Best Tennis Bag For Women Review

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Women play the game of tennis and they certainly need to keep their tennis equipment safe from the harshness of travel since it requires considerable investment. A tennis bag is essential for all players of all levels. Whether you’re a recreational tennis player or an avid tennis player, a good tennis bag is something you’ll definitely need for keeping all your essentials. 

As a tennis player, you might find yourself in a situation where you forget to bring everything needed for your tennis game. Sometimes, it might be that you didn’t have enough space in your bag to pack all the essential tennis equipment. A good tennis bag is a solution for all these types of situations.

A stylish tennis bag is a prerequisite for most female tennis players. That’s why we’ve listed the best tennis bag for women. These tennis bags are stylish, durable, and spacious enough to pack all your tennis essentials.

Best Tennis Bag For Women – Comparison Chart 

The table below is a comparison chart of the best tennis bags for ladies.

Best Tennis Bags For Ladies Highlighted Features Reason For PickSupport System
Best Overall: [amazon link=”B091G4P7ZR” title=”Wilson Advantage II Tennis Bag” /]Metal zippersBest PickPadded shoulder strap
Best Pick: [amazon link=”B08JHWBN65″ title=”All For Color Tennis Tote” /]Slip-resistant Best OverallWebbed shoulder strap
Best Plain: [amazon link=”B07CFWMVFK” title=” Hadaki Tennis Tote” /]Small zipper compartment Best PlainGood body structure 
Best Usability: [amazon link=”B00AAMYD5Q” title=”Maggie Mather Tennis Tote” /]Soft zebra-patterned fabricBest Usability Adjustable strap
Best Quality: [amazon link=”B07L89M2NL” title=” Kuston Sports Bag” /]Wear and tear-resistant Best Quality Compatible adjustable strap
Best For Compartments: [amazon link=”B0856BHDGC” title=”HEAD Tour Team Backpack – Best Tennis Backpack” /]Padded racket compartmentBest For CompartmentWell-padded shoulder strap
Best Brand: [amazon link=”ASIN” title=”Nike Brasilia Small Duffel” /]Internal Organization Best BrandFairly padded shoulder strap

1. Best Pick: Wilson Advantage II Tennis Bag 

[amazon box=”B091G4P7ZR” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Getting any bag is easy but a good tennis bag with the right shape to fit in all your tennis essentials is another thing. You just have to get the right bag that’s designed to fit your tennis racquets and other equipment.

The Wilson Advantage II tennis bag is one of the most reliable tennis bags when it comes to style and functionality. It comes with enough spaces and compartments which gives you the option to keep more essentials and hear. Talking of a trusted and reputable tennis bag brand on the market, Wilson is one of the leaders. 

They’ve been around for so long, maintaining their reputation for high-quality and affordable products. The Advantage II tennis bag is our first pick because it packs some beneficial features which will be useful for every female tennis player out there. You’ll be traveling in elegance with the Wilson Advantage II bag. 

1. Main Compartment: This traveling bag comes with a main compartment that is designed to accommodate two rackets at once. Also, you’ll find a small front pocket that helps to hold up small accessories like phones, keys, and wallets. 

2. Padded Grip: The grip of this bag is well padded to offer optimal comfort for your hands when carrying heavy gear. 

3. Padded Shoulder Strap: The bag includes a padded shoulder strap to deliver additional support. Also, you can use the back as a backpack or carry it on one shoulder, thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap. 

4. Metal Zippers: We loved that it comes with metal zippers to ensure the durability of the bag. You don’t have to worry about damaging the zippers when opening or closing the bags. It is durable and sturdy. 

5. Padded Top Handle: The top handle of this tennis bag is well padded for extra support and convenience when lifting or carrying the bag from a place to another. 

With all of its beneficial features, this bag is an ideal option for female tennis players in search of a stylish yet durable and spacious tennis bag. 


1. Comes with a metal zipper for enhanced durability 

2. The zipper compartment accommodates more essentials 

3. Reliable brand 

4. Competitive pricing 

5. Quite durable and sturdy 

6. Fashionable design 

7. Suits women of all levels 

8. Adjustable shoulder strap for enhanced flexibility and functionality 

9. Comes with a padded top handle for extra comfort 


1. Slighter smaller in size 

2. Best Pick: All For Color Tennis Tote 

[amazon box=”B08JHWBN65″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Are you a fashionable person, who loves beautiful colors? Do you ever wish to have a tennis bag designed with many different color options? If yes, then this one is your sure bet! Female tennis players who love to look attractive should go for this efficient bag. With this All For Color Tennis Tote, you’ll definitely be the talk of the tennis court among other female tennis players.

Talk of stunning and eye-catching looks, this bag was designed and built with different unique and colored patterns to suits your needs. Hope you’re not making the mistake of thinking the bag was only meant to look good on you. It was spaciously designed to deliver ample room to accommodate all your tennis gears into many compartments. This bag is quite portable but still big enough to carry all your equipment to the tennis court. 

1. Unique and Colored Patterns: It comes with different color options to choose from. You can choose different colors to match your daily outfit to the court. 

2. Large Exterior Pocket: This bag comes with a large exterior pocket that was designed to accommodate two tennis racquets at a time. 

3. Slip Resistant: The material used for the bag is slip-resistant. With this, you’re assured that your bag will not slip off and damage your tennis equipment. 

4. Webbed Shoulder Strap: It features a webbed shoulder strap which makes the bag easy to carry around. 

5. Ample Interior: The ample interior of this bag makes it spacious enough to accommodate tennis balls, racquets, and other accessories like water bottles, clothing, and so on. 

6. Exterior Clip: There’s an exterior clip equipped with the bag which helps to make it easier to hang the bag up. 

7. Metal Feet: The metal feet on the bottom of this bag make it easier for you to place it down without it slipping off. 

The All For Color Tennis Tote bag is a perfect choice for all female tennis players, especially the ones who love fashions and colors. 


1. Ample interior space 

2. 420-denier polyester

3. Comes with a front compartment 

4. The webbed shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry around

5. Available in different unique color options 

6. Fashionable design 

7. Slip-resistant material 

8. Affordable pricing 


1. It’s a bit small 

3. Best Plain: Hadaki Tennis Tote

[amazon box=”B07CFWMVFK” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you want something very simple and easy to use, the Hadaki Tennis Tote is an ideal option. It’s not all time that a woman wants a colorful, bright, or stylish bag, sometimes she just wants something simple and efficient. That’s where the Hadaki Tennis Tote comes in. It is a well-designed bag that’s available in different structures. 

This bag will accommodate all of your tennis equipment any day any time even though it is not made of any fancy materials and doesn’t have extraordinary functions. We love the construction of the bag. It was built to accommodate most tennis gear. With this bag, you’ll be able to pack all the essentials needed for your leisure time on the court. 

Women who engage in other extracurricular activities than just playing a tennis game will find this bag useful as it offers them the option to fit any other gear apart from tennis equipment. 

1. Stylish And Durable Materials: The material used for the construction of this bag is quite durable and up to the task. You’ll get a durable bag at an affordable price. 

2. Outside Exterior: We love that the bag was built within an outside exterior that comes in a variety of color patterns. The inside of the bag is well knitted and made to ensure its durability. 

3. Large Compartment: The inside of this bag has a large compartment that is spacious enough to accommodate all your essentials. The compartment is spacious enough to fit two or more tennis racquets and other important gears like towels, clothing, ball, etc.  

4. Smaller Zipper Compartment: There’s a smaller zipper compartment in the inside compartment of this bag, which can be used to store your small accessories like wallet, phones, keys, makeup, etc. 


1. Comes with a smaller zipped compartment for keeping smaller accessories like phones, wallets, and makeup

2. The large compartment is spacious enough to accommodate two or more racquets at a time 

3. It’s quite affordable

4. Durable material 

5. Reliable brand 

6. Available on many designs 


1. Might be too big for some ladies 

4. Best Usability: Maggie Mather Tennis Tote

[amazon box=”B00AAMYD5Q” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Maggie Mather is a leader in the tennis equipment industry. They’ve been around for a while now and they’ve been doing well in terms of delivering high-quality tennis bags for men and women. 

People who love a very plain but yet functional tennis bag will find this one suitable for their needs. Maggie Mather didn’t really put attractiveness in their mind when building this bag. It was designed and built mainly to be efficient and durable. Nothing more! 

1. Different Compartments: This bag comes with many compartments which can accommodate all your tennis gear. The outside compartment is also easy to access for quick storage of your tennis accessories like racquets, balls, etc. 

2. Different Color Options: The Maggie Mather tennis tote is available in a variety of beautiful colors such as Teal, Plum, Navy Blue, Black, and Pink. There are also many other colors available but not mentioned here. 

3. Multifunctional: The Maggie Mather tote is a multifunctional bag that’s designed to accommodate all your tennis gear and other small accessories for different sports and purposes apart from tennis. The bag fits into other occasions, meaning you can take it to other places with it looking out of place.   

4. Large Exterior Racket Pocket: There’s a large exterior racket pocket that offers enough space for keeping two tennis racquets. It has a back pocket with a zipper for keeping other valuables. That’s not all! There are also side pockets that are spacious enough for keeping tennis balls, sunglasses, water bottles, etc. 

5. Soft Zebra-Patterned Fabric: The inside lining of this bag was made with a soft zebra-patterned fabric and it comes with one zipper pocket. This material used makes the bag lightweight, durable, water-resistant. 

6. Adjustable Strap: Lastly, there’s an adjustable strap that makes it easy to carry the bag around. 

This bag is a must-have for all women tennis players out there because it’s affordable, durable, lightweight, and multifunctional. 


1. Comes with a lot of compartments 

2. It’s water-resistant 

3. Lightweight design 

4. High-quality material 

5. The bag is multifunctional 

6. Available in a variety of beautiful colors

7. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry around 


1. Color fades quickly 

5. Best Quality: Kuston Sports Bag

[amazon box=”B07L89M2NL” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Looking for a stylish bag designed with high-quality material to meet your daily demands? Look no further than this Kustom Sports bag. The bag is well-designed and built with high-quality materials, making it suitable for both tennis and other sports around the world. 

Just like a duffel bag, this bag was built to be spacious enough to accommodate all your tennis equipment. At a glance, you’ll love the exterior design of this bag. It was made with an exterior fabric that boasts a lot of unique designs. 

1. High-quality Oxford Fabric: This Kuston Sports bag is made from premium-quality oxford fabric material which is only seen in high-end bags. 

2. Water, tear, and wear-resistant: The material makes the bag tear and wear-resistant, durable, and lightweight. You don’t have to worry about walking out during the rainy season since its exterior fabric is water-resistant. 

3. Main Component: There’s one main component that helps you store your tennis essentials. 

4. Inner Zipper Pocket: It also includes an inner zipper pocket for storing your small valuables like cell phones, wallets, and keys. 

5. Side Access Shoe Compartment: A side access shoe compartment is a dedicated storage space for keeping your shoes away from the rest of the equipment in the bag. 

6. Waterproof Zipper Pockets: There’s a zipper pocket that’s waterproof located at the back of the bag. This zipper pocket is used to store dirty clothes. 

7. Compatible Adjustable Strap: You can use this compatible adjustable strap to change them back into either cross-bag or handbag style.

Every female tennis player out there should go for this bag today. It is durable, water-resistant, and made with high-quality material. 


1. Duffel bag style 

2. It’s water-resistant 

3. This bag comes with multi-functional pockets 

4. Lightweight design 

5. High-quality Oxford fabric 

6. Comes with a compatible adjustable strap for switching the bag to either handbag or cross bag style 

7. Reliable brand 

8. Fairly affordable 


1. The strap quality can be improved 

6. Best For Compartments: HEAD Tour Team Backpack – Best Tennis Backpack

[amazon box=”B0856BHDGC” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next on our list of the best tennis bag for ladies is the Tour Team bag from HEAD. HEAD is one of the biggest manufacturers of sporting equipment and sportswear in the industry. They are known for producing premium quality products at affordable prices, and the Tour Team Backpack is no different! 

This backpack from HEAD is ideally suitable for female tennis players who love to cover long distances on foot. Don’t be confused with the name “backpack”. We know you’re not going for a mountain trip or expedition! The Tour Team backpack doubles as a tennis bag and backpack. 

It is budget-friendly, therefore it’s a good option for tennis players on a tight budget. Apart from the fact that there’s a dedicated shoe compartment, this bag is well ventilated. The dedicated shoe compartment helps to keep away dirty shoes from the rest of the equipment. 

1. Main Compartment: There’s a spacious main compartment for storing tennis accessories and clothes. It is spacious enough to keep all your accessories safe and secure. 

2. Padded Racket Compartment: This backpack comes with a padded racket compartment which is spacious enough to accommodate two racquets at a time. 

3. Front Zipper Pocket: This HEAD tennis bag was also equipped with a front zipper pocket for storing small items like phones, wallets, keys, etc. Furthermore, there’s a pair of mesh side pockets for keeping tennis balls, water bottles, etc. 

4. Shoulder Straps: There are well-padded shoulder straps which makes carrying the bag easier and comfortable even it’s filled to the brim with equipment and accessories. 

The truth is that you shouldn’t expect too much from this bag in terms of durability. Overall, the backpack is a good choice for any female tennis player looking for the best tennis bag for ladies at a low price. 


1. Comes with a dedicated shoe compartment 

2. Accommodates up to two tennis racquets 

3. Quite affordable 

4. A great option for people who will be within walking distance on foot 

5. Equipped with a dedicated shoe compartment 

6. Boasts of mesh side pockets for keeping tennis balls, water bottles, etc. 


1. Not quite durable 

7. Best Brand: Nike Brasilia Small Duffel – Best Bag If You Need Plenty Of Space

[amazon box=”B07L8ZQ2ZP” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re a sportsman, Nike should sound like a new brand to you. For more than 60 years now, Nike has been a leader in the sportswear and equipment industry. They’ve been consistent in manufacturing high-quality, durable, and cost-effective products. The Brasilia Small Duffel is another outstanding product from Nike. 

If you’d love to enjoy plenty of storage space for your tennis equipment, the Nike Brasilia duffel bag is your sure bet! This outstanding bag offers you easy access to all your accessories. Unlike it is in a backpack that you’ll have to take off before grabbing something from it, the Nike Brasilia boasts easy access for people who are frequently reaching for items in their bags. We love many things about this bag, more specifically its portable and exquisite design. 

1. Internal Organization: This bag comes with one slip pocket, five zippered pockets, and five exterior pockets for ample storage of all your accessories. 

2. No Dedicated Shoe Compartment: Nike Brasilia Small Duffel doesn’t have dedicated shoe compartments like it is in the HEAD Tour backpack. This shouldn’t be a problem especially when there’s a lot of storage spaces. 

3. Different Color Options: This cost-effective duffel bag comes in different colors like Pink, Red/White, and other gender-neutral colors. The pink duffel will be suitable for most female tennis players. 

4. Fairly Padded Shoulder Strap: Brasilia duffel is equipped with a removable shoulder strap that has fair padding. Unfortunately, you may get a swollen shoulder after prolonged wearing. We specifically don’t recommend this bag for people who intend on wearing it for a long time. 

Overall, the Nike Brasilia small duffel is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a bag with a lot of space for storage. 


1. Available in multiple color options 

2. Comes with a lot of pockets 

3. Offers quick and easy access to your belongings 

4. Ideal for people who have a lot to carry 

5. Comes with dual handles and a removable shoulder strap for easy maneuverability 

6. High-quality, durable material 


1. Insufficient padding in the shoulder strap

Best Tennis Bags For Ladies – Buyer’s Guide 

You need to consider few things before going for your preferred tennis bag for ladies. Getting a bag that suits your needs isn’t quite easy as there are hundreds of options on the market. The process of getting the best tennis bag for ladies is a little complicated and stressful especially if this is your first time out there. We’ve composer a detailed buyer’s guide which features all the factors to be considered before making a buying decision. Make sure you take a look at each of the factors on this buyer’s guide before spending any dime on your preferred tennis bag for ladies.  


The first factor to consider before making a buying decision on your preferred tennis bag is its quality. The quality of the material used for the bag construction should be firstly considered. Some bags are made with flimsy and cheap materials while others are made with high-quality materials. Tennis bags made with cheap materials won’t last long. They will certainly disappoint you when you never expected it. It is quite important to buy a tennis bag made from premium-quality material.

Mesh Pockets 

If you want to separate your large items from your small items in a bag, the mesh pockets are just great for that! You’ll be able to locate your small accessories like headphones, wallets, dampeners, makeup, and more. Mesh pockets are normal outside of a backpack or inside of a compartment, depending on the design of the bag.  

Cooling Technology 

This cooling technology isn’t normally common in tennis bags because it is not really necessary. Although tennis players in hotter climates would find this feature useful as it helps to store perishable things for a while. 

Shoe Compartments 

Your bag would be messy and smelly when you have dirty clothes and shoes in it, most especially if you couldn’t store them properly. You’ll find most bags on the market making up for this with a well-ventilated shoe compartment. Check out for this when picking up your preferred tennis bag. 

Quick Drying Materials 

You must go for a tennis bag made with good material that protects the insides from absorbing moisture. You won’t want to have the inside of your bag wet and messy with moisture. 

Good Padding 

When getting a tennis bag, the padding of the support system is one of the most important factors to be considered. You have to make sure that the bag isn’t causing additional stress on your hand, arms, and shoulder no matter how heavy it is.

Bag Style

Tennis bags come in different structures and designs and the most popular types of tennis bags include: 

1. Tennis tote bags

2. Tennis duffel bags

3. Tennis bags with wheels

4. Tennis racket bags (Tour bags)

5. Tennis sling bags

6. Tennis backpacks

Closing Thoughts 

We’re excited that you now know some of the best options out there on the market. With all the options on our list, you can choose any one that suits your needs. As a woman, you’d love to have a tennis bag that combines style with functionality. All the tennis bags on our list were well-designed and built with high-quality materials to offer elegant looks and sufficient space to keep all your tennis equipment and other small accessories. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the best tennis bags for ladies. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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