Do NFL Players Get New Helmets for Each Game? (Find Out!)

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NFL players do not get new helmets for each game. The NFL requires players to wear the same helmet for the entire season unless it is damaged or no longer fits properly.

Do NFL players gets new helmets every games?

Do NFL players gets new helmets every games
  1. General Rule: Contrary to popular belief, NFL players do not get new helmets every game. There are strict rules outlined by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) against the usage of brand-new helmets for every match.
  2. Season-Long Helmets: On average, NFL players use the same helmet throughout the season. This is mainly because the players often become comfortable with a particular helmet and do not wish to change it.
  3. Safety Tests: Each helmet goes through a series of rigorous safety tests before they are handed out to the respective players. Even if a player wishes to change his helmet, it must undergo the same testing process.
  4. Mid-Season Replacement: If a player’s helmet tends to wear down or breaks during the season, it may be replaced. But these instances are often few and far between.
  1. Reconditioning: After each season, NFL helmets are sent for reconditioning. They get cleaned, repainted, inspected for safety measures, and tweaked if needed.
  2. Customization: Players often have the freedom to customize the fit of their helmets. Some might add extra paddings, others could prefer a particular strap. Despite these modifications, the core helmet usually remains the same.
  3. Multiple Helmets: Although not replaced every game, NFL players might have multiple helmets for rotation during practices or pre-game warm-ups.
  4. Special Helmets: On certain occasions, like ‘Throwback games’ or ‘Color Rush’ games, the players may wear conceptually designed helmets. These helmets adhere strictly to the safety regulations.
  5. Concussion Protocol: If a player suffers from a head injury or a concussion during a game, protocol dictates they get a new helmet.
  6. Stringent Regulations: The NFL has set stringent rules around helmet use and replacements to protect players from avoidable head injuries. In recent years, they started the practice of annual ranking and testing of helmets based on their performance in reducing the head impact severity.

Do NFL Players Get New Helmets Every Season?

NFL players do not get new helmets every season. The NFL requires players to wear the same helmet for the entire season unless it is damaged or no longer fits properly. This is to ensure that players are familiar with their helmet and that it fits them properly, which helps to reduce the risk of injury.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • If a player’s helmet is cracked or otherwise damaged, they must replace it immediately.
  • If a player changes teams, they may be required to wear a new helmet, depending on the team’s helmet policy.
  • If a player wants to upgrade to a newer helmet model, they may be able to do so with the approval of the NFL’s equipment manager.

NFL helmets are designed to last for several seasons, but it is important to have them inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear. Helmets should also be replaced if they are involved in a major impact, even if they do not appear to be damaged.

How often are helmets replaced in the NFL?

In the NFL, helmet replacement policies prioritize player safety. Helmets are routinely inspected and may be replaced under the following circumstances:

  1. Annual Inspection: Helmets are inspected annually by a certified equipment manager to assess their condition, fit, and safety features.
  2. Visible Damage: If a helmet shows visible signs of damage, such as cracks, dents, or deformities, it is immediately replaced.
  3. Age and Wear: Helmets have a recommended lifespan of 10 years from their manufacturing date. They may be replaced if they exceed this lifespan or show significant wear and tear.
  4. Model Discontinuation: If a helmet model is discontinued by the manufacturer, players are encouraged to switch to an approved and up-to-date model.
  5. Player Request: Players may request a new helmet if they feel their current one doesn’t fit correctly or if they prefer a different model.
  6. Rule Changes: If the NFL introduces new helmet safety rules or standards, players may be required to switch to helmets that comply with the updated guidelines.
  7. Concussion Evaluation: After a concussion, a player’s helmet may be examined, and if there are concerns about its effectiveness or condition, it may be replaced.
  8. Team Equipment Policies: Individual NFL teams may have their own equipment policies, which can influence how often helmets are replaced.

Are NFL helmets safe?

Absolutely yes! The helmet itself is designed to improve the safety of players during games. Furthermore, the testing methodology adopted by the NFL on helmets is another way to ensure player safety. Each helmet is tested weekly to ensure it is in good condition. Additionally, strict rules are imposed NFL Players Association that helmets should not be often replaced by players. This move is to ensure players wear a fitted size for comfort in order not to have their safety compromised.

Do NFL players keep their helmets?

Although there is no rule in the NFL rulebook that allows or opposes the idea of players keeping their helmets to themselves after games, it is a usual occurrence in the NFL by professionals. Aside from the helmets, other equipment used during their playing career such as jerseys and cleats are regarded as tools to look back to after retirement, which might be an enticing piece to hold on to with fond memories of their playing days. However, the same is not applicable to college football as all equipment used must be returned to their respective college teams.

How heavy is an NFL helmet?

As an engaging and physical sport, Helmets are an essential tool for the safety of players in the NFL and comes in varying degrees in look and sizes. It is built to provide safety against head injuries and concussions, which are the two major injuries in the NFL. On average, the weight of a helmet is between 4.25 to 4.75 pounds, which arguably makes it the heaviest equipment used by NFL players.

What is the most worn helmet in the NFL?

What is the most worn helmet in the NFL

As a usual occurrence in the sports world, there are several manufacturing brands that deal in the production of helmets. The preference of brands to use is hugely dependent on the player’s choice and needs as some are specifically built to suit certain skills and positions. Arguably, the most used helmet in the NFL is the Riddell Speedflex brand. This brand is well known across the NFL world and it is mostly preferred by players because of its durability and comfort.

How much does an NFL helmet cost?

As stated earlier, helmets are produced by different brands with different materials to suit players’ various skills and positions. There are many factors that determine the actual cost of helmets. Materials used make some quite expensive while others might be costly or cheap due to size, it’s color, or style. An average helmet would cost between the range of $120 to $400 depending on its model while some might cost as high as $950. however, some official manufacturers of helmets give discounts to NFL teams making a purchase in bulk.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions on whether NFL players get new helmets for each game. Let’s check them out.

Do NFL players buy their own helmets?

No! In compliance with the safety regulations by the NFL, teams with the help of their sponsors have agreed to make helmets and other sporting equipment available for their players. Nevertheless, the preferred choice of helmet to wear depends on individual players.

What is the new NFL helmet rule?

The new NFL helmet rule was introduced during the offseason and it states that players are not allowed to lower their helmet during contact initiation or lead with their helmet against an opposition. Failure to adhere to this rule attracts a wide range of penalties from a fine, ejection, or 15-yard penalty.

What do NFL teams do with used uniforms?

In general terms, NFL uniforms are washed and reused. However, they are replaced once they start showing signs of damage or wear that is behind repair.

Are helmets repainted after every NFL games?

No! Helmets are subjected to quality standard checks on a weekly basis and can only be repainted by the end of the week.

Final words

Safety equipment is a vital tool in a grueling sport like the NFL. Helmets are important kits for NFL players to prevent head injuries and strict rules are imposed by appropriate bodies to ensure players’ safety is not compromised. Additionally,  x-ray tests are carried out on each piece of equipment every week to ensure it is in top condition and to ensure players’ safety.

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