In Golf, What Is The Difference Between Euro Pro Tour And Pro Golf Tour (In-depth Explanation!)

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For good measure, the major differences between the euro pro tour and the pro golf tour are the entry requirements, host countries, prize money, different level of players and difficulty level. Euro pro tour is a United Kingdom based developmental golf tournament designed to provide an entry point to a career in golf tournaments for professional golfers. Pro golf tour, on the other hand, is a higher standard professional golf tournament based in north Africa and central Europe.

All participating golfers in the euro pro tour are mostly British and the tour card won by the top finishers on the order of merit can be used as entrance for the following European golf tournaments season. Pro golf tour represent a different prospect in term of price money at stake and competitiveness. The coming together of top professional golfers from all over the globe makes the pro golf tour the best platform to put your skills to test and earn more money, more than what the euro pro tour has to offer.

The Euro Pro Tour

The Euro pro tour was founded in the year 2002 and has undoubtedly played an essential part on the road to the success of some of the superstars in golf.  This prestigious event is customarily a competitive showpiece highly contended between Europe’s finest golf professionals. As a tournament mainly based in the United Kingdom, it is usually dominated by players from Britain, Ireland, and Continental Europe. Famously dubbed as the most broadcast and developmental golf tour in the UK and across the world, the emerging top five winners on the order of merit will earn their respective tour card and progress to the European PGA tour.

Pro Golf Tour

Formerly known as the European professional development tour, Pro golf tour was founded in 1992 with an official recognition as third level tour by PGA since 2001. The tour is mainly based in north Africa and central Europe, with countries like Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Morocco and Egypt currently scheduled as the next tournaments host. On the order of merit, the five top winners of pro golf tour are awarded an exclusive status as they progress to the second tier level. A bypass to the European tour qualifying school second stage are the usual reward for the top ten players that emerged from the competition.

Is the standard of pro golf tours better than the euro pro tour?

Pro golf tour is a keenly contested tournament between the best golfers in the world. With several talents and global superstars on show, it is only natural to have a higher standard and competitive event. In financial terms, pro golf tours offer enormous bigger prize money compared to the euro pro tour, which technically makes it a more ambitious and standardized tournament.

What are the differences between a major and regular tournament in golf?

differences between a major and regular tournament in golf

Major tournaments are prestigious events staged for the best golfers across the world. With an annual schedule between April to July,  It is strictly invitational for elites in the game of golf. The setup is usually difficult and the qualification process is always tough. Winning a major tournament is the pinnacle of a golfer’s career as it is an honor that will go down in history.

Regular tournaments are equally a challenging showpiece in golf becomes with less pressure and less significance compared to majors. Courses in regular tournaments are less tough compare to majors, which invariably add a little bit of pressure to winning a major tournament. The sensation and hype that comes with major tournaments make tournaments it special and more challenging than regular tours.

What are the common starts formats in golf tournament? 

common starts formats in golf tournament

Golf tournaments are usually a well planned event with several plans to be adequately put in place by the organizers. Ranging from the preferred location, invited players, sponsorship and estimated cost, it is important to put into consideration how the tournament will be played.

Below are the different ways golf tournaments can tee off and each type has it’s benefits and downsides.

  • Shotgun
  • Standard 
  • Crossover


A short gun start is a concept that enables all participants to start and end the tournament at the same time. This process involves putting a group on each hole when the tournament kicks off. This start up concept is suitable for tournaments that involves over sixty players and enables swift conclusion on golf tours.


Standard concept of starting off golf competitions involves each participating groups starting the game at hole one. This is more suitable for golf tournament with less than 36 players. As each groups have to start at hole one, start interval are determined in advance, commonly ten minutes. This start format is more time consuming than shotgun, which makes it an appropriate option for small and individual golf tournaments.


This concept arise from the combination of the shotgun and standard starts format and are normally best suited for tournaments involving 40 to 56 participants. Cross over start up system is best suited for midsize groups of participants, with each group simultaneously starting up at hole 1 and 10 respectively.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions about the differences between euro pro tour and pro golf tour. Let’s have a look at them!

Is PGA tour harder than the European tour

Yes! In PGA tour, Stiff competition is guaranteed as it is usually a keen contest between the best golfers in the world. A European tour is equally competitive but the prize money and history to be made as a PGA tour winner make it a stronger tour to win.

What is the reward for winning a European tour?

Emerging winners of the European tour are awarded a European tour card for a minimum validity period of two years. Additional victories attract a a reward of an extra year with a maximum of five years.

What is the level of pro golf tours

Staysure tour and PGA champions tour are the two main pro golf tours. Staysure tour is previously known as the European senior tour while the PGA champions tour is based in the United States.

What is the biggest golf tour in the world?

The Master’s tournament is arguably the biggest tour in golf. The US Open, the British Open, the PGA Championship, and Ryder’s cup are closely followed as the most prestigious tours in golf.

Final Words

The Europro Tour and the pro golf tour are equally competitive tournaments. pro golf tour is usually invitational with more money involved and is harder to win. Europro tour is regarded as normal tours while pro golf is regarded as a major tournament, with winners going down in the history books as one of the greatest ever is golf.

This article is aimed to provide answers to your queries about the differences between the euro pro tour and the pro golf tour and we hope the answers you get from this write-up have done justice to that. Kindly reach out to us via the comment section if you have more questions. Thanks!

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