Best Tennis Balls For Dogs (Honest Review!)

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Dogs and balls go together just like cereal and milk. What do I mean? Well, what I am trying to say is when a ball is thrown for a dog to go fetch, immediately the dog runs after that ball. Most dogs love going after balls, no matter how far the ball is thrown. Now here is the deal, most common people don’t know what type of ball is best for dogs. This is what confuses most dog lovers, however, tennis balls are seen to be the best for dogs. This has made most tennis ball owners make them especially for dogs now.

Let’s dive right into it, this article will be giving you a well-detailed buying guide when it comes to the tennis ball for your dog and a review of some of the best tennis ball products.

Buying Guide

Things To Look Out For Before Making A Purchase 

While buying a tennis ball for your dog, the main aim is to make it happy. Sometimes it’s not just about buying just any tennis ball, some tennis balls could make your dog enjoy the time you have assigned to play with him. While it’s hard to pick out the best tennis ball, some factors could be considered while looking out for a tennis ball for your dog.


Looking into the quality of the tennis ball is very important because buying a poor-quality tennis ball might bring harm to your dogs’ teeth. Here is the deal, when buying a tennis ball, look out for a soft one made with high-quality rubber, and standard material fabrics. Poor quality tennis balls have rough fabrics and can cause harm to the dog. 


Dogs are fascinated when they see bright colors. So with this, while buying a ball, bright colors like red, orange, or fluorescent yellow are most times preferred by dogs. Putting this into consideration while buying a tennis ball for your dog will be good for you and your dog.


A tennis ball that bounces is a feature that every good tennis ball for dogs should possess. Before paying for the ball, make sure you check if it bounces. Most recent studies have shown that balls that don’t bounce are useless to dogs. No dog likes a ball that doesn’t bounce, the more a ball bounces, the more the dog runs after it.

Dental Deterioration 

Your dog isn’t only exposed to the risk of being choked with the ball, most balls are also capable of making your dog’s teeth to wear out. Since most tennis balls are made solid in order to be able to withstand tennis courts and rackets, they can cause damage to your teeth. Also, you’ll notice that the ball rolls on ground, the green fuzz will have accumulated dirt and sand particles which even increase the risk of tooth damage. The teeth of your dog wears out quickly as it bites on the tennis ball. Tooth issues like chewing difficulty and tooth pulp exposure will occur at the end. So, make sure you stop your dog from biting their tennis ball.  


This is another important feature that should be looked into before buying a tennis ball. When buying tennis balls for dogs, consider buying small balls for smaller dogs for good grips and bigger balls for bigger dogs.

These things should be looked into before you go out to buy your dog a tennis ball. Ask questions and do some research before buying a tennis ball for your dog. Here are some issues that might arise when you don’t consider these things.

Tennis Balls Can Choke Your Dog

This might seem like nothing, but this is a big threat. Try squeezing a tennis ball with your hand, it will turn into a little ball. Imagine if your hands could squeeze it like that, the jaw of a dog which has more force than your hands could squeeze it even smaller. Why does this matter? Let me show you. The ball, after being compressed, could go right into your dog’s mouth and then blow up back to full size and restrict their airflow which might cause them to choke. Guess what, this is more common with bigger dogs, the bigger the dog, the bigger the jaw. The best way to not have this is to consider the size of your dog before buying it a tennis ball.

Some Tennis Balls Cause Damage To Their Teeth

Merely looking or feeling a tennis ball, it looks and feels very soft. Let’s dig deeper, take the ball, and rub it on your hand with very reasonable pressure. You notice it feels like sandpaper on your skin. These tennis balls are a little more abrasive than you think. And with continuous use, dirt, sand, rocks, and all that trapped in the fuzz, it gets even worse than before. With all these, when your dog holds a tennis ball with its teeth, it causes them to suffer severe dental issues. 

Most tennis companies have seen these things and have improved on them. Now it is the greed that in a game of catch when it isn’t a green fuzzy tennis ball, the dog isn’t really into it. But these tennis balls are not made for dogs, the dog tennis balls have been specifically made for dogs so they are not harmful, they bounce higher, and are easier to clean. When it comes to our pets, what you are interested in is their safety. Although it might cost more, it’s worth the pain.

These Tennis Balls Can Be Swallowed    

When it comes to swallowing tennis balls, larger dogs are at higher risks. They have stronger jaws that can grind a tennis ball into a single bite. Some dogs like to give themselves the challenge of tearing things apart. The little pieces in a tennis ball can cause serious intestinal damage because they are very sharp. Smaller dogs are also at risk because they also have sharp teeth that could peel the tennis ball. They could swallow and cause them serious damage that will require them to go into surgery.

Best Tennis Balls For Dogs – Comparison Chart 

The table below is a comparison chart of the best tennis balls for dogs. You’ll find the reason for pick, highlighted features and some other things about each products on our list. 

Best Tennis Balls For Dogs Reason For Pick Highlighted Features 
[amazon link=”B000A8CUSM” title=”The Kong Yellow Squeaky Tennis Ball” /]Best PickSqueaky function
[amazon link=”B01LOXLGAO” title=”The Dog’s Balls For Dog Training” /]Best For High Visibility Machine washable 
[amazon link=”B076R7SZD7″ title=”Woof Sports Eco-friendly Tennis Balls” /]Best Non-ToxicHigh visibility 
[amazon link=”B07T1WKFWZ” title=”Scirokko Orange Squeaky Dog Tennis Balls” /]Best Squeaky FeatureTop-notch thickness
[amazon link=”B002MQU1PE” title=”The Zanies Mini Dog Tennis Balls” /]Best For Smaller Puppies:Dog-friendly 
[amazon link=”B00006IX5A” title=”Chuckit Tennis Balls For Dogs” /]Best BudgetHigh buoyancy 
[amazon link=”B00486UBOC” title=”Hyper Pet Training And Exercising Dog Tennis Balls” /]Best ValueNon-toxic feature
[amazon link=”B013RVW1B4″ title=”West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz Dog Ball” /]Best For DurabilityHigh longevity
[amazon link=”B07L1L4DP7″ title=”All-Star Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball” /]Best Tech:Giggle feature 
[amazon link=”B0051UROB2″ title=”Boomer Ball For Dogs” /]Best For Lightweightness:Virtually indestructible 

Best Tennis Balls For Dogs Review

In our quest to get the best tennis balls for dogs, we have assessed and reviewed so many that we could get our hands-on. After all this, we have been able to narrow them down to the 10 best tennis balls for dogs. These tennis balls are most safe for dogs, they have attractive colors and bounce high. Which makes them the best. Here is the list of the 10 best tennis balls for dogs. 

Best Pick: The Kong Yellow Squeaky Tennis Ball

[amazon box=”B000A8CUSM” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Our first pick is the Yellow Squeaky tennis ball from the Kong company. Kong balls are the best option for your dogs who love to play fetch or other ball games. The Kong balls are manufactured with a non-abrasive texture that is of no harm to your dogs’ teeth. Each Kong ball posses an air squeaker that is broken off in rubber and repressed with the fabrics of the tennis ball for extra safety, for fierce chewers.

The Kong Squeak air ball can be described as two different dog toys. It has the feature of both the tennis ball and the squeaker toy which makes it the perfect fetch toy. Thanks to the squeaker, you won’t have to worry about it getting lost. That’s not all! The squeaky feature makes it more fun to play with. We hated one thing about this product. Firstly, the ball can be damaged if left in water for a long time. Apart from that, the ball is great in all ramifications and it’s a true value for money. 

Key Features 

1. Perfect for playing fetch

2. Squeaker to prompt play

3. Not abrasive for safety of dogs dental


1. The squeaker increases the fun

2. The squeaker makes it harder for it to get lost

3. Bounces a lot


1. When left in water for long, it damages.

2. Best For High Visibility: The Dog’s Balls For Dog Training 

[amazon box=”B01LOXLGAO” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Dog’s balls are one of the leading manufacturing companies of the best dog tennis balls. These balls have bright colors to make them noticeable for your dogs if they get lost. Also, the Dog’s balls are easier to get cleaned and remove dirt that can cause your dog teeth to wear off. 

Furthermore, Dog’s ball has made it a mission to make products that pass the quality of life test. What we mean is their products provide improvement to your dog’s health, pleasure, and overall well-being. They are also manufactured for retrieval games, increase your dogs’ prey drive. This also helps your dog with the inclination to chase, helping your dog with some physical exercise. Playing fetch is a healthy way of curbing the overwhelming desire of chasing smaller animals. 

We loved that Dog’s balls look just like tennis balls but with better features for dogs. These balls are thicker than normal tennis balls and they have undergone tests that make them okay to be put in their mouth. Dog’s balls are well known for their product’s ability to meet the customer’s standard. They use premium materials in making their products. Furthermore, this brand also conducts tests with dogs varying from small dogs to big dogs, just to make sure that they give the best they have to offer. We disliked two things! Firstly, we don’t like the fact that the ball doesn’t come with the squeaky feature. Secondly, it is not ideal for aggressive dogs because they will eventually find a way into it. 

Key Features

1. High visibility 

2. Non- abrasive

3. Machine washable 


1. Completely dog safe

2. Non-toxic

3. Highly visible


1. Doesn’t have the squeaky feature

2. Aggressive dogs find a way to view into it eventually 

3. Best Non-Toxic: Woof Sports Eco-friendly Tennis Balls

[amazon box=”B076R7SZD7″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

All you want for your dogs are durable tennis balls, right? Let me show you the woof sports eco-friendly tennis ball. It has the top-notch quality and is sold at a fair price. Recently, the ball thickness has been increased by 15% to increase durability. 

The goal of Woof Sports which is a dog-loving family business is to make good quality balls at a very affordable price. At first, woof sports started producing medium-sized balls for small dogs, they soon found out that the smaller dogs wanted smaller balls than they were making. They have been able to prove that their number one priority is to make durable tennis balls for clients. The ball has a good bounce for playing fetch, it also has a bright orange color that makes it visible on grass. Now let’s dig deeper, it’s eco-friendly, pet safe, it’s made with natural rubber, and doesn’t have toxic dyes. We disliked two things – firstly, the ball doesn’t bounce high enough, and secondly, the manufacturer didn’t produce larger sizes. 

Key Features 

1. Has a bright color

2. Comes in a reusable mesh bag

3. Training capabilities 


1. High visibility

2. Good for training and playing fetch


1. They don’t make larger sizes

2. Not bouncy enough 

4. Best Squeaky Feature: Scirokko Orange Squeaky Dog Tennis Balls

[amazon box=”B07T1WKFWZ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Scirokko tennis ball is bouncy and travels far when flung with the ball thrower. It makes your time with your dog more fun because it’s easy to find based on its bright orange color. Just like most dog tennis balls, they are not abrasive, non-toxic, and durable. With a size of 2.5 diameters, you have no problem with the ball causing your dog to choke. Also, it weighs only 1.55 pounds, making it a lightweight option. 

This is one of the best balls for playing fetch with your dog. It bounces higher, floats, durable, and good for long-distance throws. The only downside is that the product belongs to the expensive side. It is quite expensive. 

Key Features 

1. 2.5 diameters and 1.55 pounds weight

2. High-visibility orange

3. Top-notch thickness


1. Safe for dogs

2. Squeaky feature 

3. Enhanced visibility


1. Very expensive 

5. Best For Smaller Puppies: The Zanies Mini Dog Tennis Balls 

[amazon box=”B002MQU1PE” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

For a while now, Zanies have not disappointed us in the production of premium quality products that stand the test of time. If you love playing outside with your dogs, the zanies tennis ball is perfect for you and your dog. They are lightweight and are made especially for small dogs. Also, they are a 2-inch diameter, these balls are available in varieties of color that make them highly visible. You should know that Zanies Dog balls don’t have the squeaky feature. Measuring 2” in diameter and weighing 7.8 ounces, the product is best suited for your small puppies. Concerning its durability, these Zanies mini dog tennis balls are designed and built with a tough texture that won’t wear off easily. Apart from that, your dogs will not have a hard time picking these balls up. The only thing is that the ball is not quite recommendable for big dogs and does not bounce high enough. 

Key Features 

1. 7.8 ounces of weight and 2-inch diameters

2. Made with different bright colors

3. Dog-friendly 


1. Comes in a variety of colors for high visibility 

2. Small dogs enjoy playing with them

3. Built with tough texture that doesn’t wear off

4. Small dogs don’t have a hard time picking them up


1. Doesn’t bounce high

2. Might be too small for big dogs

6. Best Budget: Chuckit Tennis Balls For Dogs 

[amazon box=”B00006IX5A” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Chuckit is a company that specializes in making special balls for dogs. Each Chuckit product has a coarse core made from simple rubber for more action and durability. Moving forward, the rubber used in making the balls makes them bouncy for your dog. The balls can be played with in the water. They are very soft, and your dog can carry them easily.

Let’s dive right it, these Chuckit tennis balls are made to make the game of fetch more exciting, these balls are made with thick rubber which makes them extra durable than other dog tennis balls. Do you know the best part? The rubber makes the balls super bouncy and helps your dog to jump and leap more. Also, the Chuckit balls are durable, lightweight, and good for water-loving dogs. 

On top of the thick rubber is a soft surface that makes them comfortable in the mouth of your dogs. The bright colors used in the design of the Chuckit balls make them attractive to your dog. The balls are made in different sizes that range for all sizes of dogs. These balls are quite affordable with top quality features. The only thing we disliked was the fact that the ball isn’t ideal for aggressive dogs. 

Key Features 

1. High buoyancy 

2. Simple and high bouncy rubber

3. Attractive color and design


1. Durable

2. Super bouncy

3. High visible colors

4. Inexpensive


1. Bad for aggressive dogs

7. Best Value: Hyper Pet Training And Exercising Dog Tennis Balls

[amazon box=”B00486UBOC” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Hyper pet training and exercising tennis balls are good for training and exercising dogs at any stage of their life. It has a bright green color that makes it easy to find if it gets lost. They are made without abrasive and toxic materials, so it is safe for your dog to carry around with its teeth. Most end-users particularly commended this ball for its non-toxic feature and it’s one of the reasons why many people are buying the product. Your dog will find the size of this ball ideal and perfect, giving them greater fun and protection from any form of swallowing. 

Like we said before, dogs will get easily attracted to this ball because of its bright colors. The Hyper dog tennis ball is quite soft, and it will be easy to hold by your pets. You’ll have the opportunity to choose according from a pack of four or six. The only downside is that the product is a bit expensive. Apart from that, this ball is the ideal choice for dog owners looking for a portable, and bright colored tennis ball. 

Key features 

1. 0.22 kilograms

2. Pure rubber

3. Non-toxic


1. Dog safe

2. Squeak feature 

3. Bright colors

4. Doesn’t wear out


1. Costly

8. Best For Durability: West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz Dog Ball

[amazon box=”B013RVW1B4″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The West paw dog ball is soft, bouncy, and very easy on your dog’s mouth. This ball is made without any toxic glue. These balls or toys have a variety of bright colors that attracts your dog to them. West paw boasts of a test dog that could chew through a tennis ball within an hour. But guess what, she (the dog) hasn’t been able to chew through the west paw air boz dog ball and she adores it. This ball feels like a quality one, it’s soft, extra bouncy, and thick. 

The real story here is west paw dog balls are bouncy, light, and soft. Also, dogs don’t find it hard to hold with their mouth. West paw has a very durable feature and the air makes it easy to squish, it pops back up after squishing. As squishy as it is, humans can’t squish them completely, it’s meant to be squished by a dog’s jaw to give it an endorphin release. West paw dog balls come in bright and fun colors, they are also safe to play with in water. The ball is made of high-quality materials offers a machine washable option. The only downside is that the ball is not as durable as it seems. Apart from that, you’ll find this product very attractive, light, and soft. 

Key Features

1. Great sturdiness

2. High longevity 

3. Ounces of weight

4. Plastic material 


1. Machine washable

2. Very soft and bouncy

3. Safe chew toy


1. Not as durable as it seems

9. Best Tech: All-Star Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

[amazon box=”B07L1L4DP7″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

This is the kind of ball that keeps your dog entertained. It has an interactive feature of making giggly noises when moved. Do you know the best part? This ball doesn’t need a battery for this feature. It also has six holes that give your dog an easier way to pick it up. This ball catches the attention of every dog not just because of its bright colors, a blind dog could even be attracted to it because of its giggly noise feature.

This ball helps your dog to be happy, healthy, and fit. It also helps the dog entertain himself with the giggly noise it makes while shaking it around. Having this ball would make taking your dog out for walks and runs unnecessary. Weighing just 1.28 ounces, this ball is lightweight, making it a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor use. There’s one thing that makes this ball a hot cake in the market, and that’s the goggle feature without batteries. We also appreciated that the ball is quite affordable. The only downside is that the ball is not suitable for aggressive dogs. 

Key Features 

1. 1.28 ounces weight

2. Very thick

3. Medium size

4. High longevity


1. Giggle feature without batteries 

2. Great for outdoors and indoors

3. Quite affordable


1. Not for aggressive dogs

10. Best For Lightweightness: Boomer Ball For Dogs

[amazon box=”B0051UROB2″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Boomer is one of those dog toy manufacturers you can also trust and rely on because they’ve got a reputation for delivering high-quality products at a reasonable price. This ball is no different! Boomer balls are made with polyethylene materials. They are good for dogs that love to go after things when they are rolling. The sole purpose of this ball is just to be rolled around, your dog isn’t allowed to chew on it or pick it up. It is ideal that you buy the size that’s too big for your dog to pick up. 

This ball is seen to be indestructible even for big dogs jumping and pouncing on it. It helps them get some exercise and it’s also very thick. Thanks to its lightweight design, you’ll get this ball just in 1.09 pounds weight. The ball floats easily on water because of its lightweight design. This ball has so many key features that make it perfect for your dog. Since it’s virtually indestructible, the ball is an ideal option for outdoor use. The only downside is that it might not be easily picked up by some dogs. 

Key Features

1. Polyethylene material

2. 1.09 pounds weight

3. Virtually indestructible 


1. Puncture proof

2. Great for outdoor use

3. Good for exercise 

4. Floats in water


1. Can’t get picked up easily by your dog

Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls So Much?

Without making much of your time, we’re sure the main reason why you are here is that you have noticed how much your canine friend loves tennis balls. You have noticed how obsessed they are with chasing and chewing these balls. Some might say they love the texture, the bouncing features, or maybe the attractive colors. This might all be right, but the thing is the answer is very complicated. Different personnel has their own opinions towards this question. Although most of these different answers might be right, there is the main reason why dogs love tennis balls so much.

What’s the real story? Historically, dogs have an instinct to chase after a target. What do I mean? Now we have to dig deep into the past. Before dogs evolved to be domestic animals or man’s best friend, they lived in the wild. They had to survive, so they had the instinct of going after prey to avoid getting starved. Just like other predators, dogs had to stalk, chase, and kill their prey. They had this predatory behavior built in them, they didn’t learn how to be a predator, they were born that way. 

Moving on to modern times, a world where most dogs don’t have preys to hound. Things like tennis balls and other toys become a substitute. The nature of tennis balls makes them similar to small animals like rats. Their bouncy nature, and hairy texture. Dogs are natural predators so they are drawn to tennis balls. It’s a fact.

Is It Ideal For Dogs To Play With Tennis Balls?

Many dog lovers, after listening to stories of other dog lovers concerning tennis balls become scared to let their dog have tennis balls. We are going to answer the main question today. Is it ideal for a dog to play with tennis balls?

Dogs are known to love tennis balls, but dog lovers are looking out for their safety, so it’s good to confirm first for your dog’s safety. If it’s good to get him a tennis ball. While some people are okay with throwing a tennis ball for a dog to fetch, some don’t think it’s ideal to let dogs use it as chew toys. Yes, tennis balls when chewed on by dogs can get their teeth worn off, this isn’t true for all tennis balls. 

There are special tennis balls that won’t wear your dog’s teeth out. Tennis balls are soft, but with extensive chewing, they could wear out your dog’s teeth. Another thing is choking, your dog could choke on any chew toy. So the main answer here is that getting a tennis ball for your canine is risky, but ideal. Buy balls that can’t fit in their mouth and choke them. 

How Do You Stop A Dog From Being Obsessed Over A Tennis Ball?

It has been established before that dogs love to chase and chew on tennis balls. This is totally normal. Just like a human being, dogs can get obsessed with stuff, to the extent that when it’s with a toy or the tennis ball it’s obsessed with, it doesn’t want to do anything else. This might start to border you. Although this might not seem serious from the onset until it starts to bite people or other dogs that touch the item, or maybe run into any situation like traffic just to get the ball, it can even lead to disobedience. What we mean is, your dog might not take orders from you again when it’s with its toy. All these things happen all the time and there are several ways to solve them.

Number one on the list is making a fetch routine, let your dog know the time in the day of which you will throw the ball for it to fetch. Your dog surprisingly would patiently wait for your time of fetch. Moving forward to the second on the list, keep the tennis ball away from your dog when it’s not time for fetch. Don’t give it the liberty to always be with the ball. Also, during the time the ball is locked up, you can introduce it to other toys.

Last one here is that making your dog exercise  he doesn’t get dull and sit all day with one toy. An active dog has a lesser chance of getting obsessed.

Final Thoughts 

It has been proven that a dog’s favorite game is a chase or fetch. Most dogs like to go after stuff. A tennis ball makes it more fun, make your canine friend happy and get it one. It won’t hurt as long as you put some things into consideration and learn to play it safe. You must be very vigilant when shopping for your tennis balls for your dog. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the very best 10 tennis balls for dogs. Before going for your preferred one, make use of our buying guide to find the right pair for your needs. This buyer’s guide contains the features and factors to consider when buying. With the help of this review, we hope you were able to figure out the best tennis balls for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions comments. Thanks! 

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