Best Golf Hats For Big Head (Find Out The Top 10 Golf Hats For Golfers With A Big Head With Detailed Reviews!)

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Golf hats are designed and built to offer sun protection during a round of golf. No golfer would love to absorb the bad effects of the heated sunlight during a long time of play on the course. So, they primarily wear these hats or caps for sun protection. Also, golfers wear caps or hats to see ball flights during a round of golf. When you wear a hat, you’ll be able to see clearly the ball and target. Getting the best golf hats isn’t easy especially when you have a big head. There are various options available on the market but getting the one that’ll suit your needs is time-consuming. That’s why we’ve compiled a well-researched list of the best golf hats for big heads to make the buying process easier for you.  

Best Golf Hats For Big Head – Comparison Chart

The table below is a comparison chart of the best golf hats for the big heads. 

10 Best Golf Hats For Big HeadReason For Pick Highlighted FeatureSizing Options Material Used
[amazon link=”B08N2KCLCX” title=”Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 Cap ” /]Best PickUA Classic FitDifferent sizesMade out of 16% elastane and 84% polyester
Waddaplaya Golf Sidekick Bucket Hat
Best Portability Non-stiff brimVaried sizesSame fabric used in making dry fit golf shirt
[amazon link=”B0851V1P87″ title=”Coolibar Matchplay Bucket Hat ” /]Best For Sun Protection All-round brimDifferent large sizesPolyester material
[amazon link=”B06ZZ57VPP” title=”Nike Legacy 91 Tour Mesh Hat” /]Best Brand A Dri-Fit technology Stretch-to-fit sizing Made from 100% polyester fabric
[amazon link=”B01BEWHIIY” title=”Callaway 2016 Bucket Hat ” /]Best For LightweightHighly versatileDifferent sizes available Moisture-wicking fabric
[amazon link=”B01MRL7Y3V” title=”TaylorMade 2107 Golf Hat” /]Best Sweat DistributionTaylorMade 3D designCustom fit100% polyester 
[amazon link=”B07CSH8HXK” title=”Ralph Lauren Golf Bucket Hat” /]
Best Design Lightweight Head-to-fit sizing100% cotton
[amazon link=”B00E17V2IC” title=”Stetson Gambler Seagrass Outdoorsman” /]Best Budget Customizable brimHead-to-fit sizingSoft fabric
[amazon link=”B01ELL3AEG” title=”Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Horden Packable Travel Fedora” /]Best BuyWrinkle-resistant Varied sizes available Moisture-wicking fabric
[amazon link=”B00ER1GN6I” title=”Sunday Afternoon Havana hats” /]Best For TravelersCompletely crushableDifferent sizes available Soft cotton 

What Are The Different Types Of Golf Hats?

Every golfer has a lot of options to choose from whether they’ll like to wear a visor, a ball cap, or something of stylish design like a bucket hat. Each type of golf hats has its special features, meaning that there’s a hat available on the market for all golfers. To make the buying process easier for you, we’ll go into detail about each type of golf hats everything ailable in the market. 

Classic Baseball Cap

Most golfers used to credit the best golf ball cap as a solid and inexpensive option since it’s within the budget and comes from premium quality brands. Classic baseball caps are normally soft caps equipped with a rounded crowns and the bill (a stiff peak projecting from the front). The material of the cap is one of the most important factors to consider, as no golfer would want something heavy without enough ventilation. To prevent sweat from running down your face, lessen perspiration, and absorb moisture, almost all classic baseball caps available on the market are made with an internal sweatband. The classic baseball cap may not be ideal for an elite country club since they are not quite fashionable and stylish, but they great options for golfers looking for how to shield their eyes during a round of golf. However, we recommend a classic baseball cap for the average golfer who plays regularly, since it is the most comfortable and practical choice and one size fits all.

Golf Visors

A golf visor is just like a golf cap which provides enough ventilation and protects your eyes from the sun but only consists of a strap and a brim that wraps around the head. Golf visors are more fashionable and trendy than ball caps even if they are in the same price range. The fitting of visors is only its downside because some golfers complained that after wearing it while playing for some time, it loses its fitness. You can remove the top crown if you want more ventilation but the only issue is that it won’t protect your head from hot sun. Generally, if you have less hair on top to keep your scalp and you’re a male player, this might be a determining factor in your game. This kind of golf hat is ideal for female players who play casual golf games.  

Bucket Hat

Maximum comfort and sun protection are the two main features that make bucket hat more popular in the golf hat industry. One thing we loved about bucket hats is that they are affordable in any budget, depending on quality and brand. As the name implies, bucket hats normally have a downward sloping brim and a deep crown. Most manufacturers use heavy fabrics like canvas or denim with two metal eyelets on either side for extra ventilation. If you’re a golfer in search of an affordable hat that offers great sun protection and ventilation, the mesh bucket hat is the ideal option for you! It is advisable for golfer to make use of golf hat during golf games. This is because golf hats, visors, and caps are designed and built for player to enjoy their games with style and comfort. Your golf course getup is not complete without golf caps or hats. We’ve seen top golfers use golf caps for each of their games. This is to tell you how important these caps, hats, and visors are. Since it takes a long time to finish a round of golf, it is advisable to use a golf hat or cap when you play during sunny days. 

Normally, every golfer needs a golf hat for three major reasons. One, golfers wear hats to promote a brand or a sponsorship. You’ll mostly see top players do this. They use these hats or caps from the big brands that sponsor them. Secondly, golfers wear hats and caps to be protected from the heat of the sun during a round of golf on a course. So now that you know the types and styles of golf hats, it is important for you to choose the right one for the purpose. Wearing a hat or cap is important during a golf game under the hot sun, and it’s necessary for both a professional or an amateur. Thirdly, golfers wear caps or hats to see ball flights during a round of golf. When you wear a hat, you’ll be able to see clearly the ball and target. 

10 Best Golf Hats For Big Head Reviews 

After much analysis and research, we’ve handpicked 10 golf hats for big heads. Let’s hit the reviews to find out more about them!

1. Best Pick: Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 Cap

[amazon box=”B08N2KCLCX” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 Cap is on of the most popular choices for golfers who have problems with other cap brands because of their big heads. That’s because Under Armour offers top-quality golf cap at affordable prices. Besides, their golf hats and caps come with top-notch performance. One of the bestselling golf cap on the market is the imported Blitzing 3.0 cap made out of 16% elastane and 84% polyester.

Thanks to its UA Classic Fit that comes with a pre-curved visor and structured front panels. You’ll get a low-profile fit with this kind of features. For added comfort, Blitzing 3.0 cap features foam padding at the front panel. Using this cap, you’ll enjoy superior breathability and stretch, thanks to the inclusion of UA Microthread fabric. We loved that Under Armour added a built-in Heather sweatband to keep you dry and cool all day by wicking your sweat away.

There’s also an embroidered logos that come with the cap. You can choose from different sizes and it’s also great because it is available in different colors. If you’re a professional golfer with a big head, there is no other better choice than this model because it comes in different sizes you may choose from. What more do you want? A golf hat that protects you from the sun and also gives you a comfortable fit! Just buy it! You don’t need to worry about its quality, Under Armour has a reputation to protect! All the end users testify to the ease of use of this cap. They loved the fact that the cap doesn’t require you to adjust it constantly, giving you great fit and comfort. Overall, Blitzing 3.0 is a great cap to buy at its reasonable price. 

Key Features 

1. UA Microthread fabric

2. 16% elastane and 84% polyester

3. Embroidered logos

4. Built in Heather sweatband 

5. Adjustable 

6. Foam padding 


1. Comes in different colors

2. Available in different sizes 

3. Reasonable price 

4. Superior breathability and stretch 

5. Great fit and comfort 


1. None

2. Best Portability: Waddaplaya Golf Sidekick Bucket Hat 

Our second pick is the Golf Sidekick bucket hat from the popular Waddaplaya. This is a brand known for making affordable and high quality products and this model is no different. Waddaplaya made use of the same fabric used in making dry fit golf shirt. Thanks to the fabric used, your head remains cool all day long even in 100° weather. We’ve seen many top golfers wear these hats during golf games. Another eye-catching feature of this hat is its non-stiff brim which protect the hat from blowing off your head during heavy wind. Even during the most trying conditions, this golf sidekick bucket hat will stay on your head. One of our members tried playing a round of golf in 45mph gusts and the hat reminds still on his head. If you’re a big-headed golfer, this is just ideal for you. Why? This hat comes with a soft brim which offers a relaxed fit that stretches to fit your head even if your head is as big as 64cm in circumference. What more? We love the portability of this bucket hat, you can easily stuff it in your golf bag or pocket and it is completely washable 

Key Features 

1. Non-stiff brim

2. Fordable design 

3. Soft brim 

4. Stretchable to 64cm in circumference


1. They ship worldwide 

2. Ideal option for all weather conditions 

3. Protect your ears offers a very comfortable fit 

4. Fits almost all big-headed golfers

5. Completely washable 


1. Mostly unavailable 

3. Best For Sun Protection: Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat 

The all-round brim of this bucket hat makes it compete with the best golf hats for sun protection. Thanks to its 4” brim, this Coolibar Matchplay golf hat is the best option for protecting the whole face and neck. To be honest, using this golf hat to a round of golf is like using an umbrella on your head. Your head and neck will be completely protected from the sun, especially when you roll up your golf shirt collar up. One downside is that Coolibar Matchplay is a bit heavy and doesn’t look stylish or sleek but if you’re buying for protection from the sun, this is the ideal golf hat for you. Lastly, we loved that the hat is available in different large sizes and colors.  

Key Features 

1. Dull design 

2. 4 inches brim 

3. All-round brim

4. Weighty


1. Protect your entire neck and face

2. Offers optimum coverage, thanks to its wide 4” brim

3. Available in different large sizes and colors 

4. Reasonable prices


1. A bit heavy 

2. May not appear stylish or professional to you 

3. Stiff brim makes it unsuitable for travel 

4. Best Brand: Nike Legacy 91 Tour Mesh Hat 

[amazon box=”B06ZZ57VPP” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

For more than two decades, Nike has gotten a rich history of designing and building high quality sport wears like golf hats. If you’re looking for high-quality golf hat that will serve its purpose, you can always trust Nike because they’re among the most highly recommended brands on the market. The Legacy 91 Tour mesh hat features a classic six-panel design which comes with an interior taping for added comfort and durability. For enhanced breathability, this mesh hat vines with an embroidered eyelets and mesh panels. The good thing is, the back and front panel of this hat was made out of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, while its whole body was made from 100% polyester fabric. Thanks to its maximum lightweight, which offers breathability and comfort. What more? There’s an added breathability, all credit to its back panels and mesh sides. There’s a FlexFit which makes it a custom fit. The underbill includes 3% spandex, 14% cotton, and 83% nylon. That’s not all! We love the inclusion of Dri-Fit technology and stretch-to-fit sizing. 

You shouldn’t worry about quality when you’re buying any product from Nike. You’re assured of a ventilated fit when you’re on the course, thanks to its stretchy designs and mesh panels. Golfers with a big head will find this hat suitable because it comes with a stretch-to-fit sizing. You won’t have to feel any discomfort while using this hat. You won’t have to worry about sweat rolling down your face while playing golf. Outwardly, this hat looks good and professional. The truth is that you’d love wearing this mesh hat after trying out one. Don’t flinch to buy one of these Nike mesh hats because it will certainly blow your mind away with its artistic construction and top-notch features. Wanna enjoy golf? Buy this golf hat today! 

Key Features 

1. A Dri-Fit technology 

2. FlexFit design 

3. Lightweight 

4. Made from 100% polyester fabric 

5. Classic six-panel design

6. Embroidered eyelets and mesh panels


1. Very portable 

2. Reputable brand 

3. High-quality design 

4. Extra breathability 

5. Offers stretch-to-fit sizing 


1. None

5. Best For Lightweight: Callaway 2016 Bucket Hat 

[amazon box=”B01BEWHIIY” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re an avid golfer, you should heard the name “Callaway” before! They are on if the most popular brands in the golf gear industry. The Callaway 2016 bucket hat is completely lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal option for all golfers who don’t want something that’ll add extra weight to their heads. We loved that the 2016 bucket hat from Callaway is very versatile and multipurpose, meaning it can be used in other sports or activities like hiking, tennis, and running. If you’re a multidiscipline sportsman, you will find this bucket hat useful. When you look at the bucket that Tiger Woods always wear, you’d notice this bucket hat is more similar. It was made with moisture-wicking fabric. You’ll always find a fit if your head is big because it comes in two sizes. What more? This model is synthetic, meaning you won’t have a hot head or a drenched wet hat when you’re sweating off during a golf game under the hot sun. 

Key Features 

1. Lightweight 

2. Highly versatile 

3. Made with moisture-wicking fabric

4. Built-in sweatband 

5. Stretchable durable fabric 


1. Keeps away sweat 

2. Looks classic like Tiger Woods’ bucket 

3. Trusted brand 

4. Reasonable price 


1. None 

6. Best Sweat Distribution: TarlorMade Golf 2017 Tour New Era 39Thirty Hat

[amazon box=”B01MRL7Y3V” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

TaylorMade is one of our favorite brands on the market. The golf 2017 tour new era 39Thirty hat is one of their bestselling hats on the market. It was equipped with a structured new area design and FlexFit design, making it one of the best out there. Thanks to its Diamond Era moisture wicking fabric which was equipped a 50 UPF. We loved its dark under bill which served as a shield for reducing glare. Also, it comes with a moisture-wicking sweatband which helps to absorb and prevent sweat from rolling down your face during a game. We were surprised to find out that the 2017 39Thirty hat was equipped with the TaylorMade 3D design, containing an embroidery on the front panel and a new era flag at the back. That’s not all! The golf hat is available in two major colors, navy blue and white, and the item weighs just 4.9 ounce, making it ideal for any golfer looking for a lightweight option. This model was essentially designed and built for male golfers who want comfort and a great fit during the golf games. This model surely has a good fitting and it’s comfortable. What more? Are you a fashionable and stylish person? Do you like hats with flashy and beautiful colors? If yes, this model is ideal for you. It comes in different beautiful colors. It will be best to go for one of these hats because it’ll definitely meet and exceed all your expectations. It has a sleek and portable design, giving your head to best fit to breathe. Overall, the TaylorMade 39Thirty hat comes with varied sizes you can choose from, making it an excellent fit for even people with big heads. You can be assured that you’re spending your money well by purchasing one of these hats. 

Key Features 

1. Lightweight Design

2. Diamond Era moisture wicking fabric

3. TaylorMade 3D design

4. Moisture-wicking sweatband

5. Item weighs just 4.9 ounce


1. Comes in two major colors

2. Very light 

3. Comfortable 

4. Flashy and beautiful colors

5. Varied sizes available 

6. Great for sweat distribution 


1. Few color option 

7. Best Design: Ralph Lauren Bucket Golf Hat 

[amazon box=”B082DPY4Z1″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you love off-beat hats equipped with floral designs on them, then the Ralph Lauren bucket golf hat is ideal for you! One funny thing about this hat is that the designs on it appears somehow childish. So, people may not want to take you too serious. But if you’d love to mix it up, putting your personality into your dress sense, look no further than this model. It features a narrower brim with foldable and lightweight design. You can easily throw it into your pocket or bag. 

Key Features 

1. Sleek design 

2. Foldable

3. Washable 

4. Lightweight 

5. Narrow brim


1. Conversation piece 

2. Flashy 

3. Looks eye-catching 

4. Good option for sun protection 


1. Might be too flashy to some people

8. Best Budget: Stetson Gambler Seagrass Outdoorsman 

[amazon box=”B00E17V2IC” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Stetson Gambler Seagrass Outdoorsman is a hat that was designed and built for sun protection. Want something like a cowboy hat? This classic model is ideal for people who love to look like a maverick. There are many other suede and leather types of cowboy hats out there, but they might not keep your head cool and might get stained easily by your sweat. This model offers greater breathability, evaporating your sweat quickly. We love grass and straw grass hats because they allow air in through small gaps, keeping your head cool and dry. If you want a more “maverick” look, all you need to do with this hat is to turn the sides up since the brims have wire in them. 

Key Features 

1. Customizable brim 

2. Non-foldable brim 

3. Classic design 

4. Built-in small gaps 


1. Equipped with cool material that offers more airflow

2. Built for sun protection 

3. Appears very outlaw 

4. Fair price for top quality 


1. Not foldable, making it unsuitable for backpacks 

9. Best Buy: Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Horden Packable Travel Fedora 

[amazon box=”B01ELL3AEG” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Horden packable travel fedora is a wrinkle-resistant, easy-to-use hat that can be taken anywhere you go. Just pack it into your travel bag or golf bag, since it is packable, you’ll enjoy its portability. This super easy hat can be used while taking a walk, you’re on a boat, or while you’re on a golf course. We loved that the fabric used for making this hat is moisture-wicking with a rating of 50 UPF. No sunburn whenever you’re using this hat. Lastly, this is a fedora that looks more like a mini cowboy stetson, giving you this classic look anywhere you find yourself on the course. 

Key Features 

1. Wrinkle-resistant 

2. Packable 

3. Highly portable 

4. Moisture-wicking 


1. Easy to use

2. Comes with a rating of 50 UPF 

3. Versatile designs 

4. Reasonable price 


1. Might not be ideal for some people 

10. Best For Travelers: Sunday Afternoons Havana Hats 

[amazon box=”B00ER1GN6I” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Sunday Afternoon might not be as popular as some other brands on the market. Looking for something with sleek designs? Look no further! The Sunday Afternoon Havana hats are designed to meet the needs of golfers who want something to protect them from the sun. Though the brims are not as wide as the hunting hats or bucket hats out there but they will still keep your face away from the sun. We loved that the hats are completely foldable, meaning that you don’t need to worry about your bag pressing on the head part or the brim. 

Key Features 

1. Foldable 

2. Sleek design 

3. Lightweight 

4. Portable and adorable design 


1. Nice for sun protection 

2. Very cooling, and can be stored in your golf bag 

3. Looks suave

4. Transportable, you can easily travel with it 


1. Poor sweat redistribution 

Things To Consider Before Buying Golf Hats For Big Head

Generally, when you’re shopping for the best golf hats for big heads, you need to consider some important factors and features. These factors will help you make the right buying decision. Go for a hat that combines good body structure with the most useful features. Though it is common to find hats with less stylish designs. The materials used for the production of the hat is also something you need to put into consideration because it influences the durability and quality of the hat. Normally, manufacturers use common materials such as leather, denim, wool, and even cotton for the production of golf hats. Try to learn about each of these materials so you won’t make a wrong choice that will end up influencing your game negatively. Also, you should consider golf hats equipped with comfortable and moisture-wicking fabric. This is just a little from all you need to put into consideration. We’ve made a buyer’s guide to help you make the right buying decision. 

1. Size

When talking about important golf accessories, golf hats are a top prerogative. It will be very weird and uncomfortable for you to wear a hat that’s not your size. Most times looking for hats in a store for big heads can be a very tiring event. Sometimes to make it easier to get a perfect size, you have to measure your head circumference. Take a tape, wrap it around above your ears and across your eyebrows and keep a little space maybe with your finger so you could get a breathable space. Also, you should intend for a snug fit,  snug fit is an excellent fit. You don’t want a hat that is too tight, it makes you feel like you are carrying a heavy weight on your head and you will start feeling stressed. Nothing beats a perfect-sized hat on your head when playing the game of golf. It makes it easier for you to focus more on the game because you are comfortable.

2. Good Protection From The Sun

We all know that getting sunburned increases your chances of getting health issues. As a golfer, you are practically under the sun all the time. Most golfers wear hats while playing, for protection from the sun. Wherever you find yourself playing golf, you are always exposed to sunburn. Many golfers put on ball hats, which is very fine, but when you are searching for ball hats for people with big heads, it gets frustrating. Most times, these hats can’t even protect your eyes from the UV rays and make you miss important shots. There are no rules for buying the perfect hats but I recommend golf bucket hats for a person with a big head.

3. High Quality

When getting ready to play golf, the hat you choose to wear matters a lot. Looking for high-quality materials that don’t just make a fashion statement but have high durability. Polyester is an ideal choice of high-quality and durable material that helps to control temperature on hot days and is also resistant to bacteria. Most high-quality materials allow you to adjust the size to your perfect size. High-quality hats have panels and visors that won’t bend or lose their shape. Most high-quality hats are lightweight, breathable mesh, and very comfortable. Most good hats have larger sizes that’s good for those with big heads. They are washable with machines, which some materials don’t have. 

4. Moisture Management 

As we all know, the summer can be very hot with the sun out all morning and afternoon. It’s very hot outside during this period. Golf is an outdoor game, where golfers have to stand in an open field for hours. The heat from the sun makes us sweat, golfers can’t afford to let the sweat distract them from making the best shots. So before going to buy a golf hat, consider buying a sweat liner which you can put in your cap to dry up your sweat so you don’t get uncomfortable during the game. These sweat liners can be placed in any of your favorite golf hats for moisture management. They are disposable, they dry up every sweat on your head and remain cool and dry. It helps prevent itching, stains, and odor. A sweat liner is so lightweight, you wouldn’t even notice it. You don’t have to change it till like 3-5 rounds of golf when it’s saturated. 

5. Value And Budget Consideration

Naturally, before buying anything, most people put the price into consideration. Golf hats are not that expensive, and most times the best hats are the most expensive ones. You don’t have to go for the best if it’s going to disturb your budget for other important things. A good golf hat costs 10 to 20 dollars which isn’t much for anyone that plays golf professionally. We must put in mind that not everyone sees this price as small as most people do. Some hats cost 40 to 50 and even to 100 dollars, people buy it without thinking about it twice, keep in mind that it fits into their budget and you don’t make the kind of money they do. Just keep the main things into consideration, like size, moisture management, and the rest.  Most times it’s really hard for those with the big head because you might see that the expensive ones are the ones that have your size. You just have to save up and buy what fits, because comfort is needed on the golf course.

Final Words 

There are numerous golf hats and caps in the world today, but getting the best for big heads will take your time. Make use of our buyer’s guide which contains the factors and features that you need to consider. With the help of this review, we hope you were able to know the top 10 golf hats for big heads on the market today. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks! 

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