Best Lacoste Golf Shirts (Honest Review!)

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The famous Lacoste crocodile is one of the most iconic and renowned logos in the world of men’s sportswear, and it’s commonly associated with men’s polo shirts. As one of the top producers of all things sporty menswear, it’s no surprise that Lacoste makes one of the best golf polo shirts out there on the market. 

For the past few decades, Lacoste has been consistent in delivering top-notch menswear that is durable, comfortable with good build quality. There is a lot of fashionable wear from Lacoste, but today, we’ll be taking a close look at the best Lacoste golf shirts. That’s not all! We’ve also composed a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you make the right buying decision on the Lacoste wears that suit your needs. 

Lacoste Material Variation

There are three major types of material that Lacoste uses for the manufacturing process of its golf shirts. As a golfer, you need to be aware of the type of material used for the design of your preferred shirt. Material type normally creates a bridge between how the golf shirt feels and how it does well. Let’s quickly take a look at the three kinds of material used for manufacturing Lacoste wears. 


Cotton material is one of the most used materials in the whole sportswear industry. Cotton materials are designed and built to be the most durable and comfortable. We love that cotton materials are built to feel great and to be soft and smooth on the skin depending on the weave design. The only thing you should know about cotton material is that it doesn’t really feature good breathability or moisture wicking function. It can only provide moderate breathability If it is blended with other materials. 


Thanks to its top-notch beneficial features, polyester materials are commonly used for wear in the golf community. It gives room for a variety of properties to take place even if it’s not as popular as cotton. Polyester material offers beneficial features like lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathability, high durability, water-resistant, comfortable, and durable. Lacoste, sometimes, blends polyester with other materials for a more comfortable experience for the user.


Spandex isn’t really the most common type of material used by Lacoste, but it’s one of the most reliable materials in the golf community. This material enables the creation of a wide variety of outstanding features like high comfort, stretchiness, flexibility, and many more. 

Best Lacoste Golf ShirtsReason For PickHighlighted FeatureModern Technology 
[amazon link=”B00R3V859W” title=”Lacoste Ultra Dry Semi Fancy Polo Shirt” /]Best PickRegular fit design Ultra-dry Technology 
[amazon link=”B07SV1R42C” title=”Lacoste Sports Performance Golf Shirt” /]Best BuyWear and tear-resistantUltra-dry Technology 
[amazon link=”B07JGQM3QN” title=”Lacoste Golf Performance Golf Shirt” /]Value for MoneyThree-button design Four-way Motion Stretchy Technology 
[amazon link=”B0197KTRO8″ title=”Lacoste Superlight Golf Shirt” /]Best Moisture WickingWear and tear-resistantMoisture-wicking technology 
[amazon link=”B0773ZMKZG” title=”Lacoste Jersey Caviar Print Golf Shirt” /]Best design Jersey fabric design Wrinkle-resistant
[amazon link=”B07JGQM3QN” title=”Lacoste Men’s Sport Striped Breathable Stretch Golf Shirt” /]Best for Multiple Color OptionsGood breathabilityUV Protection 
[amazon link=”B07CL7FZYV” title=”Lacoste Men’s Sport Breathable Anti-UV Piqué Golf Shirt” /]Best Technology Diagonal LogotypeDri-FIT Technology

7 Best Lacoste Golf Shirts Review 

After extensive research, we’ve selected the seven best Lacoste golf shirts for you to pick from. Let’s check out what makes these golf shirts from Lacoste special. 

1. Best Pick: Lacoste Ultra Dry Semi Fancy Polo Shirt

[amazon box=”B00R3V859W” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Ultra-Dry Semi Fancy Polo is the first Lacoste golf shirt on our list. This model is a performance-based golf shirt from Lacoste, which blends Lacoste’s logo class with serious golf capability. Ultra Dry Semi Fancy Polo is an outstanding example of Lacoste’s balance between functionality and style. Featuring a regular fit design and a stretchy fabric material, it’s very comfortable and delivers all the needed mobility for golfing actions on the course. 

1. Polyester Material: This menswear is made from 100% polyester. Not just that alone! The polyester material was well-engineered to be highly durable and also very soft. You can easily machine wash it with your laundry using your usual detergent. 

2. Regular Fit: This model comes with a regular fit design which is a quality loose fit that delivers optimum comfort throughout your stay on the golf course. To add to that, this menswear is a short sleeve boasting a fancy polo design with stripes. 

3. Ultra Dry Technology: Lacoste equipped this wear with the new ultra-dry technology which offers good moisture-wicking properties. This modern technology ensures that you get cool and comfortable all day long on the course. 

4. Durable Construction: Ultra Dry Semi Fancy Polo is made from a high-quality material which makes it highly durable. It was designed and built to last long. 

5. Different Color Options: This model comes with different color options to choose from. If you’re a fashionable person that loves colors, you’ll find this polo shirt very pleasing. 

Overall, the Ultra Dry Semi Fancy Polo is high-quality menswear that delivers comfort and style. If you’d love to stand out from the crowd on the course, this is your best bet.


1. Durable construction, built to lasts long 

2. 100% High-quality Polyester material

3. Different color options are available 

4. Semi fancy design 

5. Ultra dry fabric delivers great moisture-wicking properties

6. Comes with a regular fit design 

7. Short sleeve quality 


A bit pricey

2. Best Buy: Lacoste Sports Performance Golf Shirt

[amazon box=”B07SV1R42C” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Looking for something that blends high-quality polyester & spandex material with a very classy design? Look no further than this Sport Performance golf shirt. Lacoste made this shirt to be comfortable and breathable, thanks to its geometric pattern design with an ultra-dry stretch-jersey design. This is one of the leading models of Lacoste menswear and it is designed to last long.

1. Ultra Dry Technology: A lot of functions were incorporated into the flowing technical fabric of this shirt. A notable one is an ultra-dry technology that enhances its overall breathability and comfortability. You’ll remain cool and dry throughout your stay on the course even under the hot sun. 

2. High-quality Material: The material used for the build of this shirt includes 9% spandex and 91% polyester. This material combination ensures that the shirt is elastic for an added stretchy fit and very comfortable to wear at all times. 

3. Simple Design: The simple design of this shirt is the talk of the town! It is quite simple and sporty with quality fabric that is designed to last long. 

4. Wear & Tear-resistant: This Sports Performance golf shirt is resistant to wear and tear. That’s not all! It is also anti-snag. You can be sure that you’ll use it for a long time without worrying about wear. 

Machine Washable: Lacoste designed and built this golf shirt to be machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain. 

If you’re in search of a premier fit with highly durable overall construction, the Sports Performance golf shirt is the right option for you.


1. Machine washable

2. Easy to clean and maintain 

3. Boasts anti-snug

4. High-quality fabric construction 

5. Ultra dry stretch design 

6. It is resistant to wear and tear

7. Highly durable, built to last long 

8. Very comfortable 

9. Moisture-wicking 


1. Quite expensive 

2. Limited color option

3. Value For Money: Lacoste Golf Performance Golf Shirt

[amazon box=”B07JGQM3QN” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

As one of the top models on the market, you shouldn’t be surprised to find it on our list of the best golf shirts. This Golf Performance golf shirt is popular for its durable construction, lightweight, flexible design. You’ll enjoy a full range of motion with every swing and shot and stay comfortable all day long. This model comes with a fashionable design that’s named in the golf wears industry. 

1. Premium Quality Material: Lacoste blends elastane and polyester material to make this shirt exceptional. With that, you’ll get a comfortable, flexible, and also durable golf shirt. 

2. Four-way Motion Stretch Technology: This Golf Performance golf shirt boasts a four-way motion stretch technology that delivers added comfort and flexibility on the golf course. 

3. Machine Washable & Regular Fit Design: The golf shirt comes with a machine washable and regular fit design for additional comfort and ease of cleaning. You can easily machine wash it with your laundry using your usual detergent. 

4. Two-color Options: It comes with two different colors to choose from to suit your personality on the course. 

5. Durable Construction: The construction of this golf shirt is top-notch and robust. That’s not to mention that it is still comfortable and easy to wear for long in all weather.  

Three-button Design: We also noticed that there is a classy three-button design and ribbed finishes at the neckline which deliver extra convenience of use. 


1. Durable construction 

2. Two-color options available 

3. It comes with a comfortable styling 

4. Easy to maintain

5. High-quality fabric material 

6. Designed and built to last long 

7. Machine washable

7. Easy to clean 


1. A little costly design 

4. Best Moisture Wicking: Lacoste Superlight Golf Shirt 

[amazon box=”B0197KTRO8″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

It’s an honor to include the Superlight Lacoste golf shirts on our list. If you’re a fashionable person who loves colors and great overall design, then the Superlight Lacoste golf shirt is an ideal option for you. It comes with a durable, high-quality design that is built to lasts long. You’ll find its overall ultra-light construction very comfortable and easy to wear for a long time on the course. 

1. 100% Cotton: Superlight Lacoste golf shirt comes with very good build quality. It was made from a 100% high-quality cotton material that’s lightweight and easy to wear throughout your time on the course. 

2. Good Build Quality: Its build quality ensures that you have a comfortable and durable golf shirt to rely on every day. After all, it is cotton knit, making it moderately resistant to tear and wear. 

3. Excellent Comfort: Lacoste reinforced some areas of this golf shirt for additional comfort and a plush feel. This reinforcement will make you feel comfortable during your sessions on the course. 

4. Moisture Wicking: The material used for this shirt is a whole lot better since it is moisture-wicking, delivering all-day breathability. For additional comfort, the shirt was equipped with a collar, stitching, and buttons. 

5. Durable Construction: One thing we love about this golf shirt is the high durability of its construction. It will be comfortable as possible and durable enough to withstand the test of time. 

Overall, the Superlight Lacoste golf shirts will be a good pick for you today as it is a good value for money. It will be exquisitely perfect for both dinner outings and a golf course.  


1. Easy to clean 

2. Wear and tear-resistant 

3. Durable cotton material 

4. 100% High-quality cotton material 

5. Very simple design 

6. Comes with embroiled green branding 

7. It is moisture-wicking, delivering all-day breathability


1. Gets hot over time 

5. Best Design: Lacoste Jersey Caviar Print Golf Shirt

[amazon box=”B0773ZMKZG” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

This golf shirt from Lacoste has been designed and endorsed in collaboration with top professionals in the game of golf. If it’s good enough for people like this, it should certainly exceed your expectations. It is designed to be durable, cool, and comfortable. You would definitely appreciate the fact that it comes with three color options to choose from. 

1. Great Material Design: Lacoste used high-quality material for the build of this golf shirt. It is designed to last, thanks to the blend of premium quality polyester and cotton. You can wash the shirt with a machine, using your usual soap. It packs a lot of features like wrinkle-resistant and snag-resistant. 

2. Jersey Fabric Design: The jersey design of this shirt is of good quality. It supplements the build quality of the shirt and gives it a textured feeling. Moreover, Lacoste reinforced the shirt with tailored and well-designed open sleeves and straight hem looks. 

3. Easy To Maintain: Lacoste Jersey Caviar Print golf shirt is easy to wash and maintain. It is machine washable and dries up quickly. The fact that it comes with three extra color options makes it a very great option for beginner golfers. 


1. Open sleeve design

2. Button closure

3. Available in three color options

4. Comes in a high-quality 4-button placket design 

5. Great quality fabric blend

6. Durable construction


1. Some end-users contained that it may be somewhat large

6. Best for Multiple Color Options: Lacoste Men’s Sport Striped Breathable Stretch Golf Shirt 

[amazon box=”B07JGQM3QN” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next on our list is the Men’s Sport Striped Breathable Stretch Golf Shirt from Lacoste. Lacoste menswear needs no introduction. From the models on our list, you should know by now that they are a reputable brand delivering high-quality products that last long. 

1. Stretchy Polyester-spandex Fabric: Talk of golf shorts that delivers maximum comfort without having to sacrifice style? Then this golf shirt is the one for you. It features a stretchy polyester-spandex fabric which ensures that the shirt looks great and still offers the best comfort. 

2. Mesh Construction: As we said before, Lacoste blends spandex with polyester to bring out the best from this shirt. It’s a casual polo shirt with 97% cotton and 3% polyester mesh construction. 

3. Good Breathability: The fabric material used is breathable and comfortable with ultra-dry properties and UV protection for long-time usage under hot weather on the course. Also, it comes with a regular fit that delivers a solid range of motion. 

4. Multiple Color Options: Men’s Sport Striped Breathable Stretch golf shirt is available in four modern color options, with a bold stripe across the chest. 

Overall, you’ll find this golf shirt palatable if you want something with modern technology for added comfort and range of motion. 


1. Decorative overstitching 

2. Breathable ultra-dry stretchy jersey with UV protection 

3. High-quality fabric material 

4. Comes with a green crocodile logo on the chest 

5. Machine washable

6. Stretch material delivers freedom of movement 

7. Ultra-dry fabric material wicks away sweat 

8. This Sports Performance golf shirt


1. Quite pricey

7. Best Technology: Lacoste Men’s Sports Breathable Anti-UV Piqué Golf Shirt

[amazon box=”B07CL7FZYV” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you want the best quality for a reasonable price tag, then you can’t get it wrong with this classy piece. It is mostly ideal for young golf pros in practice. 

1. Dri-FIT Technology: This golf shirt features Dri-FIT technology which delivers maximum stretchiness and breathability for all-day comfort and a light feel. 

2. Modern Pattern Design: There’s a modern pattern design that looks just like the markings on a golf course map. It looks very classy and beautiful. 

3. Diagonal Logotype: It boasts a diagonal logotype on quick-drying piqué fabric, designed for the best breathability and tear and wear-resistant. 

Overall, the Men’s Sports Breathable Anti-UV Piqué Golf Shirt is best suited for young golf professionals who want to take their games to another level. 


1. Breathable ultra-dry anti-UV piqué

2. Embroidered green crocodile patch 

3. 100% Polyester 

4. Designed for the best breathability

5. It looks very classy and beautiful

6. Dri-FIT technology delivers maximum stretchiness and breathability

7. Tear and wear-resistant


1. Pricey

Best Lacoste Golf Shirts – Detailed Buyer’s Guide 

You need to consider a lot of things when you’re picking the right golf polo shirt. We’ve listed some things to consider to help you pick the right golf shirt for your needs. 


You should probably go for a polo shirt with a longer length if you’re a bit tall and you don’t want it to start coming untucked more often or to start reviling your belly as your swing the golf clubs. Shorter golfers should go for a golf shirt with a short length. 


The fit of your golf shirt solely depends on your preference. If you’re bulky or fat, you would want to go for something with a more loose-fitting. However, if you’re muscular or skinny, you should go for something with more of an athletic fit. Check for your precise size from the variety of sizes available. 


Just like we said earlier, the fabric material that your preferred golf shirt is made from is quite important. Lacoste commonly uses three main types of material, such as cotton, spandex, and polyester. Sometimes, Lacoste blends two or more materials to deliver the best golf shirt. 


Over the years, top manufacturers including Lacoste now incorporate modern technology into golf shirts to help in a variety of ways. Some of these technologies offer good breathability and moisture management to help keep the body cool and dry all day long. Some offer anti-microbial properties and UV protection against the sun. So, according to what you need, choose the shirt with the modern technology that best suits you. 


The price range of your preferred golf shirt should be one of the things that you should consider. Generally, Lacoste sportswear isn’t the cheapest, but you’d definitely get the value of your money. There are really expensive golf shirts and moderately affordable ones. Go for the ones you can afford! You don’t have to break the bank to acquire a hold shirt. 


Your preferred golf shirts should be a bit stretchy, lightweight, and moderately breathable. These beneficial features add up to the overall comfortability of the shirt. Golf shirts that deliver maximum comfort help golfers improve mobility on swings and overall performance. What’s the use of a golf shirt that’s not comfortable to wear. 


The style of your preferred shirt is quite important as with anything you wear. Golf is still a classy and sophisticated sport despite its extensive rage – hence the golf polo shirt is more like requirements most courses.  Besides, you might want to hit the bar or restaurant after a round of golf, requiring an outfit that gives you a classic look.  

Closing Thought

Now that you know the top seven Lacoste polo shirts in the world of golf, we hope that you’ll be able to choose the right one for your golfing demands. Don’t forget to check out the sizes and color variants. It wouldn’t look good to wear an oversized or a skinny golf shirt to play some rounds on the course. It might influence your overall performance.

 Also, make sure you read the detailed buyer’s guide. It will help you pick the right option for your immediate needs. We’ve come to the end of this round-up review. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know the best Lacoste golf shirts. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks! 

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