What Is The Difference Between Golf Shirts And Polo Shirts? (Explained!)

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Golf shirts and polo shirts are essentially the same, both featuring a collared design and a buttoned placket. The difference lies in the intended use, with “golf shirts” often marketed specifically for golf, while “polo shirts” are a broader category worn in various settings.

Golf Shirt Vs Polo Shirt: Main Differences

AspectGolf ShirtPolo Shirt
PurposePrimarily designed for playing golf. Its features are optimized to enhance the player’s comfort and performance during the game.A versatile type of clothing. Primarily designed for sports but commonly used for casual and business casual wear.
FabricLightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric. It’s designed to keep the player cool and dry. Common materials include polyester, microfiber, or a blend of cotton.Typically made from knitted cotton, silk, merino wool, or synthetic fibers. It provides a balance of comfort and durability.
DesignOften features a longer back (tail) to help it stay tucked in during the swing. Can have both short and long sleeves. They can also have a special pocket for holding the golf scorecard.Traditionally features a short sleeve design with a collar and a two or three-button placket. Provides a smart-casual look.
FitPolo shirts can vary dramatically in fit, from a closely cut slim fit style to a more casual relaxed fit.Polo shirts can vary dramatically in fit, from a closely cut slim fit style, to a more casual relaxed fit.
Price RangeBecause of their specialized nature, golf shirts can often be more expensive than polo shirts.Typically, Polo shirts are more affordable, given their versatility, and frequency of use.

What Is A Golf Shirt?

The term “golf shirt” is used to refer to a specific type of shirt that is worn while playing golf. A golf shirt typically has a collar with two buttonholes on each side so it can fit over the head and be tucked in, and oftentimes there are sleeves (polo shirts) or not (shirts). It is common for the fabric to be 100% cotton but some other fabrics are also used.

A golf shirt is a very versatile piece of clothing. They are great for work and casual wear, as these shirts tend to wick away sweat, which makes them ideal sportswear. Keep in mind that they’re not just useful in the business sense because they can also be used when doing certain outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking!

What Is A Polo Shirt?

Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is an iconic wardrobe staple that has a timeless style. A polo is traditionally made to fit tightly around the body in order to keep one cool during warm weather and they are typically adorned with three buttons placed near the collar.

Polo shirts were first worn by people who were involved in polo matches. Over time, it became pretty obvious that there were certain advantages to wearing clothes for leisure activities as opposed to traditional outfits that would get in the way of sports play.

Polo matches were first invented by the British as they were looking for a sport that required little equipment and could be played in hot and humid conditions. At first, players wore short-sleeved jerseys so that they wouldn’t experience any wardrobe malfunctions whilst playing polo. 

However, soon after it was discovered that these short-sleeved jerseys exposed vulnerable areas of the body and offered limited protection from injuries if a player fell off their horse. Still the clothing had its upsides – the cooler temperature meant less sweating when compared to wearing long-sleeves or full suits which would have been cumbersome, especially in warmer temperatures!

Golf Shirt Characteristics

Many golfers are making the switch to breathable, lightweight shirts to keep them feeling cool and looking hot on the course. Golfers can now wear these moisture-wicking shirts while they enjoy their game and remain cool and comfortable. Absolutely love the creativity – this is definitely my favorite rewrite! So, there you have it: an example of a content audit and rewrites paid off in spades!

There are many different brands of golf shirts available for purchase but some have extra features that make them more desirable than others. Golf shirts that have anti-bacterial properties for example will help prevent the spread of illnesses and can help improve your mood and energy level when worn. The design, color, and fabric all make a huge difference in determining which golf shirt you should buy; the style has to match what you like to feel comfortable wearing on the green.

Polo Shirt Characteristics

Polo shirts have been around for over a century. They were originally made from a light and airy cotton fabric but today you can find polo shirts that are made out of many different types of fabrics, depending on your preference and the season you decide to wear them.

A good polo shirt is a thing of beauty. It’s great to have in your wardrobe even during the colder months because they give off a great and relaxed vibe that makes you seem cool no matter how much or little you’re wearing it and since these shirts are so form-fitting, you don’t want to wear too many layers on top of them, especially if it’s a thin cotton material.

Difference Of Golf And Polo Shirt In Appearance And Fabrication

Difference Of Golf And Polo Shirt In Appearance And Fabrication

The polo shirt is a garment that is made up of knit fabric. It is created in a seamless manner. This design prevents the need for seaming and buttons, which makes it more comfortable to wear.

Polo shirts are of the knit variety and are made with a seamless and ribbed stitch in order to avoid the use of buttons or stitching that would ruin the smooth texture. The name “polo” shirt was derived from its original use during polo matches, at which time players were required to wear an undergarment that could easily be thrown on in case of damage from horses’ hooves or a fall from a horse. Polo shirts were first created by John L. Biggins of Detroit, Michigan, for his own line of sportswear named “Biggins”.

A golf shirt is sturdier than a polo shirt because of the way it’s been constructed. It’s more than likely going to feature seaming & buttons and generally has long sleeves with a placket at the top that would be closed by buttons or snaps instead of folding over like on a polo shirt’s collar.

AspectGolf ShirtPolo Shirt
Collar StyleUsually has a ribbed, knitted collarTypically features a ribbed collar
PlacketOften includes a buttoned placketTypically includes a buttoned placket
Sleeve LengthShort sleevesShort sleeves, but long sleeves available
Hem StyleVented or straight hemVented or straight hem
FabricOften made from performance materials like moisture-wicking, breathable fabricsMade from various materials including cotton, blends, and performance fabrics
FitGenerally designed for an active fit, allowing ease of movementCan have a tailored or relaxed fit, depending on the style
BrandingOften branded with golf-related logos or emblemsCan be branded but may not necessarily have golf-related logos
OccasionsPrimarily designed for golf and sports activitiesVersatile and suitable for casual wear, office, and various occasions

Key Differences of Polo and Golf shirt in Functionality

As similar as they are, polo and golf shirts do come with their own differences. Not only can you wear a polo shirt on the golf course, but it is also dressy enough to wear to work. However, a golf shirt would never be appropriate in an office setting.

Polo shirts were originally intended to be worn while playing polo. They are comfortable garments, cut with a nice fit so that players don’t feel weighed down or constricted as they engage in their strenuous matches and become hasty in their movements. Polo shirts are typically made of nylon or cotton and polyester blends for optimal durability, breathability, and mobility. The short sleeves roll up easily for the warmer months and can be worn open or closed – giving you great capability when it comes to customizing how you want the shirt to look!

When talking about clothing, people forget that the polo shirt didn’t get its start until the twentieth century, whereas golf shirts have been around much longer than that, since their inception back in the eighteenth century.


There are many different types of shirts suitable for a number of situations. While deciding on the right shirt style could be difficult, golf shirts are necessary to wear while at a golfing event or while hanging out with friends at the miniature range. If you’re attending an event, it’s important to choose clothing that communicates professionalism and what kind of image you want to portray in others’ eyes. For those working in offices where business casual is acceptable attire, a polo and cap might be best suited to achieve this goal.



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