Where Can I Find A Database Of Golf Courses? (Find Out The Best Golf Course Database Provider!)

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You can find a database of the golf course if you check one of these database providers; Golf Course Database For Sale | USA & International, Complete Database of Golf Courses -$49, US Golf Data, and Golf Course Directory Database for UK, US, Canada, and Irish. 

For a while now, people have gone the extra mile to find out where they can find a database of golf courses, but it’s been abortive. Finding a database of golf courses is a bit difficult because even if you find one in the national golf foundation which offers a scorecard, numbers of holes, courses available, and clubs available, you might not get the address information and contact details.

One of the best places you can reach to get what you want is E-database Marketing.  Not just one place! We’ve gone the extra mile to do some digging to help you with a lot of options in your quest to find out where to get a database of golf courses. In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of golf course database providers. We’ve found four golf course database providers, choose the one that best suits you! 

The Table Below Contains Two Golf Course Database Providers And Their Affordability. 

Golf Course Database ProvidersAffordability 
Complete Database Of Golf Course -$49Extremely Affordable 
Golf Course Directory Database For UK, US, Canada, And IrishAveragely Affordable 

Four Golf Course Database Providers

1. Golf Course Database For Sale | USA & International 

After extensive research, we found “Golf Course Database For Sale | USA & International” to be one of the top golf course database providers you can possibly find out there. They are known for delivering all the fields required and are concentrated on developing their International Database toa world-class level. We’ve known them for a while and ever since, they kept growing.  

2. Complete Database Of Golf Courses -$49 

This golf course database provider picked up the second spot on our list because they offer extremely affordable price but there are three drawbacks to this provider which are; they may not have some of the fields you may be looking for, there are also issues with the data structure too because it normally required numerous manipulation to fit some database structure, and the data are not updated. 

3. US Golf Data

The third on our list is the US Golf Data which we suspected that it’s owned and operated by the same people as the previous one as we noticed they both have the same data sample. Also, we noticed the two are focused on the US market and present the same database structure. 

4. Golf Course Directory Database For UK, US, Canada, And Irish

This golf course database provider is majorly built for people in the locations listed above and it is considered one of the best golf course database providers with the most affordable prices and stunning website. The only flaw of this database provider is that they offer you what you pay for because their database is just not updated. 

Below Are A Database Containing Record Entries About The Golf Course And The Number Of Entries Under Each Of Them:


1. There are 13,412 special telephone numbers in the table course.

2. There are 15,574 documents with a zip code. 

3. 15,389 records have a non-empty hole area.

4. There are 10,181 special architects.

5. There are 14,369 documents with a season built.

6. There are 15,379 documents with a public/private.

7. 15,384 records possess a populated charge card area.

8. 15,370 records use a golf season.

9. There are 15,382 documents with a selection.

10. 15,374 records possess a rental club.

11. There are 15,377 documents with a pro in the home.

12. 15,372 files have metal spikes acceptable.

13. 15,264 records possess a populated weekday area.

14. 15,284 records have a non-empty weekend area.

15. There are 15,419 documents with a tee time welcomed.

16. There are 15,412 documents with a rental cart offered.

17. 10,705 records possess a populated championship par area.

18. 10,714 records have a non-empty championship yards area.

19. 9,536 records have a championship slope.

20. 9,594 records have a championship USGA.

21. There are 15,321 documents with a populated middle par area along with a non-empty center yards area.

22. 12,268 records possess a populated center slope area.

23. 12,432 records have a non-empty center USGA field.

24. 15,317 records use a forward par.

25. There are 15,318 documents with a non-empty forward yards field.

26. There are 11,761 documents with a populated forward slope area.

27. 11,891 records possess a populated advanced USGA area.

With Regards To Data Structure And Data Volume, This Database Is Being Always Updated Once Every 0.5 – 5 Years Depending On The Nook. 

What Is A Golf Course Called?

The game of golf is played on a golf course. Every golf course has series of holes, each of these holes consists of a fairway, a teeing ground, a green with a flagstick and hope/cup, the rough, and other hazards. A standardized round of golf has 18 holes. 

What Is The Most Expensive Public Golf Course?

Pebble Beach used to be the most expensive public golf course in American, until last year when Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas tops the chart to claim throat expensive golf course in America. 

1. Shadow Creek Golf Course ($500)

2. Pebble Beach Golf Links ($495

3. Cascata Course ($375)

4. TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course ($375)

Are Golf Courses A Good Investment?

The simple fact would be that the return of most of these golf courses at the time of sale could be less than 10% even if ten percent return might appear realistic for purchasing a golf course at first.

Final Words – Wrapping It Up!  

The bottom line is that database providers like the Golf Course Database On the markets & International, Complete Database of Golf Courses $ forty-nine, US Golf Data, Golf Course Directory Database for UK, Canada, US, and Irish, will provide just all the database for golf. Like we said earlier, people’s quest to finding the website that provide golf database hasn’t been quite easy but with the ones we gave, you’ll be able to get just what you want. We’ve come to the end of this informative article. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know where a database of golf courses. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks! 

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