Does Grand Canyon University Have A Football Team? (Detailed Information!)

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Grand Canyon University does not have a football team. The university’s athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division I level in the Western Athletic Conference, but football is not one of the sports that the university offers.

Does grand canyon have a football team?

Does grand canyon have a football team

No! And the possibility of the university having a football team doesn’t look bright. Historically, the school has been an exceptional side in basketball for several decades. In addition to that, Grand Canyon University has a soccer team with a well-built stadium that can stand with professional stadiums in terms of quality and standard. The baseball and softball teams are getting better by the day and setting records in attendance and performances. These exploits in other sports make football consideration detrimental to the investments of the growing sports in the university. With basketball widely recognized as the premier sport in the school and the priceless recognition of reaching the NCAA Tournament, the football program is not considered a necessity at present.

When was grand canyon university established?

The prestigious Grand Canyon University was founded in the year 1949. The school is located in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, and operates on a semester-based academic calendar. The university offers a wide range of programs in humanities and social sciences, education, doctoral studies, fine arts and production, theology, and health care as well as science, engineering, and technology.

Will grand canyon university ever have a football team?

Will grand canyon university ever have a football team

The school has ever growing since its inception which makes having a football team on the long a possibility. At present, the school sports teams are excelling in other sports games and are ably representing the team at the NCAA Division One level In the Western Athletic Conference. With success and recognition coming in from other sports and considering the high operational cost of maintaining a football team, the management of the university is not currently putting the possibility of establishing a football team on the table. However, it remains a possibility in the near future.

What other sports do grand canyon university offer?

As a team that competes in the Western Athletic Conference at division one level at the National Collegiate Athletics Association, Grand Canyon University offers highly competitive sports teams in Basketball, Baseball, ice hockey, rugby, soccer, bowling, Flag football, all and lacrosse.

Is grand canyon a public or a private university?

Grand Canyon is a privately owned university situated in Phoenix, Arizona United States. It started as a non-profit organization since its establishment in 1949 before it was acquired by Grand Canyon Incorporation in the year 2004. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the United States and is widely regarded as one of the best online schools for entrepreneurs across the country.

Does the grand canyon University have any religious affiliation?

The reputable institution is a private Christian university historically operated by the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention board of trustees. The school is renowned for its foundation and heritage in Christianity but allows other non-Christian students.

Is grand canyon university for profit or not for profit?

Upon its establishment in 1949, Grand Canyon University was staffed as a non-profit Christian college. However, the institution found itself in a financial crisis with over twenty million dollars in debt. To avoid a total shutdown, the University switched to a for-profit institution for a while as a measure to maintain stability. Presently at the time of the write-up, the University is back as a non-profit organization currently presided over by Brian Mueller.

Is grand canyon university expensive?

Very! The school is quite good in terms of quality education and reputation despite its small size. However, the major downside of this prestigious school is its expensiveness because it is privately owned.

What are the four pillars of grand canyon university?

The highly reputable Grand Canyon University is an institution with a rich historical background. I’m that regard, it was founded on four pillars which will be highlighted below in no particular order.

  • Academic advancement
  • Extracurricular excellence 
  • Wellness and well-being 
  • Christian camaraderie 

The pillars stated above are guides proposed by the University toward the actualization of its set goals. It is a subtle way to provide a pathway to success for its students, which has contributed to the growth and reputation of the institution for the past sixty-five years.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions about why Grand Canyon University doesn’t have a football team. Let’s check them out!

Does grand canyon university have a soccer team?

Yes! Popularly called Grand Canyon Antelopes just like their basketball and baseball counterparts, the school Soccer team was founded in 1985 and represents the university in all NCAA Division One men’s soccer tournaments.

What is the official mascot for the grand canyon university?

Thunder the Antelope is the mascot for Grand Canyon University, officially since 2008.

Where is the grand canyon university ranked among other universities?

According to the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities in the United States, the Grand Canyon is ranked number 299 in 391 national universities across the country.

Closing thoughts

Grand Canyon University is a privately owned institution located in Phoenix, Arizona United States. The school has an exceptional team in basketball and volleyball but doesn’t have a football team. However, having a football team is a possibility in the near future, but according to the university president Brian Mueller, adding a football program is not under consideration by the school management.

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