Basketball On Double Rim

Is It Good To Play Basketball On Double Rim? (I Bet You Don’t Know These Benefits Of Playing Basketball On Double Rim!)

Shooting bricks or taking shots that you feel are nice can be challenging for most newbies of basketball since they only bounce out when they grab the rim. Playing basketball on a double rim has a lot of benefits. It delivers durability and strength and also helps you improve your basketball skills (especially shooting skills).  … Read More

Team Fouls In Basketball

Team Fouls In Basketball (Interesting Fact You Didn’t Know!!)

Once a player committed a foul, such foul is counted against his team; a team’s opponent is awarded a free-throw if the team goes over the foul limits. However, in America’s NBA, the limit is set at five fouls. In some other countries, the limit might be three or four fouls.  Like every other sport, … Read More

Stephen Curry’s Real Height

What Is Stephen Curry’s Real Height?

We all have this common preconception that all basketball players are soaring giants, but a player still has to be the shortest amongst others on the court, and that credit typically goes to Stephen Curry. If you are talking about one of the greatest shooters of all time, Stephen Curry can not be underscored. He … Read More

Why are Basketballs Orange

Why Are Basketballs Orange? (Interesting Facts About Basketballs!)

Initially, basketballs were made of leather with brownish color, leading to the popular and early brownish balls. In the 1950s, Butler Coach led the campaign to change the brownish balls into orange color so that it would be easier for audiences and players to see. Also, the basketball lines were made to enhance a player’s … Read More

Jump While Dribbling

Can You Jump While Dribbling?

No! You cannot jump while you are dribbling. Once your pivot foot is off the ground, you must either pass or shoot the ball. This happens when players try to shot the ball but realized that their shots will be blocked by an opponent, so they decide to dribble instead. In this article, we are … Read More

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