What is the Difference Between a Club Fitting by Club Champion and that Fitted at Golf Galaxy?

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Club Champion offers a more comprehensive club fitting experience with 35,000+ head and shaft combinations, while Golf Galaxy typically offers a limited selection. Club Champion claims to improve golfers’ accuracy by 18.6 yards on average.

Major differences between a club fitting by Club Champion and that fitted at Golf Galaxy

Major difference between a club fitting by Club Champion and that fitted at Golf Galaxy


The fitting of the golf club is both cheap and expensive depending on where you go and who’s doing the fitting. Fitting at a golf galaxy is cheaper than a fitting by a golf champion. On average, you can spend $1,200 to fit your club at a golf galaxy whereas the average cost by a golf champion is within $2050 (with some extra coats such as custom shops and shafts).


Another difference between fitting at a golf galaxy and a club champion is that when you purchase a club from a club galaxy, you are purchasing from a limited set of clubs. The Golf Galaxy may have the latest model from a selected manufacturer, they may even recommend one over another for you based on incentive. This means that the set of clubs they’re selling will only be available with a few different grips and shafts and this depends on the offers of the manufacturer.

A golf fitter at Galaxy knows that his fitting may increase the length, lie angle, and even the loft of the club to suit what you need. The spec is then passed to the manufacturer to build these clubs. 


When you purchase a golf club from a club champion, you’ll have a plethora of club heads to choose from and this process can be overwhelming. However, since you’ll be working with a professional golf fitter who has had ample training on fitting golf clubs. There is no guesswork as he knows exactly what he is doing from the inception to the final touch.

Traditionally, every fitting session starts with the golfer selecting a club head. Once you’ve found the best head that the fitter agrees with, the next step is to find a good shaft that compliments the head for a unique swing. After selecting the shaft the fitter would begin making some adjustments to the shaft length and lie angle. After each adjustment, the fitter would ask you to test the club on a ball to measure the grip, impact on the ball, and the ball’s flight.

Better experience 

Better experience

Fitting at a club champion means you’ll have to stick to the shaft offered by the manufacturer instead of ordering a set of irons. A customer once recounted an experience at TaylorMade. “I built my golf club at TaylorMade and when done, they checked in with Club Champions club builders to double-check if the club met the required specifications of clubs. This process saves me extra cost on an extra shaft or the installation of the custom shaft. However, most club manufacturers may not have tolerance adherence policies that all Club Champion have, where all club champions ensure they get what they ordered but most manufacturers don’t”.

What Makes the Best Golf Club-Fitting Companies

A high-quality golf club fitting company offers exceptional services designed to enhance any golfer’s performance. Discerning the best providers involves pinpointing companies that embody specific attributes. Here are the top six factors that make up the best golf club fitting companies.

1. Expert Fit Professionals

Highly trained professionals who understand the intricacies of golf equipment and player characteristics dominate the best golf club fitting companies. These professionals can interpret swing data accurately, matching golfers with clubs that complement their skill level, swing speed, and other personal preferences.

2. Comprehensive Club Selection

Exceptional companies provide a broad range of golf club brands and models. They offer a diverse selection to satisfy golfers’ unique tastes and technical needs, taking into account variables such as club length, head design and shaft flexibility.

3. Advanced Technology Usage

The best companies utilize cutting-edge technology, such as launch monitors and 3D motion tracking devices. This technology allows for precise measurements, helping to customize clubs that optimize a player’s swing speed, launch angle and spin rate.

4. Customized Club Building Services

Ultimately, a fitting session should result in a set of golf clubs that are customized down to the smallest detail. The top golf club fitting companies offer in-house club building services, where they customize clubs to perfectly match a player’s distinct specifications, contributing to improved performance on the course.

5. Exceptional Customer Service

Renowned golf club fitting companies prioritize customer satisfaction, providing attentive service during fittings and subsequent follow-ups. They prevent misunderstanding through clear communication, helping clients to understand the fitting process and the reasoning behind each equipment recommendation.

6. Positive Reviews and Top Ratings

Highly satisfied customers vouch for the credibility of a company and its services — a decisive factor in identifying the best golf club fitting companies. A consistent track record of positive reviews and good ratings signifies the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

How Often Should I Get a Golf Club Fitting?

The frequency of getting a golf club fitting depends on several factors, including your skill level, how much your game is evolving, and your equipment. Here’s a detailed guide:

  1. Skill Level and Commitment:
    • Beginners: If you’re a novice golfer, it’s recommended to get your first club fitting after you have played for a few months or completed a few lessons. This allows you to establish a consistent swing and playing style.
    • Intermediate Golfers: Intermediate players who are actively improving may benefit from a fitting every 1-2 years as their game evolves.
  2. Significant Swing Changes:
    • If you undergo significant changes in your swing mechanics or physical characteristics (e.g., weight loss, muscle gain), consider a fitting to ensure your clubs still match your new playing style.
  3. Technology Advancements:
    • Golf club technology continually advances. If it’s been several years since your last fitting, new club models may offer improvements in distance, accuracy, and forgiveness.
  4. Injury or Physical Changes:
    • In the event of an injury or changes in your physical condition, such as a decrease in flexibility or strength, consider a fitting to adjust your clubs accordingly.
  5. New Courses or Playing Conditions:
    • If you move to a different region or frequently play on courses with different conditions (e.g., fast greens, heavy rough), a fitting can help optimize your club setup for those conditions.
  6. Club Wear and Tear:
    • Over time, clubs can wear out or lose their performance characteristics. Regularly inspect your clubheads, grips, and shafts for signs of wear and consider replacements or adjustments as needed.
  7. Goals and Commitment:
    • Your golfing goals and commitment also play a role. If you’re a casual golfer who plays infrequently, you may not need frequent fittings. However, serious golfers looking for optimal performance may benefit from more regular fittings.
  8. Professional Advice:
    • Consult with a professional club fitter or PGA instructor who can assess your game and recommend an appropriate fitting schedule based on your individual circumstances.

In summary, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should get a golf club fitting. It varies from golfer to golfer. Regular evaluations, especially when significant changes occur in your game or physical condition, can help ensure that your clubs are always optimized for your performance on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is best to get your club fitted?

There isn’t a straight answer to which, it depends on the above points and how well each relates to you. If cost is not a consideration then it’s recommended that you fit at Club Champion but if you are considering fitting at a place that has a wider range of stock, then it would be perfect at Golf Galaxy. 

The new or fitted club is best?

It also depends. If you are a professional golfer you might prefer a fitted club to new but if you are a golf newbie then you would want a new club since it would cost less than getting a fitted club.

Is it cheaper to get your club fitted at Club Champion or Golf Galaxy?

Relatively it’s more, depending on the level of specification you want fitted to your golf club. If you want a club replaced then it shouldn’t cost as much but if you want a shaft replaced with a top shelf cub and the lie and length angle fitted then it would cost you quite a lot. 

Places to get a good Fitting

There are quite a few places where you get your golf club fitted and get the best service and value for money. There are only five places I can recommend based on their longevity,  dedication to service and customer remarks and they are professionals, specialty club fitters, manufacturer demo days, large chains, visit a manufacturer’s headquarters 


Getting your golf club fitted is extremely important as against buying a golf club off the shelf. There are a lot of benefits not just because there are thousands of combinations for clubs but to get the right clubs that fit your skillset, the best grips that are comfortable for you, ensure you have the right shaft, a length that complements your height, and ensures the clubs look attractive.



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