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Why Does Football Have A Preseason

Why Does Football Have A Preseason? (Well Explained!)

For fitness for the forthcoming season. The preseason allows individuals players to run drills all day and afterward the teams schedule and play exhibition matches. Fitness takes time to build. Preseason allows the teams to start the season with a high pitch and select the right players who can resonate with the whole team. Players … Read More

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Women VS Men Soccer

Women VS Men Soccer – The Differences 

The differences between men’s and women’s soccer include financial, training, general play, officiating, and competitiveness. These are all significant in the development of each gender’s team. Most of these differences hinge on the physiological differences between men and women. Issues such as marketability and revenues are also significant because they affect almost every other difference … Read More

Why isn’t Bo Jackson in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Why isn’t Bo Jackson in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? (Analyzed!)

As an explosive and dynamic player during his playing days, an unfortunate hip injury ended his career prematurely which ultimately demerit him an induction into the hall of fame. Blessed with power, explosion, agility, and amazing speed, his involvement in two different sports simultaneously proved disastrous as the horrific injury he sustained denied him the … Read More

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Why is Mexico so Bad at Football

Why is Mexico so Bad at Football? (Well-Explained!)

Judging from the consistent participation of the Mexican national team and their highly impressive record across all categories of youth football Internationally, it’s difficult to use the word ‘Bad’ and Mexico in the same sentence when football is the point of discussion. The country has been up there as one of the best ten to … Read More

Why Have The Netherlands Had and Have Such Good Football Players for Such A Small Population

Why Have The Netherlands Had and Have Such Good Football Players for Such A Small Population? (Explained!)

For several decades, Dutch football is renowned for its model of developing young talented players. This investment in youth development has successfully produced top-quality footballers who eventually grew up to become core members of the National team. In addition to the above narratives, Dutch clubs are known to be a source of football talents both … Read More

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