What Does Cookies Mean In Basketball? (Some Common Terms And Slang You Didn’t Know About Basketball!)

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In basketball, “cookies” is a slang term for stealing the ball from an opponent. Players aim to make quick steals, disrupting the opposing team’s offense. The term adds a playful element to defensive tactics.

Some Common Basketball Terms And Slang

Basketball TermsBaseball Terms
Traveling Bullpen
Drop PassCycle
AssistOn Deck

Here are the most common basketball terms and their meanings:

Airball: It’s a term used when a player misses everything, like the backboard, net, and the rim.

Alley-oop: It happens when a player makes a slam dunk or even drops the ball into the net in a single movement as a result of a maneuver whenever the ball is passed by a basketball player that flies very high above the basketball rim. Then, 

And also one: When a player is aiming to shoot and he is fouled by the opponent defensive player, the referee will then call a foul against the defensive player who’s trying to stop the shooter. They get a free throw as a result of the foul. 

Assist: When a player receives the ball as a pass from his teammate which directly results in a basket.

Backboard: The rim is attached to a rectangular board, which is known as the backboard. The backboard is normally made of tempered glass, Plexiglas, or perhaps wood. The basket in the backboard is what players aim at when shooting to score. 

Backdoor: When a skilled offensive player makes a run behind a defensive player heading to the basket without having the basketball with him. 

Bank shot: When a jump shot is done by a player without hitting the rim but hits the backboard before making its way into the basket.  

Block: When an opponent moves the ball to make a shot and another player gets in his way or space, it is called a block. These players use their hands to generally stop an opposing player from shooting into the basket.  

Box out: When players widen their pose as well as arms every time a go moves up, they have a much better possibility of obtaining the rebound.

Carry: When a basketball player walks the ball without making an appropriate dribble. 

Charge: When a defensive player that probably has a recognized spot was intruded by an offensive player, it is an offensive foul called charge.  

Drop Pass: It happens when a player bounces the ball to a level in which his teammates would be able to get it by dropping the ball into the floor. 

Flop: When a player is overacting, fabricating, and over exaggerating the scope of contact of the foul on an opposing player. This is a really bad movie, because it can get the other player penalized. 

Man-to-Man: When one individual has chosen to be guarded on the opposite team by every player on defense.

Paint: This is likewise called the key and it’s the area on the court that pays of the free-throw lane.

Post: Rectangular blocks have painted a spot outside the key or even paint. 

Rebound: After a goal is missed and a basketball player has possession of the ball, this is referred to as rebound. 

Screen: It is a popular offensive action by a player who stands in front of a defensive player to gain his way without having the ball in his possession. The player doing this must be careful not to make an offensive foul, known as a moving screen. That’s why they have to remain stationary while doing this offensive strategy. 

Swish: A few reference it as “nothing but net.” It happens in the game of basketball when a player punches in the rim, uses a basket without the ball. 

3 in the Key: A turnover that is produced by penalty. It happens in the game of basketball when an offensive player stays in the painted area for more than 3 seconds.

Traveling: It is likewise known as walking, and it is a violation in the game of basketball where a player takes way too many steps without dribbling with the ball.  

Turnover: When the offense manages to lose possession of the basketball as well as the opposing team gets it. This usually comes about when the offense goes by the ball out of bounds and in case they receive a floor violation.

Zone Defense: A defensive technique where players, rather than defend a certain player on the opposite team, they guard a certain location or maybe a zone of the court.

Common Basketball Slang

Learning basketball slang makes the game so much more desirable and enjoyable if you’re watching basketball actions with friends from the convenience of your couch or you’re on the court as an audience. Rather than being an ordinary fair-weather fan, mastering the slang is just a way to show your passion for the game. If you wanna keep up with the game, know these common phrases!

Block City: When an opponent is completely and consistently blocked by a player.

Granny Shot: This is when a player rather than taking the shot above his head, shots underarm. 

Wedgie: It is a situation in basketball where the backboard and the basket have the ball stuck in it. 

Making it rain: When a basketball player constantly always scores.

Dropping dimes: When fancy passes are done by basketball players.

Dagger: When a player makes a shot at a key part of the game, typically in the last second of the game. 

Now that you’re aware of some basketball slang, terms, and terms, you’ll have an easier time talking about the game with your family and friends. To become more conversant and familiar with these terms and slang of basketball, start making use of them more frequently.  

Baseball Terms

Most die-hard baseball fans sometimes come across a slang or term that they’ve not heard before. There’s no shame in learning new stuff about the game you love – after all, that’s how you’d become a better baseball savvy fan. 

For more than 100 years, the game of baseball has been around, in that time, it has formulated its own very unique language. You can make use of our list of baseball terms and slang to communicate well in the pitch and enjoy the game


An Ace is a phrase for a genuine primary pitcher. All Aces would be the leader of any pitching team, however, not all pitching teams have a pure Ace.


Bagger is a slang term for a multi-base hit. For instance, a triple is called “three-bagger” and a double might be called a “two-bagger”. 


A pitcher can make an unlawful action (if he does not release the ball after launching his movement towards the plate). Runners are rewarded with the other base if you have runners on base. The batter is given a different ball when you have absolutely no runners on base.


The bullpen is the group of relief pitchers on a baseball team’s members, in addition to the spot of the stadium which they delay in while in the game. Pitchers additionally warm up in the bullpen before heading away with the field.


A bunt is a strategic play that entails placing the ball into play as weakly as you possibly can to get on base or even to advance the runners up a base.


The hitting achievement in the same game involving punching in a double, a single, a triple, along with a home run. It is referred to as the cycle in the game of baseball. 

Designated For Assignment 

Any player that is designated for assignment is taken out of the team and the fate of such player is determined by the forty man roster who has a restricted time to do that. This could consist of putting them on waivers, releasing them, driving them with the minor leagues, or perhaps swapping them. 

Two-Fold Play

When a defending team happens to earn two out of one play, it is referred to as two-fold or double play.

In The Hole 

A player is two batters from hitting when he is in the gap. There’s the professional up to bat, followed by the player that is on deck, then the player that is in the gap.


One of the fundamental units of a baseball game is an inning. Presently in a baseball game, there are just nine innings, in which there are three outs for every side in each inning. 


It is a term in the game of baseball where a pitcher does not allow a hit for the whole game. The base is hit by the Batters through error, hit batsmen, or walk, and also have it continue to be counted as a no-hitter, any hits on balls in play cannot be simply provided by them. 

On Deck

A player is up to bat next if he is on deck. Generally the player delays in the on-deck circle exactly where they can shoot training swings and observe the pitcher.


The main leagues have many forms of options. When a player gets optioned in the Minor league, he will be sent back down to the minor leagues. A contract can be extended a season through the agreement options. Generally, there may be team options, mutual options, and player options, based on the dynamics of a player’s contract.


Any team that wins the championship of the league is known to be a pennant. 


When a player gets caught just in between the bases, it is known as a pickle in the game of baseball. 


The euphemism for batting power is pop. A player containing pop in the bat of theirs is effective at hitting for extra bases at any time.

Ride The Pine 

The phrase or term used for players that have been benched for a long time or have not been allowed to play is ‘Ride the Pine”. Pine wood is used to make the benches in the dugout, so players on the bench that sit on it are said to be riding the pine.  


The phrase for striking power in the game of baseball is Slugging. The metric accustomed demonstrate the number of bases at-bat a player has struck for is known as the player’s slugging percentage.

Final Words

We’ve come to the final session of this informative article. We hope you’re now familiar with the meaning of “Cookies” in the game of basketball. Also, we hope you’ve learned some other terms and slang of the games of basketball and baseball.




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