Shaving Points Mean In Football

What Does Shaving Points Mean In Football? ( Get To Know More About This Illegal Activity In American Football! )

Point shaving is a kind of illegal match-fixing where the perpetrators stop the opposing team from getting a published point spread in standardized sports. It is different from other types of sports betting, point-shaving is motivated consistently by spread betting. When you talk about a point-shaving scheme, you talk about one or two players of … Read More

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Can Rugby Players Play American Football?

Yes, but it will not be as easy as many people say it. The two sports are unique to their languages, terms, flange, physicality, limitations, rules, and culture. So if a rugby player wants to switch to the NFL, he will need some adjustments and need to train differently for the NFL games. Although rugby … Read More

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What Is The Most Dangerous Position In American Football?

The most dangerous position of the American football requires top quality of athletes. Some of these dangerous positions of the American football includes; Corner Back, Middle Linebacker, Quarterback, Left Tackle, Offense Guard, Right End, Fullback, Defense Tackle, Free Safety, Outside Linebacker, Strong Safety, Free Safety, and so on. In this article, we are going to … Read More


How Many D1 Football Teams Are There (USA)

There are almost 130 schools present in the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, popularly known as FBS of the NCAA, known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, in the United States of America. All schools in this collection have varsity football teams. In this article, we are going to look into the best football colleges, … Read More

tailgating in sports

What Is Tailgating In Football?

A tailgate party is really a social occasion held on and about the open tailgate of a motor car.  Tailgating, which mostly occurs in the USA and Canada, frequently entails consuming alcoholic drinks and fermented meals. Tailgate parties happen in the parking lots at mostly FOOTBALL stadiums and arenas, even before and sometimes after football … Read More

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