How Many D1 Football Teams Are There (USA)

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There are almost 130 schools present in the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, popularly known as FBS of the NCAA, known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, in the United States of America. All schools in this collection have varsity football teams. In this article, we are going to look into the best football colleges, in the USA, the list of the NCAA Division I FBS football teams, and the most US states with the most football teams.  

US States Without Football TeamsUS States With The Most Football Teams
North Dakota Ohio
South Dakota California 
MaineNorth Carolina 
Vermont Louisiana 
Rhode Island, Hampshire, Delaware. Michigan 

The 25 Best Football Colleges In The USA 

For most college students, Saturdays at Autumn would be the apex of their school experience.  Nothing beats the fun and camaraderie of creating their way to the scene hours before a match to eat, drink, and play with buddies, or even the power of tens of thousands of fans cheering in the group in a major match or even the pride and delight of reliving glorious minutes in the group’s past.  Football has become a component of faculty experiences for nearly 150 decades.  And if it has little bearing on the instructional value of a college, it’s an enormous influence in the life span of school students and their continuing allegiance for their Alma maters.  There’s not any doubt for the football fans, football can get an effect on potential students’ choices about which college they wish to attend.

Bearing this in mind, College Choice has compiled a listing of the 25 greatest colleges for college football.  It’ll be not surprising that the record is full of schools that have experienced success in the area in distant and recent history.  However, there’s more to the football culture of a college than simply on-field achievement.  In compiling our standing, we’ve considered four big classes: on-field achievement, alumni achievement, game-day expertise, and culture and sway.

Considering football’s long history in college life, an achievement in the area might ebb and flow.  To compute this part of a college’s score, we believed a school total win-loss report, their background at the Associated Press poll, the number of national championships obtained throughout the survey era, along with also the number of playoffs or bowls they’ve played with bonuses such as BCS bowls.

Alumni achievement was measured mainly due to their professional careers of colleges’ previous players.  These players suggest not just the continuing success of a football program, but they also act as sources of pride for both current students and alumni of these universities.  In that manner, they continue to donate to the culture and expertise of the faculty.  To compute this part of a college’s score, we believed the amount of Heisman winners at a college’s history, the entire amount of NFL players, the present variety of NFL players, the entire amount of Pro Bowl players, along with the entire amount of Hall of Famers from every college. 

About the area achievement and the achievement of alumni could be quantified pretty inexpensively by hitting gamers looking at survey background, and these.  Assessing a college’s game-day experience wants a little more subjectivity.  Nonetheless, it’s correct that a pupil’s expertise on the times of games aside from the matches themselves have a whole lot to do with all the memories created and the general perception of the temptations of a football school.  Some items like audience dimensions and the number of times every college has emerged on ESPN gameday could be counted and scored.  But we wanted to take into account things like arena setting, tailgating, along with also exceptional game-day customs.  To these ends, we relied upon internet positions to devise a composite score for a school total game-day experience. 

Ultimately, we wanted to think about the manner a football program results in the college financially, the method by which in which the city increases the college football experience, and the total impact of this football program on student life.  This final part of a faculty’s College Choice score has been calculated by taking a look at a football program’s earnings, a combination of online positions for the best school football towns, along with also a college’s score by a student survey on sports conducted by

List Of NCAA Division I FBS Football

That is a listing of the 130 schools at the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the USA.  By definition, all colleges in this group have varsity football teams.

Faculties in Division I FBS are distinguished from the ones from the Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) simply by being permitted to give scholarship assistance to a total of 85 players and might give a complete scholarship to each of 85.  FCS colleges are confined to financial aid amounting to a max of 63 total scholarships, though some conferences willingly place additional restrictions on athletic help.  

Even the NCAA classifies FBS football as a “head-count” game, which means that every player receiving some athletically-related help in the college counts completely contrary to the 85-player limitation.  By comparison, FCS football is categorized as an “equivalency” game, meaning that scholarship help is restricted to the equivalent of a predetermined variety of total scholarships.   

Subsequently, this usually means that FCS schools may openly grant tight scholarships but can also be restricted to a total of 85 players getting assistance.  Still, another NCAA rule mandates any multi-sport athlete that plays football and receives some athletic assistance is counted from the football limitation, with an exclusion for gamers in non-scholarship FCS applications who receive help in a different game.  The 3 service academies that perform Division I FBS–Air Force, Army, and Navy–are subject to the principle, however, are exempt from training since all pupils at these colleges get full scholarships in the national authorities. 

Beginning in 2014, the FBS started playing with a four-team championship culminating at a National Championship Game to ascertain its national champion, a system that is going to be set up from the 2014-2025 seasons by arrangement with ESPN, broadcaster of those matches.  But because the College Football Playoff isn’t justified by the NCAA, this creates FBS football the only game with no NCAA-sanctioned winner.  The FCS is the maximum branch in college football to maintain a playoff championship sanctioned by the NCAA to ascertain its champion.

Previously, Division I FBS football was not the only NCAA game without an official championship to ascertain a national champion, together with all the FBS schools instead enjoying a string postseason bowl games, culminating at the BCS National Championship Game, which tried to crown one national winner.  Other associations, most notably the Associated Press, contradicted their very winners via polling.  The BCS and AP haven’t always agreed on a single winner.  Ahead of the BCS, the AP has been regarded as the determining body to get a Champion, however, it had been launched as a regional voting figure, similar to any other firm prior to the BCS.  The majority of the years passed the BCS age, the ministry had been promised by more than 1 school.

Seminar affiliations exist for the forthcoming 2020 season.

The US States With The Most College Football Teams

What country has the most school football teams?  The brief response in Texas.  Even the Lone Star State boasts a total of 12 FBS football teams.  Curious to understand how many other countries stack up?  Have a look at our listing of countries with several school football teams.

Notice: To produce the record somewhat simpler to understand, we are likely to concentrate just on FBS football teams.  For people that are newcomers to school football, FBS is brief for NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.  Think about this as the best flight of college football in the US.  This was known as Division I-A, for people who might be lapsed, lovers.

States By Number Of College Football Teams

1: Texas (12)

a) Baylor Bears

b) Houston Cougars

c) North Texas Mean Green

d) Rice Owls

e) SMU Mustangs

f) Texas Longhorns

g) Texas A&M Aggies

h) TCU Horned Frogs

i) Texas State Bobcats

j) Texas Tech Red Raiders

h) UTEP Miners

i) UTSA Roadrunners

2. Ohio (8)

a) Akron Zips

b) Bowling Green Falcons

c) Cincinnati Bearcats

d) Kent State Golden Flashes

e) Miami (OH) RedHawks

f) Ohio Bobcats

g) Ohio State Buckeyes

h) Toledo Rockets Toledo

3. California (7)

a) Stanford Cardinals 

b) Fresno State Bulldogs

c) San Diego State Aztecs

d) California Golden Bears 

e) San Jose State Spartans

f) UCLA Bruins 

g) USC Trojans

4. Florida (7)

a) UCF Knights

b) Miami (FL) Hurricanes

c) Florida Gators

d) Florida State Seminoles

e) FIU Panthers

f) South Florida Bulls

g) Florida Atlantic Owls

5. North Carolina (7)

a) Duke Blue Devils

b) North Carolina Tar Heels

c) Appalachian State Mountaineers

d) East Carolina Pirates 

e) NC State Wolfpack

f) Wake Forest Demon Deacons

g) Charlotte 49ers

6. Louisiana (5)

a) Louisiana–Monroe Warhawk 

b) LSU Tigers

c) Tulane Green Wave New Orleans

d) Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns

e) Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

7. Michigan (5)

a) Michigan State Spartans

b) Eastern Michigan Eagles

c) Michigan Wolverines

d) Western Michigan Broncos

e) Central Michigan Chippewas

What US States Are No College Football Teams?

We have recorded the countries having the most FBS teams, and lots of others have one or a couple of groups to get behind during college football season.  However, these countries Don’t Have Any FBS staff to call their very own:

1. Montana

2. North Dakota

3. South Dakota

4. Alaska

5. Maine

6. Rhode Island

7. Vermont

8. New Hampshire

9. Delaware

10. Getting in the FBS

Apart from being in a position to sponsor the very best rated athletic talent throughout the nation, the sports programs in lots of the colleges on this listing are significant moneymakers.  In reality, it is not unheard of to get a nation’s highest-paid public worker to really be a mentor for a school sports team.  Having this kind of money moving around, you need to envision the prerequisites for getting an FBS faculty are rather strict.  And you would be right.

To maintain onto their FBS membership, colleges need to keep an average home attendance of 15,000 individuals within a rolling two-year interval.  Additionally, every FBS college should sponsor, at minimum, 16 varsity intercollegiate teams, football included.  This amount should contain at least half an individual’s or coed teams and at least eight all-female teams.  Equally significant is support for all those pupils financially.  Around all its sports applications, FBS colleges will need to provide at least 200 athletic scholarships, or even invest $4 million in scholarships every year.  Additionally, the football teams will need to supply at least 90 percent of the greatest number of football scholarships.

Many colleges around the next greatest branch, FCS, are prepared to undertake the extra cost involved to turn into an FBS college due to the federal prestige it could bring, in addition to sales and corporate sponsorship.  Ironically, however, lots of FBS teams are monetary losers overall and desire cash in the college’s additional sections to survive.

Final Words

We’ve come to the end of this article. We hope you found resources in it.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions pertaining to NCAA Division I football. 

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