Best Golf Pants For Hot Weather (Find Out The Trendy Golf Pants with A Detailed Buyer’s Guide!)

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Social gatherings aren’t the only event where people dress according to decorum. It occurs also in sports. Taking some time to research and dress up for your preferred sport would make you appear more professional. If this is your first time playing golf and you’re not certain about the appropriate attire to wear, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’ve been playing some round of golf more for a while but you’ve not been able to get the correct dressing rhythm for each weather condition, we’ve got you covered. You can’t go to a golf course clubwear a casual shirt and jean trousers, you’ll look unprofessional and some certain golf course clubs might not even let you in. 

Sometimes each golf course club has its own specific guidelines concerning the proper way golfers are expected to dress. Before launching out for a round of golf in a new course, make sure you make research about the course’s specific dressing requirements. Pants used by golfers during hot weather conditions most have some unique features to make the weather more comfortable and bearable during a game of golf. These golf pants are normally designed and built from soft fabrics that are not only moisture-wicking or sweat-soaking but also breathable, letting in enough air to keep golfers dry and cool during a game under the hot sun. There are two certain universal rules made by club management in terms of golfing attire from members. 

Comfort Matters

Golf pants or attire made of breathable fabric should be your main priority when selecting pants to be used out there on the golf field. It is not all to feel the sweats after a few rounds of golf under hot sun because the game of golf involves physical activity. No golfer would love to be distracted from his game because of the discomfort caused by wearing the inappropriate type of pants or clothing. Since the game of golf requires focus, just imagine sweating profusely when taking a shot, certainly, you’ll have a bad golfing experience. 

Consider The Weather 

You’ll be surprised to find out that some golfers do not consider the current weather conditions of their preferred course before buying golf pants or clothing. Normally, during the cold weather months, golfers are expected to be in trousers and classic golf sweaters. However, you’re expected to wear something more light and comfortable during warmer weather conditions like polo t-shirts, shorts, or khakis made out of breathable fabrics. 

Things To Consider Before Making A Buying Decision 

As a golfer, one of the most important decisions you’d make is choosing the right golf pants for hot weather. Sometimes you’ll find golf pants with flashy colors and designs but not breathable. Other times, you’ll be happy to find breathable golf pants with flashy and colorful design. There are hundreds of manufacturers and numerous golf pant options out there. Some are well-built and great, while some are made with low-quality material that are not breathable. It will be so bad to have your golf pants influence your game negatively. To help you avoid buying fake or bad quality golf pants, we’ve composed a list of the important factors and features to consider before buying golf pants.


The material of your golf pants is the first thing you need to check before making a buying decision. There are numerous fabric composition in the market. Polyester and a blend of various fabrics are the most common material used in making golf pants. We will list and explain some of the most common types of materials used in making golf pants. They include; 

1. Polyester: When it comes to sportswear anywhere in the world, the most popular material used is polyester. This is mainly because it doesn’t restrict movement. Polyester is one of the best golf pant materials for a lot of reasons. Let’s take, for instance, polyester is breathable, making it suitable for hot weather conditions. Everyone loves fabric that gives them the ability to move and stretch with ease. That’s just what polyester material does! Lastly, this material is pretty resistant to wrinkles and relatively easy to clean and maintain. 

2. Cotton: If you love traditional look and style, the cotton material is the best option for you. Simple or eccentric golfers can have this material in a wide variety of designs and colors. Cotton materials are best known for their high breathability which makes them perfect for hot or humid conditions on the course. Cotton materials are also versatile and can be used with other types of material like polyester for durability or even spandex for stretchability. The only thing you should be aware of is that cotton pants will shrink in the dryer. Apart from that, cotton is easy to maintain and wash. It dries up really quick. 

3. Linen: Do you live in the hotter regions? Or do you want the best material for high breathability? Then the Linen material is the perfect choice for you. For added strength, cotton the material is blended with lightweight material as linen is not really durable on its own. Note that linen materials are more prone to wrinkling when compared to cotton, meaning you need to always do some ironing. 

4. Wool: Go for a pair of wool golf pants if you’ll like to look like your classic 18th-century Scottish golfer. Wool materials are quite expensive and not easily found on the market, as people have seen them be a specialty. Golfers who stay in the colder regions where plenty of warmth is needed will find wool materials useful. However, a golfer who lives in a more temperate climate can go for a lower-weight pant. Wool materials are easy to maintain but they don’t have the best breathability. 

5. Microfiber: The most common production method of synthetic microfiber is through the blend of nylon and polyester fabrics even if there is another production method. Just like polyester, microfiber is completely breathable. What we loved about this material is that it dries up quickly when washed, making it ideal for heavily perspiring golfer or the ones who play a lot in wetter regions. 

Fit And Size 

This is another important factor to consider when shopping for your golf pants. You have to be sure that your preferred golf pants will fit you correctly. Normally, you’ll have golf pants in the same sizing as casual pants. Check the fit of the piece and your waist size. Make sure the length and the slack fit are correctly your sizes. Note that sizing charts differ with different brands. Don’t always make use of a single sizing matrix as it might not be similar to other brands. 

Moisture-Wicking Properties 

Golf pants should be made to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable during a hot day. And the material with high moisture-wicking abilities would make this happen. Avoid cotton blended with moisture-wicking materials because it absorbs moisture and keeps it for a while. Instead, go for polyester material blended with moisture-wicking materials. Performance fabrics are cost-effective and pants made with them will stay dry all day long. 

Color And Style 

The color and style of golf pants are a matter of preferences or personal choice. We recommend lighter colors since they deflect sunlight and help you to stay cool during the game. However, we’ve got to notice that color black is the most common option in golf today. But we don’t think there’s any rules or guidelines limiting the color of your golf pants as long as it follows the prescribed fit and length. 


Certainly, a pair of golf pants with a waistband and belt loops is needed if you’re the type that likes that classic golfer look with a belt and all. The main reason for belt loops where the belt is used is to help keep your pants around your waist while you enjoy golf on the course. But that’s not to say that it won’t add some nice aesthetics too. For golfers going for business-oriented golf trips, it also helps you keep your shirt tucked in. 

Belt Loops And Pockets 

Belt loops are important when looking for a pair of golf pants. Belt loops help you tuck in your shirt properly if you’re going for business-oriented golf trips. Also, you should get golf pants with pockets. Markers and tees are needed to be kept close to you during the game. You can easily keep these golf items in your pants’ pockets instead of going to and fro to your bag. 

Budget And Price 

Lastly, you have to consider the price of a pair of golf pants and your budget. You don’t necessarily need to spend out of your pocket to get the best golf pants made with quality materials. Golf pants shouldn’t cost you a fortune as a single piece of clothing. There are cheap options that still offer great breathability and comfort on the course during a hot weather. 

Best Golf Pants For Hot Weather – Comparison Chart

Best Golf Pants For Hot Weather Reason For PickMaterial UsedColor Variant 
[amazon link=”B07S1H8RZW” title=”ADIDAS GOLF Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Golf Pants ” /]Best Pick 100% Polyester Available in classic beige, black, and white
[amazon link=”B079SPVWR5″ title=”Nike Men’s Slim Flex 5 Golf Pants ” /]Best Brand 51% Cotton/45% Polyester/4% SpandexNavy blue, muted beige, dark red, and many more
[amazon link=”B073XQJZNL” title=”Oakley Men’s 2.5 Take Golf Pants” /]Best Value 94% Nylon and 6% SpandexComes in a wide range of beautiful colors
[amazon link=”B089C63CDV” title=”Under Armour Men Match Play” /]Best For Breathability 54% Nylon/43% Polyester/3% ElastaneComes in a wide variety of colors
[amazon link=”B07S6Y65B5″ title=”PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Pant” /]Best Technology 100% PolyesterComes in a wide variety of colors
[amazon link=”B0789FXPHN” title=”PUMA Golf 2018 Men’s Stretch Pounce Pant” /]Best Design 100% Polyester Available in different muted colors, as well as faded, bright colors, such as baby blue
[amazon link=”B07HJ2PNWH” title=”Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit” /]Best Budget 98% Polyester, 2% SpandexAvailable in nice colors 

Best Golf Pants For Hot Weather Review 

We’ve handpicked 8 top golf pants for hot weather. Are you ready to check out some great golf pants that will keep you cool and comfortable on the course? Let’s roll! 

1. Best Pick: ADIDAS GOLF Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Golf Pants 

[amazon box=”B07S1H8RZW” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The first pair of golf pants on our list is the Adidas Golf Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Pants. Look no further than these pants from Adidas if you’re in search for a pair of golf pants with versatility. Adidas is a renowned brand in the industry of golf equipment and other sportswear. The Climalite 3-Stripes golf pants are one of the best golf pants on the market today, and they are popular for their subtle appearance and design with sporty aesthetic. This model is made to be suited for men with leaner and more muscular body, thanks to its latest slim-fit design that enhances the overall look of these pants. For a more professional look, the pants’ front was made flat even if they are still minimalistic and relatively smooth to offer a soft feel to your bottom half.  

The Pure Motion Stretch Technology of these pants is our favorite part of it. This modern tech delivers a full range of motion, making it easy to squat, shoot, and jump with a fist up there when you hit a clean shot on the course. If you live in hotter climates, the ventilation included makes these pants helpful as they allow airflow to control sweat and keep you cool under a hot sun during a game.

Concerning the material used, Adidas made use of 100% polyester material, making this model easy to maintain and clean. If you’re a fashionable person who loves colors, these pants are available in classic beige, black, and white, giving you just that muted look you’ve ever wanted. There’s a small Adidas stripe logo at the bottom of the back pocket, but apart from that, they are logo-free. 

Key Features 

1. 100% Polyester material 

2. Pure Motion Stretch Technology

3. Latest slim-fit design

4. Logo-free

5. Breathable 


1. Comes in different colors 

2. Allows airflow to control sweat and keep you cool

3. Delivers a full range of motion

4. Slim-fit for a modern look

a) Reliable brand 

b) Top-quality product 


1. Tight on guys with muscular body 

2. Best Brand: Nike Men’s Slim Flex 5 Golf Pants 

[amazon box=”B079SPVWR5″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Men’s Slim Flex 5 is another great golf pants from Nike designed and built for leaner or more muscular guys. Nike will always be a lot of people’s choice when it comes to choosing a reliable and renowned brand that is committed delivering innovative sportswear and equipment. We’re not surprise that this model from Nike is the classiest on the market. In terms of design, you can say that the Men’s Slim Flex 5 is just like a good pair of denim. 

The first thing we noticed was the five pockets on the pants. These pockets were designed to offer enough storage space for your tees, balls, keys, phone, and wallet. Just around the hip, you’ll find the fifth pocket in form of a small square. This small square-shaped pocket is used to hold a pocket watch, and it was very common with traditional golfing pants. We appreciated the fact that Nike added a classic feature to this model which is a model pair of pants. 

The fabric used is stretchy, meaning that you’re offered a full range of motion for active movement around the course. The fabric is just too awesome! The Nike Men’s Slim Flex 5 golf pants is versatile and can be used on and off the course. What more? This model comes in different colors like navy blue, muted beige, dark red, and many more. If you’re a color person, you’ll definitely find the type of color that suits your personality. The only downside is that some end-users with large builds find it tight. Apart from that, these pants should be on your buying list because it promised great benefits. 

Key Features 

1. Stretchy fabric 

2. Small square-shaped fifth pocket

3. Five pockets in total 

4. Highly versatile 


1. Breathable, flexible fabric 

2. Can be used on and off the course 

3. Trusted brand 

4. Comes in a wide range of different colors 

5. Comes with enough storage pockets 


1. Bigger guys find it tight

3. Best Value: Oakley Men’s 2.5 Take Golf Pants

[amazon box=”B073XQJZNL” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Oakley might not seem to be a popular name to you in the sportswear industry except if you normally buy from the large line of sports sunglasses they produce. But they’ve grown to become one of the giants in producing some of the best-valued golf pants on the market. What we first noticed was the fabric material used for the production of these pants.

The 2.5 pants was made from nylon. This material dries up quickly, making it an ideal option for golfers who play in humid environmental or sweatier guys. We liked the material because it is nice and still comfortable. The nylon material was blended with a bit of Spandex, making the model more flexible. In terms of ventilation, the hems of these pants were well-ventilated to ensure that enough breeze zips inside the pants to keep you cool and making sure the heat caused by hot weather moves out quickly. There are belt loops all around the waistband, as well as pockets on the rear and sides. 

Oakley put stylish people who love colors in mind when manufacturing these pants. The 2.5 golf pants come in a wide range of beautiful colors and styles to fit your fashion taste. Don’t forget it comes with a slim fit design but it still works well on bigger guys too since it is made with highly stretchable materials. The only downside is that the small-sized Oakley logo is placed right in front at the thigh side. 

Key Features 

1. Well-ventilated 

2. Made of nylon 

3. Blended with a hot of Spandex 

4. Stylish design 


1. Quick-dry nylon material blended with Spandex 

2. Equipped with all the necessary features 

3. Breathable and stretchable material 

4. Quality product 

5. Good brand 

6. Reasonable price 


1. Brand logo placement is a bit distracting 

4. Best For Breathability: Under Armour Men Match Play Pant

[amazon box=”B089C63CDV” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

When we’re talking about the top dogs in golf equipment industry, as well as the sporting industry in general, Under Armour can’t be undermined. They’ve been in the industry for quite a long time now and they have a good reputation for delivering high-class golf apparel and equipment. If you’re one of the most active of golfers, the Under Armour Men Match Play is the ideal choice for you. It was made to be stretchy and breathable, thanks to the mixture of nylon, polyester, and elastane. Concerning its comfort and fit, the Match Play model is very soft, plush, and stretchy with free-feeling flexibility. 

Thanks to the UA Moisture Transport System, you will be completely dry as it helps to get rid of sweat so that you won’t look like you jumped into a pool with your clothes when you’re playing under hot weather. The Match Play comes with four pockets in total with two at the back and two at the front. There’s also a small Under Armour logo placed on the left front pocket. 

Under Armour gave all customers the opportunity to choose between straight-leg or tempered fits, making ideal for everyone. What more? This model comes in a wide variety of colors to suit your fashion style. Take note of the differences when you’re shopping because pants can run a bit small in size. 

Key Features 

1. UA Moisture Transport System

2. Breathable and stretchy fabrics 

3. Mixture of nylon, polyester, and elastane

4. Four pockets and a logo


1. Quick-dry tech 

2. Enough storage, thanks to its four pockets 

3. Quality material 

4. Reliable brand 

5. Great customer service 

6. Comes in a wide variety of colors


1. Runs a bit small in size 

5. Best Technology: PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Pant

[amazon box=”B07S6Y65B5″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The PGA Tour Men’s Flat Front Pant is recommendable for golfers who love those straight-leg, classic look. When you hear the brand name PGA, you should be assured of top-class quality. For a while now, PGA have been committed to providing some of the best traditional golf gear on the market for people who appreciate stylish designs. They are one of those reliable manufacturers that don’t skimp on innovation and technology when it comes to usability. These pants are very comfy to wear because it was made from polyester material which is fast-drying and flexible. 

The PGA Tour pants are the best choice if you’re so concerned about moisture absorption. The stretch-seam design is one of those remarkable features of this model. This unique feature ensures that you are able to bend and twist in any way you want by extending your natural range of motion. Since it is fast-drying, you won’t have to be soaked up in so many sweats when playing under the sun.  We were surprised to find out that the pants were equipped with Sun Flux material to help keep your skin from getting damaged by harmful UV rays that get through light clothing’s on a hot sunny day. If your leg is a bit wider, this is the one for you. Its bottom cuffs are a conventional, boot-cut size. Golfers who have slimmer build should make sure they double-check the sizes to avoid buying an oversized pair. 

Key Features 

1. Sun Flux Material 

2. Stretch-seam design 

3. Traditional, boot-cut size 

4. Polyester material 


1. Flexible and well-built design 

2. Inter created UV protection

3. Fast-drying and flexible

4. Extends your range of motion 

5. Trusted brand 


1. Run a little wide for golfers with slim builds

6. Best Design: PUMA Golf 2018 Men’s Stretch Pounce Pant

[amazon box=”B0789FXPHN” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Puma Golf Stretch Pounce Pants is just what you want if you have a larger build. No everybody will go with the new “tight pants” trend, and if you’re one of those who don’t like this new trend, these pants are the best choice for you. Besides, the pants are still sharp and offers a modern look without being too skimpy or tight. This model works well as a business or casual pants off the course since it is simple, classy with traditional look, straight-leg, and suit-style design.

Concerning the material used, Puma built these pants from 100% polyester, giving you maximum flexibility and stretch. In terms of maintenance, these pants are easy to wash and maintain, they also dry up really quick and do not require ironing. If you’re with muscular legs, your legs will find comfort in these pants. The thighs on these pants offers extra room to bend and squat. You don’t need to be distracted by sweats caused by hot weather during a few rounds of golf. That’s why Puma integrated the new dryCell technology into these pants to help you keep sweat from building up. 

You’ll be surprised to find out how you’re able to stay in the hot sun for hours without sweating profusely like you just took your bath with your clothes. What more? The unique stretch waistband of these pants makes them ideal for bigger guys. This unique stretch waistband was made firm a highly elastic material and comes with a silicone grip to hold up the pants above your waist at all times on the course. Do you love colors? These pants are available in different muted colors, as well as faded, bright colors, such as baby blue. The only flaw is that golfers with slim builds find these pants a little wide. Overall, the Puma Golf Stretch Pounce Pant is a great choice for all golfers. 

Key Features 

1. Innovative dryCell technology 

2. Unique stretch waistband

3. Suit-like design 

4. Made from 100% polyester 


1. Ideal for golfers with large builds 

2. Added flexibility and comfort

3. Comes in a variety of muted colors 

4. Easy to wash and maintain 

5. Dries up quickly 


1. Runs a little wide for golfers with slim builds 

7. Best Budget: Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Pants

[amazon box=”B07HJ2PNWH” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Amazon can never be undermined when it comes to manufacturing high-quality products that are budget-friendly. If you’re on a budget, the Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit golf pants is the best option for you. It is budget-friendly, durable, professional-looking, and comfortable. These pants are made with 2% Spandex for extra stretch-ability and 98% polyester for comfortability and durability, making them ideal for golfers with larger builds looking for good quality pants. 

The traditional design of these pants makes them stand unique among all other kinds of golf pants on the market. Looking for something that’s great for casual and business games? The Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit golf pants is what you need. Thanks to its traditional design, these pants stay fit on your fit without any discomfort. Your legs will have enough of room to move freely because there’s adequate space throughout the thigh region, giving you the ability to squat or sit.  

There’s a moisture-wicking technology interpreted in the pants to help keep you dry even on the hottest of days. Nothing like nasty sweat build-up which could distract you during your game. That’s not all! There are two set-in pockets in the backside, as well as slant pockets on both sides, giving you enough storage space for your phone, key, wallet, tees, or even ball. One good reason why you should be from this brand is that their customer service is the best in the world. If you encounter any problem with these pants, call the service center and you’ll get another pair right away. The only downside is that the materials used are a bit thick, making the pants unsuitable for use in warmer climates. 

Key Features 

1. Moisture-wicking technology 

2. Two set-in pockets in the backside

3. Slant pockets on both sides

4. Traditional design


1. Great customer service 

2. Prevent nasty sweat build-up

3. Ideal for golfers with larger builds

4. Added Spandex for a full range of motion

5. Budget-friendly 

6. Professional-looking 


1. Not ideal for use in warmer climates

What Makes A Pair Of Golf Pants Great? 

Cotton or polyester are a best choice when it comes to the best material of golf pants. When choosing your preferred pants, make sure they’re not too tight. Tight pants will be uncomfortable for you during a game. So, go for the ones that are free and comfortable. Furthermore, you’ll likely be uncomfortable during the game if your bottoms are too short.

 Your golf pants should reach the top of your shoes, anything shorter isn’t ideal. Since golf pants are made with belt loops, it is advisable to make use of a belt while out here playing golf. Though women can choose from a wide range of different bottoms onto dresses, shirts, and skirts. Take note of all the factors and features included in our buying guide, they will help you make the right buying decision. 

What To Avoid When It Comes to Golf Attire Pants

Most golf courses won’t allow any wearing golf pants that are cut out of corduroy or denim. Since these materials are poor at absorbing moisture, they are completely restricted. There’s a common rule of golf attire which is that you shouldn’t wear something too flashy in color. 

Normally, you should go for a bright-colored top and a neutral-colored bottom. Don’t forget that the concept of each sport is different, and therefore their attire would certainly be different. You’re never expected to put on yoga pants, jeans, cargo shorts, athletic pants, or even sweatpants when you’re out there on the course. Most golf courses won’t allow pants with pleats and cuffs when it comes to golfing. 

Final Words – Wrapping It Up! 

No golf course would allow golfers wear casual shirt and jean trousers, because they believe doing this will make them look unprofessional. Concerning the proper way golfers are expected to dress, each golf course club have its own specific guidelines. Make sure you make research about the course’s specific dressing requirements before going out for a round of golf in a new course. Like we said before, Pants used by golfers during hot weather conditions most have some unique features to make the weather more comfortable and bearable during a game of golf. 

You need to make use of our detailed buyer’s guide if you want to get the right golf pants for your needs. Try to consider all the factors listed in the buyer’s guide to making a wise buying decision. Thanks to our recommendations and buyer’s guide, you can now choose the very best golf pants that will help you get the best-golfing experience on the course. We’ve come to the end of this lengthy article. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks!

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