What Does “DUB” Mean In Sports (The Secret You Didn’t Know About This Word!)

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In sports, “DUB” is slang for a “win.” It’s often used by athletes and fans to celebrate a victory, especially in team sports like basketball and football. “Getting the dub” means securing a successful outcome or triumph in a game.

What Does “DUB” Mean In Sports?

Origin of DUB:

The term “DUB” originated from the urban streets, slang language, and hip-hop culture and now extends to various areas including the sports industry. The trend capitalized in representing the term “win” with “DUB” – a reflection of the evolving language and culture in sports.

Usage in Basketball:

Basketball is one of the sports arenas where the term “DUB” often echoes. A player might describe his performance or a team’s victory by saying, “We got a dub tonight,” indicating they won the match. Fans and commentators also use the term to represent wins.

Significance in Baseball:

Just like basketball, “DUB” is also well-recognized in baseball. A player, after a successful match, might use the term to show success. A headline might read, “The Yankees grabbed another DUB this season,” positively noting another win for the team.

Implication in American Football:

“DUB” finds a similar application in American Football. Fans might tweet or post on social media saying, “That’s a big DUB for the Patriots!” after a winning game, amplifying the joy of victory in digital community conversations.

Involvement in eSports:

With the growing popularity of eSports worldwide, the term “DUB” has successfully made its way into this arena as well. Gamers often use the term when they achieve victory in a game or competition, with phrases like, “Just got a big DUB in Fortnite.”


While the sport may differ, the meaning of “DUB” remains universal as it’s used to denote a ‘win’. From basketball courts to online gaming platforms, when you hear or read “DUB”, simply think of it as a more trendy replacement for a victory.

To summarize, here’s a quick view:

SportUsage of ‘DUB’
Basketball“We got a dub tonight”
Baseball“The Yankees grabbed another DUB this season”
American Football“That’s a big DUB for the Patriots!”
eSports“Just got a big DUB in Fortnite”

Popular Soccer Slangs

Football is really a national obsession in Britain and it’s full of weird and wonderful phrases. From screamers, howlers, and a clean sheet – below are most likely the most typical soccer slangs clarified allowing you to recognize the area lingo when seeing a fight in the UK.

And anything you do, do not call it soccer!

What A howler!

Whenever you end up observing the English national team play this particular expression will most likely are made inconvenient. This particular expression is really used after someone makes a comical mistake. It is frequently due to red-faced goalkeepers after failing to stop a go as well as sullen-looking players that have scored an own goal.


Who’d be a referee?! Virtually every choice is really met with unrelenting cries of’ you don’t comprehend what you’re engaging in,’ and’ get your eyes tested.’ Disagreeing with the officials is really constant in many sports throughout the planet and just shouting’ ref’ in disbelief in a questionable choice is in fact commonplace in football.

What A Screamer!

Generally reserved for the likes of Ronaldo, Hazard, or Messi, a screamer (or maybe worldie) happens when somebody scores a goal out of much distance which generates pandemonium of the stadium.

Which Was A Sitter/He Should Have Buried That!

Sadly, these two expressions are my most often used thanks to my team’s world-class failure to score goals? They are delivered with a combination of shock, unhappiness, and anger as being a player misses possibly the easiest of chances to mark a goal.

We Want A Clean Sheet

A term typically said in hope is preferably set alongside the expectation. case a goalkeeper does not concede a goal, it’s frequently recognized as a clean sheet. Maintaining a sheet certainly makes it easier to win a game!

It Is Time To Park The bus

It means an ultra defensive style of football by which teams do something to protect the clean sheet of theirs. By putting almost all eleven players behind the ball to thwart the opponent’s attacking threat, and then rarely assaulting yourself, is actually viewed when the equivalent of parking a bus prior to the goal of yours.

Man On!

The crowd is generally known as the 12th male. In case an expert is not aware of an approaching opposition player, cries of’ male on’ band inside the stadium to alert them of an imminent tackle.

He Needs To Hug The Line!

Teams typically play with 2 wingers; these attack minded players that have on the edge of the pitch. To hug the sequence is truly a declaration used to motivate these players to stay as wide as they likely could so to extend the opponent during the entire pitch.

He Was Caught Ball Watching!

Footballers don’t just have to be efficient at kicking a ball! Furthermore, they’ve to get tactically savvy & understand the motion of players about them. By just seeing the ball they’re competent to be found out of place, which could be taken advantage of by the opponent.

The Wall Did Tts Job!

It requires a brave person to remain in a wall. When players position in a line, ten yards from a free-kick, this is called the wall. When the wall stands firm as well as blocks or maybe deflects the ball, they are found to have done the function of theirs.

He Is A Dead Ball Specialist!

Dead ball scenarios happen when the ball is really stationary following a stoppage in the game. A dead ball professional describes a professional player that excels at scoring penalties and free-kicks also who could whip a nook into the penalty box with pinpoint accuracy.

Stay on the feet of yours

An unusual term for a sport played on the thighs and legs of yours, but fans shout this in a vain effort to prevent a player from lunging towards the ground to handle a competitor. This might result in a foul or possibly the opposition skipping beyond the grounded player.

 American Football Slangs

• Audible: Once the quarterback changes the play in the series of scrimmage by calling away prescribed signals on the teammates of his.
• Coffin corner: The spot between the opponent’s five-yard line as well as the end zone. Punters attempt to kick the ball into the coffin corner therefore the offense takes over the ball deep in the very own territory of its.
• Count: The numbers or maybe text that a quarterback shouts loudly while awaiting the ball to be snapped. The quarterback generally informs the teammates of his in the huddle the ball is going to be snapped on a certain matter.
• Draw: A disguised run that originally looks like a pass play. The offensive linemen retreat just like they’re likely to pass protect because of the quarterback. The quarterback drops again and also, instead of setting up to pass, he turns as well as hands the ball to a running back.
• Hail Mary: When the quarterback, typically in desperation in the conclusion of any game, throws an extended pass without focusing on a receiver with the expectation that a receiver will get the ball and mark a touchdown.
• Neutral zone: The spot in football in between the two lines of scrimmage, broadening from sideline to sideline. The breadth of this particular place is really displaying the length of the football. A few additional instead of the middle, no player might stay in the neutral zone before the snap; overall, the recognized calls an encroachment or maybe violation of the neutral zone (offside) penalty.
• Offside: A penalty created when a component of a player’s entire body is in fact outside of the series of his of scrimmage and perhaps the free-kick line whenever the football is really snapped.
• Option: When a quarterback has got the option – the option – to sometimes pass or maybe operate. The answer is game runners.
• Pick six: When a defender intercepts, or possibly picks off, a pass in football and runs it back for a touchdown, therefore scoring six points.
• Pigskin: A slang word for football, and that is actually made of natural leather, not pigskin.
• Pocket: The spot in which the quarterback stands as he drops to throw the ball. This particular field stretches out of a place two yards outside the possibly offensive tackle and also has got the tight end providing he drops off of the line of scrimmage to pass protect. The pocket lengthens in a non-transverse way behind the series to the offensive team’s own end line.
• Red zone: In football, the phrase “red zone” describes the unofficial location from within the 20-yard line on the other team’s goal line. Getting a competitor to a field goal in this particular place is a victory by the defense.
• Roll out: If the quarterback runs left or maybe immediately from the pocket before tossing the ball.
• Scramble: Once the quarterback, to improve time for receivers being opened, moves behind the series of scrimmages, dodging the defense.
• Spiral: It is that small spin on the football during a flight after the quarterback fires it. The word “tight spiral” is generally utilized for describing a solidly thrown football.
• Sweep: A relatively typical perform in each and every football team’s playbook. It will take place with two or perhaps a lot more offensive linemen leaving their stances of and running to the exterior of the scrimmage type. In football, the ball courier needs a handoff from the quarterback and also runs in a straight line of scrimmage, anticipating the disablers of his to lead the way around the end.
• Takeaway: How a defense details several possession where it causes a fumble and recovers the heel or maybe registers an interception. In football, any turnover in the defense records is really known as a takeaway.
• Weakside: The edge of the offense opposite the edge where the small end lines up.

Basketball Terms

Playing basketball isn’t solely about getting some burn or maybe working out. It’s about looking great – or maybe no less than faking it’ until you are making it.


Cookies is essentially a phrase used after stealing the ball from somebody, particularly away from the dribble, for example, “I stole your cookies.”


Jumping requires body running all around the court, which includes pressing the ball in change, making hostile cuts, or possibly getting back rapidly on defense.

Jelly Fam

The Jelly Fam is actually a loose combined player from New York City located around Isaiah Washington and others. Jelly Fam puts a focus on bringing playground inventiveness to their games of theirs, particularly when it comes to layups and dunks.

Knock The Bottom Out!

Knocking the bottom out indicates building a greater amount of shots. If the game was first invented true peach baskets have been utilized, and so the idea is in fact you’re making a great deal of photos they damage the basket by tapping the bottom from it.

Mad Ups

Mad ups are in fact widespread slang for a professional with great leaping ability.

Nothing But Net

Nothing but the web is really a slang term for an ideal shot. It describes a jumper is quite dead on that it doesn’t actually make contact with all the backboard or possibly the rim, touching just the net on the way of its through the hoop.


Rods is essentially a phrase for the legs of a professional with superb leaping ability.

On the Cookout

A player is regarded to be on the on the cookout in case they are dabbling very well.


Onions is essentially a phrase coined by Bill Raferty meaning bravery, audacity, chutzpah… as well as male anatomy.


A player that’s damp has quite a jump shot. A go that is wet is really a made jumper.


SF is a short term for “small forward,” among the 5 standard positions on the court. Small forwards work both as wing players and in the frontcourt, according to a team’s offensive or defensive positioning.


SG is a short term for “shooting guard,” among the 5 standard positions on the court. Shooting guards have a tendency to play on the wing and in the backcourt beside the point guard.


TO is really light for “turnovers,” or possibly the quantity of times a team manages to lose possession without getting off of an official shot.


UTIL is really a short term for “utility,” a slot keeping up a fantasy basketball roster which could be inoculated by players of different positions.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve concluded this article. We hope you were able to get yourself familiar with some new slangs in sports. Don’t hesitate to drop your suggestions or ask your own questions.



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