Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

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Callaway is one of the biggest brands in the industry of golf equipment. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality golf gear, and the [amazon link=”B07DYP21K6″ title=”Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder” /] is no different. This laser golf rangefinder from Callaway is not like any other golf rangefinder you’ve ever seen before. The EZ Laser rangefinder delivers minimal shaking and accurate scanning measurements, which are the most beneficial features every golfer requires.

With the incorporation of the most advanced features, you’re assured that this piece will offer precise distances all the time. If you’re a high handicapper in search of a good rangefinder with slope or a GPS, this one here will definitely suit you. For a while now, Callaway has been producing a strong line of rangefinders to suit all budgets and needs. 

But the Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder is quite outstanding with great beneficial features for all golfers. You’ll definitely a rapid improvement in your score and that’s because you know the right club to use with this range finder for the required distance. In this guide, we’ve reviewed the Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder for you. Let’s hit the review to find out why this golf gear is so special. 

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What Is A Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder?

The Callaway laser golf rangefinder is designed and built to help high handicappers and all golfers in general to estimate the accuracy and distance of their shots. The accurate estimation offered by this rangefinder will instantly improve your game, showing you hard you’re expected to hit the ball. In general, there are three types of golf rangefinders, and they include laser, GPS, and optical; all of which have unique beneficial features. 

The Callaway EZ Scan golf rangefinder which is a laser rangefinder determines its distance by using a laser beam aimed at the target. Just like the pin, a laser is beamed to the target, and it reflects the rangefinder. The distance is gotten from the total time it took the laser to reflect the rangefinder. It’s as simple as that! 

Who Is The Callaway EZ Scan For?

Callaway EZ Scan golf rangefinder is ideal for golfers in search of the easiest rangefinder to use or older golfers who are not really technically advanced. Also, we can say that this device is great for any golfer with shaky hands, thanks to its mounted hand strap and one-press technology. 

Variation Of Callaway Golf Rangefinder 

Like we said before, there are three types of golf rangefinders, and they include laser, GPS, and optical. We’re going to talk about each of the variations with their pros and cons. 


Laser rangefinders like the Callaway Ex Scan laser golf rangefinder deliver accurate reading within one yard of the target, making it the most precise and accurate of all rangefinders. We’ve seen highly professional golfers deliver high accurate distances, but only a few of them can actually hit the ball to that accuracy. 

An autofocus camera transmits a laser beam that bounces off any reflective material on the target back to the rangefinder to calculate distance. Basically, you’ll have to place any reflective material on your target before using this device to calculate distance.  The distance is then calculated from the time between when the laser beam was transmitted to when it returned. 

You don’t necessarily have to download or install any maps on the golf rangefinder before it can take an accurate reading. To achieve an accurate reading, there shouldn’t be any obstruction between you and the target and the target must be within line of sight from the rangefinder. Here are some pros and cons of laser rangefinders. 


1. Accurate reading within one yard

2. Requires no preloaded maps


1. Needs direct line-of-sight of the target

2. Reflective material is required to be placed on the target

GPS Rangefinders

GPS rangefinders deliver reading accurate to within five yards of the target, making them less accurate when compared with laser rangefinders. A GPS rangefinder requires preloaded maps before the device can be used to calculate distances. When changes are made to a golf course you play in, you’ll need to frequently update the device since it contains GPS locations.

On a subscription basis, some brand offers up to 40k courses while other only offer lesser courses and expect you to pay for upgrades. A GPS rangefinder has to link to any three of the 24 available orbiting satellites when it’s turned for use on the course. 

The preloaded maps work in such a way that they make it easier and faster to calculate the target’s distance because they provide coordination of the golf course. The distance to the flag cannot be displayed as the pin placement changes daily, so this device only shows the distance of a target to the back, front, and center of the course. 


1. Background objects do not tend to be affect GPS devices 

2. No pointing to a target is required 

3. Comes with proven GPS technology 


1. Requires preloaded maps of golf courses

2. Doesn’t have the accuracy of laser rangefinders


The optical rangefinders are normally the least popular as they also offer the least accuracy. Although that’s not to say that completely unreliable or mediocre. You’ll find their lenses at the two ends of a monocular device which helps to zoom out on a target. The lenses zoom into the target to calculate the height of the object once it is located.

The accuracy provided by this device is influenced by its ability to focus. The calculated height, with the help of a built-in scale, is then used to get the distance. These type of rangefinders delivers accuracy within 10 yards of targets up to 600 yards and within 5 yards to targets up to 100 yards. 


1. Highly versatile 

2. It’s quite affordable 

3. No risk of focusing on background objects like other types of rangefinders


1. Its operation is simply unsteady and unstable

2. When compared to the laser and the GPS counterparts, they are the least accurate option

What Is The Price Of The EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder

This device is cost-effective and quite affordable as it is available at only $249 on Amazon and another marketplace. 

Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder Review 

This device is quite reliable and functional as it is being accurate from 500/800 yards, giving the distance to the pin with only a single button click. It is a golf rangefinder that’s designed to reduce handshaking when you’re targeting the pin fit an accurate result. EZ Scan delivers superior +/-1-yard accuracy up to 800 yards. 

With the P.A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) mode, you’ll be able to scan through the green to lock in multiple targets even the flagstick  Thanks to the internal and external reading provided by the EZ Scan, with this, you’ll be able to be sure you’re going to hit the right club. With this beneficial feature, the Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder is just as fast and accurate as of the 300 Pro model. 

You can lock in multiple targets at once with this device, thanks to its super scan mode. The device is well-built to be robust and durable with a waterproofing casing. There’s a built-in CVR V3 battery that’s strong enough to offer you all the power you need on the course. It comes with a hand strap that helps golfers with shaky hands to achieve more accuracy and the molded carry case makes it easy to use and transport around the golf course. 

For easy carrying around the green, there’s a horizontal design and the Magnahold feature which makes sit attachable to your cart. With just $20 extra pay over the 300 Pro model, the is slightly expensive, but truly value for money. Weighing only 12.8 ounces, the Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder is quite lightweight. The pin which is the closest object will be revealed on the external LCD of this device to offer ample yardage. 

With this device, you can always be assured that you will pick the right club with confidence. The slope function of EZ Scan will automatically calculate adjusted distances to your target as it measures elevation changes. If you’re tired of inaccurate readings due to complicated technology and shaky hands, the Callaway EZ Scan Laser Golf Rangefinder is your best bet! It’s quite easy to grip, aim, access, and hit the pin. 

Beneficial Features 

1. Precise Slope Measurement

Great for calculating the slope-adjusted distance by measuring the angle of incline/decline. This function helps golfers to be very confident with their club selection.

2. Maximum Magnification 

This device was equipped with 5× magnification which is lesser than the 6× magnification on the 300 Pro laser rangefinder. However, it boasts of a total range of up to 800 yards with +/- yard accuracy. 

3. Pin-Locking Technology

The effects of hand-shaking are minimized by Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) and EZ Scan mode, allowing you to lock onto the pin-up to 275 yards afar. 

4. Magnetic Hold

The Magnahold is an integrated magnet that helps you to easily mount the laser to any cart frame from smooth transport around the green. 

5. Manage Multiple Targets

The specialized scan functionality of this device makes it easy for you to acquire distances to multiple targets at a time. 


1. Comes with a molded case for protection 

2. The hand strap makes it easy to hold 

3. EZ Scan is quite durable and sturdy 

4. Boasts of exterior display 

5. Offers high accuracy, accurate to within +/- yard

6. Acquires multiple targets, thanks to the scan landscape 

7. Water/fog resistant 

8. Easy to read the measurement, measure in meters or yards


1. The maximum distance to pin lock can be improved 

2. Some end-users said it’s heavier than other lightweight Callaway models


If you want to get the real value for money on the best golf rangefinder, the Callaway EZ Scan laser golf rangefinder is an ideal option. We are routing for this device even if other Callaway rangefinders are well priced. Callaway EZ Scan laser golf rangefinder is a high spec, well designed and built, and well priced. After extensive research and review, we can vouch for this device to offer minimal shaking and accurate scanning measurements, which are the most beneficial features every golfer requires. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this single product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the Callaway EZ Scan laser golf rangefinder review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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