Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles (Check Out All Our 11 Picks With A Detailed Buyer’s Guide!)

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Ankles are the joints that are responsible for connecting your foot with the leg. One of the most important joints in the human body is the ankle joint that ensures you jump, walk, run, and perform other useful functions. However, due to some muscle injuries, tendon sprain, ligament tear, or other ankles related medical conditions, your ankles may become feeble, which will lead to sprained ankles or bad ankles. Due to these conditions, you may not be able to go on with your day-to-day activities. There are various types of treatment options available for people with ankle problems, but wearing the right footwear will relatively reduce ankle inflammation and pain, and even prevent future complications.

Whether you love jogging most often or you’re just a runner, wearing the right running shoe will be of great advantage to your knees. Almost all runners suffer from one injury risk or the other, but bad ankles remain the most common one. The truth is whether you were injured around your ankle and recovering or you were just born with bad ankles, you still have the chance to run with the right running shoe for your bad ankles. The right pair of shoes would make you still run with maximum comfort and confidence. Thanks to modern advancement, running shoes for bad ankles are now designed and built to help people with existing feet problems and also prevent further complications. 

Although when shopping for running shoes, you need to consider some factors to ensure getting the best for your ankles. Take, for instance, you should also consider stiff soles which are not too thick but within thin to medium thickness. Also, people with bad ankles need good support around the ankle and throughout the whole shoe. Hence, you can pick out the perfect pair when you put all these features into consideration. To make the buying process easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the best running shoes for bad ankles. If you want to keep up with your hobby even with bad ankles, you should take a look at these models. 

Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles – Comparison Chart

The table below is a comparison chart of the 11 best running shoes for bad ankles. 

Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles Reason For Pick Highlighted Feature Sizes Available 
[amazon link=”B082D82F11″ title=”ASICS GEL-KAYANO 27 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best PickDuOMax Support System Size 9 to 12
[amazon link=”B08HDW9YPX” title=”ASICS GT-2000 9 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best For OverpronationImpact Guidance System Technology Size 9 to 12
[amazon link=”B08Q5LFX6Z” title=”BROOKS ADRENALINE GTS 21 RUNNING SHOES ” /]Best DesignDNA Loft FoamSize 9 to 12
[amazon link=”B08CVHDK7T” title=”SAUCONY HURRICANE 22 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best For DurabilityFORMFIT Design Size 8 to 12
[amazon link=”B08MLJJY6L” title=”ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 23 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best Cushioning Exoskeletal Heel CounterSize 9 to 13
[amazon link=”B0816STFT8″ title=”BROOKS ADDICTION 14 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best SupportWide Toe BoxSize 9 to 12
[amazon link=”B07QTDHDHT” title=”MIZUNO WAVE INSPIRE 16 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best OutsoleMizuno Unique Wave Technology Size 9 to 12
[amazon link=”B07H2T76RK” title=”NEW BALANCE 990V5 RUNNING SHOE” /]Reliable Brand Breathable Upper MeshSize 8 to 12
[amazon link=”B0736HBL9Z” title=”ON CLOUD CLOUDFLYER RUNNING SHOE” /]Best LightweightUnique Lacing System Size 9 to 12
[amazon link=”B00Q4V24RQ” title=”ASICS WOMEN’S GEL-VENTURE 5 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best Orthotic SupportRemovable Sock LinerSize 7 to 10
[amazon link=”B078XMRD8Z” title=”HOKO ONE MEN’S BONDI 5 RUNNING SHOES” /]Best TractionCushioned InteriorSize 9 to 12 

What’s Bad Ankle?

When your ankles have a single or a group of conditions, it is called bad ankles. There are different types of ankle injuries, and depending on the symptoms, you may be suffering from any of these common ankle injuries. They include; 

1. Ankle sprain

2. Flat foot

3. Cavus foot

4. Ankle instability

5. Achilles bursitis

6. Broken ankle

One or even more of your ankle bones may be broken if the blow to your ankle joint is serious. Broken ankle bones cause intense inflammation and instability.  

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Ankles?

Generally, people with weakened ankle joints or who have gotten recent injuries will usually feel some pains and notice some inflammation. We’ve arranged some of the symptoms of bad ankles to help you make sense of your severe ankle injury. Here are the major symptoms of bad ankles; 

1. Balance issues

2. Ankle sprains 

3. Limited range of motion 

4. Muscles injury 

5. Severe pain and inflammation 

6. Ankle soreness 

All the symptoms and signs listed above may appear severe or mild. However, we recommend that you visit a doctor if you have an ankle sprain and its condition is becoming unbearable or isn’t improving. 

11 Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles Reviews

We’ve reviewed some of the top 11 running shoes for you. Without wasting time, let’s hit the review! 


[amazon box=”B082D82F11″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The first on our list is the Gel-Kayano 27 running shoe from the ASICS company. For decades, ASICS has been one of the most reliable and reputable manufacturers of footwear for people with or without feet/ankle problems. ASICS is a trusted and popular manufacturer that is best known for designing high-quality running shoes designed to serve their purpose and meet the needs of people with bad ankles. Arguably, ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 is one of the best when it comes to the top running shoes for bad ankles. Concerning its durability, ASICS is one of those companies in the industry that you can always rely on. 

Mostly, you’d see some vague manufacturers exaggerating the durability of their products, but that’s not the story with this model. If you’re battling with bad ankles, the ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 is a fantastic option for you.  You’ll have all the full support you need with this 27th version of ASICS’ most popular model. Furthermore, if what you want is a pair of running shoes with thinner soles, this model comes with a plush, cushioned design to give you just what you want. 

To be honest, we can say that the Kayano is one of the most comfortable pairs of running shoes for bad ankles. Thanks to its midsole cushioning, the shoe will give you maximum comfort. What more? We loved that Gel-Kayano 27 features different densities around your foot to offers the right amount of full support and comfort. That’s not all! The DuoMax support system helps to improve the shoe’s stability by lessening its overall weight. There’s breathable and soft upper mesh with few stitching. Lastly, this model comes with a heel counter that delivers a snug, secure fit. 

Key Features 

1. Heel counter

2. DuoMax support system 

3. Midsole cushioning 

4. Different densities around the foot

5. Soft and breathable upper

6. A plush, cushioned design 


1. Highly durable 

2. Ideal for low arches

3. Well-cushioned 

4. Reputable brand 

5. Great price for a top-quality product 


1. Might be a bad idea for high arches

2. Fits narrowly around the midfoot


[amazon box=”B08HDW9YPX” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

ASICS are well known for their classy footwear with top-notch designs. The GT-2000 9 is a specially-made model with a unique design that offers great support and comfort for people with bad ankles. If you’re searching for running shoes for bad ankles with unbeatable features, this is the best option for you. This model is more of an upgrade to the older one. Wondering why we included this model in our list? It offers great support and gel cushioning! The truth is that the shoe was designed to work best for people with overpronation, but that doesn’t mean it won’t keep your ankles secure and snug fit. Thanks to its Impact Guidance System technology, this model offers more stability to improve support for runners with bad ankles. You won’t be worried about your ankles rolling or not, the Impact Guidance System technology will help keep your ankle from rolling. For a snug, supportive fit around the ankle and in the heel, ASICS GT-2000 9 comes with an exoskeletal heel counter.  

Key Features 

1. Exoskeletal heel counter 

2. Impact Guidance System technology 

3. Gel cushioning 

4. Durable construction 

5. Unique design 


1. Ideal option for flat feet or low arches

2. Offers great support and comfort around the ankle

3. Improved cushioning 

4. Secure, snug fit

5. Lightweight 


1. Narrow toe box

2. Some end-users say it runs small


[amazon box=”B08Q5LFX6Z” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Our next pick is the high-quality Adrenaline GTS 21 running shoes for bad ankle from Brooks. Brooks may not be as popular as ASICS or other top brands in the footwear industry, but it has been proven consistent and reliable in manufacturing premium quality running shoes for years. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 comes with a sleek design that makes it look like it wasn’t designed to offer any ankle support – that’s not the case! This outstanding model was designed to deliver great ankle support. If you’re a runner with low arches, the Adrenaline 21 is ideal for you because it’s more of a stiff shoe. Besides, runners with bad ankles are not left out since it provides extra cushioning and support. 

This model has been the talk of the town in the industry for a while now. That’s not a surprise though! Why won’t people talk about a shoe with exceptional features? Thanks to the guide rails in between the upper and midsole, you’re provided with exceptional support. Most manufacturers would use a dense piece of foam known as a medial post to offer support but you’ll be surprised to know that the Adrenaline GTS 21 model aligns your foot as you move or in to prevent or even correct overpronation. 

Surely, you won’t get such a support design that is customized to your stride elsewhere. We loved that even people with heavy pronation are not left out as this model offers lots of support. Thanks to its DNA Loft foam, you’re assured that the soft, plush cushioning weighs less than conventional foam. Also, we noticed that the high heel to toe drop – 12 millimeters – helps people with bad ankles to relieve the pressure and pains on the calves and heels. This model has one of the best designs on our list, thanks to its new seamless upper which offers streamlined look. 

Key Features 

1. New seamless upper

2. DNA Loft foam

3. Soft, plush cushioning 

4. High heel to toe drop – 12 millimeters


1. Fits correctly 

2. Elegant design 

3. Delivers extra cushioning and support.

4. Cushioned but light and supportive

5. Reliable brand


1. Not suitable for high arches


[amazon box=”B08CVHDK7T” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

For a while now, many end-users of the Saucony Hurricane line have been testifying the wonderful experience they have when using the brand’s footwear. The Saucony Hurricane line is well known for its durability and support for people with weak ankles. This model is version 22 of the Hurricane line, and it’s no different. For maximum support, this running shoe was equipped with numerous mechanisms. If you prefer a running shoe with a more customized fit, the Hurricane 22 is the best choice. A well-designed FORMFIT was used instead of ISO lacing for a more secure fit. We are assured that you’re going to find it more secured, working well with the midsole to wrap around your feet. Some say the soles are too hard, but that’s not true. The soles are stiff but still provide some flexibility. This entire design makes the shoe ideal for people with bad ankles. Looking for some shoe models designed to adapt to your foot? Try this Saucony Hurricane 22, it comes with an enhanced cushioning that offers a custom-fit feel. 

Key Features 

1. Customfit feel

2. Durable construction 

3. FORMFIT design 

4. Sock-like fit

5. Enhanced cushioning 

6. Stylish design 


1. Best suited for mid and low arches 

2. Offers maximum comfort 

3. Soft upper provides sock-like fit 

4. Trusted brand

5. Lightweight 


1. Runs small

2. Slightly expensive 


Whether you’re a runner with bad ankles or overpronation, the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 is the ideal choice for you. It is one of the most popular model of the Gel-Nimbus line and it’s well known for its maximum cushioning. The Gel-Nimbus 23 is plush and soft and it will also offer your full support. Thanks to its stiff midsole, the Gel-Nimbus delivers a smooth run. This model is even a better choice than the Kayano if you’re a runner with high arches. One feature common with the ASICS models is the exoskeletal heel counter that offers firmer support in the heel. Many runners complained about the running impacts in the back of the foot, but that’s because they’ve not tried this model out. This model comes with a rearfoot gel that helps lessen the running impact at the foot’s back. Lightweight design is a feature that is scarce in the market of running shoes. But the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 brings you this footwear with an improved lightweight design that makes you feel nothing on your feet as you run. One of the eye-catching features of the Gel-Nimbus 23 is that it comes in a wide range of beautiful colors for people who are fashion conscious. One thing we find displeasing about this model is its high cost. It is more costly than comparable models. Apart from that, the Gel-Nimbus is a great option for runners with bad ankles. 

Key Features 

1. Lightweight design 

2. Cushioned sole

3. Hard midsole

4. Steady support 

5. Exoskeletal heel counter  


1. Wolf, plush cushioning 

2. Good support

3. True to size

4. Best suited for runners with high arches

5. Very light 

6. Comes in different colors


1. Quite expensive 


[amazon box=”B0816STFT8″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Of you’re looking for a pair of running shoe that you can rely on when running with weak ankle or any ankle problems, this model from the Brooks company should be ideal. Brooks surpassed all expectations with this running shoes for bad ankle. The Brooks Addiction 14 is a reliable and durable model with a lot of stability even if it’s on the heavier side. It is a pair of supportive, motion control running shoes. We recommend this model for anyone who worries about their ankle rolling as they heal from injuries. The first thing we loved about this model was the inclusion of the extended progressive diagonal rollbar, which positions your feet when you’re out there running. This is a great support system that helps reduce or even prevent rolled ankles. It runs in the lineage of the Brooks Addiction line to support custom orthotics, and this 14th version is no different. What more? There’s a variety of different width sides available to choose from, and the shoe comes with a wide toe box. The availability of different widths helps everyone find just one that will fit them like a glove. What more do you want! Thanks to the breathable and durable upper mesh, your foot will be well supported. Since it’s also true to size, you can start wearing it as soon as it is unpacked from the box

Key Features 

1. Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar 

2. Supports custom orthotics 

3. Wide toe box

4. Durable and breathable upper mesh

5. Added support 


1. Cushioning and supportive 

2. Different width available 

3. Offers secure fit 

4. Trail running friendly 

5. True to size 


1. Slightly heavy when compared to other models 


[amazon box=”B07QNZ7FSP” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 is the ideal option for any runner who prefers a light, snappy shoe with a lot of support around the ankle. Besides, the midsole features Mizuno’s Unique Wave technology, which provides a smooth heel-to-toe transition while giving your feet full support. This model with its zippy feel is provided by the wave plate. We loved that this Wave Inspire 16 comes with improved cushioning and the newly designed wave plate, which delivers a softer, plush ride. Furthermore, we noticed that Mizuno has redesigned the upper mesh to offer a softer and breathable fit. What more? There’s an internal toe cap that delivers a cleaner look, keeping your toes from popping through the mesh. Mizuno is known for the production of shoes with outsoles made from durable rubber. This is no different! The Wave Inspire is built with an outsole made from solid rubber. This solid outsole helps you go many miles on the shoes without the need for replacing them. Overall, this model is one of the most lightweight shoes you would probably find out there. Apart from its lightweight, it is equipped with enough support to help you with bad ankles. 

Key Features 

1. Mizuno Unique Wave Technology 

2. Zippy feel

3. Newly designed wave plate

4. Improved cushioning 

5. Lightweight design 

6. Breathable 


1. Good support 

2. Size fits as expected 

3. Zippy and responsive shoe 

4. There’s a knit upper version 

5. Durable and lightweight 

6. Well-cushioned 


1. Slightly expensive than some models on our list 

2. Some runners complaints about its support


The New Balance is a popular and trusted brand with over 30 years of experience. This is a brand that offers best-in-class footwear that delivers innovation, quality, durability, and durability to all runners. The 990 V5 model is no different. For a while now, the 990 has been an iconic line that has been going strong for more than two decades. New Balance is a brand that takes dignity in the excellence of this running shoe, having being made in the USA. We liked the fact that this model was built to be durable and supportive for people with a bad ankle. For people who love to run on tiled roads and light rails, the outsole of this shoe was made with blown rubber that stands the test of time. What more? There are a breathable mesh and pigskin leather on top of the toe box. If you have difficulties finding your exact size and width, this model comes with a variety of size options, making it the best option for almost all runners. If you suffer from overpronation, this model is an idea for you because it helps to prevent your ankles from rolling. The only downside is that some end users complained that it is slightly heavy and pricey. 

Key Features 

1. Blown runner outsole 

2. Pigskin leather

3. Breathable upper mesh 

4. Stiff design 


1. Manufactured in the United States 

2. Highly comfortable 

3. Helps with overpronation 

4. Wide variety of widths 


1. Maybe pricey for some people

2. Slightly heavy 


[amazon box=”B0736HBL9Z” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re worried about your bad or weak ankles, this model is the best choice for you because it was made with high stability and a lightweight design in mind. What we first noticed was a V-molded heel cap over state-of-the-art memory foam. This is a unique body design that offers maximum support around your lower foot and ankle and delivers a snug fit through the heel. For more stability and comfort at the top of the shoe, Cloudflyer comes with a unique lacing system. This is one of its eye-catching features since it helps to deliver a secure fit, fastening your ankle into place. Thanks to its wide sole, it helps to offer a more stable ride. This allows you to run with more confidence. The On Cloud CloudFlyer is an ideal choice for runners looking for running shoes for all distances. 

Key Features 

1. Wide sole

2. V-molded heel cap over state-of-the-art memory foam

3. Lightweight design 

4. High stability 

5. Unique lacing system 


1. Top-quality design 

2. Secure fit prevents your ankle from rolling 

3. well-cushioned

4. Offers more stable ride


1. Expensive 

2. Less traction 


[amazon box=”B00Q4V24RQ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Here’s another top quality running shoe from ASICS, but this time, it’s for the ladies. The Gel-Venture 5 running shoes are designed and built for women who love to run but suffer from foot instability and other ankle problems. The first thing that we admired about this model is the fact that it’s orthotic-friendly, meaning that you can replace the sock liner with custom shoe inserts. It features solid outsoles made from an abrasion-resistant rubber material, which offers great grip and traction. The upper mesh of this shoe is made of synthetic material, which is rugged enough to withstand stains and scratches, and it’s lightweight. The mesh upper is equipped with bright overlays and it’s offered in 10 different colors. If you’re a heavy runner who loves to run through rough terrains, this is ideal for you as it stabilizes your feet and protects them against protruding objects. 

Key Features 

1. Bright overlays mesh upper

2. Removable sock liner

3. Orthotic support 

4. Lightweight 

5. Trial running friendly 


1. Durable 

2. Supports orthotic 

3. Ideal for women who are heavy runners 

4. Nice price for top quality 


1. Not flexible enough 


[amazon box=”B078XMRD8Z” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

When you’re out there running or jogging, you need a smooth and comfortable landing, and these shoes from Hoko One are the best choice for you. The Hoko One Men’s Bondi 5 is one of the top models out there and it has maximum cushioning for men with bad or weak ankles. These shoes will surely improve your condition and lessen the symptoms if you’re suffering from the ankle, foot, and back problems. We loved that the upper mesh of this shoe is lightweight and breathable, making your feet moist free and cool. The outsole is made with thick rubber material for maximum support and durability during impact. These shoes will be ideal for people with bad ankles and high arches, thanks to their ultra-thick outsole and cushioned interior. You’ll be surprised to know that Bondi 5 comes with a sizing option between 9 to 12 for men. 

Key Features 

1. Ultra-thick outsole 

2. Cushioned interior 

3. Lightweight 

4. Breathable upper mesh 


1. Orthotic friendly 

2. Great traction 

3. Well-cushioned for maximum support 

4. Highly comfortable 


1. Slightly expensive 

Things To Consider Before Buying Running Shoes For Bad Ankles

You need to keep some things in mind when before buying running shoes for bad ankles. Choosing the right running shoes to meet your immediate needs will prove to be one of the most crucial decisions you’d make. Unfortunately, there are thousands of fake options out there on the market. You can also be deceived by running shoes with great designs but poor body construction. However, there are running shoes with great designs made for a high-quality and good performance. There’s nothing as heartbreaking as buying a new pair of running shoes that doesn’t serve its purpose. To help you lessen the buying stress, we’ve curated a list of the best running shoes for bad ankles.


The importance of cushioning in a running shoe cannot be emphasized enough. When a running shoe has good cushioning, it helps reduce the collision on your foot when it hits the ground. Which helps minimize the movement of your ankle joint. Cushioning can provide comfort or discomfort for different people. Even when you use cushioned shoes for everyday training, recovery days, or working on your feet. The benefits of wearing a well-cushioned shoe are to deliver a soft ride and aid smooth changes for runners of all grades. 

Cushioning is sometimes seen as comfort in a shoe. What we don’t know is that most shoe companies have acquired their brand foam that not just augments softness but also adds a little more spring into your steps. For example, a company’s brand foam is the microscopic air pockets to both adapt to your pace but also help absorb shocks.

Foot Support

 Most running shoes have foot stability and support. When made for these purposes, they hardly provide ankle protection. When choosing these running shoes, make sure you choose one with higher heels to help support and avoid ankle wounds. To support your feet, most shoe companies use arch support. Arch supports help to remove the feeling of pain. Many people get foot or ankle pain while running. Arch supports help reduce this pain and make running a lot more comfortable by spreading pressure across your arches. They help with providing stamina and symmetry, they also provide comfort and reduce the pain you feel. These arch supports come in different forms in different shoes depending on your leg. What I mean is, people with flat legs are advised to get motion control shoes. People with high arch should get shoes with more balance and cushion, and people with normal arch should look for stability shoes. 

Price Range 

The price range of the shoe is another thing you should consider even before making a purchase. Generally, expensive running shoes tend to be more reliable with outstanding features. But that’s not to mean that cheap running shoes for bad ankles are bad or are of low quality. No! As a matter of fact, almost all the running shoes on our list are quite affordable and they are all of the great qualities. 

Size And Fit

When your running shoes are not fit to your ideal size, it might heighten your odds of getting ankle injuries. Therefore, it also increases the sore when you already have a bad ankle. Also, how well a shoe fits the length, width, and shape of your feet matters a lot more than the cushioning at the base of the shoe. The better a shoe fits, the more comfortable the runner feels while wearing it. Not only do these fitted shoes make your miles pleasant, but they also give comfort. Dr. Allison Bowersock once said that “the first point of contact to the ground is your leg, and your whole skeletal system is supported by it.” Since your leg is seen as the main support of your whole skeletal system, using shoes that fit is vital when it comes to running. To avoid ankle injuries or worsening the already bad ankle.


When cheap materials are being used for the production of the shoe, they are never comfortable for anyone, especially people with bad ankles. Ensure that when you buy shoes, you buy shoes that are breathable, lightweight, and most importantly, comfortable. Comfort here covers everything we have spoken about. From cushioning to size and fit and to Foot support. All these things are what you look at to know if your running shoe will be comfortable for you. Before buying a running shoe, we should assess these things to make ourselves comfortable while wearing the shoes. Discomfort can’t and won’t help you run any better. Most times running with the most comfortable some you could find gives u a bonus against your opponents. Look at these different factors and get yourself a good shoe.


Lastly, the manufacturer of your preferred running shoe is another thing you need to look out for before making a buying decision. Renowned and trusted brands with years of experience have a good reputation to maintain so that you will be assured of high-quality products at any time. It is crucial you go for brands with an established name even if their products might be expensive sometimes, you will be assured of a top-quality product. Though that’s not to say that newer brands in the industry should not be trusted. As a matter of fact, some new brands design and build high-quality running shoes at reasonable prices.


 So when it comes to value, first you need to check your budgets because most times the cheaper ones don’t have these features that keep you from getting a bad ankle or making your bad ankle worse. Sometimes these good shoes are budget-friendly when you are strapped for cash. It’s just better to buy whatever you can afford at that time, or better still save up and get a perfect running shoe for yourself. Looking at your budget is a good consideration when thinking of buying these things.

Closing Thought – Wrapping It Up! 

The bottom line is that you have high chances of getting back on track with the right pair of running shoes if you were injured around your ankle or you were born with bad ankles. You will be able to run again with maximum confidence and comfort with the right running shoes for bad ankles. These shoes are designed and built to help people with existing foot problems and also prevent further complications. Before choosing any of these models, make sure you look through our buyer’s guide. The buyer’s guide contains important features and factors to consider before making a buying decision. We’ve come to the closing chapter of this lengthy article. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide helped you choose to best running shoes for bad ankles. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions or comments. Thanks!  

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