What Weight Are UFC Gloves? (Explained!)

What Weight Are UFC Gloves

The UFC gloves are mostly packed with enough padding which makes up its weight of four to six ounces. It is padded this way because the gloves are used to protect the hands of the fighter and give them the power to maneuver using their fingers.  The UFC gloves are small gloves with opened finger … Read more

What Is Check Hook In Boxing? (Detailed Explanation!)

Check Hook In Boxing

A check-hook is a lead hook that combines defense and offense with elusive footwork. This kind of footwork is done with a small side-step followed by a pivot on the lead foot. You need to maintain balance, discern your range, and predict your opponent to make this offensive movement. Some people call “the check-hook” a … Read more

What Is Kidney Punch In Boxing? (Explained!)

Kidney Punch In Boxing

A kidney punch is a powerful punching technique that targets one of the two kidneys. A perfect kidney punch can be executed when a fighter turns his or her back to the opponent. This type of punch has crushing and injury inflicting effects. And we recommend it for people looking for a suitable technique for … Read more

Judo VS Boxing (Differences And Advantages!)

Judo VS Boxing

Judo and boxing are two combat sports that come in handing for general body fitness and self-defense. Boxing focuses more on footwork, arm techniques, and head movements, while judo involves locks, throws, and grappling.  These two martial arts are different in a way that one typically involves throwing punching, jabs, and making blocks, while the … Read more

Bare Knuckle Boxing Techniques (Explained!)

Bare Knuckle Boxing

Bare-knuckle boxing is a great combat sport with a set of some exceptional techniques which include throws, punching, arm locks, chokes, and some grappling techniques. Bare-knuckle boxing was modified into the modern era sports boxing with the elimination of dangerous and life-threatening techniques.  Bare-knuckle boxing, otherwise known as fisticuffs, is a popular combat sport that … Read more

Boxing For Self-Defense – Is It Useful?

Boxing For Self-Defense

Yes! Boxing is a great combat sport for self-defense because it teaches you attacking and defensive techniques with effective footwork and distance control. Furthermore, boxing strengthens motor skills, enhances fitness, and physically equips you for a real-life fighting situation. An experienced boxer has an added advantage over an untrained person. The only thing is that … Read more