What Are Hits Or Hitting In Hockey? (Explained!)

Hits Or Hitting In Hockey

Hits or hitting, in the game of hockey, means that a player was able to initiate physical contact with the opposing player possessing the puck, and the opposing player sustaining the contact must lose possession of the puck as a result of the contact. For a long time, hits/hitting has been an integral part of hockey … Read more

Canada Hockey Teams List With Details!

Canada Hockey Teams List

Canada has seven NHL teams. From the days of their first NHL season, the seven teams in Canada are: Vancouver Canucks (1970), Montreal Canadians (1917), Toronto Maple Leafs (1917), Calgary Flames (1980), Ottawa Senators (1992), Winnipeg Jets(2011), and Edmonton Oilers (1979) Canada is one of those countries that cherish and love the game of hockey. … Read more

What Is A Points Streak In The NHL? (Find Out Now!)

Points Streak In The NHL

In the game of hockey, a points streak means consecutive games without a regulation loss. There have been great streaks in NHL history. Take, for example, 1983-84 Wayne Gretzky of Edmonton Oilers scored 61 goals, 92 assists, making up for 153 points in total.  Scoring a goal or getting an assist on a goal scored … Read more

What Does CCM Hockey Stand For? (Find Out Today!)

CCM Hockey

CCM in hockey stands for  “Canada Cycle & Motor,” which is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality ice hockey equipment. The company dates back to 1899 when a group of bike manufacturers joined hands together to stop the importation of American bikes into the Canadian market.  As we all know, Reebok-CCM Hockey is the … Read more