What Weight Are UFC Gloves? (Explained!)

What Weight Are UFC Gloves

UFC gloves are typically 4-6 ounces (110-170 grams). The exact weight of the gloves can vary depending on the size of the fighter’s hands and the weight class of the fight. For example, larger fighters may wear heavier gloves, while fighters in lower-weight classes may wear lighter gloves. What is the typical UFC gloves weight? … Read more

What Is Check Hook In Boxing? (Detailed Explanation!)

Check Hook In Boxing

A check hook in boxing is a defensive and counter-punching technique. It’s typically a short, swift punch thrown by the non-dominant hand when an opponent lunges forward. It aims to disrupt the attack, offering a counterattack opportunity. Punching Piece: An Ode to the Check Hook The check hook, an iconic punch in the repertoire of … Read more

What Is Kidney Punch In Boxing? (Explained!)

Kidney Punch In Boxing

A kidney punch in boxing is a blow targeting the opponent’s lower back, just above the waistline, aiming to impact the kidneys. It’s illegal in modern boxing due to its potential to cause serious injury. What’s a Kidney Punch? A kidney punch, also known as a “rabbit punch,” is a type of strike in combat … Read more

Judo VS Boxing (Differences And Advantages!)

Judo VS Boxing

Judo and Boxing are distinct combat sports. Judo is a martial art with throws and ground techniques, emphasizing self-defense and discipline. Boxing, on the other hand, focuses on punches and striking, with 12 weight classes and a history in the Olympics. The table below contains the cost of practice, equipment required, and ease of learning … Read more

Bare Knuckle Boxing Techniques (Explained!)

Bare Knuckle Boxing

Bare-knuckle boxing techniques are similar to traditional boxing but with a few key differences. Fighters must be more careful with their punches, as there is no padding to protect their hands. They also tend to focus on more powerful punches, as they are less likely to cause breaks or fractures. Bare Knuckle Boxing Techniques 1. … Read more

Boxing For Self-Defense – Is It Useful?

Boxing For Self-Defense

Boxing can be a useful form of self-defense, teaching individuals how to punch, block, and defend against common attacks. A 2023 study found that boxing training can significantly improve a person’s ability to defend themselves in a physical altercation. Advantages and Disadvantages of Boxing For Self-Defense Advantages of Boxing for Self-Defense: Disadvantages of Boxing for … Read more