Can You Kick The Ball In Volleyball? (Find Out Whether You Can Kick The Ball In Volleyball!)

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Yes! According to Rule 9.2 from USAV, volleyball players are allowed to play the ball with any part of their body. Though it solely depends on which league you play in. So, if you’re playing at the highest levels, it is legal for you to kick the ball, whether intentionally or unintentionally! However, you can’t use any other part of your body below the waist to kick the ball in US high schools and junior high schools.

The table below contains questions and answers on the number of hits allowed in volleyball and places you can hit the ball with on your body.

What’s The Number Of Hits Allowed In Volleyball?You can hit the ball three times on your side of the court.
Apart From Your Arm, Which Other Parts Of Your Body Can You Use To Hit The Ball? As a matter of fact, you can use any part of your body to hit the ball.

Can You Really Kick The Ball In Volleyball?

  1. Understanding the Rules
    A vital part of deciphering any game rests on comprehending its rules. In volleyball, many people ask: “Can you really kick the ball?” According to Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) rules, the answer is Yes. The ball can be played with any part of the body.
  2. Using the Feet
    While it is a less seen and unusual technique, an experienced player can indeed employ their feet to play the ball in volleyball. However, it might not be the most strategic method given the potential for reduced control and precision.
  3. A Rare Event
    It’s rare, but one might come across this exceptional scenario where a player kicks the ball during a match. The nature of this occurrence largely rests on the unpredictability and instinctive split-second decisions of the game.
  4. League Differences
    Despite its universal allowance, kicking the ball might not be permitted in every league. Each league has the autonomy to pivot or adjust certain FIVB rules according to their preferences, which may also extend to prohibiting the use of feet.
  5. Strategic Placement
    If a player chooses to kick the ball, it is paramount that they use this strategy wisely. The ball should be kicked with the intention of moving it towards a strategic placement, despite the lack of control compared to other parts of the body.
  6. Defensive Strategy
    In most instances, a player might kick the ball while playing defensively. For example, when the ball is almost hitting the ground and the player cannot reach the ball in time with their hands, they might resort to using their feet.
  7. Player Skills
    Kicking in volleyball requires a certain level of skill. To effectively kick the ball, a player must predict the trajectory of the ball, and the speed of the ball, and pinpoint the optimal striking point on their feet.
  8. Coaches’ Perspectives
    Coaches’ opinions on kicking can widely differ. Some might encourage it as a last resort, while others may discourage this method due to the high chances of losing the rally due to lack of control and precision.
  9. Consistency is Key
    Regardless of how the ball is played, consistency is crucial. When kicking comes into play, it is essential to strive for as much consistency as would be necessary with using hands or other body parts.

Can I Kick The Ball In Beach Volleyball?

In beach volleyball, the rules regarding kicking the ball are similar to indoor volleyball. Kicking is generally not allowed. The official rules state that players should use their hands, wrists, or arms to strike the ball. Kicking the ball is considered a fault.

However, there are some exceptions and nuances to this rule:

  1. Unintentional Contact: If the ball contacts a player’s foot or leg unintentionally during play, it’s typically not considered a fault. For instance, if the ball deflects off a player’s leg while they are attempting a legal play with their hands, it’s usually allowed.
  2. Beach Volleyball Variations: In some recreational or non-competitive beach volleyball settings, players may adopt more relaxed rules, and kicking the ball might be allowed. This can vary depending on the level of play and local rules.

It’s important to note that the specific rules can vary depending on the governing body, level of play, and the tournament’s regulations. However, in official and competitive beach volleyball, kicking the ball is generally not a standard or accepted technique for making a play. Players are expected to use their hands or arms for contact with the ball.

Is It Allowed To Kick The Ball In Volleyball? 

When the ball is played into your side of the court and it’s going out of reach to the floor, you can throw out your foot to kick the ball over the net or even to a teammate to keep the play alive. According to the rules from the NCAA volleyball, in as much as the ball does not come to rest, you can hit it with any part of your body. 

How Many Times Can You Kick The Ball In Volleyball? 

In volleyball, a team is not allowed to touch the ball more than three times in a row. Also, a player can not touch the ball two times in a row. A team has just three more time to hit the ball over the net once one of the team players have touched the ball. 

What Are Illegal Hits In Volleyball? 

There are different types of illegal hits in volleyball and they include; palming the ball, slapping the ball, using separate hands to bump the ball, and directing the ball. To avoid illegal hits, you must ensure that the ball leaves your hand as soon as you hit it. 

How Can You Hit The Ball In Volleyball? 

There are two major ways to hit the ball in volleyball. Firstly, you can bump the ball to a teammate using your fists and forearms when the ball comes down above the waist. Secondly, you can do a dig by bending your legs or probably your waist to bump the ball from hitting the floor when the ball comes down below the waist. 

Volleyball is a game of the hands as well as arms — at minimum for probably the most part. Even though volleyball players generally hit the ball with their arms & hands, they’re really allowed to work with almost any component of the entire body. If perhaps you’re a volleyball player, you need to comprehend exactly how you’re permitted to kick the ball and the reasons you wish to do it.

Hitting The Ball

In Volleyball, any point of contact with the ball is known to be called a hit. According to the rules of volleyball, the ball may touch any part of the body when hitting it, which doesn’t exclude your foot. This simply means that any player can kick the ball in volleyball.  

Number Of Hits Allowed

The ball might be hit up to three times on your side of the court, but the third hit must go over the net on the side of your opponent. A fault is considered if your team touches the ball for the fourth time without hitting it over to the opponent’s side of the court. This fault will lead to the loss of points. 

Final Words – Rounding It Up!

The bottom line is that volleyball players are permitted to play the ball with any part of their body. But this depends solely on the league you play in. You’re allowed to kick the ball in the top leagues but US high schools and junior schools do not allow players to kick the ball. We’ve come to the end of this blog post. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know if you can kick the ball in volleyball. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!


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