What Are Hits Or Hitting In Hockey? (Explained!)

Hits Or Hitting In Hockey

In hockey, “hits” or “hitting” refers to physical body checks delivered by players to opponents. These legal collisions aim to separate opponents from the puck, gain possession, or disrupt the opposing team’s play. In the NHL, there can be thousands of hits in a single season. What Are Hits Or Hitting In Hockey? The table … Read more

How Fast Do Hockey Players Skate? (Explained!)

How Fast Do Hockey Players Skate

The average hockey player skates at speeds of 10-25 mph, but the fastest players can reach speeds of up to 35 mph. The world record for the fastest skating speed in a game is held by Connor McDavid, who reached a speed of 40.9 mph in 2015. How Fast Do Players Skate? When hockey players … Read more

Canada Hockey Teams List With Details!

Canada Hockey Teams List

Canada has seven NHL teams. From the days of their first NHL season, the seven teams in Canada are: Vancouver Canucks (1970), Montreal Canadians (1917), Toronto Maple Leafs (1917), Calgary Flames (1980), Ottawa Senators (1992), Winnipeg Jets(2011), and Edmonton Oilers (1979) List Of NHL Hockey Teams In Canada We’ve prepared a list of the Canadian … Read more

What Is A Points Streak In The NHL? (Find Out Now!)

Points Streak In The NHL

A points streak in the NHL is the number of consecutive games in which a player records at least one point (either a goal or an assist). The longest points streak in NHL history is 51 games, set by Wayne Gretzky in 1983-84. Top 9 Point Streaks In NHL History After extensive research, we’ve prepared … Read more

Original 6 Hockey Teams In NHL (With Overview Of Each team!)

6 Hockey Teams In NHL

The Original Six NHL teams, which dominated the league from 1942 to 1967, are the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs. The Original Six (Overview Of Each Team) 1. Montreal Canadiens 1917 In 1909, Montreal Canadiens 1917 was founded as part of the National Hockey Association. … Read more

What Does CCM Hockey Stand For? (Find Out Today!)

CCM Hockey

CCM Hockey stands for Canadian Cycle & Motor Company. CCM was founded in 1899 and began producing hockey equipment in 1905. Today, CCM is one of the leading manufacturers of hockey equipment in the world, producing a wide range of products for players of all ages and skill levels. What Does CCM Stand for on … Read more