Best Golf Irons Under 300

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Many golf fanatics or even professional golfers kept wondering what happened to the simple and affordable golf irons. Just for seven irons, most of today’s newest sets are quite expensive and will cost you more than $1,000. It is not new to you that even sets that are two to three years old still saleable for over $400. It’s just unacceptable! But the truth is that you don’t need to break the bank to get golf irons under 300 with top-quality features that will help you have an incredible golfing experience. Getting the best golf irons under 300 isn’t an easy task with so many counterfeit options out there. You need recommendations and advice from experts like us to avoid buying low-quality irons at cheap prices. So, if you’re on a budget and in search of a new iron set, then read on! Because we are going to talking about the best iron set under 300. We’ll be taking a look at different sets. So, without wasting time, let’s go ahead and hit the review of the top golf irons under 300. 

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1. Best Overall Golf Iron: Cobra 2018 F-Max One Length 

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The first on our list is the Cobra 2018 F-Max One Length iron set with some outstanding features. A lot of amateur golfers have been reaping the performance boost of the One Length irons, making it grow quickly in popularity. It was in 2018 that Cobra decided to release its much anticipated F-Max One irons equipped with a singular shaft length. 

To achieve this, each iron was made to have equal length and weighting as a standard 7 iron by Cobra. The very first thing we noticed was that the irons have a Deep Undercut Design that delivers more accuracy and forgiveness. Thanks to some impressive design made by Cobra, these irons were built with a relatively small undercut and the clubheads were made thin.

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 6 through PWFive irons

Secondly, we noticed that each F-Max One Length is equipped with a slightly Offset Hosel, which helps to improve a closed clubface at any impact. Basically, a total of five irons ranging from 6 through PW are included in the set. One main thing you should know is that changes in distance may happen sins the shafts are all the same length. So, longer irons will fly shorter while shorter irons will fly a bit further. If you’re looking for the best performing one length irons available on the market, at just shy of $300, you’d get the Cobra 2018 F-Max One Length irons. 

Key Features

1. Incredible deep undercut design 

2. A slightly offset hosel

3. One length shafts 


1. Outstanding Performance

2. Promotes Consistency

3. Great Looks

4. Top-notch quality

5. Delivers more accuracy and forgiveness


1. None, it’s an outstanding piece from Cobra

2. Best Budget: Wilson Staff D200 

[amazon box=”B07ZKJ8KJY” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re looking for a perfect way to upgrade to newer, more forgiving clubs within your budget, the Wilson Staff’s best budget D200 set is your best choice. There are other more budget lines of the Wilson brand like the Wilson Ultimate or SGI golf lines but they don’t offer better performing clubs than the Wilson Staff D200. Most people may say that the D200 set is the lowest in the Wilson Staff entire ranking but it still offers classic designed clubs with some outstanding features. 

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 6 through GWSix irons

Ranging from 6 to GW, the D200 set boasts of six different irons. Thanks to its Speed Sole Technology, each iron in the set yields a thinner sole and clubface for more speed of the ball at impact. Each iron in the set comes with weight pods located at the toe and heel to deliver a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness and distance. Also, we loved that the set features Right Light Technology, making the balancing well built. At the moment, you can only get the D200 set with steel shafts with a uniflex flex. 

So, Wilson Staff D200 is best suited for men that are used to swinging senior or regular flex shafts. Though women with faster swing speeds can also make use of the D200 irons. Thanks to its modern design and top-notch passion for more forgiveness and precision, the Wilson Staff D200 irons are ideal for just any golfer, from amateur to professional. 

Key Features 

1. Speed Sole Technology

2. Weight Pods

3. Right Light Technology

4. Durable construction 


1. Great accuracy and Forgiveness

2. Stylish Design

3. Excellent Weighting

4. Affordable price

5. Ideal for any golfer


1. None

3. Best Performance: Manzel Single Length set 

[amazon box=”B01N096N7E” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

For golfers looking for a set of irons with a combination of simple design with easy to use, the single length set from Manzel is the ideal option for you. To make golf simple, Manzel built this set of irons with great usability. You don’t need to battle with the complexity of having to adjust stance based on the club since all you have to do is play with the same swing each and every time.

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 4 through AWNine irons

The set includes a total of nine clubs and still cover the range from 4 to AW. We loved that each club is equipped with a cast 431 Stainless Steel Clubhead. For greater consistency between shots, the clubhead’s are designed to be equally weighted. Mandela is able to lower the center of gravity to deliver an easier launch with the weight lower in the clubhead. Furthermore, the higher irons in the sets boast of a hollow body design for better distance. 

Mandela single length set come with either graphite or steel shafts. Although golfers can find these irons in three different flexes and include stiff, regular, and senior. Another thing we like about these irons is that each of them comes with a custom Manzel grip. Overall, the Manzel single length is the best bet for the golfer who wants expand their iron repertoire fully. 

Key Features

1. Includes nine irons 

2. 431 stainless steel clubhead

3. Low center of gravity

4. Custom Manzel grip

5. Three different flexes 


1. Good distance

2. Decent forgiveness

3. Excellent grip

4. Great usability 


1. Sole is wide

4. Best For Average Golfers: Lazrus’ Premium Set

[amazon box=”B07KKMFWR7″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The fourth on our list is none other than the Premium iron set from Lazrus. They are one of the biggest iron manufacturers on the market, mainly because they claim that their clubs are designed and built in the same factories that design world-class clubs. One thing we love about this brand is that they do not charge outrageous amount for an it on set. But instead, they pass the savings on to the average golfer, so their iron sets are affordable. 

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 4 through PWSeven irons

With this kind of brand, golfers are assured of getting quality at a reasonable price. This iron set comes with seven different irons that range from 4 to PW. Each of these iron set are built with a Modern Cavity Back Design, which offers extra accuracy and forgiveness. Thanks to the clubhead weighting that place a nice balance across the entire club, you’re now assured of effortless lift. 

For now, you’d get the Lazrus’ premium set with regular flex and steel shafts. Just like those custom grips found in pre-installed TaylorMade or Titleist irons, each iron is equipped with a custom Lazrus grip. What’s more? We loved that Lazrus offers a decent return policy to make the set even better. We don’t see any reason why you should pay more for the bigger brands when you can actually get equal quality at a discounted price with Lazrus’ Premium Set. 

Key Features

1. 7 Irons included

2. Modern cavity back design

3. Custom Lazrus grip

4. Range from 4 to PW


1. Great accuracy and forgiveness

2. Elegant feel

3. Excellent grip

4. Excellent value at a reasonable price 


1. None

5. Best Hybrid Irons: WaZaki Hybrid Irons 

[amazon box=”B07L8KHF2Q” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re hybrid irons fanatics, then you should probably check this one out! In the recent years, there have been a lot of Japanese sets of golf iron popping up on online marketplaces. 

Though after we carry out some research about their reliability, we found out that most of these sets from Japan are actually well built and perform quite well. If you’re talking about one of the more budget Japanese golf club brands, WaZaki can’t be undermined. Their Hybrid Irons were really built well with high-quality design. 

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 4 through PWEight irons

The set includes a total of eight clubs and ranges from 4 through PW. Each of the irons comes with a New Speed Face, which helps to enlarge the sweet spot for increased forgiveness and ball speed. Thanks to the hybrid shape, you will find it easier to get the ball in the air compared to the conventional irons. 

Also, we loved that each of these WaZaki hybrid iron is equipped with an MWMF Graphite Shaft. You can choose between either pro flex or a light flex. Just choose what best work for you. Each shaft matches the overall blue/black/red color scheme. 

Thanks to its 45 day free return period, you can try these irons out, and if you’re not happy with the way they work, you can return them back with no questions asked. All-around, these hybrid irons from WaZaki are a great combination of great performance and outstanding design. 

Key Features

1. Hybrid body design

2. New speed face

3. MWMF graphite shaft


1. Easy to hit

2. Great distance

3. Sleek looks

4. Great performance and outstanding design


1. None

6. Best Design: Orlimar Intercept Single Length Set 

[amazon box=”B0794G8DVT” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Looking for a set of iron with the combination of great engineering and simplicity? The Orlimar intercept single length set is just the best choice for you. For a  long time, we’ve always known Orlimar to be in the budget golf sector, delivering top quality clubs at affordable prices. This brand has lots of highly reviews products from putters to wedges. In this intercept single length set, there are seven different irons that range from 5 to 9 iron and include a gap and pitching wedge. 

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 6 through PWSeven irons

We loved that all the seven irons are the same weight and length based on the average length of the set’s seven irons. Also, each of the irons has an Advanced Undercut Design, which helps to deliver superior accuracy. For more consistent distance, there’s also Face Flex Technology for the lower irons, which helps to improve promote clubface reaction at impact. 

At the moment, golfers are only opportune to choose between stiff flex or regular shafts when buying the intercept single length set. What more? We noticed that each iron in the set are equipped with a custom Orlimar velvet grip. Upgrade to the Orlimar intercept single length today and enjoy great simplicity to swing and become more confident in your irons shots. 

Key Features

1. Includes seven irons 

2. Advanced Undercut Design

3. Face Flex Technology

4. A custom Orlimar velvet grip


1. Easy to swing

2. Great accuracy and forgiveness

3. Premium quality grips


1. None

7. Best Traditional Design: Japan Pron TRG Iron Set 

[amazon box=”B07MC4DJHL” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Wanna stand out on your golf course with flashy and well-performing irons? Why don’t you try out the Pron TRG! The second Japanese manufacturer of golf irons on our list is none other than this Pron TRG.

 But the only difference between the Pron TRG and the WaZaki hybrid irons is that Pron TRG is more of a traditional iron. The set includes a total of eight irons and range from 4 iron to SW. Pron did some spicing up to their irons even if people noted that they have stick with a more traditional design. 

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 4 through SWEight irons

We loved that the Pron Set was designed with a Progressive Sole Design, making each sole wider or thinner depending on the interconnected loft. That’s not all. We noticed that each of the iron’s faces has a slight upgrade with an Enhanced Face Insert. This insert was touted as variable thickness to help increase forgiveness and improve the sweet spot. All the Pron TRG irons come with a custom grip and regular flex graphite shaft. You should probably consider the Pron TRG iron set as it still plays well despite the fact that it lacks some feel 

Key Features

1. Includes eight irons

2. Progressive Sole Design

3. Enhanced Face Insert

4. A custom grip

5. A regular flex graphite shaft 


1. Solid distance

2. Good Turf Interaction

3. Flamboyant Design

4. Increase forgiveness and improve the sweet spot


1. Lacks Some Feel

8. Best For Starter Set: RAM EZ3 Iron Set

[amazon box=”B07K7HH5ZB” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The RAM EZ3 iron set is cheap, easy to use, and perfect as an iron upgrade or as a starter set on a low budget. Thanks to the iron set from RAM, the game of golf don’t necessarily need to be an expensive sport to get into. This set includes six different irons that range from 5 to PW. The best part is that you’ll get all these irons at less than $100 in total. 

Though the truth is that the irons are not all flashy as you’d expect. They are equipped with a traditional Cavity Back Design with little added extras. One thing you should note about these irons is that they are more forgiving on mis-hits. There no major customization options, the only custom option being regular flex steel shafts.

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 5 through PWSix irons

 We loved that each iron is built with a Bonus Hybrid that has the same loft as a standard four iron and plays really well. If you’re a beginner or a golfer on a really small budget, the RAM EZ3 iron set is the ideal option for you. This set of irons might not be the best irons on the market but they are perfectly priced for first-time golfers. 

Key Features

1. Includes 6 irons 

2. Cavity Back Design

3. Bonus Hybrid

4. Regular flex steel shafts

5. Range from 5 to PW


1. Great starter set

2. Extremely easy to use

3. Super low price

4. Perfectly priced for first-time golfers

5. Plays really well


1. Cheaper build quality

9. Best For Experienced Golfers: Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron

[amazon box=”B074F7RZM7″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re an experienced golfer with the best skills, the Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron is equipped with a stiff feel is the ideal option for you. Mizuno is a reputable manufacturer of golf gear with an impressive heritage in terms of top-notch quality. Whether you want to enjoy your time on the golf course as a recreational golfer or you want a solution for maximizing your personal results on the course as a pro, this iron is worthy solution for you. Thanks to its satin-nickel finish, this iron won’t disappoint when it comes to a durable performance. 

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 5 through PWFew irons

For all top players who want the best latest options to practice and play with, the long iron replacement of this iron is actually an impressive design. Mizuno designed this iron to prove essential to work with design which enable golfers to maximize their performance with the very-low center of gravity coming as the main advantage. What more? We noticed that the iron was equipped with a light stiff shaft and an easy launch to make it ideal for golfers who want to improve their personal records and a stiff feel for extra performance. 

Key Features 

1. Hollow body

2. Satin-nickel finish 

3. A light stiff shaft

4. Durable construction 


1. Very low center of gravity

2. An easy launch to make it ideal for golfers who want to improve their personal records

3. Impressive design


1. Not ideal for the beginner

10. Best For Simplicity: Callaway Big Bertha OS Individual Iron

[amazon box=”B01K2DL18E” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The tenth on our list of the best golf irons under 300 is the Callaway Big Bertha OS Individual Iron with top quality features at reasonable prices. The Callaway Big Bertha OS Individual Iron would be a suggested option for a lot of kinds of styles and players of the game with the Exo Cage design and also a progressive center of gravity. With regards to a contemporary approach, the impressive irons are among the very best solutions.

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 6 through PWFew irons

 The irons are going to feel like a genuine improvement with a redesigned sole along with a graphite shaft. Also, in the terms of feel, the irons represent one of the greatest options. What more? It is going to come together with the graphite shaft that will prove to be a much better solution for the general vibration reduction. 

A lot more, it is going to be among the suggested answers with regards to a progressive center of gravity. Part of this particular gain is produced by the redesigned sole. Therefore, the irons are going to be the traditional option from Callaway that will be useful for a lot of passionate players.

Key Features 

1. Redesigned sole along with a graphite shaft

2. Exo Cage design 

3. Durable construction 


1. Top quality for fair price 

2. Progressive center of gravity

3. Improved sole design

4. Offers general vibration reduction


1. Best suited for average skills

11. Best For The Money: Cobra Golf Men’s Utility Iron 

[amazon box=”B01M32MFIJ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next on the list is the Golf Men’s Utility Iron from Cobra. This is the second time that the products from this reputable manufacturer. This is a nice set of iron that comes with easy adjustability for the loft. When it comes to initial launch, the irons will deliver a better response with a lower center of gravity which makes use of tungsten inserts. Also, this set of iron is designed and built with thinner and lighter face to deliver better performance for overall speed.

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 6 through PWFew irons

Concerning the delivery of good overall versatility, these forged irons are equipped with outstanding techs to make your golfing experience a better one. Furthermore, these irons comes as a great solution when it comes to the best speed response. Besides, with a stiff feel, all experienced players can rejoice about this product. For the overall trajectory and higher launch, the lower center of gravity is facilitated by the tungsten inserts. 

Key Features 

1. Tungsten inserts

2. Half-hollow design 

3. Flashy design 

4. Durable construction


1. Lower center of gravity

2. Fair price

3. Improved speed

4. Best suited for experienced golfers


1. Grip quality can be improved 

12. Best Golf Iron For Women: Callaway Women’s XR OS Individual Iron 

[amazon box=”B0188T48QG” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The last but not least on our list of the best golf irons under 300 is the Women’s XR OS Individual Iron from Callaway. This Callaway Women’s XR OS Individual Iron will prove to be one of the few options that can be recommended on the market with progressive length for the shaft. We all know that women golfers have few options when it comes to the best irons in terms of feel and performance.

RangeNumber Of Irons In A Set
Ranging from 4 through SWFew irons

Therefore, Callaway has gone a long way to equip this iron with extra graphite shaft which helps to absorb some of the shock with all hits and this design also makes this iron much more fashionable for women. For women who wants to maximize their overall performance on the golf course, Callaway Women’s XR OS Individual Iron is one of the most recommended options for them.

What more? We noticed that the irons come with a great feel which makes them recommendable solutions for golfers who want something easy to work with. Lastly, since these irons offer the same 360 faces up design in the men’s version, they will prove crucial and recommendable for almost all golfers, both men, and women. 

Key Features 

1. Sleek and stylish design 

2. Graphite shaft

3. Progressive length

4. Fast 360 face cup technology


1. Made for women 

2. Recommendable solutions for female golfers who want something easy to work with

3. Well constructed 


1. Good with long-distance

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Irons

There are thousands of options when it comes to buying yourself a set of golf irons. So, you need to consider the type of designs and materials that’ll best work for you. As a golfer, it is crucial for you to be aware of the kind of design you’d love to work with to arrive at good results from the beginning. If you want the best results and you’re a new golfer, it is very important to do some practice on the learning curve because nearly all these new designs require you to be inch percent. 

Although if you’re not buying a new set, but only want to upgrade your old irons, you won’t need to do much learning since most of the newest versions are equipped with great forgiveness. While there as so many golf irons out there, the buying prices can be really complicated. To make the buying process easier for you, we’ve prepared a buying guide to help you make an informed buying decision. Here are the factors to consider before buying a set of golf irons. 

Skill Level 

Your skill level is an important factor to consider when it comes to making a buying decision on the best golf irons. You will be presented with chances to practice with three main irons which will diminish in time. Although if we take a look at this traditionally, you’re presented with the option to pick a player’s iron when it comes to a game with top-level skills. Without any argument, these kinds of irons are assigned to only the best golfers.

Mid-level golfers normally go for game-improvement irons. These kinds of irons are seen on courses all around the world as they deliver a combination of forgiveness and performance. Handicap golf irons are a very popular choice with new players looking to promote their skills and master the game.  

Certainly, one can say that your direction with irons from the beginning will be determined by your skill level. When it comes to good functionality your skill level will certainly represent one of the best solutions and this is why it is better for you to play the game of golf with the best irons to improve your skill level. At some point, as your skills gradually improve, you will realize that your current choice of golf iron sets will not be the same as you play the game for the rest of your life. 


The second thing you need to consider before making a buying decision on the best golf irons is the shaft. You will realize that there a few numbers of materials to pick from when it comes to shaft options and a stiffness level to compare. Thus, you are going to be ready to handle the most adaptable shafts which include choices for seniors and ladies. 

They are going to prove the simplest wear and this is the reason they’re suggested for these groups of players. But other stiffer choices are likewise available. Thus, you’ll additionally have the ability to play regular, extra-stiff, or stiff options, based on the level of skill of yours. 

This is exactly where you are going to see the customized strategy, in addition, the best players will make use of much less rigid choices every so often. Since these can come with much better forgiveness, they’ll be highly recommended to players that are brand new particularly. You will find two primary types of materials that get into the modern shafts. The irons shaft is going to prove to be the stiffer choice and yes it may be recommended for durability coupled with an excellent level of skill.  

Graphite shafts are going to prove better for vibration management, on the opposite hand. They won’t be as rigid as the steel choices and this’s the reason they are able to be recommended in cases in which it’d usually prove hard to perform.


Another factor to consider before making a buying decision on the best golf iron sets is the feel. The feel of the iron plays a vital role in the success of the best irons and it also proves an important point to all golfers. The feel of golf irons usually blends various types of basic features and this is why it is a must for you to practice with options that deliver a comfortable golfing experience that’ll make you enjoy the game of golf even more. 

When it comes to getting the right feel, it will be wise to consider where you should start with so many options available on the market to practice with. The truth is that it might be harder for you to find a good comparison if you’re an amateur golfer. However, if you’re an experienced golfer, you should know the importance of the shaft material, weight, and even the aerodynamics on the overall feel. 

The feel of the modern irons will relatively from what you might be expecting as an old-school golfer with lower centers of gravity. We advise you to practice the game of golf with a design that offers maximum performance without having to arbitrate on your experience as a golfer. It will be preferable if you’re not playing at any professional level as you’d have enough time to practice and enjoy your game at the end of the day. 


The material used for the body construction of your golf irons is an extra important factor you need to consider before buying the irons. It is advisable to go for irons from renowned manufacturers that are committed to designing rugged, strong, and durable irons that last long. The quality of the materials used to build them will make them serve you for a long time. Nobody would want something that would break up during a round of golf on a course. Go for something durable and rugged enough to withstand harsh weather. 


Lastly, before making a buying decision, the price of golf irons is something you should consider. Normally, more expensive golf irons tend to be more durable with new technologies. But that’s not to say that inexpensive golf irons under 300 dollars are not good or are of bad quality. Besides, all the golf irons on our list are below 300 and they are all of the great qualities. 

Closing Thoughts – Wrapping It Up! 

There are few good options to choose from when it comes to getting the best irons under 300. Like it was mentioned above, most of the golf irons on our list are designed with top-notch tech for the ultimate performance and enjoyable golfing experience for amateurs and even professional golfers. We’ve come to the end of this long article. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide helped you choose the best golf irons under 300. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks!

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