practicing. It is not ideal for short players to play golf with golf clubs of standard length. 

Knowing that your golf game with likely suffer when you’re unable to address the ball correctly with the right equipment, it is important for you to have a better understanding of the length of the club that fits your height. The small problem out there is that finding golf clubs for a tall man is easier than finding for a short man. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to offer you great options that will help fit short golfers that are 5’2” and below. 

Things To Look Out For Before Buying 

The right sets of golf clubs play an important role in your quest to up your game. As a short golfer, using clubs that are too long for you isn’t good. It will directly affect your scoring ability and stops you from hitting straight shots. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to find the right clubs for short golfers. But with the help of our buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to find the proper clubs that fit your height, helping you to enjoy playing golf. Out of the few options on the market, it’s hard to tell which is right for you. To make things easier, check out these features and factors you need to consider before making a buying decision. 


The height of a golf player is an important factor to consider before paying for any golf club for a short golfer. Firstly, you need to measure your height to be sure you’re buying the proper length golf equipment. Any golfer about 5’6” to 6’0” in headlight should be able to use a standard length golf club. However, you need to be 5’8” in height (ideal height) if you want standard equipment. To have a proper fit golf club as a short golfer, you need to take about half-inch to an inch off the club. The lie angle of a the club needs to be adjusted as soon as you take the length of it.  


The price of golf clubs for short golfers should be the same as tall players if they are buying equipment that comes in a packaged complete set like the ones we reviewed. Depending on the set of short clubs you prefer, the price shouldn’t be above $500. Although the prices might vary depending on the manufacturer you’re buying from as top manufacturers charge higher than normal ones. However, if what you want is a custom set that was designed with your exact specifications (height and speed), then you’ll have to pay up to $1500 or even more. 

Wrist To Floor

The arm length and wrist to the floor is another major factor to consider before buying golf clubs for short players. Arm length doesn’t matter if you’re tall, as a matter of fact, there are medium-height players with long arms. Meaning that with long arm length, you will be able to swing standard even if your height doesn’t meet its requirements. Going for custom fit will offer you some vital information, including some information on the shaft that would take your golf game to another level. 


The swing speed of the golf club is another top feature to consider before buying a set of golf clubs for short players. Most times, tall golfers swing golf clubs faster than short golfers. But that’s not to say that a short golfer cannot swing a golf club as fast as a tall golfer to have plenty of distance. In as much as the short player gets a club that properly fits his/her height and lie angle, there shouldn’t be any problem with getting plenty of distance. The thing is, most short people swing with clubs that do not fit their statute properly, hence people thought that they are far behind when it comes to distance. Getting the best golf club for your swing is the ideal solution for you if you have enough power but not getting the distance you should be getting. 


The key features and durability of your golf club is the most important factor to consider buying making a purchase. No golfer would prefer a counterfeit option that won’t last long and serve its purpose. Besides, every golfer would love go clubs that are durable and rugged enough to stand up to use, as one can not accurately predict the kind of weather conditions that could be experienced during a round of golf on the course.  That’s why is important for you to carefully consider each of the key features of your preferred golf club. Fortunately, all the clubs we reviewed on our list come with some sort of top-notch features and technology. 

Custom Fitting

Custom fitting is a must if you truly want to purchase a pre-packed set of golf equipment for a short golfer. You’re limited to few things when it comes to the exact fit of a package set. The shaft and the lie angle will be set for that height because they normally come in one height. Custom fitting for clubs can only be effective if you’re buying each club separately to be added to your set. 

Each golf club has correct weighting, the right shaft, and the lie angle. One we disliked about custom fitting is none other than the fact that the club purchased along with your custom specifications will be pricey in addition to the cost of the fitting. As you buy the newest and best technology, you will definitely spend some huge amount of more as you get to this golf equipment level. 

Best Golf Clubs For Short Man – Comparison Chart 

The table below contains the comparison chart of the ten best golf clubs for short players. Let’s roll! 

Best Golf Clubs For Short Players Reason For Pick Highlighted Feature What’s in the set
Precise M3 Men's Complete SetBest BuyGood construction A few irons, a driver, a putter, and fairway wood
Wilson SGI Complete SetBest Design Regular steel shaft flex in ironsTwo wedges, a driver, a putter, four irons, and fairway wood
Wilson Staff Deep Red Golf SetBest BrandHigh quality components Complete set
Best Value For Money Blade-style putter design A driver, hybrid, and fairway wood
Callaway Golf Strata SetBest Flexibility Lightweight design A high performing putter, and a good mix of irons and woods
Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package SetBest For Forgiveness And Feedback Huge sweet spotNine clubs, three headcovers and a stand bag
Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete SetBest For Forgiveness And ResponsivenessAn all-new carbon crownA complete set
Palm Spring Golf Visa V2 Men’s All Graphite Club Set And StandbagBest For Ball Control And FeelLarger sweet spot A complete set
Ram Golf Accuba Golf Club SetBest For Forgiveness And Ball ControlMallet style putter club6 stainless steel iron, irons 6, 7, 8, and 9, a driver, sand wedge, hybrid
Wilson Men’s Profile Golf Complete Set Men’s Left HandBest For Feedback And Forgiveness High-end material Iron 6, 7, 8, 9, sand wedge and pitching. A total of ten clubs. 

Best Golf Clubs For Short Players Review

We’ve curated a list of the top 10 golf clubs for short golfers. Let’s check them out! 

1. Best Buy: Precise M3 Men’s Complete Set

Precise isn’t the most popular manufacturer of golf clubs on the market but they still thrive in producing great golf equipment at reasonable prices. This model might not be a high-end set of golf clubs, but it fit into beginner to a high handicap club set. Coming in different sizes, this model is ideal for any short golfer. The Precise M3 Men’s complete set has good pricing and if you were to get a customized set of golf clubs and add a set like this together at a custom length, you would have spent triple the price of this model. In this set, you’ll find a few irons, a driver, a putter, and fairway wood. You can combine your favorite clubs from your old or current set if you want to get a complete option. Thanks to its outstanding build, the M3 comes 1-inch short of standard. 

Key Features 

1. Great build 

2. Good construction 

3. Lightweight stand bag 


1. Reliable brand 

2. Reasonable prices 

3. Equipped with headcovers

4. Comes 1-inch short of standard 


1. Not ideal for faster swing speeds 

2. Best Design: Wilson SGI Complete Set 

The Wilson SGI complete set picks the second spot on our list of the best golf clubs for short players. This model is built to be suited for the beginner player and higher handicapper. In this set, you’ll find a hybrid, two wedges, a driver, a putter, four irons, and fairway wood. One of the things we loved about the SGI model is that it was equipped with a sand wedge. Since the model is offered in a teen version, it is a good option for short players. Is a teen version good for a short player? Yes, of course! The teen version has the same set makeup and quality but only shorter than the standard. If you’re 5’3” to 5’8”, the Wilson teen sets are ideal for you. 

You’ll find these clubs easy to launch since they are equipped with a low center of gravity. Short golfers will find them more manageable, thanks to their length which helps short golfer have increased swing speed and get correct a dress position on the course. Wilson gave this model up at a very reasonable price especially when you consider the value you’ll get from the set.

Key Features 

1. Great design 

2. Regular steel shaft flex in irons 

3. Sand wedge 


1. Ideal for 5’3” to 5’8” 

2. Comes in a complete set 

3. Very reasonable price 

4. Easy to launch 


1. Steel shaft hybrid 

3. Best Brand: Wilson Staff Deep Red Golf Set

The next on our list is another top product from the Wilson company. The Staff Deep Red is a senior version of the SGI model. This model is specially designed to suit all short intermediate players who are in search of a great set of clubs. The shaft length of this model was designed and built to suit a 5’3” to 5’8” golfer. 

There’s a 460cc driver which was equipped with an outstanding sweet spot. We don’t think there’s any better choice for golfers looking for some great distance in their golf shots with some nice feel. Walkers will find these sets enjoyable to carry since they come in a lightweight carry bag that makes transportation around the course easier. Our best part of this model is the wedges included in the set. If you check our list, you notice that only a few models come with nice wedges. Wedges when combines with putter help short golfers to make great shots during a golf game. 

Key Features 

1. High-quality components 

2. Lightweight carry bag 

3. Sleek design 


1. Great for scoring 

2. Huge sweet spot 

3. Offers great golf shots with some nice feel 

4. Perfect lie angle for the shorter golfers 


1. A nice wedge still needed 

4. Best Value For Money: Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Golf Set

If you’re golfer between the height of 5’0” to 5’6”, the Tour Edge Bazooka 360 is the best choice for you. It is a great set for golfers who need shorter golf clubs. Tour Edge might not be the leading manufacturer in the golf equipment industry, but they are committed to providing high-quality golf clubs that will be the appropriate shaft, club length, and lie angle. 

In this set, you’ll find irons, a driver, hybrid, and fairway wood. That’s not all! You will also get an easy-to-carry stand bag. The Bazooka 360 model is just what you need if you are a new golfer or maybe you only want to change your old mismatched set. We loved the putter of this set. It was built with a blade-style design with a high MOI. 

Key Features 

1. Blade-style putter design 

2. High MOI 

3. Lightweight stand bag 


1. Great value for money 

2. High-quality product 

3. Excellent distance off the tee

4. Easy to carry 


1. Runs a bit shorter 

5. Best Flexibility: Callaway Golf Strata Golf Set

The Strata by Callaway Golf can be the ideal set of golf clubs for shorter golfers. Most people would wonder why we included this model with a standard length set of golf clubs. The Strata was included in this list because it’s very flexible and incredibly forgiving. Hence, short golfers will have no difficulty when using this set as they will have a great golfing experience. This model comes in different options with different kinds of clubs. Its varying sizes make it ideal for short golfers to find just the kind of club that fits their heights. The truth is, the best way to enjoy this club is at full length, choking up a little if required, and if it does not fit, you can then take them to a custom fitting center to have them cut to the length that fits your height. In this Strata set, you find a high-performing putter and a good mix of irons and woods. 

Key Features 

1. Lightweight design 

2. High performing putter

3. Highly flexible 


1. Reliable and trusted brand 

2. Easy to launch 

3. High performing putter

4. Comes in different options

5. Very flexible and incredibly forgiving 


1. Some cutting might be required 

6. Best For Forgiveness And Feedback: Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set

Wilson is one of the leading brands of golf equipment and one of their best-selling golf clubs for short men is the Men’s Ultra complete package set. The brand has short golfers in mind when designing this super game improvement golf club set. Thanks to the low CH on club driver and the huge sweet spot on iron, these clubs are incredibly forgiving. There’s a specially designed putter equipped with a soft grip for comfort-ability and great putting accuracy.

 In this standard length club, you’ll find nine clubs, three headcovers, and a stand bag. These clubs are known for their high responsiveness and excellent forgiveness. We loved that the set comprised of durable clubs, making them ideal for short beginners. That’s not all! This model comes with a two-year warranty. That’s to assure you that any issues experienced on clubs within the first two years of purchase will be handled by the manufacturer. The bag strap carry bag comes with four closed pockets and seven openings at the top.

Key Features 

1. High responsiveness 

2. Durable set 

3. Low CH 

4. Huge sweet spot 

5. Excellent forgiveness 


1. Comes with headcovers and a stand bag 

2. Ideal option for short beginners 

3. Delivers more accurate shots thanks to its larger titanium driver

4. Comes with a 2-year warranty on clubs 

5. Highly forgiving and responsive club 

6. Comfortable and quality club 

7. Reliable brand 


1. Not ideal for left-handed golfers 

7. Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness: Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set

As a short golfer, you need a perfect game improvement set to enhance your golfing prowess, and the best set of clubs to achieve this feat is the Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed complete set. This model was designed and built to suit players in search of control and more distance forgiveness. The Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed was built to suit all playing styles, no minding your playing ability or level. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate golfer, you’ll find this perfect game improvement set handy. The offset driver of this model boasts of an all-new carbon crown which provides incredible forgiveness with a combination of high speed. What more? The putter features a machined face which is responsible for better ball control and a good feel of exception on all your putt. That’s not all. This set comes with a premium cart bag. 

Key Features 

1. Lightweight design 

2. All-new carbon crown on offset driver 

3. Machined face on the putter 


1. Delivers incredible forgiveness with a combination of high speed

2. Great responsiveness 

3. Distance forgiveness

4. Offers a better ball control


1. A bit pricey 

8. Best For Ball Control and Feel: Palm Spring Golf Visa V2 Men’s All Graphite Club Set And Standbag

You might be hearing the Palm Spring for the first time, but be assured of quality and good customer service any day and any time. This Visa V2 Men’s All Graphite Club Set is the most popular club set from the Palm Spring. We recommend this golf club complete set for all short players looking for clubs that will fit their heights. Thanks to its over-sizes driver that was well built, you’re assured of a larger sweet-spot for incredible forgiveness and accuracy. That’s not all! Its larger sweet-spot ensures that you will get straighter and more consistent shots. 

The main feature that makes this model suited for short golfers is its availability in both short and standard length sizes. Every golfer will find this driver suitable since it’s very lightweight and we’ve heard people say it’s lighter than a feather. That’s much exaggerated though!  We noticed a durable and quality carry bag with a seven-way top divider which helps keep your equipment in place. The grip of the club is fantastic, won’t, and flexible for maximum comfort and a great feel. 

The irons included in the set are of lower CG and higher MOI for unmatched accuracy, more streamline shots and great responsiveness on every hit. Any golfer in search of a better approach from the fairway or probably getting out of the obstacle. Lastly, the putters of this set are very reliable, responsible, and easy to hit. Thanks to the fact that they were well aligned for the best of accuracy. 

Key Features 

1. Lower CG 

2. High MOI 

3. Over-sized drivers 

4. Larger sweet spot 

5. Short and standard length size 


1. Maximum comfort 

2. Great responsiveness with exceptional feel 

3. Reliable and easy to hit putters 

4. Comes with a well spacious golf bag 

5. Golf bag comes with seven-way to divider 

6. Easy to hit straight and incredibly forgiving

7. Lightweight with unmatched feel


1. None at the moment, this is a new set of clubs on the market 

9. Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control: Ram Golf Accuba Golf Club Set

Looking for a well designed club set with a high taste for quality? Then the Ram Golf Accuba golf club set is the best choice for you. Ram Golf are known for one thing, which is durable and long-lasting products at reasonable prices. The Accuba golf set are one of the best fitted golf club sets available on the market. As a short golfer, you need something to help you hit harder, straighter, and more accurate shots with unbelievable consistency. For more buying options, Accuba is available in stiff and regular flex. Thanks to its over-sized 460cc, you’re assured of better ball shots and distance control. The matching head of this driver helps it from getting damaged when used against dent. What more? This model was equipped with a mallet-style putter club which offers easy alignment for excellent putting accuracy. In this 16 price set, you’ll find 6 stainless steel iron, irons 6, 7, 8, and 9, a driver, sand wedge, hybrid. There’s also a deluxe stand bag which offers a lot of pockets. 

Key Features 

1. Over-sized 460cc

2. Matching head

3. Mallet style putter club


1. Top-quality golf club set

2. Comes with a large sweet spot 

3. Ideal for short golfers 

4. Easy alignment for excellent putting accuracy

5. Awesome feel with better ball control


1. Not ideal for left-handed golfers 

10. Best For Feedback And Forgiveness: Wilson Men’s Profile Golf Complete Set Men’s Left Hand

The Wilson Men’s Profile golf complete set is a set of golf clubs designed and built for left-handed golfers. This model is quite durable and highly efficient because it was built from high-end material that lasts long. The driver is oversized, which delivers a larger sweet spot for best-ball distance travel with accuracy. If you’re interested in hitting long-range shots and playing a more targeted putting with low CG, there is no other option out there than this model. Lastly, this Men’s Profile golf set includes iron 6, 7, 8, 9, sand wedge, and pitching. A total of ten clubs with three headcovers and a stand bag are included in this complete set. 

Key Features 

1. Durable body construction

2. High-end material

3. Low CG 


1. 10 clubs included 

2. Well balanced and weighed golf irons for optimum response

3. Built from high-end material that lasts long

4. Exceptional feel with better ball control on hit

5. Comes with a quality bag equipped with tons of pocket 


1. Not ideal for right-handed golfers 

Why Custom Fitting Is Important

Correcting the misconception that has spread through a lot of people’s mind is something we should look into before looking at top manufacturers that offers golf clubs for short players. Many short golfers think that the only suitable kind of clubs they can use is the junior golf sets. This is not true, and we should totally erase that type of thing. Golf clubs designed and built for juniors won’t help you improve your game. It is better to stay away from such clubs. The best way to improve your game as a short golfer is to go with a static fitting. This is just a way of getting a custom fit for your clubs where the measurements are based on the difference between the ground and your hand, and your overall height. 

Proper Club Length For Irons 

Generally, golfers tend to play shot in a better position when they make use of the club with the proper length. The proper club length is an important factor that should be considered by both tall and short golfers. When a short golfer uses a standard-length club, he’ll need to stand too upright to hold it. Also, when a very tall golfer uses a standard-length club, he’ll have to stoop too much to hold the club. 

The direction, consistency, and distance of golf shots will be negatively affected by this inconvenience caused by the use of improper club length. However, when a short golfer uses a club with a proper length, he’ll be in a better position to play shots. We’ve made a table to show you the recommended golf length for very short and tall golfers. So, if you don’t want to make a bad buying decision for a short golfer, make sure you always refer to this table to get the club of proper length.

Golfers HeightMeasurement: Wrist To FloorRecommended Club Length
> 6’8″> 42″+2″
<4’10”< 25″-2″

The table above will play a better role in your quest to get the proper length that suits your height. Note that you don’t necessarily have to spend out of your pocket or break the bank to getting a set id junior sets, all you need to do is customize your sets to get proper club length that will offer you a great gold experience. There are a lot of shops out there that can help you customize your clubs at reasonable prices. 

Hope you saw how your wrist-to-floor measurements were included in the table. This was included mainly because finding a proper club length is not totally determined by your height alone. More of a reason why manufacturers don’t make standard-size golf clubs for short golfers. Here’s why custom fitting is important, because golfers with the same heights don’t have the same wrist to floor measurement. 

Understanding Lie Angles 

The golf shots are also influenced by the lie angle of your club, apart from the length of the club. The shaft and the sole of the club forms an angle known as the lie angle of the club. The position of the clubhead at address and impact is influenced by the lie angles. The center of your club will effortlessly strike the ground when you’re making use of a proper lie angle, instead of the toe or heel. The heels of clubs that are made to be too upright hits the ground quite easily when playing a shot. 

The shot results in a hook or pull as the clubface closes as a result of the club hitting the ground. Moreover, according to some suggestions from golf experts; Short golfers need clubs that have flatter lie angles while the taller golfers will do well with clubs with more upright lie angles. However, you must note that the player’s address posture and hand positions are other factors that influence the lie angle.

Thanks to our well-constructed table below, you will be shown a general idea of the recommended measurement for short golfers in search of customized clubs. Our table contains the height of golf players between 4’10 and 5’6”. 

Measure From Your Waist To FloorLie Angle Degree
39″3° up
38.5″3° up
38″2° up
37.5″2° up
37″2° up
36.5″1° up
36″1° up
35.5″1° up
35″Standard lie
34.5″Standard lie
34″Standard lie
33.5″Standard lie
33″Standard lie
32.5″Standard lie
32″1° flat
31.5″1° flat
31″1° flat
30.5″2° flat
30″2° flat
29.5″2° flat
29″3° flat
28.5″3° flat

Do Shorter Golfer Need Shorter Clubs? 

Yes, of course! Just like we discussed above, short golfers will perform poorly when they try using clubs meant for tall players. We’ve seen and heard of short golfers who went ahead to buy clubs best suited for tall players and ended up adjusting it in a club fitting store. As a short golfer,  do not make the mistake of thinking that a tall golfer club set will work for you. It won’t! As a matter of fact, using a tall golf club set will give you a bad user experience. The best option for you is the club sets specially designed and built for short people. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to find the best golf clubs for short golfers for you. 

Can I Shorten My Golf Club?

Surely! You can absolutely shorten your golf clubs. If you mistakenly bought a set of clubs that doesn’t fit your exact height, the only option is to shorten it. The shortening of your golf clubs can be done in a club fitting center, where they will be shortened according to your height measurements. To get you perfectly fitted clubs, you’ll have to pay some extra money when you visit the fitting center. 

Final Thoughts 

The bottom line is that it’s not suitable for short players to play golf with golf clubs of regular length. Understanding that your golf game will be affected when you are not able to handle the heel properly with the proper equipment, it’s crucial for you personally to get a clear understanding of the length of the club which suits the height of yours. We’ve come to the final chapter of this lengthy article. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide helped you choose to best golf clubs for short players. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions or comments. Thanks!  

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