Best Golf Grips For Wedges (Detailed Review with A Buyer’s Guide!)

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If you want to improve your golf game, you’ll be needing the best grips for wedges. To make the best out of your golf experience, you must go for the best ones. Grips for wedges are appliances needed for full control of your shot during a round of golf. That’s not all! Grips also technically affect the speed of your swing and offer you more comfort and ease of use during your practice. When picking your preferred grip for your need, you need to be prudent since there are many counterfeit options out there on the market. To make the buying process smoother and easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best grips for wedges that you can pick from to improve your golf game habits. 

The Different Types of Golf Grips

Before hitting the review, let’s check the different types of golf grips out there. It is difficult to say that this or that type of grip is the best because every person has their own opinion about which is the best since there are different types of these appliances on the market today. One thing we commonly found in golf grips is the inclusion of some latest technology into them. While other manufacturers focus more on optimizing surface patterns to deliver the best non-slip performance, some like Winn for instance, focus more on R&D in the material used in the production of the grips. Like we said earlier, there are different types of grips available. It’s good to look out for what type of grip you want for your wedge. Here are the different types of golf grips out there. 

Rubber Golf Grips

Rubber is the most common material used for making golf grips. Generally, rubber is the preferred material used by most manufacturers since it is characterized by its tackiness and softness. Most golf grips are made up of rubber, it’s fair because rubber is easy to shape and produce, and also has a firm feeling. There are also other materials used to make golf grips like elastomer, silicon, and Plastic. You just have to know which of these materials you play better with and then get it for yourself. Honestly, rubber material is good but that doesn’t mean that it won’t come with some downsides. One of the downsides of rubber material is that rubber material becomes slippery in wet weather or with sweaty hands. Golf grips made with rubber material tend to become hardened as it comes of age. Don’t even think of going for golf grips made with low quality runner material. You are also required to maintain rubber golf grips all the time using a wipe with a moist cloth.

Corded Golf Grips

Corded golf grips are common among professional golfers in search of extra grip. They are basically rubber grips equipped with cord weave engineered on the surface. Most of these professionals either go for the corded golf grip because of preference or because of bad humid weather conditions. You won’t tarry long before find just suited your needs because nearly all grip manufacturers have corded grips. These grips have a cord material in their composition. This material helps improve friction in your hands while playing in wet conditions. Although most golfers say this type of grip is uncomfortable for them. It could be good for you. However, the hybrid grips (the combination of two worlds) are the best alternative options for people who find corded grips hard on their hands.  

Leather Golf Grips

Leather golf grips are not a modern-day choice. For the golfer looking for nostalgia and wants the smooth feel of leather, the leather golf grip is ideal for you. Leather golf grips have good qualities even if it’s not a thing that most golfers use on their clubs. No matter how hard you try to re-engineer technology into the grip, they’re comfy, and also the organic feel can’t be duplicated. Furthermore, leather golf grips may be tacky even in wet weather. But you might just be exaggerating if you name them all-weather golf appliance. Leather grips won’t meet up with other modern grips when it comes to performance and they’re usually more expensive. 

Hybrid Golf Grips

People who love the tackiness and softness of rubber grips as well as the grip of the corded grips, there’s a solution for you! The hybrid golf grips combines the softness and tackiness of rubber grips with the grip of the corded grips. How is this done? Hybrid golf grips usually have corded section s on their upper parts, delivering great traction for their left hands. This way, the issue with corded grips is solved with the grips now enhanced in wet conditions and on long shots. The lower part is made out of pure rubber material which delivered a plusher feel and softness for your right hand. Hybrid grips are meant to improve the accuracy of your shots and the short game. So, if you’re not certain of which to go for better rubber or corded, the hybrid grip is the best choice for you. 

Putter Grips

This is another grip type with various categories ranging from the grips for iron and grip for wood, along with other different methods. Players do not press or even move the grip as hard as they do with various other typical grips so these grips do not need the same degree of structure or traction. Additionally, putter grips are permitted by the rules to utilize a dull edge. It is the sole grip that is allowed by the guidelines to do this. 

Wrap Style Golf Grips

Here’s another popular type of golf grips. The wrap-style golf grips aren’t that different from regular rubber grips. These wrap grips go back to the initial use of leather grips that used bands of leather bundled around the shaft. Nowadays they just use new materials to create a softer surface texture that provides a clingy touch. They’re a testament to the old days of golf where things were not sophisticated. In the past decades, natural leather strips have been wrapped around the club shaft, and also formed the grip. In today’s world,  a number of golfers continue to like the sense of the wrap style golf hold but benefit from the tech which is placed into the rubber blends. When compared to rubber grips, you will find no actual advantages or maybe downsides to wrap-style golf grips. 

Lightweight Golf Grips

Generally, woods are made to be lighter with the evolution of golf clubs. This brought about the grips with a lightweight design. The weight of the swing can remain harmonious towards the clubhead. With the evolution of golf clubs, especially woods are made lighter. Normally, irons are not suitable for lightweight golf grips. Instead, they are used well on putters. Since the metal wood technology improved, and companies started making drivers and fairway woods lighter. Naturally, the grips on the clubs became light. Because of this new improvement, grips put on metal woods will be lighter than the iron grips.

Best Golf Grips For Wedges – Comparison Chart 

The table below is a comparison chart of the 7 best golf grips for wedges. Let’s check them out!

Best Golf Grips For WedgesReason For PickMaterial UsedTechnology Type

[amazon link=”B07NJW21KJ” title=”Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip For Wedges” /]
Best OverallNatural rubber material Alignment technology 
[amazon link=”B0794FZ2JN” title=”Lamkin Sonar Golf Grips For Wedges” /]Best Technology Soft rubber compound Fingerprint-like surface texture 
[amazon link=”B07NJX1YL4″ title=”Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip For Wedges  ” /]Best For No Glove Soft and tacky materialControl core
[amazon link=”B07BJ81MH4″ title=”Golf Pride MCC +4 Golf Grip For Wedges” /]Best Design Micro-texture Brushed Cotton technology 
[amazon link=”B085PFCT9Q” title=”Lamkin ST +2 Hybrid Calibrate Golf Grip For Wedges ” /]Best For Low And Medium Swing SpeedGenesis rubber compound Calibrate reminder technology 
[amazon link=”B0832F69DZ” title=”Super Stroke S-Tech Grips For Wedges ” /]Best ValueMedium soft materialNon-slip control
[amazon link=”B0794D4KRM” title=”Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips For Wedges ” /]Best For High Swing SpeedsFirm rubber compound Lamkins Tri-layer technology

7 Best Golf Grips For Wedges Review

After extensive research, we’ve selected 7 top golf grips for wedges. Let’s hit the review to find out all the information you need about them. 

1. Best Overall: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip For Wedges 

[amazon box=”B07NJW21KJ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Our first pick is the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G golf grip for wedges. This brand has maintained a good name for more than a decade now. They are well-known for designing and building top-class golf appliances, and this grip is no different! It was made with soft material and tackiness for a great new feel. Looking for something that combines the good looks and feel of luxury leather, this one-piece simulated wrap grip is the best option out there. When it comes to all your golf equipment needs, the Wrap 2G comes with some outstanding features that will deliver a top level of satisfaction. If you truly want a good investment, this model was equipped with great design and reliable performance. 

Golfers who have great standards for their gold equipment will find this grip a good buying option. We promise that it’ll meet all your golf gear needs. Thanks to its standard size, making it a great fit for different types of golfers. For fast and easy shots, this appliance comes with a high-tack, comfortable, and soft feel. The Wrap 2G was made with natural rubber material to offer more strength and durability. If you’re looking for a product with a complete set of grips for different clubs, look no further than this model. It was equipped with all the tech you need to enjoy an easy and comfortable golf practice. We loved that this model was specially designed to offer consistent hand placement for excellent results. 

That’s not all! You’re also provided with alignment technology for a better grip. You can buy it today and hit the course straight up since its installation is really easy and fast. If you’re a fashionable golfer, this grip gives you the opportunity to choose different colors that suit your personality. You can choose from black, white, red, and blue. 

Key Features 

1. Natural rubber material 

2. Alignment technology 

3. Standard size 

4. One-piece simulated wrap grip 


1. Perfect for small and big hands 

2. Offers consistent hand placement 

3. Better grip 

4. Comes in different colors 

5. Fast and easy installation 

6. Soft material and tackiness for great new feel


1. No alignment marker 

2. No solvent or tape for the installation process 

2. Best Technology: Lamkin Sonar Golf Grips For Wedges 

[amazon box=”B0794FZ2JN” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next on our list is the Sonar golf grip for wedges from the Lamkin, featuring latest technologies. Golfers who love tacky golf grips which delivers a great response from hitting the golf ball should go for this model. Lamkin Sonar might not be tour proven like the first model on our list, but it’s still a good investment. Lamkin added its new Fingerprint Technology to the surface texture, which is more like the human fingerprint with a lot of micro-grooves. When they are combined, all these micro textures delivers a lot of traction. That’s not all! Given that the large grooves from traditional grips are avoided, the micro textures feels more comfortable. There’s competition on the market for grips with the up to date technology. 

That’s why we recommend the Sonar grips for golfers looking for grips with enhanced durability and tackiness, thanks to its new Genesis material. Any golfer who is looking to try out something new should go for this grip. To be honest, this brand has gone above and even beyond to become the frontrunner when it comes to new technologies. Almost all of their products are equipped with new material and texture technology. What’s more, the price of this grip is still decent when we consider the amount of new technology engineered into it. If you compare its price to some other related models on the market, you’ll notice it’s a few bucks cheaper. In terms of comfort, the Sonar features fingerprint-like surface texture and a soft rubber compound, making it one of the most comfortable models out there. There’s also a wrap-style build which makes it ideal for players who love this type of grips. The only downside is that it doesn’t come in a corded version and the taper is slightly reduced to incite more control. 

Key Features 

1. Fingerprint-like surface texture

2. Soft rubber compound

3. Wrap style build

4. Equipped with new material and texture technology


1. Excellent feel and tackiness 

2. Technology rich 

3. Aids alignment 

4. Very comfortable 

5. Enhanced durability

6. Decent price for top quality 

7. Reputable brand 


1. No corded version 

2. Reduced taper 

3. Best For No Glove: Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip For Wedges 

[amazon box=”B07NJX1YL4″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re in search of golf grips ideal for arthritis pain relief, the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap golf grips might just be what you’re looking for. The issue with most grips out there is that they don’t have what it takes to absorb the shocks that travel up through the shaft on a misfit. Be assured that the CP2 Wrap comes with a lot of fascinating features. One of the eye-catching features of this grip is its control core. This control core was designed and built to lessen torque and balance your swing when your hands twist during the swing. For enhanced comfort with lower grip pressure, the CP2 was equipped with a larger lower hand. After much research, we found out that almost all the end-users of this grip testified to its remarkable comfort levels. If you’re suffering from arthritis and don’t like wearing no glove, this is the best option for you. 

What’s great about CP2 Wrap? Whether you just have a preference for wrap-style grips or you just love a soft, comfortable, and tacky grip, the CP2 Wrap grip was made for you! There’s another variant meant for people who dislike the wrap style but love the normal style as the CP2 Pro. In terms of material, the two variants are the same thing, but with different outer designs. Besides, grip pressure is reduced, thanks to its improved diameter on the lower hand portion. Concerning its construction, it combines lower hand diameter with tack, making it the best choice for golfers who dislike wearing gloves during games. The CP2 Wrap is truly at a decent price at just $10, but some end-users still feel like it’s in the expensive half. There’s always something for every taste because this model comes in four different sizes; Jumbo, Undersize, Midsize, and standard. The only downside is that it’s difficult to tell if it affects since the control core isn’t that noticeable. 

Key Features 

1. Larger lower hand 

2. Control core

3. Lower grip pressure 

4. Highly durable 


1. Tacky and soft 

2. Very comfortable 

3. Easy installation 

4. Comes in four different sizes 

5. Ideal for golfers with arthritis 


1. Unnoticeable control core 

2. Not ideal for use in wet conditions 

4. Best Design: Golf Pride MCC +4 Golf Grip For Wedges 

[amazon box=”B07BJ81MH4″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Golf Pride MCC +4 is an efficient grip and a perfect choice for be who love sleek designs. It is the second product coming from the renowned Golf Pride. Thanks to its thicker lower half, this grip eliminates the need for additional wraps of grip tape.

 For the color lovers, the model comes in different beautiful colors to match your personality. You can choose from red, gray, and blue. The MCC +4 delivers an excellent feel that you can hardly find anywhere on the market. This excellent feel helps to enhance your golf game while you enjoy every moment on the course. 

Honestly, this model is worthy of every penny. You’re assured of high scores and improved shots while having fun playing golf. For lighter grip pressure, MCC +4 comes with micro-texture which reduces tension and increases power by delivering downswing stability. We loved the inclusion of Brushed Cotton Technology which combines a soft feel and cord-like performance. What’s more, there’s reliable performance and multi-compound design to improve your game in the best possible way. 

Key Features 

1. Brushed Cotton Technology 

2. Multi-compound design 

3. Micro-texture 

4. A Tour-proven shape 

5. Lighter grip pressure 

6. Thicker lower half 


1. Reliable performance 

2. Comes in different colors 

3. Combines soft feel and cord-like performance 

4. Delivers downswing stability

5. Made from the best material 

6. Reduces hand tension 


1. Gets dirty easily 

2. Requires some practice 

5. Best For Low And Medium Swing Speed: Lamkin ST +2 Hybrid Calibrate Golf Grip For Wedges 

[amazon box=”B085PFCT9Q” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The ST +2 Hybrid Calibrate is a golf grip from the popular Lamkin brand. In the world of best golf grips, Lamkin has been one of the best-selling brands on the market for a long time. The ST +2 is the latest model from this remarkable brand. The model was designed to be great for not only the irons but also all clubs since it is available in midsize, oversize, and standard size. Most grips suffer in wet conditions because they offer less or low grip traction and tackiness. But that’s not the case with this model as it delivers great tackiness and grip traction, making it ideal for use in wet conditions. 

For a very long time in the golf industry, we’ve not really seen grips made to thrive in all weather conditions. But this model was designed to provide a very tactile experience in almost all weather conditions, good or bad! The engineering of the next-level grip materials in this model made it all-weather. Thanks to its Calibrated Technology, you’re offered a good way to place your hands which is more similar to the ribbed grips. There’s a newly placed spine in between the shaft and the grip material, which helps to enhance comfort by elevating the grip.

 What’s amazing about this grip? Lamkin combines the Calibrate reminder technology and the tack, making this grip on of the best choices out there for low and medium swing speed. If you struggle with inconsistent hand placement, this is the best option for you. We love the build quality of this model, they are just too exceptional. When you get this grip into your hands, it feels soft and handy. This premium model with top-notch features comes at a reasonable price.

 In terms of comfort, the Genesis rubber compound included on the surface makes this gear more comfortable. Most people think that ST+2 looks uncomfortable with the calibrate spinning tuning along the back. But that’s not the case! The cavity to the side increases the softness and plush feel in the area. The only downside is that golfers with high swing speed will not find this grip useful. Overall, ST +2 model is meant for golf players with low to medium swing speeds. 

Key Features 

1. Calibrate reminder technology

2. Great build quality 

3. Genesis rubber compound

4. Next level grip materials


1. Excellent tacky feel 

2. Hand placement reminder spine

3. Ideal for players with low to medium swing speeds

4. Top-notch features come at a very reasonable price

5. Helps with inconsistent hand placement


1. Not suited from high swing speeds 

6. Best Value: Super Stroke S-Tech Grips For Wedges 

[amazon box=”B0832F69DZ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Looking for a reliable grip? Then, look no further than the S-Tech from Super Stroke. S-Tech improves your scores by enhancing your golf skills. Firstly, we noticed that Super Stroke S-Tech was equipped with all-weather control to give you the best if your golf experience in any weather conditions. If you’re a color person, this product comes in red, gray, black, and blue for you to choose the one that suits your needs. We promise you won’t regret spending any penny on this model. 

You don’t even necessarily need to wear gloves to use this grip, it’s plush and soft to hold. In terms of good customer service, you don’t need to worry much because the Super Stroke brand is known for fast shipping and great customer service. Wondering if you could ever use a grip under bad weather conditions, even in light rain? This model has an all-weather control which makes it suitable for just any weather. We liked that the grip comes at a competitive and affordable price, making it available to every golfer. 

Key Features 

1. All-weather control 

2. Modern edge appearance 

3. Nice design 

4. Medium Soft Material 

5. Non-slip control 


1. Comes in gray, black, red, and blue

2. Worthy of investment 

3. Soft and tacky feel 

4. Durable performance 

5. Cross-Traction Texture Pattern


1. Needs proper maintenance 

7. Best For High Swing Speeds: Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips For Wedges 

[amazon box=”B0794D4KRM” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Are you looking for a reliable grip in both bad and good weather conditions? Are you a high swing golfer? If yes, then the Lamkin UTC cord golf grip for wedge will definitely match your needs. They even come at a competitive price. Lamkin is known for its innovative grip which combines tackiness with cord. You will hardly find this kind of combination anywhere on the market. 

That’s why the UTx model is one of the bestselling products in the golf industry. High swing golfers will enjoy exceptional control over the club without hassle. The inside of this grip was designed with Lamkins Tri-layer technology, even if it’s a bit modest in appearance. This kind of technology is second to none and it makes room for the inclusion of different firmnesses in all the length of the grip. You’ll feel good handling this gear as it delivers excellent torsion control. 

What’s the big deal? The big deal of this model is its combination of tacky rubber compound and cord. We don’t think you’ll ever find a better grip out there on the market if what you want is ultimate control as a high swing golfer. It features a firm rubber compound engineered on the upper part of the grip which is the main reason it is ideal for golfers with high swing speeds. 

When you swing, the grip will be twisted a little to deliver an excellent torsion control. You’ll feel great quality craftsmanship once you get this grip in your hands. That’s not all! Concerning its build quality, it was equipped with a multi-layer construction to provide great torsion control and different levels of firmness and softness. For excellent shock absorbing capabilities and tacky, this grip was made of Lamkins ACE (Advanced Cohesive Elastomer). 

Key Features 

1. Durable construction 

2. Lamkins ACE (Advanced Cohesive Elastomer)

3. Multi-layer construction

4. Firm rubber compound

5. Lamkins Tri-layer technology


1. Great torsion control for high swing speeds

2. Excellent shock-absorbing capabilities

3. Great torsion control

4. Ideal for golfers with high swing speeds


1. Not suitable for slower swing speeds 

2. Comfort levels can be improved 

Things To Consider Before Making A Buying Decision 

Golf grips are not only needed for enhanced control of a golfer’s shot during a round of golf but also affect the speed of your swing. With all these benefits, you might want to question yourself on how to go about getting the right golf grips for the purpose. That’s where we come in! There are few things you need to consider before making a buying decision. Here’s our buying guide composed to show you some factors you need to consider before spending any money on your preferred golf grip for wedges. 

Grip Size

After much research, grip size is said to be the most vital aspect to look into before buying golf grips. Luckily, there are only a few golf grip sizes, we have the standard grip size, the junior grip size, and the jumbo grip size. The standard grip size can be used by most golfers. Nevertheless, some golfers can work with undersized or oversized. Although most times using smaller or larger grips can reduce the ability of even the best golfer to control the club when it hits the ball. Most times the correct grip size can be gotten by knowing your hand size.

Hand Size

Normally, the size of your hand will be in line with your glove size as a golfer. Therefore, you can use your glove size to determine a perfect golf grip. This is how it’s done. When your golf glove is a men’s extra-large (XL), you should be using a jumbo grip size. If your golf glove is a men’s large (L) or a medium (M) glove size, or a woman’s large (L). You will need a standard size grip.

Grip Firmness

It is of great importance to check just how firm your golf grip is. Professional players prefer to use more firm grips because it helps them get better control of the torsion to be in line with their swing speed. Firmer grips also help you grip softly, letting you know that you don’t have to squeeze the club so hard. This also helps to enhance swing speed. A firm grip can help you if you struggle with slicing the ball. It also helps you with more in-to-out swings, and also club faces that close a lot through impact


Most people ask questions like, how long does a grip last? Or, how many rounds don’t play before I change my grip? The main answers to these questions are. The life span of your grip depends on the type of player you are, how hard you squeeze your golf club, And maybe the amount of practice you have. Most companies say that grips should be changed once a year or every 40 rounds.


Lastly, before paying for your preferred grips for wedges, your budget is something you should consider. Normally, more expensive golf grips tend to be more durable with new technologies. But that’s not to say that inexpensive golf grips from reputable brands are not good or are of bad quality. Besides, all the golf irons on our list are from trusted brands, affordable and they are all of the great qualities.

Soft Golf Grips VS Firm Golf Grips

We understand why most golfers fall in love with the softness of soft golf grips. Soft golf grips feel great when held and are much more comfortable. But the truth is there are some issues with this type of golf grip, and more things to put in place to optimize performance. Firmer grips are the best option for golfers with a lot of power and high swing speed behind their golf swings. When you’re ripping through swing, this grip type delivers great torsion control. That’s not all! You’ll enjoy better feedback without the vibration dampening of a soft grip when you get closer to the club. However, if you have a slower swing speed, soft grips would be advisable. Torsion in the swing is not an enormous problem, and comfort comes more into play. Many golfers, seniors, and beginners prefer soft grips because of the comfort level they enjoy using them. One important thing to put in mind about soft grips is the danger of increasing grip pressure since the material is too soft. You might have some unwanted loss of accuracy and pains when you’re too tense, courtesy of the increased grip pressure.  

Round VS Ribbed Golf Grips

Most times, you’d find normal grips tapered with round shapes. Golf grips have lots of variations out there on the market. We’ve been able to touch some of the most popular ones but the only one we haven’t talked about is the ribbed grip. The ribbed grip is known for its great features which really cones handy for the placement of the hand when using the golf club. You’ll notice a rib running all along the bottom of the grip which makes room for its popular name “reminder grip”. Your muscle memory remembers and replicates since this grip type encourages the same hand placement all the time. If you’re a new golfer, the ribbed golf grips are ideal for you. 

Closing Thoughts 

The bottom line is that golf grips affect the speed of your swing and offer you more comfort during your golf games. You need to be cautious since there are many unctuous options out there on the market when picking your preferred grip for your needs. Make use of our buyer’s guide to pick the best grip for your needs. We’ve come to the final session of this lengthy article. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide helped you choose to best golf grips for wedges. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions or comments. Thanks!  

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