Best Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet (7 Top Soccer Cleats Reviews!)

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Are you passionate about playing soccer? Do you love to play soccer, but your flat feet condition is limiting your chances of playing the game? As a soccer fan with flat feet, you might get weird aches in your instep while playing with the wrong type of boot. When you do not wear soccer cleats with the right kind of shape, you will definitely feel aches in your feet. Some players have flat feet and never knew about it. If that’s the case with you, read on! There are soccer cleats that have enough space to adjust your feet with great arch support.

Although finding the best soccer cleats for flat feet isn’t an easy task at all because there are unique specs required for each sport. You should probably be more selective when selecting the best soccer cleat for your foot if you have flat feet. The bad news is that most of the sports brands are more dedicated to making soccer cleats for wide-footed players than flat-footed ones. Since there’s a lot of options out there, the buying process might be time-consuming. But to make the buying process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best soccer cleats for flat feet. 

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Best Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet – Comparison Chart

Let’s check out some basic information about each product before hitting the full review.

Best Soccer Cleats For Flat FeetReason For PickMain MaterialSupport Type
Adidas Soccer CleatsBest Overall100% Kangaroo LeatherSynthetic Lining
Adidas Freak X Carbon Soccer CleatsBest for the MoneyBreathable Synthetic MaterialSock-like Fit
Dream Pairs Fashion Soccer ShoeBest CheapSynthetic Material Cushioned Insole
Adidas Mundial Team Soccer CleatBest OrthoticLeather MaterialOrthotic Insole
NIKE Phantom Vision Academy CleatBest AttractiveSynthetic MaterialSlightly elevated heel
Adidas Performance Kids’ Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer CleatsBest For KidsTextured Material Flexible Agility
Nike Tiempo Legend V FG Men’s Firm-Ground Soccer CleatsBest Performance Kangaroo Leather Material Proper Arch Support 

1. Best Overall Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet: Adidas Soccer Cleats

Adidas soccer cleats are always the talking point when people are talking about soccer cleat recommendations. Adidas is one of the leading manufacturers in the soccer cleats industry. They are well-known for designing and building portable, flat-footed, and top-notch soccer cleats that make playing soccer easy for players with flat feet to enjoy their games. For every category of soccer cleats, Adidas soccer cleats are always the top pick for everyone. 

This soccer cleat has remained popular worldwide. Both professional and recreational players have proved that this model from Adidas is inarguably a comfortable cleat. You can easily distinguish this model from all other ones because it’s very classic with a nostalgic old-school design. Thanks to the leather support extending from the heel, flat-footed players will have their abnormal feet well positioned. These soccer cleats for flat feet deliver an increased balance and stability that helps to protect the heel and prevent it from rolling inwards excessively. 

One thing we loved about this soccer cleat is that it wasn’t built with synthetic leather material. Adidas soccer cleat was built with genuine, soft kangaroo leather material that doesn’t only provide enough cushion to the foot but also molds itself around it. What more? Its insole is equipped with a die-cut EVA insole and the outsole was adequately studded to step on any slippery grounds. The combination of the high arch on the inside with the extra features of this soccer cleat makes it much more supportive. It is unyielding and stays firm on the outside. 

This Adidas soccer cleat has preventive measures to follow to ensure your feet don’t fall inwardly even if the soft material used is known to abide by the natural shape of your foot. With these boots, there no fear of overpronation feet. That’s not all! It features a dual-density outsole that lessens the impact on the high arch. Looking for legendary soccer cleats for stability on the firm natural ground? Try out these boots! It will help you move with traction and explosive speed on dry natural grass with the help of its firm ground outsole. For flexibility and comfort, the upper leather comes with premium K-leather. 

Key Features 

​1.100% Kangaroo Leather

2. Premium K-leather 

3. Dual-density outsole

4. Die-cut EVA insole

​​5. Gum-rubber sole

6. ​​Soft, lightweight leather upper 

​7. Conical studs 


1. Synthetic lining for additional support

2. EVA insole for comfort

3. Reliable manufacturer 

4. Fair price for a top-quality product 

5. Soft, and lightweight design 

6. Breathable 


1. Traditional design 

2. Best For The Money: Adidas Freak X Carbon

[amazon box=”B079NL8PFL” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The second on our list is none other than the Freak X Carbon from Adidas. This is the second product from the same manufacturer. Adidas is a favorite among people with flat feet who want to enjoy the game of soccer, and that’s because of the reasonable price and high-quality they offer. One of the best soccer cleat models from Adidas is the Men’s Freak X Carbon Mod Soccer Shoe.

The first thing we noticed about this product is its mid-cut. This model is just the right type of soccer boots that players with flat feet should consider buying even if it is less popular than its low-cut equivalents. The ankle up to the lowest part of your leg will be covered by the mid cut in a cushion. 

With this, you’ll be able to avoid toe drift or any other type of abnormal stance. Since there’s an extended opening on the ankles, you’ll be guaranteed good stability and support. Automatically, resolving a problematic gait in the process. Also, there’s a sock-like fit that preludes the same snug fit on the forefoot and the vamp.  

Thanks to its adjustable laces, you can now customize the lacing yourself. If you’ve been in search of a soccer cleat that welcomes people with flat feet or maybe you just need an orthotic insole insert, this is just the best choice for you. We loved that the cleat comes with an Ironskin toe cap which helps to keep off your toes and your feet’s front part from tension. 

One thing that you need to know is that unlike the Adidas soccer cleat above, the Freak X Carbon soccer cleat was not equipped with the leather heel support. But it comes with something some people even considered better: cushioning in the Achilles tendon area. Here, the toe drift becomes more visually noticeable. The cushioning of this cleat ensures that you’re not strained when playing soccer. With this cleat, your heel is positioned into a more comfortable stance instead of leaning towards the inside of the feet. 

Another interesting thing about the Freak X Carbon soccer cleat is that it’s not designed only for people with flat foot, thanks to its 6 inches of wiggle room across the shaft. Players with wide feet can also make use of this soccer cleat. There’s more! Your foot will be locked in place with the help of its heel cup locks. For reduced weight and incredible support, it features a sprintskin upper.

Key Features 

​1. Synthetic material

2. Soft cushioning 

​3. Contemporary design 

4. ​Sharp round studs 

5. Breathable mesh lining 

6. Lightweight 

7. Supportive 

8. Heel cup locks 


1. Helps to lock one’s foot in place 

2. Breathable 

3. Sharp round studs for agility 

4. Great cushioning for added comfort 

5. It’s a great high-top soccer cleat

6. Reputable brand

7. Offers extra backing for the Achilles tendon


1. No leather heel support 

3. Best Cheap Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet: Dream Pairs Fashion

[amazon box=”B085RTQ26L” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Our next pick is the Dream Pairs Fashion soccer cleat. Dream Pairs is not a very popular brand, but that should not fool you! This product is built to offer you the best value for money. These cleats from Dream Pairs are top quality and a big surprise that will best your imagination. It’s a very good option for people looking for a cheap pair of soccer cleats. 

For its price, it might seem like it’s a soccer cleat designed and built to offer nothing more than what it was intended for. But, truthfully, that’s not the case here. These Dream Pairs Fashion may not be a leading manufacturer in the industry, but they have been consistent with designing top-class soccer gear with great features, and considerably cheaper prices. This cleat comes with a lot of offers for flat-footed players. First off, it features an engineered internal support system, rounded toe, and sock-like ankle collar. 

We loved that the interior of this cleat is designed and built to offer the most supportive high arch support for flat-footed players, meaning that it’s not too flat nor too high to give you foot pain. Also, we appreciated the fact that the shoe’s interior was designed to the natural contours of the foot. 

What more? These outstanding soccer cleats feature a reinforced rounded toe to avoid your forefoot from lying back towards the instep’s side. Literally, this feature helps to keep the foot in place (more like in a seamless round stance in front).

There’s a little room for people with overpronated feet to return to their leaning position. Additionally, Dream Pairs Fashion soccer shoes for flat feet are designed to deliver random bursts of speed that will make you do some thunder-like and quick cuts runs during a match. Whether you’re playing on natural grass, damp or dry or even synthetic turf, this soccer shoe comes with anti-skid outsole for firm balance. Last, you’ll get cushioned insole for added comfort and convenience.

Key Features 

​​1. Synthetic material

2. Synthetic sole

3. ​​Cushioned insole 

4. ​​Lightweight and soft construction

5. ​​Premium combination upper material


1. Comfortable, lightweight design 

2. Durable, thanks to its premium combination upper material

3. Molded cleats with rotational traction configuration studs

4. Wolf construction for support and speed

5. Offers random bursts of speed


1. The quality can be improved

4. Best Orthotic: Adidas Mundial Team Soccer Cleat

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Next, we have this top-notch orthotic soccer cleat from Adidas Mundial Team. Adidas Mundial Team is known for designing soccer cleats for flat-footed people, which is not only stylish and innovative but also affordable. The soccer shoe is easy to clean, making it ideal for almost any sporting event. A slightly different iteration differentiates this one from the first Adidas model on our list.

One thing you’d first notice about this cleat is that it looks more like a casual sneaker than a soccer shoe. If you’re not too concerned about wearing a cleat that looks professional. The wedge outsole of this cleat is the main feature that makes it different from other Adidas models on our list. It comes with an interior that translates into a curved insole. 

This interior can sometimes stand as the orthotic insole separates. We loved that it comes with an outstanding shape that helps cradle your heel at the back. At the same time, the wedge helps to lift your heel a bit as the other part of the shoe’s insole is bending downwards. This movement develops subtle high arch support in the instep area, specifically in the middle. 

Thanks to its cushioning design, it has a great cushion in the no-chafe heel counter, on the inside of the vamp, and in the insole. For optimum comfort and lightweight cushioning, the die-cut EVA lining is made with molded synthetic lining. This legendary boot has a lot of similar features to the first Adidas model. The upper comes with a combination of smooth suede and layered leather, delivering the textured surface required for accurate and precise kicks. 

For firmer grip on all directions and sides, this Mundial cleat features studded outside made with Traxion. Overall, if you’re a flat-footed player who performs different skills with no permanent position in the game, this is a perfect option for you.

Key Features 

​1. Leather material

2. Molded EVA midsole

​3. Die-cut EVA insole 

4. Traxion outsole

​5. Gum-rubber sole

​6. Synthetic lining

​7. Thick body construction 


1. Durable construction 

2. Good grip and speed

3. Lightweight comfort

4. Reputable brand 

5. Fair price for a top-quality product 

6. Provides added support


1. Ensure you select the perfect size 

5. Best Attractive: NIKE Phantom Vision Academy Cleat

[amazon box=”B07G8L9PXJ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

For a long time, Nike has earned a rich history of manufacturing soccer cleats and gear that are built to serve you well. They are among the most highly valued brands in the whole world when looking for high-quality soccer gear that will withstand the test of time. The Nike Soccer Cleats Phantom Vision Academy is one of Nike’s leading soccer cleats on the market. At first glance, we noticed this cleat is a sleek sight to behold. Nike has rarely built something spectacular as this soccer shoe’s intro all-black colorway design. It is purely attractive! 

What we noticed when we first set our eyes on this soccer cleat is its outside where the material at the upper meets the outsole. We quickly saw that it’s barely higher on the heel, curving down instantly, and then the other part of the sole goes flat to the front. This body structure makes it best suited for flat-footed players. The good thing is that there are different colorway options for people looking for where the two have different colors. 

Thanks to the slightly elevated heel, your feet are well protected and positioned into a stance that aligns with the proper pronation of your feet. People with flat feet will also enjoy the chance for slight arch support that they need. Wherever they don’t have an arch, this feature helps with the reinforcement. Generally, this soccer boot is an innovative and smart move from Nike to deliver integrated design and high performance. 

People with flat feet complained that most soccer shoes give extra room to move in, which positions their feet to an infirm stance. That’s not the case with this soccer shoe. It features a narrow and straight shaft with little or no room to move in, thereby, keeping your feet in a locked-in neutral position. For a snugly tight fit, this soccer boot comes with a sock-like fabric sleeve around the ankles. That’s not all. There’s a Ghost Lacing System which gives you a more consistent fit, thanks to its Dynamic Fit ankle collar.  

Though the outward appearance of this cleat might seem firm and unforgiving, end-users still attest to its great comfortability. Also, this Nike soccer cleat can be used on any playing surfaces like artificial turf and natural grass. Overall, Nike Phantom Vision Academy Soccer Shoe is an ideal choice for any player with flat feet. 

Key Features 

1. ​Synthetic material

2. ​Foam midsole for lightweight cushioning

3. ​Textured material

4. ​Dynamic fit collar wraps the ankle 

5. Ghost lacing system

6. Dynamic Fit ankle collar


1. Lightweight cushioning 

2. Sock-like fit

3. Attractive body construction 

4. Comfortable, light, and reliable

5. Flexible agility for a lockdown fit

6. Offers exceptional touch and ball control


1. None

6.  Best For Kids: Adidas Performance Kids’ Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Cleats

[amazon box=”B00VVFJ0V8″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Here’s another premium quality soccer shoe from Adidas. We all know that Adidas is a distinguished manufacturer of high-quality soccer boots that delivers great reliability and comfort to end-users. Since there are flat-footed soccer players below the age of eighteen, there’s a need to manufacture soccer shoes that will fit them conveniently.

Kids should not be deprived of playing soccer because they have flat feet, that’s why Adidas designed and built the Adidas Performance Kids’ Messi 15.3 Soccer cleats for them. To be honest, these kids’ soccer shoes are just a great companion to all young-aged soccer players who love the game of soccer. Any young aged soccer player using this pair of boots will play to his/her best.  Thanks to the synthetic sole, these young-aged kids will have firm grip on any playing surfaces. Also, we loved that the cleat was well designed with flexible skin to allows these young players to benefit from every tap during a soccer game.

What more? We noticed that the body of the boot has a snug fit construction which offers proper motion during a soccer game. With these soccer cleats, kids can now move smoothly on any playing surface with agility and speed. Lastly, this cleat was built with enough space to accommodate young players with flat feet. 

Key Features 

1. Mono-tongue, snug fit construction 

2. Flexible shoe skin

3. Lightweight design 

4. Synthetic sole

5. Textured material


1. Great on any playing surfaces for kids

2. Reputable and renowned brand

3. Affordable option for kids

4. Flexible agility for a lockdown fit

5. Excellent touch with lock-in fit. 


1. The size seem to be a problem 

7. Best Performance: Nike Tiempo Legend V FG Men’s Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats

[amazon box=”B07CQMX7XR” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Our last pick for the best soccer cleat for flat feet is none other than the Tiempo Legend V FG Men’s Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats from Nike. You should rest assured when you hear the name of this brand because it speaks a lot about the style and quality of the shoes. Tiempo Legend soccer cleats are great in terms of quality and performance, and they offer great comfort to both experienced and amateur soccer players. The affordability of this soccer shoe makes it an ideal option for anybody who wants to buy without breaking the bank. This cleat has a rubber sole which offers a proper grip on any playing surface long artificial turf or natural grass. It is made of top-quality leather material that makes it durable and rugged to withstand any weather conditions.

 For maximum comfort to the players, Tiempo Legend Men’s soccer shoe was equipped with Kangaroo leather. One of the most interesting features of this model is the addition of ACC technology. The feature that makes it suitable for flat-footed players is its heel cup with adequate room for feet to avoid overpronation or any foot pains. The tendons inside your feet will be protected and relaxed with the hell of the proper arch support. If you have any problematic feet and still want to enjoy the game, this cleat is ideal for you. It was equipped with orthotic support technology. 

Key Features 

1. Orthotic support technology 

2. Heel cup 

3. Proper arch support 

4. ACC technology 

5. Kangaroo leather material 

6. Rubber sole


1. Offers proper grip

2. Ideal for flat-footed players with foot problems 

3. Lightweight 

4. Great heel cup and arch support

5. Great ground traction and penetration 


1. The lining can be improved 

What Are Flat Feet?

People with flat feet basically have very low or no arch on the instep of their feet. The entire bottom of their feet either touches the ground at all times in any standing or sitting stances or the instep falls flat on the ground in certain positions. Healthwise, flat feet are better known as pes planus, and it’s a postural deformity that’s caused by the underdevelopment of the arches of the foot. This is a natural deformity that’s popularly seen in most children, where the arches of the foot grow higher in puberty to adulthood. People who are considered flat-footed for certain are people who’ve grown with their arches still low or flat to the floor. 

Supple Flat Foot

Just like we said earlier, flat feet can either be arched feet that lose their arches in specific stances or a continual state of having feet flat on the floor when standing in any stances. However, a supple flat foot is more of the former. When a person’s arch of the foot is seen in certain stances, particularly when the feet are not placed on any surface, it is called supple flat feet. However, they are referred to as supple flat feet when the arch flattens onto the ground as soon as it touches any surface. You can also refer to having supple flat feet as just a partial loss of the arch or probably collapse of the instep. 

Toe Drift

Toe Drift is another popular characteristic of a flat foot. It happens when a person’s heel tilts toward the outside and the ankle appears to turn in. Visually, a toe drift usually appears as if the feet are leaning inwards or collapsing towards the instep. You can also refer to it as overpronation and it’s a term you’d hear in soccer gear stores when buying soccer cleats. When running or walking, you’d notice the feet regularly moves from side to side. 

This is called pronation! It is the degree of leaning your feet inwards when in standing stances. Overpronation, on the other hand, is the excessive leaning inwards that your feet are not normally used to. This condition is hardly seen in people except for few flat-footed ones. But all soccer players should consider this factor before making a buying decision on soccer cleats.  

Features To Consider Before Buying Soccer Cleats

Just because of the flat outsole that’s common to many of them, at first, you’d think that most soccer cleats are designed and built for people with flat feet by the appearance of them. Well, what these cleats don’t show to you is the inside of it where there’s usually a contoured insole design led for high arch support. There are some other characteristics that make the selections of soccer cleats easier for people with flat feet. Therefore, before you jump into buying any soccer cleat for yourself or for you’re loved ones, you need to consider some factors to help you make the right buying decision. 


One of the most important parts of the soccer boots that engage with your instep or arch is the insole. The insole is one of those things you need to consider before making a buying decision on soccer cleats for flat feet. The comfort of your feet inside the soccer shoes is determined by the flexibility of the insole. The insole’s flexibility makes your feet more comfortable inside your soccer boots. The effort needed to be exerted in your gait is lessened through the bouncy effect offered by the well-padded soccer cleats’ insole. When you see that orthotic tech is incorporated into the insoles of a soccer cleat, it is the easiest way to know it was designed and built for players with flat feet. As a replacement to be used in your normal soccer cleat, you can buy a separate orthotic insoles. 

Orthotic Insoles

Another important factor you need to consider before buying your soccer cleats for flat feet are the Orthotic Insoles. These types of insoles are specially designed and built to deliver a support system on the arch by lifting them a bit. To make your feet very comfortable, this type of insole usually comes with soft cushioning which helps to connect your feet with an arch in any position. Do you know that players with flat feet battle with discomfort, pain, and other issues with the feet and leg area when using the wrong pair of soccer boots? Also, overpronation is a cause for a great deal of strain on, the instep, heels, legs, and ankles. Although with the help of orthotic insoles, all these painful effects can be prevented or reversed from the excessive rolling of the arch inwards and heel. A lot of soccer cleats may offer no arch support or just a high arch, but the orthotic insoles offer small arch support without overstating it. 

Arch Support/Heel Cradle

Most people think that since soccer players with flat feet have low or no arch at all, they’ll not require any arch support. That’s where most people make the mistake and it might not exclude you! Don’t ever try buying soccer cleats or separate insoles without any arch support. Your instep should be well fitted by the right soccer cleats, lifting it to a small degree to reduce strain on the other parts of the lower body that might be affected including the hips. The deep heel cradle is concurrent to the arch support which helps to protect your heels from leaning inwards too much. These two features aid each other to reverse or at least lessen the complications of overpronation. 


Everyone could most likely see how comfortably the very best soccer-fitted shoes must feel. As for the very best soccer cleats for feet that are flat, it is a lot more than simply feeling like the feet of yours are on a cloud. A snug fit, which is a typical description also, is additionally not sufficient to distinguish a comfy cleat for flat-footed people. A great indication of a comfy fit is once the insole of the very best soccer cleats assists or realigns the joints of yours from the heel on the toes. This may mean that the feet of yours must assume the position of normal legs with an arch. This stops you from taking on soreness on any part of the foot of the lower body.

Shock Absorption

People with flat feet also have wide feet too. Wide feet is on of the factors you need to consider when choosing the best soccer cleats for flat feet. Interestingly, you might be surprised to hear that the best soccer cleats for wide feet are also best suited for any soccer player with flat feet because these cleats for wide-footed players offers more room for a separate insole in case you need one. The vertical flexibility of the insole or the soccer cleats is increased by a shock absorption quality. As your soccer cleat take the brunt when hitting the ball or while walking or running, there will be less impact on your feet. Soccer is a high intensity and impact sport, and considering factors like this will help you preserve your energy. 

The Impact Of Not Wearing Soccer Cleats

As in its description, flat feet are considered a deformation most of the time. It comes with its own set of negative effects. This is true when not taken into account for soccer shoes like soccer cleats that follow a certain set of features to be considered comfortable.

​Constant pain is a symptom you might mistake for overuse of the feet, either by standing, walking, or running for a long time, especially since you do all while playing soccer. Simply resting won’t resolve this issue and continuous ignorance of your feet’s overpronation might result in more grave consequences.


There are possible injuries that happens to people with overpronation according to Medical News Today. They include;  

1. Bunions

2. Achilles tendonitis

3. heel pain

4. stress fractures in the foot or lower leg

5. plantar fasciitis

6. chronic lower back pain

7. shin splints

8. initial band syndrome, an inflammation of a ligament on the knee

9. patellofemoral pain syndrome


Some parts of your body like the foot, ankle, and heel take the impact the arch is supposed to be taken by the arch when you have flat feet. Your flat feet will have to double up their work to stabilize and balance your body. With this, your foot will experience fatigue more often. The impact that’s taken by some other part of your body makes them vulnerable to being Hackney, leading to normal aches and then numbness that’ll eventually turn into full body pain later on.  

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common injury out of all the injuries that flat feet can cause. This kind of injury is know to be an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the foot’s bottom and connect your toes to your heel bone. The name “Plantar Fasciitis” comes from a tissue called the plantar fascia. This issue can make you feel like you’re experiencing a stabbing pain on your feet that can be felt for a long period and can be re-felt at different time of the day. The arch of the feet is supported by the plantar fascia on normal feet. The plantar fascia tissue will be constantly stretched till it’s torn from the high impact sport since flat feet have little or no arches.

Closing Thoughts – Wrapping It Up! 

The bottom line is that you will definitely get weird aches in your instep while playing with the wrong type of soccer cleats. All soccer players with flat feet need to address this situation since it’s less common than the wide feet situation. Ignoring and not taking this condition into consideration for a long time have greater consequences. Thanks to our recommendations and buyer’s guide, you can now choose the very best soccer cleats for flat feet players. We’ve come to the end of this lengthy article. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks!

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