Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Flat Feet Review

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Having flat feet is normal and it’s never a stigma, about 31% of the world’s population has this type of foot structure. The only common issue with flat-footed tennis players is that they’ll face a number of challenges finding the right running shoes. The notion that you won’t be able to play well or you’ll get injured quickly when you have wide flat feet might just be true if you play with the wrong pair of tennis shoes.

You have to go for the right pair of tennis shoes for wide flat feet to ensure that your overall performance on the court is not hindered. As a tennis player with wide flat feet, you’ll need a pair of tennis shoes that offers optimal stability, balance, excellent support, and motion control. Honestly, there are a ton of different manufacturers and models on the market. 

If you’re buying for the first time, it might be a little bit difficult for you to pick the right one from the thousands of options available. That’s why we’ve handpicked the 7 best tennis shoes for wide flat feet for review. There’s also a detailed buying guide that helps you make the right buying decision. Read on for our top picks and buyer’s guide. 

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Flat Feet – Comparison Chart 

The table below is a comparison chart of the best tennis shoes for wide flat feet. 

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Flat Feet Highlighted Features Reason For PickSupport Technology 
[amazon link=”B072FH2HLX” title=”Adidas Men’s Barricade Boost 2018 Tennis Shoes” /]AdiWear 6 Outsole Design Best OverallAdiprene+ Technology
[amazon link=”B0727R7MHX” title=”Babolat Propulse Fury All Court Wide Flat Feet Tennis Shoes” /]The premium cell shield systemBest BuyFlexion Technology 
[amazon link=”B0029F2C3W” title=”Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoes” /]Superbly cushioned PU sock linerBest For TractionShock Eraser Technology 
[amazon link=”B07GT2BQ75″ title=”K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women’s Flat Feet Shoes” /]Full Lacing PatternBest For WomenImpressive Support System 
[amazon link=”B099BY4FFY” title=”New Balance Men’s Mc806 Tennis Shoes” /]Patented ABZORB cushioningBest BrandLoop Lacing System 
[amazon link=”B01MTK70OF” title=”ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes” /]PU Upper PatternBest Design DynalWall technology
[amazon link=”B0719MHX9R” title=”ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 11 Tennis Shoe” /]Forefoot Gel Cushioning SystemBest For Lightweight and Trusstic System Technology

1. Best Overall: Adidas Men’s Barricade Boost 2018 Tennis Shoes

[amazon box=”B072FH2HLX” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

When you’re talking of tennis shoes with maximum performance and top-notch quality, the Barricade models have been outstanding! The Barricade Boost 2018 model is the new introduction from Adidas to the market for tennis players with wide flat feet. Just like the recent models from Adidas, this special edition was equipped with Boost design for additional comfort, making it a perfect option for flat-footed players. 

1. Seamless Mesh Upper: This model was equipped with a seamless mesh upper which makes it more breathable and delivers a more locked-down fit. Your feet won’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable, thanks to its ample ventilation. Its mesh upper ensures that your feet are kept dry and cool throughout your stay on the court. 

2. Maximum Stability: One thing common about the Barricade line is excellent stability, and this 2018 version takes on with the trend, featuring maximum stability. You’ll be ensured of optimal stability when you’re on the court using this pair of tennis shoes. 

3. Bulky Design: The excess cushioning of this shoe makes up for a bulky design. You need to have it at the back of your mind that this shoe is mainly designed for durability, so expect it to be somewhat heavy. However, that’s not to say that you won’t be able to move more naturally and efficiently around the court. 

4. Boost Technology: This special edition of Barricade 2018 boasts of Boost technology which is designed to help lessen the pain you feel when you land on a hard court during play. 

5. Adiprene+ Technology: There’s also an Adiprene+ technology that delivers maximum support and balance in the forefoot region. This ensures that you’ll be able to make quick movements and jumps from the ground. 

6. AdiWear 6 Outsole Design: Adidas incorporated an AdiWear 6 design on the outsole of this pair to ensure that it is more sturdy and robust enough to withstand hard court surfaces. You won’t notice any sign of wear or even signs of bald spots after playing for a few weeks. 

Overall, the Adidas Men’s Barricade Boost 2018 tennis shoe is well-designed and built to be durable, stable, and supportive. Apart from the fact that it’s quite heavy and its cushioning is a bit difficult, the shoe is a good option for players with wide flat feet. 


1. Robust outsole with AdiWear 6 design 

2. High durability 

3. Removable shoe insole 

4. Delivers excellent responsiveness and protection 

5. Top-notch quality at an affordable price 

6. Boost up the game speed 

7. Offers immense stability and support 

8. Comes with a mesh upper for good ventilation 

9. Imported and high-quality material 

10. Reliable brand 


1. Somewhat heavy 

2. Rigid cushioning 

2. Best Buy: Babolat Propulse Fury All Court Wide Flat Feet Tennis Shoes

[amazon box=”B0727R7MHX” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

For a while now, Babolat has been doing well in the production of the best sportswear and footwear in the market. They are one of the best manufacturers of high-quality tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis and wide flat feet, and the Propulse Fury All court is no different. 

1. Premium Cell Shield System: This model is designed with a premium cell shield system called “Babolat-exclusive technology” to reinforce all flat-footed tennis players with enough support and balance. 

2. Pristine Upper: This Propulse Fury shoe comes equipped with a pristine upper made from authentic fabric. The upper was also reinforced with an interesting new tech “Active Flexion Technology”. This newly created tech enhances different pattern and support fitness while you’re out there on the court.  You’ll love to see that it comes in a color scheme ranging from customized white to dashing red black. 

3. Network Of Durability Enhancing Cells: Babolat implanted a network of durability enhancing cells across a strategic point in the shoe for improved durability and additional comfort. To add to its overall durability, the outsole was made by Michelin with a robust layer of resistance. That’s not all! You’ll get to enjoy a 6-month durability warranty on the outsole. 

4. Sheer Strength: In terms of sheer strength, this pair of shoes from Babolat doesn’t have any competition. When you’re performing excessive tennis leaps, you need a pair of tennis shoes to offer high stability and sheer strength. That’s where the Propulse Fury shoes come in. Its cell-enhanced midsole ensures that wide flat-footed tennis players can rely on it to deliver immense shock absorption from intense footwork. 

5. High Comfortability: Concerning its comfort level, all wide flat-footed tennis players will love this fantastic pair from Babolat. It comes with flexible material in the forefoot region which flexes and expands according to your foot shape. This function ensures that you won’t feel any hard spots in the shoe. Additionally, the flexion technology makes up for more comfort as it enhances the stretchability of the shoe walls. 

6. Secure Fit: This shoe boasts of a secure fit that helps to lock your foot in place, thereby preventing slipping and sliding of the foot. Its secure fit ensures that players will be able to make lateral jumps without the fear of an ankle twist. 

Overall, these shoes are packed with different techniques to ensure that you have the best in-shoe experience anytime you’re out there on the court playing tennis. However, you need to know that the shoe doesn’t come cheap, but its overwhelming performance makes up for its high price. Also, some end-users complained that they experienced a longer adjustment period to the shoes due to its newly imputed wrap tongue. 


1. Comes with a 6-month outsole warranty 

2. Stylish upper design 

3. Reliable and trusted brand 

4. Midsole is a great shock absorber 

5. Cell shield technology enhances its overall durability 

6. A great option for hard and cemented courts

7. Highly robust and durable Michelin outsole 

8. Active flexion technology for enhanced support and fitness 


1. Quite expensive 

2. Slightly longer adjustment period 

3. Best For Traction: Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoes

[amazon box=”B0029F2C3W” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The next on our list of the best tennis shoes for wide flat feet is this fantastic pair of shoes from Prince manufacturing company. If you’re an avid tennis player, you must have heard about Prince T22 one way or another. This model packs a lot of outstanding features to make life easier for people with wide flat feet. Among all the most popular models of tennis shoes on the market today, the Prince T22 is another fantastic option for flat feet players. 

1. Breathable Upper Mesh: The upper mesh of this shoe is equipped with a blend of mesh high-quality material and breathable synthetic leather. You won’t have to worry about sweaty feet anymore while you playing under hot sun or harsh weather. This ensures that your feet get enough ventilation, keeping them dry and cool always. 

2. Supporting TPU Shank: Prince Men’s T22 tennis shoes come with a super supportive TPU shank which delivers extra stability, strength, and support. This TPU shank also helps in properly bending the tennis shoe at the toe area.

3. Well-cushioned PU Sockliner: There’s also a superbly cushioned PU sock liner at the top of the shoe’s midsole for enhanced comfort and a better plush feel. 

4. PRC1000 Outsole: The Price T22 was designed with the PRC1000 outsole which delivers excellent traction on the court. 

5. Improved Aeration: Wide flat-footed tennis players who want to enjoy incredible support and stability as well, will find the improved aeration of this pair handy. 

6. TPU Straps and RASH Toe Cap: For added stability, there are TPU straps at the forefoot of the shoe. You’ll also get to benefit from the abrasion and injury protection that the shoe offers. 

7. Shock Eraser Midsole: The midsole was reinforced with a shock eraser for incredible shock absorption. Your feet won’t get the direct hit when you jump and land on hard-surfaced courts. 

Overall, the Prince T22 is a very good pair of tennis shoes for flat feet players as it comes with beneficial features. Also, it comes at a very affordable price, making it a great option for any player of tennis who is looking for a budget-friendly option. The two downsides of the shoe are that its outsole is too soft, as a result, it wears out quickly and its laces are too short. 


1. Highly comfortable and breathable 

2. Delivers an amazing on-court traction 

3. Comes with protection for toe cap

4. Incredibly supportive and durable 

5. Comes with a 6-month durability warranty 

6. Equipped with Shock Eraser heel for excellent shock absorption 

7. Soft, rubble outsole

8. Lateral support by Wishbone shank

9. TPU toe box lining for stability 

10. Mesh material for ample ventilation 


1. Short laces 

2. Outsole can be improved 

4. Best For Women: K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women’s Flat Feet Shoes

[amazon box=”B07GT2BQ75″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The release of Bigshot Light 3 Women’s tennis shoes was a big deal in the tennis shoe marketplace. K-Swiss is known for designing and building high-quality sportswear and footwear with an advanced array of performance-enhancing features, and this model in particular was tailored specially for female tennis players with flat feet. If you’re in search of the best female tennis shoes for flat feet, the Swiss Bigshot Light 3 is the best bet for you. 

1. Upper Mesh Pattern: The upper of this shoe was reinforced with leather and crafted from enhanced industrial fabric for added durability. For ample ventilation, K-Swiss incorporated a mesh pattern into the fabric upper. The soft fabric was used to line the inside of the shoe from collar to forefoot. For upper structural integrity protection, the shoe was equipped with a leather framework. 

2. Full Lacing Pattern: The lacing of this shoe was holed in a distinctive full lacing pattern, having been made from strengthened fabric. This smooth sailing lacing system ensures that your flat feet are well supported and kept in place. 

3. Dual Component Sole: These high-quality women’s tennis shoes have dual sole components, meaning that the outsole is made up of rugged bi-density layers while the midsole was equipped with a CMEVA rubber structure for incredible arch support and shock absorption. 

4. High-quality Upper Layer and Outer Layer: The outer layer of these shoes is made up of Dragguard rubber for enhanced protection, and the upper layer is crafted from Aosta rubber which helps to maintain its shape even after heavy use. You won’t commonly see these types of materials anywhere on the market. 

5. Inner Sock Liner: This shoe is most suitable for players with wide flat feet because it comes with a well-cushioned inner sock liner that fits well with your foot shape. 

6. Leather Framework: With this type of leather framework, you’re assured of a soothing wave of comfort and plush feel when playing on the court. You don’t have to worry about straining or twisting your feet anymore as the lacing support and textile collar lining will help hold your feet in place to prevent ankle twists. 

7. CMEVA Midsole: This pair of tennis shoes come with a CMEVA midsole which is incredibly responsive on a hard court. This midsole enhances reflexes by diverting energy back into the feet when you make quick runs and movements on the court. Furthermore, we loved that the midsole promotes shock absorption and compresses according to your body stance. 

8. Impressive Support System: The support system of this shoe is quite impressive, as it will also be a good choice for players with plantar fasciitis. Concerning its control and traction, the dual rubber outsole of the shoe performs incredibly well on all court surfaces. 

Overall, the Swiss Bigshot Light 3 is a great option for people who prefer to use tennis shoes with a considerable feel and weight. It comes with a set of unbeatable technologies, making it one of the best on our list. The only thing we disliked about this pair is that its toe box is slightly narrow, resulting in a longer adjustment period. Also, it is slightly on the heavy side because of the incorporation of rubber technologies.  


1. Quite affordable than most performance tennis shoes 

2. Reliable brand 

3. Comes with full lace-up support 

4. Simple, elegant design and color schemes 

5. Incredible ankle support 

6. Robust and durable outsole 

7. Equipped with sock liner for extra comfort and fitness 

8. Dual component so long (Dragguard + Aosta)

9. Leather reinforced upper for sturdiness 

10. Shock-absorbent CMEVA midsole 

11. Its midsole quality is outstanding.

12. The textile collar lining looks attractive.

13. Available in many sizes and color variations


1. Heavier than regular tennis shoes 

2. Slightly narrow toe box 

5. Best Brand: New Balance Men’s Mc806 Tennis Shoes

[amazon box=”B099BY4FFY” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

The Men’s Mc806 tennis shoe from New Balance can’t be underemphasized when we are talking about the best tennis shoes for wide flat feet. This shoe was designed and built with flat-footed tennis players in mind. The show was made to offer optimum comfort and stability at its best. Men’s Mc806 will help you get the best in-shoe experience even on rigid and hard courts. 

1. Wide Toe Box: This shoe was designed with a wide toe box to accommodate even players with wide flat feet. 

2. Long Tongue: There’s a long tongue equipped with this pair that makes it very easy to fit in your foot at any time. 

3. Breathable: The toe box of this pair is well perforated for sufficient ventilation. This makes room for enough aeration to your feet. No more sweaty feet. You’ll be sure that your legs are kept cool and dry all day long on the court. 

4. Patented ABZORB Cushioning: Men’s Mc806 is well cushioned with patented ABZORB cushioning for a comfortable and plush fit. 

5. C-CAP Midsole: The midsole used for this shoe is non-marking. It ensures that your feet do not slide or slip around. This way, you are assured that you won’t strain or twist your ankle when making quick movements on the court. 

6. Herringbone Outsole: New Balance used herringbone outsole for this fantastic shoe, giving it better traction for both lateral motion and pivoting. 

7. Loop Lacing System: This shoe features an adjustable loop lacing system which makes it fits just well. You’ll be assured of a secure fit as you play tennis on the court. 

Overall, the New Balance Men’s Mc806 is an ideal tennis shoe for flat-footed players looking for firm support and good stability. We disliked three things about this shoe. Firstly,  it’s not available in many color options to choose from. Secondly, the sole isn’t as durable as other models on our list. And lastly, the cushioning of the shoe can be improved. 


1. Wide toe box

2. Reinforced toe 

3. Removable insert 

4. The good loop lacing system 

5. Long tongue for a secure fit 

6. Delivers firm support and good stability 

7. Reliable brand 

8. Fair prices 

9. Quality material 


1. Limited color options 

2. The sole isn’t durable enough 

3. Needs more cushioning 

6. Best Design: ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes 

[amazon box=”B01MTK70OF” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

If you’re seeking to improve your overall performance in ways that can only marvel your colleges, we recommend the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 tennis shoes. This shoe packs all the beneficial features which make sit suitable for tennis players with wide flat feet. It is a very great option for all tennis players as it mixes durability, comfort, and stability, which are the best beneficial features you can get in any shoes on the market. 

Honestly, with all the outstanding features of this shoe, one can say that it is ASICS’s most durable and robust model. But that’s not definitely right! There are other high-end tennis shoes from ASICS. The ASICS Gel-Revolution is one of the most reliable and stable tennis shoes for flat feet out there on the market. More of a reason why it is very popular among elites tennis players all around the world.

1. DynaWall Technology: This shoe comes with DynalWall technology equipped under the midfoot which is designed to offer flexibility and stability 

2. PU Upper Pattern: The upper construction of this pair was reinforced with a new PU star-like pattern which helps to increase the overall flexibility of the shoe. 

3. SOLYTE Midsole Material: The ASICS Gel-Resolution was crafted from SOLYTE midsole material with a lightweight design. You’ll be surprised to find out that it is lighter than EVA and SpEVA midsoles.

Overall, the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 is a great tennis shoe suitable for all courts. Apart from the fact that some users said its toe box is slightly narrow and it requires break-in time, the shoe is an excellent choice for all tennis players with wide flat feet. 


1. Highly durable 

2. Delivers great support and high stability 

3. Very comfortable 

4. Suitable for all courts 

5. Attractive design 

6. Great traction

7. Flexion fit upper 


1. Requires break-in time 

2. Some users said its toe box is narrow

7. Best For Lightweight: ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 11 Tennis Shoe 

[amazon box=”B0719MHX9R” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Here’s another outstanding product from the renowned ASICS manufacturing company. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 11 is a new and better addition to the collection of ASICS tennis shoes. 

1. Flexion Upper: The Flexion upper of this shoe delivers added stability, comfort, and a snug fit. With all these beneficial features, you’ll certainly enjoy the best in-shoe experience. The combo of the Flexion upper with synthetic materials, mesh, and mesh makes this shoe highly breathable. 

2. Durable Outsole: The outsole of this shoe is ruggedly designed to be durable, having been reinforced with AHAR in some areas. 

3. Midsole Technology: We loved to see that the shoes were equipped with a high-quality midsole that packs a combination of supportive and sustainable technologies. 

4. Forefoot Gel Cushioning System: The Gel Challenger boasts of a rear-foot and Gel cushioning system which makes it easy to absorb high impacts. 

5. Trusstic System Technology: People in search of a lightweight option should go all in for this pair of tennis shoes. It features Trusstic System technology which makes it lightweight. Weighing just 9.8 ounces, you’ll be able to make sharp movements and jumps on the court without having to deal with extra weight. 

6. Multiple Color Options: The Gel Challenger 11 is available in about 3 different colors which include; pink, white, bold blue. 

Overall, the Gel Challenger 11 tennis shoe is a well-defined and built tennis shoe for players in search of a lightweight option. The only downside here is that it has a slightly narrow toe box. 


1. Durable rubber outsole 

2. Flexible and synthetic material 

3. Comes with Trusstic System Technology for lightweight 

4. Forefoot GEL Cushioning System helps to absorb high impact 

5. Affordable price tag 

6. Available in nice color choices 

7. Sturdy overall design 


1. Toe box can be narrow 

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Flat Feet – Buying Guide 

You need to consider some factors before making a buying decision on your preferred pair of tennis shoes for flat feet. These factors will help you make the right decision on the best pair of shoes that suits your demand. 


The most important feature of a tennis shoe that is mostly sought-after by all tennis players around the world is its comfort level. Comfortability should be your number one consideration in all types of tennis shoes. It must be as comfortable and convenient as possible. Your preferred tennis shoe must not be too wide or too narrow. It should be lightweight and breathable to ensure maximum comfort when in use under the hot sun for a long time. 


Another thing to put into consideration when buying a pair of tennis shoes for flat feet is the amount of stability the shoe can provide. It is ideal to purchase a tennis shoe that makes a secure fit around the contour of your foot. To prevent injuries like straining, spraining, and twisting of the ankle, your preferred shoe must provide excellent support. 

Motion Control

Tennis shoes equipped with standard motion control offer great stability and balance. The upper construction also comes into play because helps lock your feet in place, thereby offering extra support. Look out for shoes with hard material as it also supports the arch for a proper, secure fit. Truthfully, not all tennis players will like the hand and high arch shoes as they may find it uncomfortable to walk with.

 More of a reason why there are so many market demands for wide flat feet shoes. With the right pair of tennis shoes, a flat-footed tennis player can meet up with the speed and agility of other players with normal feet, thanks to technology! Just make sure you look out for this feature before spending your hard-earned money on any tennis shoes. 

Cushioned Heel

If you have flat feet condition, the cushioned heel is the most important factor to consider before making a buying decision. It is ideal to buy a pair of tennis shoes with additional cushioning around the heel. When the shoe is well cushioned around the heel, you’ll be assured that your feet won’t get the high impacts as you jump on the court. 


Lastly, the durability of your preferred tennis shoe determines its longevity. Therefore, ensure you go for a tennis shoe made with high-quality material that delivers high durability. You wouldn’t want your shoes to start wearing out after a few weeks of use. 

Closing Thought 

We hope you’ll be able to make the right buying decision now that you know the seven best tennis shoes for wide flat feet. All the tennis shoes that we reviewed have a lot of beneficial features to help you have to best in-shoe experience on the court. We’ve reached the final stage of this product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the seven best tennis shoes for wide flat feet. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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