Best Sports For 6 Year Old

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The best sports for 6-year-old, in short, are Soccer, Cheerleading, Rugby, Swimming, Bicycle, Basketball, Inline Skating, Baseball, Hockey, and Golf. Just make sure your kids engage in any of these sports activities because sports activities have a lot of physical and mental benefits. Kids should not always be allowed to stay indoor with the TV, Consoles, and Video Games. 

As a guardian or a parent, we are going to notice that the children of ours don’t come home from schools, throwing away their uniforms, and running outside to enjoy because of their community friends anymore. Why? These modern-day children have a lot of things which today have them busy in their own home in their free time theirs. You will find plenty of consoles and online games available, and many of these children feel completely content spending the free time theirs with such gaming systems and also consoles on the couch. But definitely, as a parent, you should consider the consequences of this practice in the children of yours.

There seemed to be a survey released sometimes before by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, that states that just 6 out of 10 kids at age 5 to 14 take part in sports activities exterior school. Another similar survey additionally says the majority of kids and teens from ages 5 to 17 as obese or overweight, which means that we have to market sports activities to the kids of ours so as to cause them to become mentally and physically fit & active. Thus, you may wish to ask me, exactly how do I get my child moving again? In a nutshell, Sport is likely the appropriate answer. Your kids’ involvement in sports will aid them to remain for & productive, have a pastime, discover sportsmanship which they’ll like for the majority of the lives theirs. Consequently, in this post, we’re gonna discuss several best sports for the children of yours and the benefits of theirs.

Advantages Of Sports

Here are some of the main advantages of sports for your kids

1. Physical Fitness 

The major benefit of sports for your kids is physical fitness. When your kids participate in any sports activities, they will remain healthy because of the dramatic reduction of the risk of having diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis. Also, it has been said that most physically active kids will mature to be physically fit adults. 

2. Develop Social Skills

Sports and other physical activity will definitely affect personal development in your kids. Sports give your kid the avenue to interact with the people of their age, and also with their sports officials and coaches. Your kid will learn communication z leadership skills, and teamwork that will him/her achieve his/her relationship goals and career. 

3. Improve Confidence and Self-Esteem

Surely, participation in sports will in addition enhance your kid’s confidence and self-esteem. Athletes receive encouragement and praise from their parents and coaches, which can help develop their confidence. Additionally, additionally, they learn to trust their push and abilities themselves. Moreover, criticism that is constructive is a crucial part of sports participation, and kids should get it & use it to the benefit of theirs. American Academy of Adolescent Psychiatry and Kid also suggests that parents and guardians should make certain their kids participate in many sports activities.

4. Academic Success

As we all know, nearly almost all of the kids which take part in sports activities do better in academics also. This is because organized sports activities help enhance as well as improve your kid’s cognitive abilities. Largely, athletes are likely to make use of exactly the same principle of perseverance as well as dedication; they discover through sports to boost the academics. Lately, articles were posted on an American site and that states that whenever a child joins a high school sports team, he/she comes with an additional forty percent potential for graduating university.

5. Respect The Authority

If your kids need a dose of discipline, then you should involve him in a sports activity. Following rules, accepting the decision, and taking direction is a part of competitive sports. You kids will even be penalized as a player for a bad habit 

6. Control The Emotions

We all want our kids to learn how to control their negative emotions. Sports activities will help to channel the emotions of your kids in a more productive way. A good sports official or a coach understands that negative emotion and stress harms performance and strength. Doing this, your kids will be imbibed with the same lesson of how to tackle a broad range of life challenges. Kids won’t want to Indulge In Anti-Social Activities

Kids who involve in sports activities are a lot less likely to do drugs or smoke. They know the bad effect these destructive habit can cause in their overall performance and body. 

7. Alleviates Stress And Reduces Depression

Physical and sports activities are a best way to relive stress and reduce depression. Even if your kid feels depressed or stressed out, he can always call up his friend, hit the gym, and play it out. 

8. Sports Is Fun

Lastly, and most greatly, sports activities are fun. Sports activities offer your kids a group of people with similar goals and interests. When your kid hangs out with people of similar goals and interests, he/she will want to do better. Some of them may even become the best buddies of life. 

The advantages of sports are similar to whether your kid does well in it or not. However, it will be great for your kid to keep participating in sports activities even when he/she gets older. 

Children do not have equal sports. You must consider your kid’s height, age, skills, and most importantly, his main interest. You can’t force your child to do a sport he’s not interested in doing. If your kid has his heart ready for baseball, he won’t be glad even with the most enthusiastic and talented basketball coach. Furthermore, choosing the right sports for your kids can make a huge difference in enhancing self-esteem, confidence, mood, and focus. Here are nine best sports for 6 year old kid.

Sports Activities Benefits 
SoccerImproves cardiovascular health and endurance levels
CheerleadingTeaches team-building, improves agility and flexibility
Bicycle It’s fun and offer full body exercise 
RugbyEncourage time management skills
SwimmingEntertains kids and improve physical activeness
Basketball Improves hand-eye coordination
BaseballImproves hand-eye coordination
Inline Skating Makes kids happy
Hockey Offers leg strength and  endurance 

What The Best Sports For A 6-Year-Old Kid?


Soccer is among the favorite sports activities on the planet, and it provides kids the avenues to master balance. Whenever children juggle the ball and also finds the teammates of his, this can improve the feet dexterity. Soccer involves regular running which is going to benefit the endurance levels of theirs and cardiovascular health. But be honest, soccer isn’t completely secure. Injuries as shin splints as well as ankle twists are extremely common. Whenever a child heads the heel incorrectly, it may result in brain injuries or perhaps concussions. To stop these usual injuries related to soccer, the American Academy of Pediatrics indicates that the children of yours most be as much as thirteen years of age before purposefully heading the ball. This is because younger children have brains that happen to be more vulnerable to injury.


If perhaps the child of yours is strong enough to handle the fear of heights and water, then think about enrolling him/her in swimming classes. Something we like about swimming is you get to get one-on-one time with the coaches of yours while simultaneously experiencing the interpersonal benefit of becoming a part of the swimming group. Swimming is going to help your children to focus perfectly on his/her improvement by improving his/her swimming skills with no competition or maybe strain with anybody else in the staff. Going swimming is among the pleasurable sports for kids which will definitely cause them to become entertained and physically active.


If you have a female child that cherishes teamwork, then simply cheerleading is going to be a great option for her. It’s an ultimate sport for motivating teamwork to little females. The entire routine is able to go off still of a participant is not in sync with the majority of the team. Cheerleading shows very little kids team building and additionally promotes agility and flexibility because of its flips and leaps. In contrast to many other sports activities, cheerleading tones as well as conditions the entire body also. It’s definitely among the best sports for your female kids.


One of the all-team sports for kids is the Rugby, where players learn that, they can never gain a victory alone. And the intensity and duration of the practices encourage time management skills. Although bruises and deep concussions are very common in sports. As a parent, make sure our kids are always on their helmets and padding all the time. 


With dad or mom holding the seatback, almost every kid has tried riding a bicycle when growing up. Bicycling is loaded with fun and its another great form of body exercise as well. You can start by purchasing a three-wheel tricycle for your kids, and then after they’ve mastered that, you can proceed to get a two-wheel that comes with a training wheel. You can take off the training wheels once your kid has mastered it well. Please do not let your kids ride bikes with brakes or even multispeed bikes until they are up to nine years.


Basketball is another sport that is very popular in the US. You can easily organize this sport because it relies on a small amount of equipment like a pack hoop and a ball. Your kid’s hand-eye coordination will be improved by basic moves like dribbling and quick passes. We loved that basketball is one of the safest of all sports. The worst of injury that can only occur in basketball is pulled hamstrings and rare eye poke. 


Many little girls and boys grow up aiming to be being baseball players. So if you child aspires to be a baseball player, then why not enroll him now! We love that kids as young as 5-6 years of age can easily learn baseball. As a matter of fact, more than three million kids aged between five and eighteen involve on Little League Baseball organization. Baseball will help to enhance physical strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination in children. It will also help the kid to learn leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and discipline. We loved that baseball is harmless, with normal injuries like elbow injuries and pulled hamstring. Certainly, it is one of the best sport for your kids to play. 

Inline Skating

Inline skating is a very common activity with children recently. Kids age four or five can start inline skating. But make sure your kid goes for professional tutoring, and ensure he/she wears his gear all the time. This gear might include, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. 


Here’s another great sport for your kids! Hockey is an ideal sport for kids who want to gain leg strength, endurance, and dexterity by controlling and manipulating a fast-moving puck with the stick. As the culture of the sport, players will have to learn how to run around the rink while tossing themselves at one another along the way. Fighting is a culture in this kind of sport, although it has softened, it hasn’t totally gone away. So you must get the proper equipment. It will surely keep your kids safe to a certain level. 


Welcome to the ending of this article. With your encouragement and support as a parent, the chances are very high that your kids will take an immense interest in sports. We hope this article was resourceful. Check out all the sports mentioned in this article, pick your kid’s favorite, and support him/her to do better, and your kids will definitely enjoy the benefits. 

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