Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis Review

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Generally, Plantar Fasciitis causes mild or severe pain in the foot. Plantar Fasciitis is the ligament that supports your foot arch and connects your toes with your heel bone. Stabbing pain in the heel is normally felt when there’s a swelling in the Plantar Fascia that runs from the heel to your foot’s sole. Only people who have felt the pain know how this condition can affect your movement. 

The game of tennis generally has biomechanical impacts on players’ feet, exposing them to the risk of having Plantar Fasciitis. Also, factors like playing on an uneven court, poor stretching, and lack of stretching can accelerate the risk of developing Plantar Fasciitis. 

The most effective and efficient way of avoiding or dealing with this type of foot condition is using a pair of supportive tennis shoes to play. Although the medical treatment may include insoles, physiotherapy, or splints, wearing a shoe that provides sufficient heel and arch support is also important. 

Since there’s a lot of options out there. It might be time-consuming and stressful to pick the right pair for your foot condition. Fortunately, we’ve handpicked the 7 best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for review. That’s not all! We’ve also prepared a well-detailed buying guide to help you choose the right pair of tennis shoes that suit your needs. Let’s roll! 

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Before we move on to the review, what exactly is Plantar Fasciitis? Medically, Plantar Fasciitis occurs when you overstretched the Plantar Fascia – mainly caused by repetitious twisting of the Periosteum from the Calcaneus. It commonly happens when we engage in activities like walking, running, playing sports, etc. 

Can You Play Tennis With Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes! You can play tennis with Plantar Fasciitis but it can be arduous. But before you play tennis at all, try to do a little warm-up. You can do tennis ball jogging by rolling it around the bottom of your foot while you step on it. This process will help prevent the pain effect of Plantar Fasciitis as you play on a hard court. Also, try to get a pair of tennis shoes specifically designed for your foot condition. Don’t use regular tennis shoes if you’re suffering from any foot conditions. 

Why You Need Special Tennis Shoes? 

Trainers, tennis shoes, and gym shoes are not built for the same purpose even if people think they are all the same thing. These shoes are made specifically for distinct purposes and you need to understand that some are designed for a temperamental foot condition like Plantar Fasciitis.

The game of tennis requires players to make sharp turns, sprint at speed, as well as jump to a certain height. Since all of these activities are done on a ruggedly tough surface in the court, all tennis players need to wear a pair of shoes that will prevent you from having pains and injury and also keep your foot condition in check. 

Best Tennis Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis – Comparison Chart

The table below is a comparison chart of the best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. 

Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar FasciitisHighlighted Features Reason For PickSupport System
Best For Men: [amazon link=”B005UJNPU8″ title=”New Balance 990v3 Stability” /]Chunky solesBest For MenHigh cushioning 
Best Breathability: [amazon link=”B07NJQH4R9″ title=”Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.0″ /]Breathable meshBest BreathabilityEndofit Sock-liner Technology 
Best Technology: [amazon link=”B08G91JCRP” title=”New Balance Men’s 806 Motion Control” /]Perforated side panelsBest Technology ABZROB cushioning technology
Best For Women: [amazon link=”B0786X9BQQ” title=”Prince Women’s T22 Lite” /]Mesh tongueBest For WomenTPU foot straps
Best Design: [amazon link=”B01N3TA0FC” title=”Asics Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes” /]Breathable mesh upperBest Design PGuard toe protector
Best for Players with High Arches:[amazon link=”B00MFWAB82″ title=”Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5″ /]TPU Midfoot shankBest For Players with High ArchesAdaptive Fit technology 
Best for Hobbyists and Beginners: amazon link=”B00DI7GLIC” title=”Adidas CC Rally Comp[” /]Lightweight Mono-mesh Upper ConstructionBest For Hobbyists and Beginners Climacool 360-degree cooling system 

Best Tennis Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis – In-depth Review 

Just like we said earlier, there are a lot of shoe manufacturers out there and they bring out new designs and styles of tennis shoes each year. With this, it’ll be a little difficult to know which one to pick, especially if you’re buying for the first time. We’ve picked the 7 best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for reviews. You’ll find these shoes useful, whether you’re using them for walking, tennis, or running. 

1. Best For Men: New Balance 990v3 Stability  

[amazon box=”B005UJNPU8″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

New Balance is one of the biggest names in the industry of footwear and sportswear. They are well-known for producing premium quality footwear that packs all the modern technology to offer comfort, support, and stability to users. This model might not be the cheapest on the market, but its outstanding beneficial features truly make up for its price.

This pair of shoes are best suited for tennis players with Plantar Fasciitis who are looking to have a great in-shoe experience. These shoes might have lacked some better technical design but its cushioning, which is most important for people with foot condition, is at its best. 

There’s a chunky sole that enables you to “slip on and play in as soon as you get it’ The inner soles are lightweight which accommodate your feet properly. Also, the insoles are well-ventilated with a mesh panel to help keep your feet dry and cool. With this, you don’t have to worry about sweat. 

1. Chunky Soles: As we said above, there are chunky insoles in the shoes, making them great for exceptional shock absorbers around the heel and midsole.

2. Balanced Design: The shoes come with a balanced design to offer you an excellent balance on a tennis court 

3. High Cushioning: This shoe is well-cushioned, making it an ideal option for people with foot conditions. It’s high cushioning enables athletic play from the day you purchase it without breaking in.

4. Highly Durable: It is a well-crafted shoe from imported materials in the United States

5. True-To-Size Width: This is an excellent feature as it helps you know what you’re buying exactly. 

The pain and effects of Plantar Fasciitis are drastically reduced by the great shock absorption that its cushioning offers at the heel and midsole. If you’re in search of a durable pair of tennis shoes that is easy to use, look no further than this model. 


1. A supportive and comfortable shoe at a good price 

2. Comes with a classic look

3. Excellent push-off and leverage abilities 

4. Available in a variety of color options

5. It’s a great option for mild to moderate overpronation 

6. Good breathability 

7. Great for runners and tennis players with Plantar Fasciitis

8. Reliable brand 

9. High-quality material 


1. Not ideal for use in irregular or rough terrain 

2. The insole disintegrates after 80 miles 

2. Best Breathability: Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.0

[amazon box=”B07NJQH4R9″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next on our list of the best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis is the Men’s Rush Pro 2.0 from Wilson Company. The truth about this company is that they don’t normally produce cheap footwear, but the Men’s Rush Pro 2.0 model is one of their cheapest footwear around, especially when you look at the kind of beneficial features it offers. 

As a player suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, you need a pair of tennis shoes that offer maximum comfort and excellent shock absorption. That’s where the Men’s Rush Pro 2.0 comes in. It boasts of an Endofit Sock-liner that delivers maximum comfort and excellent shock absorption to reduce the painful effect of Plantar Fasciitis on the court. 

1. Lightweight: Weighing just 370g, these shoes are lightweight and portable. Exquisite style is one thing you’ll always notice with Wilson footwear, and this model is no different! 

2. Breathable Mesh: We loved that the manufacturer crafted this shoe with a breathable mesh which helps to improved the ventilation to keep your feet dry and cool all through the day. 

3. Timeless Log Design: You’ll also love the fact that there is emblazoned Wilson iconic logo on the shoe, which is visible enough for other players to know that you’re wearing an authentic brand. 

4. Wider Construction: This shoe reduced pressure at the side of your foot to prevent discomfort after wearing for a long time, thanks to its wider construction. 

5. Endofit Sock-liner Technology: This shoe comes with an Endofit Sock-liner Technology and medium width for a secure and comfortable fit

6. Innovative Pro Torque Chassis Arch Technology: Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.0 comes with an Innovative Pro Torque Chassis Arch Technology which helps to deliver extra stability and torsion control. 

7. Reduced Profile: Most tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis have less shock absorption at the expense of fashionable looks. But that’s not the case with Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.0. This tennis shoe offers the best comfort and cushioning without having to compromise on outward appearance. The cushion is hidden in the heel and midsole unlike it is in a single spot in other models of tennis shoes for Planter condition.  

If you’re an avid tennis player who visits the court frequently and is in search of a durable pair of shoes that’ll last long, Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.0 is your best choice. Wilson did a lot of upgrades and huge improvements on the design and structure of this wonderful pair. You’ll get all the comfort you want for a pain-free play no matter how often you go to the court. These are the best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis out there. 


1. Excellent stability and balance 

2. Lightweight design 

3. Durable upper mesh 

4. Good breathability 

5. Delivers maximum comfort and excellent shock absorption

6. Very comfortable 

7. Reduces the painful effect of Plantar Fasciitis on the court

8. Built to last long

9. Fair pricing 

10. Comes with an emblazoned Wilson iconic logo on the shoe

11. Reliable brand 

12. Secure and comfortable fit


1. Requires some break-in period

3. Best Technology: New Balance Men’s 806 Motion Control

[amazon box=”B08G91JCRP” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next tennis shoes for Plantar on our list is another classic product from the popular New Balance Company. This is a mid-range tennis shoe that comes with a no-nonsense design to deliver prolonged longevity and excellent comfort. If you want something that’s not really attractive or really fashionable, the Men’s 806 Motion Control from New Balance is a fantastic option. These shoes come with laces which helps to tailor the tightness to your feet for a secure and comfortable fit. 

1. Multi-layered Rubber Sole: For maximum shock absorption, this pair of tennis shoes come with a thick, multi-layered rubber, which is supported with an upper crafted from leather and foam sole. 

2. Reinforced Toe Box: Wilson reinforced the toe of this shoe and makes sure it isn’t too thin which helps to deliver a painless toe and a comfortable experience in your arch and heel. Tennis players with Plantar Fasciitis who experience toe pains will find this Men’s 806 Motion Control from New Balance useful. 

3. Lace-up Design: Men’s 806 Motion Control comes with a lace-up design for a comfortable and versatile fit. 

4. Perforated Side Panels: There are perforated side panels on this shoe which helps to increase its ventilation. If you’re tired of sweaty feet, this model comes with enough ventilation to make your feet dry and cool throughout your stay on the court. 

5. Different Color Options: We loved about this shoe is that it’s available in numerous colorways. 

6. ABZROB cushioning technology: Men’s 806 Motion Control is supported by New Balance’s ABZROB cushioning technology which helps to absorb kinetic energy when your feet hit the hard surface of the tennis court. Just like how memory foam works on landing, this cushioning technology was designed to absorb the shock, de-icing the amount of energy that reaches your heel, toe, or arch. 

Those who don’t like its white leather finish can choose the one that suits their needs or personality from a variety of colorways. The New Balance’s 806 Motion Control is well designed and built to offer breathability, comfort, secure fit, and superb support for your arch, toe, and heel to reduce the painful effect of Plantar Fasciitis. If you’re looking for an affordable option that delivers comfort, support, and ventilation, then look no further than the New Balance’s 806 Motion Control. 


1. Good breathability 

2. Comes with the latest cushioning technology 

3. Available in a variety of colorways 

4. Delivers a secure and comfortable fit 

5. Reduces the painful effect of Plantar Fasciitis

6. Reasonable price 

7. The toe is well reinforced 

8. Comes with a lace-up design

9. The toe box has enough room to accommodate your toes 

10. Equipped with a thick, multi-layered rubber for maximum shock absorption 


1. The insole can be improved 

2. Sole can be improved as well

4. Best For Women: Prince Women’s T22 Lite

[amazon box=”B0786X9BQQ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Prince’s Women’s T22 Lite is an upgrade on the T22 tennis shoe with a better and reasonable price tag. If there’s something particularly popular about the Prince brand, it’s the production of lightweight footwear. And the Prince’s Women’s T22 Lite is no different. It is a lightweight shoe, making it very unique among other models in the market designed to help relieve the painting effect of tennis players with Plantar Fasciitis. This shoe was reinforced with additional cushioning for maximum shock absorption. 

1. TPU Foot Straps: The combination of a lace-up design and TPU foot straps at the arch delivers better comfort and excellent stability during and after play on the court. 

2. Cushioned Rubber Sole: Prince’s Women’s T22 Lite comes with cushioned rubber sole which helps to improve shock absorption on landing. 

3. Cushioned Synthetic Material: These shoes were made from cushioned synthetic material, offering all-around support and comfort to your feet, heel, and side & upper feet. 

4. Mesh Tongue: These shoes’ tongue length was made from mesh to increase its overall ventilation at the side and the top of your feet, keeping it dry and cool all through. 

5. Durable Design: The construction of Prince’s Women’s T22 Lite is made with a durable design to ensure it lasts long. It’s built to last long without breaking down or tearing. 

You’re assured of top quality and comfortable in-shoe experience when you get a pair of Prince’s T22 Lite tennis shoes. These high-quality shoes will protect your feet at all angles, and also reduce the painting effects of your Plantar Fasciitis as you play on the court. It is a pair of tennis shoes that’s mostly ideal for female tennis players. 


1. Comes with a durable design built to last long 

2. Equipped with lace-up style for a secure and flexible fit 

3. Reinforced with TPU straps at the arch for maximum support 

4. Upgraded design for a lightweight finish

5. Cushioned sole with multi-layer support for comfort

6. Trusted brand 

7. Plush cushioning 

8. Competitive price tag 

9. Ideal for tennis players with wide feet 

10. Delivers better comfort and excellent stability


1. Too wide for narrow feet 

2. It’s not the fastest feeling type

5. Best Design: Asics Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes 

[amazon box=”B01N3TA0FC” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Gel-Dedicate 5 is a very great pair of shoes with a competitive price tag even if the Asics is normally linked with a high price tag. If you’re suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, this model will be a great option for you because it was equipped with an innovative forefoot gel cushioning system. This innovative forefoot gel cushioning system helps to lessen the shock when you’re serving on the hard surface of the court. 

1. PGuard Toe Protector: These shoes feature a PGuard toe protector which helps to lessen the shock impact to your toes when serving, running, or jumping on the court. 

2. Multilayered Design: Gel-Dedicate 5 boasts of a multilayered design that helps to improve support. This multilayered design is complemented with synthetic overlays across the shoe body for additional stability and shock absorption on your arch. 

3. 9mm Rubber Heel: There’s a 9mm rubber heel that is designed to offer support to the back of your foot and reduce any pain effect in the heel after playing on the court. 

4. Breathable Mesh Upper: Asics Gel-Dedicate 5 comes with a breathable mean upper which boasts ventilation to help keep your feet dry and cool during and post-play. 

5. Anti-Gravel Tongue: There’s an anti-gravel tongue design led to stop debris from infiltrating the shoe during play.

The Asics Gel-Dedicate 5 tennis shoes for people in search of a stylish shoe that will lessen the pain effect of Plantar Fasciitis. It is lightweight, affordable, breathable, and well-designed. 


1. Affordable option from a reputable brand

2. It comes with a mesh upper to boost ventilation 

3. Helps prevent heel pain, thanks to its 9mm rubber heel

4. Equipped with an anti-gravel tongue to stop debris from entering the shoe

5. Designed with PGuard toe protector to ensure maximum toe shock absorption 

6. Comes with an innovative forefoot gel cushioning system that helps to soften the shock impact 

7. Solid rubber compound 

8. Comes with cushioned EVA midsole 

9. Narrow fit for enhanced stability 


1. Not suitable for tennis players with wide feet 

2. Not very grippy on hard court 

6. Best for Players with High Arches: Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5

[amazon box=”B00MFWAB82″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Nike is not always honored for its affordability. However, the Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 tennis shoes are some of the most affordable options out there on the market, most especially when you compare its quality and beneficial features with other models. These shoes are perfect for people who have Plantar Fasciitis condition. You should be surprised to know that Roger Federer helped to design this beautiful piece with Nike Company. And that’s more of a reason why it helps to deliver a professional level on-court. 

1. Adaptive Fit Technology: It features an Adaptive Fit technology that helps to envelop the contour of your foot to deliver excellent support as it moves with your fit as you jump, serve, run, and play on the court. 

2. Excellent Heel Cushioning: There’s excellent heel cushioning which lessens the heavy impacts you get when playing on a hard court. 

3. TPU Midfoot Shank: The Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 tennis shoes boast of TPU Midfoot Shank for stability and lateral support 

4. Pylon Midsole: You’ll get to enjoy lightweight cushioning with this pair, thanks to its Phylon midsole. 

5. Rubber outsole & Zoom Air unit: With Zoom Air unit in the heel and rubber outsole with XDR compound on the heel, you’ll enjoy improved traction and stability. 

The Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 is a great shoe for tennis players suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, thanks to its built-in support and superb cushioning. The only thing is that it’s slightly costly even though its great beneficial features make up for that. Also, tennis players with low arches would not find this pair suitable. 


1. Features an Adaptive Fit system that helps to deliver excellent support on the court 

2. Equipped with Zoom Air unit in the heel offers improved traction and stability.

3. Comes with TPU midfoot shank that delivers lateral support and stability

4. Boasts of Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning

5. Durable and strong 

6. Very comfortable 

7. Available in a variety of different color options 

8. Rugged with good ankle support 


1. Not suitable for tennis players with low arches 

2. The fit isn’t very snug 

3. The tongue moves around sometimes 

7. Best for Hobbyists and Beginners: Adidas CC Rally Comp

[amazon box=”B00DI7GLIC” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The last on our list of the best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis is the CC Rally Comp from Adidas. This unique pair of tennis shoes was designed for people with high arches to enjoy maximum support. 

1. Internal Support: Tennis players with Plantar Fasciitis who want to enjoy a whole lot of stability and balance out there on the court will find the internal support of this shoe useful. 

2. Extra Cushioning: This shoe was well-cushioned and padded to help absorb high shocks, especially if you’re playing on a hard surface like a tennis court. 

3. Good Breathability: The Adidas CC Rally Comp tennis shoe is well ventilated. This helps to keep your feet dry and cool throughout your time on the court. 

4. Different Color Options: It is available in a wide variety of different color options. Sox just choose the one that suits your personality on the court. 

5. Climacool 360-degree Cooling System: This is a new technology used for the interior of this shoe. Wearing this shoe to court is a good deal as your feet will remain comfortable and cool. 

6. EVA Midsole: There’s an EVA midsole equipped in this shoe for incredible forefoot propulsion. 

7. Lightweight Mono-mesh Upper Construction: You’ll enjoy a good amount of breathability, thanks to the Lightweight Mono-mesh Upper Construction. 

8. Internal Web Skeleton Construction: Adidas CC Rally Comp tennis shoe is constructed with Internal Web Skeleton for stability and balance during extreme and sharp movements. 

You don’t need to break this pair in, and it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. If you’re on a tight budget and you still want to buy from a high-end brand like Adidas, the Adidas CC Rally Comp tennis shoe is an excellent choice. The only thing we disliked about this model is you can’t add any custom insoles or braces because there’s not much space inside. Apart from that, it’s a great option for any tennis player with Plantar Fasciitis. 


1. Added arch support 

2. Durable sole for traction and better shock absorption 

3. Excellent fit and plush feel 

4. Comes with Climacool for better ventilation 

5. Very comfortable 

6. Ideal for beginners and hobbyists 

7. Competitive price tag 

8. Reliable brand 


1. Might be too narrow for some people with wide feet 

Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis – Buying Guide 

Before making a buying decision on your preferred pair of tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, you need to pay attention to some factors. These factors will help you make the right decision on the best tennis shoes that suits your needs. 

Cushioned Heel

The cushioned heel is the most important factor to consider most especially if you’re suffering from a foot condition like Plantar Fasciitis. Go for a pair of tennis shoes with extra cushioning around the heel. Ample cushioning in the area helps to absorb high impacts as you run and jump on a hard court. 


The amount of stability a shoe can provide is can’t an important thing to put into consideration. You must go for a shoe that’s a snug fit around the contour of your foot. Also, your preferred shoe must provide excellent support to avoid further injury, especially if you’re suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. 


Comfort is one of the most sought-after features by tennis players with Plantar Fasciitis. Your preferred shoes must be very comfortable. It must not be too narrow or too wide. It must be breathable to ensure that you don’t have sores on your feet after playing for a long time in hot weather. It should be lightweight, and shouldn’t weigh you down. 

Arch Support

Lastly, you should also consider the arch support of your preferred tennis shoes. Go for shoes with proper arch support to ensure that your foot is kept in place as you run, jump, and play on a hard tennis court. 

Closing Thoughts 

Now that you know the seven best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, we hope you’ll be able to pick the perfect one that suits your needs. All the shoes on our list have a lot of beneficial features to help alleviate the painful effect of Plantar Fasciitis. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the seven best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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