Aikido VS Boxing

What Are The Differences Between Aikido VS Boxing? (In-depth Details!)

Aikido and boxing are two different types of combat art. Boxing is an Olympic sport where two opposing fighters compete for entertainment and competition with only arm techniques. Aikido, on the other hand, is not a sport and it has a similar fighting method of both judo and jiu-jitsu where fighters use only the twisting … Read More

Kickboxing VS Boxing

What Are The Differences Between Kickboxing VS Boxing?

The major difference between boxing and kickboxing is that boxing involves using arm techniques (throwing of punches and jabs), while kickboxing involves using both arm and leg techniques. Though these two combat sports have so much in common, they still have their differences. Their major differences come in the ruleset, fight positioning & movement, strategy, … Read More

Rounds In Boxing

How Many Rounds In Boxing? (Well Explained!)

A “round” is the period of time given to two opposing boxers to fight against each other with any break. At the completion of each round, the referee will ring the bell as the master of ceremonies announces the game timing. In today’s boxing, there’s a total of 12 rounds in which each round lasts … Read More

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