What Bounce In Volleyball? (Find Out Interesting Facts About This Term In Volleyball!)

Bounce In Volleyball

Volleyball just like every other sport has different terms and slang that players and professionals use to communicate. A particular term “bounce in volleyball” isn’t commonly used these days. It is a type of hit made in a volleyball game. In this article, you will learn what a bounce is, the different types of hits … Read more

What Does A Yellow Card Mean In Volleyball? (Find Out Some Interesting Facts About “Yellow Cards” In Volleyball!)

Yellow Card Mean In Volleyball

In volleyball, a yellow card means the last warning for a player. It is generally the first warning for some unsportsmanlike conduct like slowing down the game intentionally, aggression, discussion with the opponent or with the referee, or breaking the rules.  We all know that both yellow and red cards are not good for a … Read more

What Is A Carry In Volleyball? (Check Out The Meaning Of A “Carry” And The Examples Of A “Carry” Being Done In Different Kind Of Contact With Ball!)

Carry In Volleyball

When a contact with the ball has been extended by a player, it is called a carry in volleyball. It can actually be during any type of hit if it’s not a sharp, precise, and quick contact. There are different rules in the game of volleyball.  If you’re just a casual fan, you might find … Read more

What Does The Term “Side Out” Mean In Volleyball? (All You Need To Know About This Volleyball Term!)

Side Out Mean In Volleyball

In the “side-out” scoring system of volleyball, just the team that served the ball may score a point. Under this scoring system, the very first team to 15 points will win the game. Have you been hearing the term “side out” during a volleyball game but couldn’t figure out what it actually means?  Or do … Read more

Can You Block A Serve In Volleyball? (Find Out Whether You’re Allowed To Block Or Spike On A Serve In Volleyball!)

Block A Serve In Volleyball

When the ball is above the top of the net, you’re not allowed to block or attack a serve, according to the official rules from the FIVB – if the ball isn’t above the top of the net, complete an attack hits directly. However, to stop an attack from the opposing team legally, players make … Read more

What To Expect At Volleyball Tryouts? (Find Out What Volleyball Tryouts Are Like!)

Expect At Volleyball Tryouts

At volleyball tryouts, you’re expected to come like you’re ready to play. If you have your spandex, wear them. Wear your volleyball shoes if you have them. Although you don’t necessarily have to purchase $150 volleyball shoes, if you don’t have a pair, don’t worry.  Just get your knee pads ready. Also, you need to … Read more