How To Get Into The NFL Without College

Get Into The NFL Without College

To get into the NFL without college, you must be three years removed from high school and declare for the NFL draft. You can then attend the NFL Regional Combine and National Combine to showcase your skills to NFL scouts. If you impress the scouts, you may be drafted by an NFL team. How To … Read more

How To Become An NFL Kicker

Become an NFL Kicker

To become an NFL kicker, practice kicking field goals and kickoffs regularly, perfect your accuracy, and build leg strength. Attend kicking camps, showcase your skills in college football, and aim for a high accuracy percentage to gain NFL attention. This table includes how far you have to kick to become an NFL kicker and few … Read more

How Does NFL Wild-Card Work?

NFL Wild-card

The NFL Wild Card playoff format features three wild-card teams from each conference. They face the division winners in single-elimination games. The top seed in each conference gets a bye, and the others play, creating a 14-team playoff system in the NFL. How Does the NFL Wild Card Work? This table comprises the present and … Read more