How Do The NBA Playoffs Work? (Every Basketball Should Know This!)

How Do The NBA Playoffs Work

The NBA Playoffs feature 16 teams from each conference. They play best-of-seven series in a bracket format. The top eight teams from the regular season qualify, competing through four rounds to determine the NBA champion.t How Do The NBA Playoffs Work? The NBA playoffs are a single-elimination tournament that follows a best-of-seven format. The top … Read more

Team Fouls In Basketball (Interesting Fact You Didn’t Know!!)

Team Fouls In Basketball

In basketball, teams accumulate personal fouls, with each player allowed 5 fouls before being disqualified. Upon the team’s fourth team foul in a quarter, opponents shoot free throws. The fifth team foul results in bonus free throws, granting two free throws on non-shooting fouls. Like every other sport, basketball is expected to be enjoyed by … Read more

What Is Stephen Curry’s Real Height?

Stephen Curry’s Real Height

We all have this common preconception that all basketball players are soaring giants, but a player still has to be the shortest amongst others on the court, and that credit typically goes to Stephen Curry. If you are talking about one of the greatest shooters of all time, Stephen Curry can not be underscored. He … Read more

Why Are Basketballs Orange? (Interesting Facts About Basketballs!)

Why are Basketballs Orange

Basketballs are orange to enhance visibility. The color provides a stark contrast against the court, making it easier for players and spectators to track the ball’s movement. This tradition began in the 1950s for improved visual recognition. This table consists of modern and old sizes and colors of basketball. Parameters Sizes Colors Old 69cm in … Read more

Can You Jump While Dribbling?

Jump While Dribbling

Yes, in basketball, you can jump while dribbling. The rules allow a player to dribble, or bounce, the ball while in mid-air. This is a fundamental skill that requires coordination and control. Can You Jump While Dribbling? In basketball, you can jump while dribbling, but there are specific rules and considerations to keep in mind. … Read more