10 Best Golf Sunglasses Under $50 (Detailed Reviews And Buyer’s Guide!)

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People used to break the bank when buying highly-priced golf sunglasses. The truth is that some golf sunglasses are usually costly, but there are still some at affordable prices. You don’t need to spend out of your pocket to get sunglasses with great tech that helps you see the ball clearly and also ensures that you’re eyes are well protected from sun rays.

Getting the best golf sunglasses under $50 isn’t an easy task. Since nobody wants to go for counterfeit options, it is ideal for you to make use of our recommendations for your best golf sunglasses. Basically, golf sunglasses are designed to offer protection for your eyes from UV lights. Also, it will be nice to choose golf sunglasses that are more comfortable to maximize your vision when you’re on a golf course especially during the sunny days when the sunlight can comes with serious issues for your vision. To make the buying process easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the top golf sunglasses within budget. So, without wasting time, let’s hit the review! 

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The first on our list is none other than the Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized sunglasses with a lot of outstanding features. You’ll certainly notice that many of the best sunglasses available on the market are priced well over $100. Luckily, this one here is below $50 and it comes with a lot of great offers that will blow your mind. 

Firstly, we noticed that the sunglasses come with a lightweight polycarbonate frame that will make you forget you’re wearing them during your golfing experience on a golf course. No golfer would love to wear heavy sunglasses that’ll weigh them down in the middle of an adventure. Thanks to its extremely lightweight design, the Hulislem Sports Polarized Sunglasses is so light that you won’t even believe how much it weighs unless it’s on your hands. If you’re one of those golfers who are not used to wearing glasses, these golf sunglasses are ideal for you. 

The lightweight design of these sunglasses makes them ideal for both men and women. Also, we love the UV 400 Mirror Flash coating is used for the lenses. One good thing about this mirror flash coated lens is that it does not only reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes but also ensures that your eyes are not exposed to any light of wavelength 400 nanometers. It is not news that any sunlight with a wavelength below 400 nanometers is known to be ultra-violent and is dangerous to your eyes. 

Light ProtectionBlue light, UV, UVA, UVC, and UVB
Golden FeatureDual Lens Polaric Ellipsoid Geometry
Body Construction Stress-resistant O Matter Frames

These golf sunglasses is a must-have for golfers looking for complete protection against UV, UVA, UVB, UVC, Blue light, or any harmful lights. Concerning its durability and construction, it comes with stress-resistant O Matter Frames which makes it tough and rugged enough to meet up with any challenges you throw at it. 

That’s not all! We loved that golf sunglasses comes with Dual Lens Polaric Ellipsoid Geometry, meaning each of the lenses is trimmed froma single toric and won’t break easily when you mistakenly drop them. One thing you have to know is that not all sunglasses are designed for playing golf. We have seen professional golfers who complained bitterly about their glasses slipping and turning on their heads when they play.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with the Tifosi golf sunglasses. So, once you purchase these sunglasses, you won’t have to worry about this same issue. Why? Because Tifosi intense golf sunglasses are equipped with some non-slip technologies in certain areas that will make them stay firmly on your face.

This kind of features makes these sunglasses suitable for golf and all other sports you may want to enjoy as well. We loved that the these sunglasses’ lens is well-vented so there won’t be too must fogging. Also, there will be more ventilations for you when wearing these golf sunglasses. If you’re a morning golfer, this unit is preferable since you’ll be dealing with lots of temperature changes. Lastly, we loved that these glasses come in many colors, with great pricing and great features.

Key Features

1. Available in different colors

2. Polycarbonate lens

3. Non-polarized

4. Hydrophilic coating 

5. Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses 


1. Very lightweight

2. Vented lenses

3. Great pricing

4. 100% UVA and UVB protection

5. Grilamid TR-90 frames are extremely durable

6. Hydrophilic coating repels water and sweats

7. Minimize distortion and sharpen peripheral vision


1. Non-polarized


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For a long time, Under Armour has earned a rich history of making top quality golfing gear that is built to withstand the test of time. They are among the most highly recommended brands when looking for high-quality golf sunglasses that will last long. 

The major reason why these sunglasses are listed among the top three golf sunglasses is that they are manufactured by the renowned Under Armour brand. Positive reviews and good customers feedback on Under Armour products make the brand the most reliable on the market. The Under Armour Octane Wrap sunglasses are the best fit for you if you don’t want glasses that slides when you take your backswing or rattle as you make contact with the ball. 

Rays ProtectionUVA/B/C rays
Golden Featuredual-sided UA Storm lens coating
Body Construction Ultralight ArmourFusion frames

Firstly, we loved that the glasses are equipped with UA Tuned Baseball lenses which deliver contrast enhancement to help golfers spot and track the ball quite easily. No golfer wants glasses that slip off easily, that’s why the Octane wrap sunglasses were built with a multi-position nose pad which delivers a tight fit and secured fit throughout your entire round of golf. Concerning its durability, the golf glasses feature the Ultralight ArmourFusion frames that are built to withstand the test of time. 

Certainly, you should be assured that Under Armour’s golf sunglasses are not those types of glasses that’ll fall apart or break after a short time. For easy cleaning, this pair of glasses comes with dual-sided UA Storm lens coating which delivers an extra layer of protection against elements. That’s not all, there’s more! With these golf sunglasses, be assured that you’re 100% protected against harmful UVA/B/C rays. With the screwless cam-lock hinges, the temples of these glasses will lock firmly into place for a sturdy lightweight fit. Lastly, we loved that a microfiber pouch is included. 

Key Features

1. Dual-sided UA Storm lens coating

2. Screwless cam-lock hinges

3. Ultralight frames

4. Multi-position nose pad

5. UA Tuned Baseball lenses

6. Ultralight ArmourFusion frames


1. Durable construction, built to last long

2. Lightweight, the glasses do not add extra weight

3. 100% protected against harmful UVA/B/C rays

4. Feels like a custom fit

5. Renowned and reliable manufacturer 

6. A microfiber pouch is included


1. Few color varieties are meant for golf. 


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The fourth on our list of the best golf sunglasses under $50 is none other than the Golf Sports TR90 sunglasses for men and women built to help block out 95% of harmful rays from damaging your eyes or distorting your focus. 

Rays ProtectionUV 400
Golden FeaturePolycarbonate Green golf lens
Body Construction Durable plastic frame

The blocking from the blue light is designed to allow it to be simpler for you to observe the golf ball of yours and concentrate on it before you can swing. Several golfers struggle a lot with regards to seeing the golf ball of theirs, and these golf sunglasses can help make that a little easier. You are going to get a 100% UV 400 protection along with being capable to watch the golf ball much better. These are non-polarized sunglasses that will work nicely in case you’re biking, driving, or simply hanging out at the seaside.

The TR90 is a durable and rugged sunglasses created to handle a round of golf, and also in case you drop them twice or once, they are going to last long without breaking down easily. Just go with these affordable sunglasses when you are going to a golf course to play, and also you are going to be happy you did so.

Key Features

1. Durable Plastic frame

2. Polycarbonate Green golf lens

3. UV 400 protection

4. Non-polarized 


1. Clear vision

2. Lightweight

3. Ideal for any outdoor activities

4. Great price

5. Block out 95% of harmful rays from damaging your eyes


1. Sometimes it is hard to see the ball because of the line around the bottom lens. 


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When you’re on the golf to play some rounds of golf, you need something to protect your eyes as well as help you find your golf ball easily. The Maivnz golf sunglasses are high definition glasses that are just right for the job. They are designed with UV400 protection with durable construction which makes them ideal for use in outdoor sports and activities such as traveling, golfing, hiking, fishing, and driving. These sunglasses are also suitable for everyday wear and high-end fashion accessories throughout the year. What more? These high-definition glasses come with a sleek and lightweight design which makes them convenient to use. 

Rays ProtectionUV400 
Golden FeatureHydrophilic non-slip temples
Body Construction Resistant TR90 frames and TPR Temples

The Maivnz are high-definition glasses that will help you find your golf ball in addition to protecting your eyes while you are on the golf course. These sunglasses come equipped with UV400 protection, and they are quite durable as well. If the only place you can store these golf glasses is in your golf bag, you can go ahead. But the truth is that storing them in golf bags is not recommendable. 

We loved that the glasses will help any golfer, from amateur to pro, to find the white golf ball since they are best known for blocking out 95℅ of blue light. Most end-users of these glasses say they can easily differentiate between the blue sky, the white ball, and the green grass. We all know that glasses are not made for the same purposes. Some are made for a variety of sports while others are made for just one sport. If you’re in search of glasses made specifically for the game of golf, then Maivnz is the ideal choice for you. For reliability, Maivnz glasses meet and exceed the standards from ANSI, EN ISO, and AS / NZS to offer maximum protection to your eyes. 

What more? Mainz glasses are made with Resistant TR90 frames and TPR Temples, which make them durable enough to withstand whatever challenges you throw at them. That’s not all! Thanks to its Hydrophilic non-slip temples with thick and firm frames from beginning to end.  

Key Features

1. Non-polarized

2. Polycarbonate lens

3. Scratch-resistant

4. Superior optics 

5. Anti-reflection 

6. Durable construction 

7. High transparency


1. Reduces eye fatigue 

2. Easy to see the golf ball

3. Keeps your eyes well protected

4. 100% UV400 protection

5. Easy to clean 

6. High definition vision

7. Meets or exceed all ANSI, EN ISO, and AS / NZS standards


1. Some complained it alters colors


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The sixth on our list is none other than the Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses which were designed with a polarized lens made up of seven layers of materials. While you’re out there on the golf course, you need something to keep your eyes from any harmful UV light. That’s why the final material used for making this piece is a UV blocker. 

Rays ProtectionUV rays 
Golden FeatureMultiple colors
Body Construction Rimless Jacket Frame design

You don’t necessarily need to restrict using these sunglasses to only playing golf, they are versatile and will work for a variety of sports and outdoor activities. These sunglasses have a stylish look, making them more suitable for almost all sporting purposes. The first thing we noticed was the lightweight design of the glasses. This lightweight design makes the sunglasses more versatile. They are best suited for use by cycling bicycle, motorcycle, racing, climbing, running, racing, driving, trekking, skiing, and any other outdoor activities fanatics. 

Since they are lightweight, they will easily come on and off your face whenever you need a break from wearing them in the middle of a round of golf. Another interesting feature of these sunglasses is that it comes with no bottom band. Some of the golfer’s vision is blocked when they look down at the golf ball. Even if this is determined by your posture, stance, and setup, it is still something you should put into consideration when making a buying decision. 

For people who love color varieties, Duduma glasses come in a different color to help you make choices on what fits your needs well. All-around Duduma sunglasses offer high-quality and top-notch design at an affordable price. 

Key Features

1. Polarized triacetate lenses

2. Rimless Jacket Frame design

3. UV400 Protection

4. Seven-layer lenses

5. Scratch-resistant

6. Lightweight 

7. Durable construction 


1. Available in many colors

2. Stylish looking body construction 

3. Rimless bottom

4. Rugged and unbreakable frame

5. Clear lower vision field

6. Suitable for almost all sporting purposes


1. The fit is a bit precise; make sure it fits your face perfectly 


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If you’re looking for sunglasses that are not just great for playing golf but also for just sitting outside and enjoying the view of the city, the Torege Polarized sunglasses are your best bet! Torege sunglasses give the best clarity and if you lose a golf ball in the water, the polarization is there to help.

The lens material used for these glasses is scratch and impact-resistant, meaning that there’s no worry of ever scratching these sunglasses. Most people complained about the burden they feel on their faces or ears when using some hefty sunglasses. But that’s not the case with these sunglasses with a top lightweight design. You won’t even know you’re wearing anything. Furthermore, if you want something that will stay in place as you swing your club, then the Torege sunglasses are the ideal option. 

Rays ProtectionUV rays 
Golden FeatureGreat adjustability
Body Construction Anti-scratch body construction 

This is because these sunglasses come with a non-slip pad. The ability of a golfer to successfully hit the golf ball could be seriously impacted by a pair of sunglasses sliding on your face mid-swing. Another eye-catching feature of these glasses is its adjustability. If you’ve tried so many sunglasses, you’d appreciate the joy that comes from getting sunglasses that fit perfectly to your face.

The proper fit does two things, firstly, it helps to prevent sliding and secondly, the sunglasses would be much more convenient to wear all day long. Overall, Torege is an excellent mix of style and function to offer you a better golfing experience even in the bright sun. 

Key Features

1. High clarity

2. Scratch-resistant

3. Adjustable 

4. Non-slip pad

5. Lightweight design


1. Lightweight feel

2. Great for a variety of sports activities

3. Stays fit in place, thanks to its anti-slip features

4. Adjustable to fit all face sizes

5. Fashionable design


1. Possess a bottom rim


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If you’re looking for the best golf sunglasses at the lowest price, then look no further than the Cury Protech men’s polarized sunglasses sports sunglasses. One thing Cury Protech sunglasses are known for top-class UV protections. These polarized sunglasses have an anti-slip nose piece, which makes them stay fit on your face. What more? These sunglasses are comfortable pair of glasses, durable, lightweight, and built to block 100% of harmful UVB and UVA rays. For golfers who love color varieties, these glasses come in a different color to help you make choices on what fits your needs well. 

Rays ProtectionUVB and UVA rays 
Golden FeatureLightweight comfort
Body Construction Comfortable Grilamid frame 

Another thing we like about these glasses is that they’re extremely flexible and heat and UV-resistant. Everybody knows that Cury Protech’s glasses come with frames that have astounding strength, impact resistance, shape integrity, and lightweight comfort. These golf sunglasses are made with materials that are usually indestructible ultra-lightweight and malleable. That’s not all. There are tacky nose and temple pads that prevent slipping or sliding. 

We loved that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you forget your standard pair, Cury Protech is the perfect pair of glasses to take along with you when going for a golfing trip. Meaning that you can return this pair of sunglasses within 30 days for a full refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason. Buying Cury Protech glasses is completely risk-free. If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that combines fair price and top performance, this is the best choice for you. Furthermore, we appreciated the fact that these glasses come with a lot of extra items, including a molded Hard Protection Portable Case and Color Box and a custom Pouch, Cleaning Cloth, etc. 

Key Features

1. Impact resistant TAC lenses

2. Composite lens

3. Polarized lenses reduces glare

4. Anti-slip nose and temple pads

5. Comfortable Grilamid frame


1. UV, UVA, and UVB Protection

2. Impact-resistant

3. Durable

4. Lowest price 

5. Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays

6. Extra items included

7. Polarized lenses reduces glare


1. Many end users complained about the quality after a long time use


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The Duco Sports brand has been offering a variety of golfing gear for a while now. They offer top quality golf sunglasses at reasonable prices. One of their more innovative products is the men’s sports polarized golf sunglasses with UV protection. Firstly, we loved that the glasses come with an aluminum-magnesium metal frame. Thanks to the metal frame, you’re assured of a rugged and durable item. The quality of the materials used to build these glasses will make them last long even if they’re cheap pair of sunglasses. 

Rays ProtectionUVB and UVA rays 
Golden FeatureTAC polarized triacetate lens
Body Construction Aluminum-magnesium metal frame 

Scared of the harmful UVA and UVB rays? Don’t worry, the Duco golf sunglasses got you covered! It comes with a UV400 protection that will help block out 100% harmful UVB and UVA rays. Duco men’s sports glasses have lenses that are a TAC polarized triacetate lens. They will be both scratch and impact resistant. Many end users of this item says they love the fact that they were able to see true color. 

That’s not all. There’s a premium package with complete accessories when you purchase this item. This includes Glasses Case with Carabiner, Gift Box, Microfiber Pouch, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Polarization Test Card. Besides, we loved that it is also gift packaged ready, meaning that it an amazing yet practical gift idea for family and friends. .

Key Features

1. Impact and scratch-resistant

2. UV 400 Protection

3. Block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays

4. High clarity 

5. TAC polarized triacetate lens

6. Aluminum-magnesium metal frame


1. Lightweight design 

2. Full accessories included

3. Durable metal frames

4. Helps protect eyes from harmful rays 

5. Variety of colors available 


1. No adjustable features


[amazon box=”B01FONYJ7C” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Mikasuki Polarized Sports glasses is the last on our list of the best golf sunglasses under $50. Though it might be the last on our list, it does not mean that there isn’t much to offer. These sunglasses offer a ton of performances and well worth any penny of money you invested. Some golfers complained of having little of the view of golf course in very sunny conditions. That’s not the case with these classic sunglasses as they offer a great view of the course even in harsh weather conditions. 

Rays ProtectionUV rays 
Golden FeatureAdjustable nosepieces and anti-slip earsocks
Body Construction  Proprietary bioinspired materials 

Like as if the excellent clarity that you’d get with these glasses is not enough, you’ll also get 100% protection from the UV rays. Golf sunglasses are not only put on because of your golf game but majorly because of your health. And if you’ve been looking for sunglasses that will help you cater for the health of your eyes during sunny days on golf courses, then look no further than these Mikasuki polarized golf sunglasses. One thing we noticed was that there’s a vented lens which helps to prevent fogging. You won’t probably find such feature in any low priced sunglass models.

It features an adjustable nosepieces and anti-slip earsocks that offers a snugger fit. What more? We loved that the proprietary bioinspired materials with subtle ergonomic design were used for the wraparound frames of these beautiful sunglasses. If you want to see a beautiful world without damaging your eyes with harmful UV rays and annoying sun glare, this is the best fit for you. These glasses bring no fatigue to your eyes. Thanks to its scratch-resistant coating, these sunglasses will last 5 times longer. 

This piece from Mikasuki is versatile and it’s a great fit for driving, running, biking, mountain hiking, volleyball, racquetball, and shooting for women and men. Besides, these golf sunglasses meet and surpass ANSI Z87 safety standards for any sports or outdoor activities, thanks to its impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. If you want a lightweight pair of golf glasses that you can keep on for a whole day on the course, why no make a purchase today. You won’t regret it!

Key Features

1. Impact-resistant

2. Proprietary bioinspired materials

3. Vented lenses

4. Earsocks

5. Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses

6. Lightweight design 

7. Adjustable nosepieces


1. 100% UV Protection

2. Stays fit in place as you swing

3. Very versatile, great fit for almost all outdoor activities 

4. Meet and surpass ANSI Z87 safety standards

5. Top-quality with affordable price


1. No color variety 

What To Look For In The Best Sunglasses?

As a golfer, choosing the right golf sunglasses to meet your needs will prove to be one of the most important decisions you’d make. Sometimes you’d come across golf sunglasses with great designs but poor construction. Other times, you’d be happy to use glasses with designs made for a good performance and high quality. There are thousands of golf sunglasses out there and there are numerous manufacturers. Some are legit and reliable, while some manufacture glasses with extremely low quality. You will be heavily disappointed to find out your golf sunglasses limit your chances of winning or playing golf tournaments. To avoid being a victim of a bad purchase, we’ve curated a list of things to look out for before making a purchase. They include; 


The right protection will always prove crucial when it comes to the best golf glasses. It is highly recommended that you go for designs that offer UVB, UVC, and UVA protection. You’ll find the importance of this type of protection when you’re out there golfing on sunny days. With various options out there today, you’ll find different types of lenses. Go for the ones with tints that help deliver improved vision on a golf course. 

Mostly on overcast days, the best move is to go for the red and yellow lenses. However, on bright sunny days, amber and grey lens are the best choices since they are known for improving contrast. Also, you will see different or even combination id colors to choose from and this is why it is good to know what you need and when you need them before making a purchase. 


Certainly one of the crucial features of the right golf sunglasses would come with the best fit. Before making a buying decision, it is important you choose the right frame since these glasses are made with a sports approach in mind to maximize your convenience. To improve the overall versatility of the glasses, it is advisable to go for an adjustable frame. 

When looking for great fit and comfort, it is important you consider the finishing of the sunglasses. Thus, there is a variety of finishing available on the market to choose from plastic and classic metal frame. Some good ones come with a rubberized finish for a better grip. Furthermore, some glasses come with Hydrophilic non-slip temples with thick and firm frames from beginning to end. 


The style of the frame and lenses is one the factors you need to consider before making a buying decision. When it comes to the best golf sunglasses, it is best to go for the ones with the great style of the frame and lenses. To find your matching sunglasses, you need to consider your personal style and your own preferences. Certainly, you should know that most golf sunglasses will be equipped with a sporty design which makes them ideal for the active use. 


The material used for the body construction of your golf sunglasses is an additional imperative factor you ought to have at the top of the priority list before buying the item. It is advisable to go for a pair of glasses made with rugged, strong, and durable materials that last long. Some are made with plastic material, while some are made with an aluminum-magnesium metal frame. Go for sunglasses made with metal frame because you’re assured of a rugged and durable item. The quality of the materials used to build them will make them last long. No body would want something that mistakenly falls and break easily. Go for something that will still remain compact even after falling mistakenly. 


Lastly, the price of an item is something you should consider even before making a buying decision. Normally, expensive golf sunglasses tend to be more durable with new technologies. But that’s not to say that cheap sunglasses are not good or are of bad quality. No! As a matter of fact, all the golf sunglasses on our list is below $50 and they are all of great qualities. 

Final Words – Wrapping It Up! 

The bottom line is that there are few good options to choose from when it comes to getting the best sunglasses. Like we said above, most of the sunglasses on our list are designed with top-notch features for the ultimate performance with all kinds of outdoor sporting events. We’ve come to the end of this lengthy article. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide helped you choose the best golf sunglasses under $50. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks!

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