Best Logo Overrun Golf Balls (Comprehensive Review!)

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A logo overrun golf ball is a brand new ball that comes with a name or logo with some sort of supplementary imprint as a result of overproduction. Overrun balls are normally designed with no printing on the ball at all. However, a set of brand new ones are packaged in bulk containers instead of the regular boxes. 

There are a lot of things to put in mind when shopping for the best logo overrun golf balls. That’s mainly because of the diversity of top logo overrun balls with a different price range, features, and quality. Hence, picking the suitable logo overrun golf balls might not be the easiest task. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this post, you’ll get to know the seven best logo overrun golf balls. Also, you’ll get a buyer’s guide which contains the factors to consider when shopping for logo overrun golf balls. 

Why Buy Used/Logo Overrun Golf Balls?

Over the past decades, the manufacturing process of a golf ball has seen massive technological advancements. Gone are the days when golf balls were made of a liquid core and after being submerged in water or being exposed to extreme heat, they tend to lose distance and compression. 

The norm in today’s golf market is durability and consistency in solid-core golf balls, paving the way for recycled balls; because after just one hit, all golf balls are named “used!” Thanks to the team at PG Golf which includes duffers, scratch golfers, and virtually everything in between, these used golf balls are tested and played on the course to analyze their performance. 

Not every golfer is financially capable of buying a set of new golf balls every time he wants to play on the course. As a matter of fact, almost all novice or beginners will find it hard to buy new balls every time they hit the golf course. So, logo overrun balls are the ideal options for players on tight budgets who don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the game demands. 

Best Logo Overrun Golf Balls – Comparison Chart 

The table below is a comparison chart of the best logo overrun golf balls. It includes the reason for pick, highlighted features, and the number of balls in each pack. 

Best Logo Overrun Golf BallsReason for PickHighlighted Features Numbers of Balls
Nike Mix AAAA Golf BallsBest PickUser-friendly50 Balls
Titleist Recycled Golf BallsBest BuyWell-designed and built48 Balls
Titleist Prior Generation Pro V1 Logo Overrun Golf BallsBest BrandHighly Durable12 Balls
Titleist 1Dozen Pro V1 Custom Logo Refinished Mint Golf BallsBest CustomizableHigh-quality Material 12 Balls
Value for Money Spherically Tiled 302 Octahedral Dimple Design50 Balls
Taylormade Mix Golf BallsBest for Mixed VarietyPremium Quality Material100 Balls
Best Technology Soft Compression ZG Process Core50 Balls

7 Best Logo Overrun Golf Balls Comprehensive Review 

We’ve handpicked the seven best logos override golf has for you to make the buying process much easier. Let’s roll! 

1. Best Pick: Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls, 50 Balls

Nike is indeed one of the biggest sportswear and sports equipment in the world. They manufacture the best quality products from high-quality materials to provide the best user experience. If you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your game demands and you still wish to experience Nike’s popular models at reasonable prices, going for this Mix AAAA golf balls will be ideal. 

1. Mixed Variety: Basically, this mixture includes Feel+Speed, Mojo, Juice, Tour control, Tour accuracy, Karma, Ignite, Crush, Velocity, ndx, and models from Nike. 

2. Good Appearance & Feel: These golf balls still have good appearances and feel like a new set. You might not be able to differentiate between these balls and the new golf ball. That’s because these balls show very little or no wear at all. Also, the logos of shapes and sizes and player pen marking may be still intact. 

3. User-friendly: This type of ball does not include any textiles, fabrics, or fur. They were constructed with the amateur players in mind. If you’re just starting out with golf, you won’t find this golf ball hard to play with. These balls were designed to be user-friendly. 

4. PG Golf Good Quality: PG Golf helped recycle these golf balls with care for maximum performance on the course. 

Overall, the Nike Mix AAAA golf balls are an ideal option for beginners who can’t afford new balls but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their game demands. 


1. PG Golf Good Quality

2. Well-designed and built to last long 

3. Reliable brand 

4. Competitive prices 

5. Shows very little or no wear at all

6. Constructed with the amateur players in mind

7. Designed to be user-friendly

8. Player pen markings and logos of shapes and sizes might still be intact

The mixture includes Feel+Speed, Mojo, Juice, Tour control, Tour accuracy, Karma, and many more from Nike. 


1. None

2. Best Buy: Titleist Recycled Golf Balls in Mesh Bag (48-Pack)

Titleist is another top manufacturer in the industry of golf equipment and sportswear in general. These excellent condition golf balls from Titleist are very playable and they come in a mesh bag. If you’re a novice or a beginner in the game of golf, these recycled golf balls are the best option for you out there. 

1. Mixed Variety: Basically, these golf balls may include player(sharpie or felt pen) markings, team and corporate logos from Titleist. You will also be surprised to find out that Titleist may include the Higher grade Practice and X-OUT models. 

2. Minor Blemishes: Truthfully, you may find moderate surface blemishes, slight scuffs, minor discoloration on the ball, but be assured that these defects will not affect its distance or trajectory flight path.

3. No Cuts: These balls are designed and built with the best material. So, you won’t find any cuts in the balls. They are durable, robust, and delivers improved performance on the course. 

Overall, the Titleist recycled golf balls are renowned for being durable and perfect for play and practice. So, beginners won’t have any issues using these balls for practice or play. 


1. Perfect for beginners or novice 

2. Great for play or practice 

3. Titleist products are renowned for being durable 

4. Assorted Titleist Recycled Golf Balls

5. 48 Golf Balls in a reusable Drawstring mesh Bag

6. Reasonable price 

7. Tested and trusted manufacturer 


1. Little discoloration 

3. Best Brand: Titleist Prior Generation Pro V1 Logo Overrun Golf Balls 

The next on our list is the Prior Generation Pro V1 logo overrun golf balls from Titleist. These used golf balls are designed to deliver top performance at a lower price, no matter the logo. 

1. Softer Feel: These golf balls are engineered to deliver a softer feel which helps make your golf experience a remarkable one on the course. 

2. Exceptional Distance: We loved to see that you’ll get to enjoy exceptional distances on each of your shots with these golf balls. Don’t even think that because they are logo overrun balls, they won’t be able to do just well on the course. No! It doesn’t work like that with these high-quality balls. 

3. Additionally Short Game Control: What’s better than have more short game control on every swing and shot. These golf balls were built with the best material to offer more short game control which helps to improve your overall performance. 

4. High Durability: In terms of its durability, this golf ball is designed and built with premium quality material to offer long-lasting durability. 

All-round, the Prior Generation Pro V1 logo overrun golf balls should be your number one priority if you want to play with the best golf balls at an affordable price. 


1. High-quality material 

2. Exceptional distance

3. Robust construction 

4. More short game control

5. Reliable brand 

6. Delivers top performance at a lower price

7. Even softer fees

8. Affordable price

9. Long-lasting durability


1. Gloss-loss

4. Best Custom: Titleist 1Dozen Pro V1 Custom Logo Refinished Mint Golf Balls 

Here’s another outstanding product from none other than Titleist. The Pro V1 Custom Logo refinished mint golf balls are designed with Christmas packaging. These golf balls can be personalized and custom imprinted with your logo, photo, name, or phrase.

1. High-Quality Material: These balls are made with high-quality material to enable you to have the best-golfing experience out there. 

2. Customizable: This model makes it quite easier for you to customize the balls with wedding photos, your pet, boat, or car, or even add custom text to the stock designs. 

3. High Durability: Concerning its durability, this golf ball is engineered with premium quality material to offer a long-lasting durability

Overall, you will find the Pro V1 Custom Logo refinished mint golf balls very pleasing, especially if you’re a fashionable player. 


1. High Durability

2. These balls are customizable 

3. High-quality material 

4. Reliable brand 

5. One of the best on the market 

6. Competitive price 


1. Scuffs 

5. Value for Money: 50 Titleist NXT Tour Mix AAAA Near Mint Used Golf Balls 

The Titleist NXT Tour golf ball is designed and built to offer long iron spin and low driver for exceptional distance, bringing about a soft feel and short game scoring performance. 

1. Large Dual Core: This NXT Tour golf ball boasts a large dual core with a soft center, making it an advanced multi-component golf ball. 

2. Soft Fusablend Cover: We loved to see that this ball features a soft Fusablend cover that delivers efficient energy transfer to maximize distance.

3. Spherically Tiled 302 Octahedral Dimple Design: In terms of its design, this advanced multi-component golf ball features a spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design which allows you to get maximum distance and minimal spin with your long clubs along. 

Overall, the Titleist NXT Tour golf ball are manufacturers in the best processing facility for refinished and recycled golf balls. 


1. 90-day guarantee 

2. 5 Step Quality Control ensures Customer Satisfaction

3. Reliable brand 

4. Great pricing for top quality 

5. Comes with a soft Fusablend cover that delivers efficient energy transfer to maximize distance

6. Delivers maximum distance and minimal spin with your long clubs

7. Boasts a large dual core with a soft center

8. Comes with a spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design


1. Little blemishes 

6. Best for Mixed Variety: 100 Taylormade Mix Golf Balls

The 100 Taylormade Mix golf balls are great as practice balls for avid golfers and as playing balls for beginners. Taylormade is one of the big fishes on the market today. And if you’re really in search of top-quality golf balls, then these are your sure bet. The only issue is that the balls might come with noticeable wear, discoloration, gloss-loss, blemishes, and scuffs.

1. Mixed Variety: You’ll get these golf balls with a mix of assorted Taylormade models such as TP Tour, Proto 33, XD Spin, TP Red/Black, and Penta Urethane. Also, there may be other models along with an assortment of colors.

2. Added Inclusion: You might find balls marked practice, x-outs, player pen markings, and logos. 

Overall, the Taylormade Mix golf balls are logo overrun balls suitable for avid golfers and as playing balls for beginners. We recommend every golfer looking for high-quality golf balls from a reliable brand. 


1. Reasonable price 

2. May come with other models along with an assortment of colors

3. Great as practice balls for avid golfers and as playing balls for beginners

4. Tested and trusted brand 

5. Comes with good customer satisfaction 


1. Noticeable wear and discoloration 

7. Best Technology: Titleist 50 ProV1 2016 – Value (AAA) Grade – Recycled (Used) Golf Balls

With the great blending of soft feel, best short game spin and control, and exceptional distance, the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball delivers high-end performance for all golf players. 

1. Spherically tiled 352 Tetrahedral Dimple Design: This advanced multi-component golf ball features a spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design which allows you to get maximum distance and minimal spin. 

2. Compression ZG Process Core: The Titleist 50 ProV1 is a three-piece, multi-component technology with an ionomeric casing layer and a very soft compression ZG process core which makes the golf ball performs at a high level. 

3. New Patented Cover Formulation: Titleist 50 ProV1 comes with a new patented cover formulation that provides more control and short-game spin with an even softer feel. 

If you’re looking to shoot lower scores, the new Titleist ProV1 combines -lasting durability, unmatched consistency, penetrating trajectory exceptional distance, long, and low driver spin to help make your dream come true. 


1. 90-day No Questions Asked Guarantee

2. Comes with 5 Step Quality Control ensures customer satisfaction

3. Provides more control and short-game spin with an even softer feel. 

4. Allows you to get maximum distance and minimal spin. 

5. Reliable brand 

6. Good pricing 


1. Scuffs 

Buying Guide – Best Logo Overrun Golf Balls 

Some golfing equipment helps to enhance golfers’ overall performance on the course even if the game of golf is basically influenced by the experience and skill level of the player. One of the most important pieces of equipment in the game of golf is the golf balls. 

When practicing as an avid golfer, it is quite important to always lower your handicap and improve your game. A good logo overrun golf ball is one of the recipes for the success of your golfing experience if you want something more affordable. So, let’s talk about the things to look out for before making a buying decision on your preferred logo overrun golf ball. 

Ball Anatomy 

The logo overruns the golf ball’s anatomy only determines how the ball moves in the air. The main parts of the ball influence the speed, rotation, drag, and travel distance. So, take the time to study and choose the logo overrun ball that suits your type of game


Dimples are necessary to increase control, stability and reduce golf ball drag. The more the dimples, the more speed you get on your balls. Most brands use between 300 to 400 per ball. The speed, trajectory, and control of a golf ball are majorly influenced by its size, shape, and depth. 

Ball Layering 

Another important factor to consider before making a purchasing choice is ball construction or layering. Multi-layer and two-layer golf balls will deliver two very different and unique performance outcomes. Before investing your hard-earned money on your favorite golf ball you should take note of this.

The Core

The core of the ball is more influenced by the golf ball’s core as the finished product. The core of the good logo overrun ball only has an impact on compression, spin rate, and initial speed. High-serving golfers want higher-compressed balls, while players always prefer slower swings to low-compression balls.

Component Of A Logo Overrun Golf Ball

A logo overrun golf ball can be divided into three categories: Tour performance (premium), distance, and spin control. The distance category of logo overrun balls is perfect for players who a looking to hit the ball as far as possible. 

Spin control balls are great for players looking to eliminate big slice or hook. Tour performance, on the other hand, is great for golfers who want to enjoy the complete package. Let’s quickly break down the three main components to a logo overrun golf ball and how they influence your buying decision. 

1. Tour Performance Balls

These golf balls are created and built with numerous mantle layers and a core to provide every player better feel and control. If you want the better choice for spin well and shot-sculpting around the green, the Tour performance balls are your best bet. Due to the use of a thinner cover for a superb feel, they are well-suited for low-handicappers and even experienced to mid-level players.

2. Spin Control 

These balls are designed and built to help golfers hit the ball straighter while eliminating a big hook or slice. The excessive side spin that causes hooks and slices for beginner golfers is eliminated by this type of ball. 

3. Distance Balls

Distance balls are designed to provide straighter shots that travel easily. These golf balls come with a strong core and are usually spin multi-layered.

Golf Ball Layers 

When it comes to the layers of a logo overrun golf ball, there are normally two types. You either have multi-layer golf balls or two-piece golf balls. Multi-layer balls can be equipped with three, four, or even five layers. The way the golf ball plays is influenced by the number of layers. Let’s go into the details! 

1. Multi-layered Golf Balls: For more experienced golfers, multi-layered golf balls are great and provide a great boost to the feeling, control, and easiness of golfers. In addition, such a layer improves a ball spin

2. Two-Layer Golf Balls: They are great balls for beginners and high handicappers, and they are normally cheaper than multi-layer golfing balls. They fly quickly, are durable, and can easily overcome minor obstacles. There are no other layers of two-piece or layer golf balls between them, just the cover and core. These balls are cheaper for high-handicap and beginners than multilayered golf balls. Two-layered golfer balls are very durable and fast, sliding over small barriers around the green. Only core and cover are two-piece golf balls, without any extra layers between them. 

Cover Material

Two standard materials for covering golf balls are Urethane and Surlyn. These two materials were used by manufacturers for golf balls in the 1960s. Surlyn is made of an ionomer resin, so it offers less spine and a tougher cover. If you are a golfer beginner, go for Surlyn-covered golf balls. On the other hand, Urethane is suitable for professionals, providing improved control and spin-off. 

1. Surlyn Cover Material: DuPont created this ionomer resin material used for Surlyn which is the most commonly used cover for golf balls. This type of cover is resistant to scratching and extremely durable. 

2. Urethane Cover Material: This cover material is softer than Surlyn to deliver more feedback and feel. Because it delivers more control and spin in the short game, it is normally used on high-end multi-layer golf balls even if it’s not the best in terms of durability. Skilled and experienced golfers will prefer the performance and feel of this type of cover material. 

Final Words 

Our list offers comprehensive details about the best logo overrun golf balls on the market. All of our picks are affordable and they deliver optimal performance on the golf course. So, make sure you go through a detailed buying guide before settling for your preferred logo overrun balls. The guide will help you make the right buying decision on the logo overrun golf balls that suit your needs. We’ve come to the end of this round-up review. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know the best logo overrun golf balls. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks! 

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