Best Golf Game For Android (A Detailed List And Informative Reviews!)

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Thanks to the advancement of the world, there are numerous golf games you can play on your Android. For people who don’t live near a golf course, playing a golf game will definitely offer you some great golfing experience even if it’ll not be the same experience as playing golf in real life. Choosing the best golf games on Android can be a little bit challenging since there are different kinds in the world today. Some are of high quality while others are of bad quality. So, to save you the stress of having a poor gaming experience with low-quality golf games, we’ve curated a list of the 7 best golf games on Android. One thing you should be aware of is that our list is in no particular order so we advise you to check out all the listed games before making a decision to pick one. So, without wasting time let’s hit the detailed reviews of the best golf games for Android. 

7 Best Golf Games For Android Reviews 

1. Golf Battle

Golf Battle

The first golf game on our list is none other than the “Golf Battle” from the Miniclip. This game gives you the opportunity to play a six-player multiplayer match and also helps you play against your friend in a 1 vs 1 match. That’s not all, there’s more! This golf game allows you to play against other real players from anywhere in the world. For people who only want to enjoy a game or two of golf, the game features a classic mode. Also, for people who love fast-paced gameplay, the Golf Battle features the Rush mode. We loved that the game comes with decent graphics and it has easy controls that are effortless to master. What more? There’s a good number of levels and a boatload of items to unlock to keep you stocked up to the game on your Android. 

2. PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

Here’s another outstanding, masterclass golf game that offers you an almost real-life golfing experience. The game allows you to play golf on some real-life golf courses. You can easily claim awards by completing some daily challenges. If you’re an avid golf gamer looking for a golf game that allows you to play some critical competitions against other players in versus mode, then PGA Tour Golf Shootout is the ideal game for you. The more you play the game, the more you’re able to unlock some new golf clubs with unique abilities and stats. We loved that the golf game boasts of a single-player mode with challenging TPC courses. 

3. WGT Golf

WGT Golf

Whether you’re a new player or an avid gamer, there’s nothing like playing an authentic and life-like golf game. If you’re in search of a golf game that offers real-life golfing experience, the WGT Golf game is the ideal option for you. One of the things that we love about this game is that it boasts more than 15 championship golf courses including the popular Bandon Dunes and Pebble Beach golf course. What more? We liked that the game has a lot of different game modes such as top golf mode, multiplayer mode, and single-player mode. 

4. Golf Clash

Golf Clash

If you’re an avid golf gamer, you should know how popular Golf Clash is in the world of golf games on Android. If you’re looking for an arcade-style game, this is a perfect option for you. One thing we love about this game is its easy-to-use controls coupled with the fact that the game allows you to compete in real-life multiplayer matches. If you have a friend on Facebook who loves to play against you, you can challenge him/her to a 1 vs 1 match. Golf Clash is just the right golf game for people looking for an arcade-style game! 

5. Desert Golfing

Desert Golfing

Some people prefer a flawlessly acceptable arcade golf game. Desert Golfing delivers gameplay that enables you to play golf in the sand in some desert somewhere. We loved that Desert Golfing is a game with simple controls, 8-bit graphics, offline support, and many more outstanding features. One thing you need to be aware of is that the I’m game is not entirely free. You’ll need to pay $1.99 to access the game, but no other in-app ads or purchases. 

6. Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D

If you’re looking for a fairly decent free golf game, choose no other than the Golf Master 3D game. If you’re playing against other players, it is mainly done online. Once you’re squared off against your opponents, you’ll play through real-time multiplayer. We love that this classic game features decent graphics, periodic tournaments for various prizes, and power-ups to make things more lively. 

7. OK Golf

OK Golf

If you’re looking for a surprisingly decent golf game on mobile with some really nice features, then you should try OK Golf! OK Golf features pretty decent graphics, even if some people have complained that the game has a dull gray background. We loved that the game offers, secret areas, online multiplayer, simple mechanics, and multiple courses. Some people complained that they don’t like the fact that the game doesn’t use a club system. While some people loved the fact that all they had to do was just drag back and fire the ball away. The game is not entirely free as you’ll be required to pay $2.99 with no extra in-app ads or purchases. Some people get the game free of charge with the help of Google Play Pass. Overall, OK Golf is just okay! 

Closing Thoughts – Final Words! 

The bottom line is that golf is one of the most prominent summer sports in the whole world. Golf games on Android are great even if they’re not as good as the real thing, or even the console golf games. If you’re a golf fan looking for a good way to kill a few minutes, then try golf games on Android. As we said above, there are a lot of golf game options, but the good ones are limited. With the help of this article, we hope you were able to choose from the list of the best golf games on Android. Try to check out all the ones curated on our list and have fun! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks! 


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