Farthest Football Throw (Detailed Information!)

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We have seen distant throws that have gone close to 100 yards. The pass that almost made it to 100 yards was from Jim Pinkett in 1983. A flying throw of about 99 Yards. 

One of the most important skills in football today for quarterbacks has to be the skill of throwing the ball across the field accurately with distance. Most times the throws that players make are well below one hundred yards. Although it is possible for people to make a throw that goes on more than 100 yards. This hasn’t been done officially in football though but it can be done because a few players have videos of themselves online making this throw. 

For a few years now, football has had a competition known as the NFL QB challenger, it involves an event that features distance throwing. The competition has four events, the distance throw even t is one of them. They are other tests involved in this competition but for now, they are not important. In the competition, for the long-distance throw, every quarterback is given two throws that would help them win the game.

The winner is gotten from the yards gotten from each throw. Also, a narrow alley on the field is given for the quarterback to make unless he wouldn’t get his score counted. So many times we have heard about the competition beginning in 1990 and ending in 2007. Although there is an event that occurred in 1988 where Vinnie Testavade made a throw of about 80 yards. Also, some competitions held in Hawaii have been said to hold some prestigious throws. We have a list of different years and some prestigious throws in that year. 


1993, Randall Cunningham successfully got his team a win by making a throw of about 76 yards across the field. 

1996 The Quarterback Challenge 

In 1996, NFL decided to host the competition at the palm golf course driving range at the Walt Disney World Resort. That year, they had participants like Jim Harbaugh, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Drew Bledsoe, Kerry Collins, Dave Brown, and Jeff Blake. These are not all of them for that year but these people were involved. This was the Foot Action NFL quarterback challenge. 

1997 Quarterback Challenge 

The 1997 quarterback challenge had contestants like Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Drew Bledsoe, and many others. Some of the prestigious throws of the year were 

75 yards from Brett Favre

74 yards from Drew Bledsoe

72 yards from Jeff Blake and Jeff George 

1998 Quarterback Challenge 

The 1998 quarterback challenge also featured some big names like Brett Favre, Elvis Grbac, Steve Young, Jim Harbaugh, Trent Dilfer, Kerry Collins, Steve Michelle, and Danny Kanell. They also made some interesting yards in their throws:

74 yards by Brett Favre

73 yards Cordell Stewart and Drew Bledsoe

72 yards Steve McNair. 

1999 Quarterback Challenge 

They didn’t have many contenders for the year, from Randall Cunningham, Jake Plummer, Vinny Testavade, to Steve Mcnair. Some of the distance throw for the year was 

71 yards from Steve McNair

71 yards Randall Cunningham 

711 yards Vinny Testaverde. 

2000 Quarterback Challenge 

We don’t have much data about the throws but we know that some people of high rank were there. The likes of Peyton Manning, Jake Plummer, Donovan McNabb, Bubby Brister, Chris Chandler. The event was held at Vindiha Stadium in Hawaii. 

2001 Quarterback Challenge 

We had Trent Dilfer, Peyton Manning, and Donovan McNabb perform this year during the event. Yards like 

72 yards by Trent Dilfer

69 yards by Peyton Manning

69 yards by Donovan McNabb

2002 Quarterback Challenge 

The event was also held in Hawaii, the challenges in Hawaii had a lot to do with prestigious throws. We had Aaron Brooks, Peyton Manning, and Jake Plummer perform that year. 

73 yards by Aaron Brooks

68 yards by Peyton Manning

76 yards by Jake Plummer

2003 Quarterback Challenge 

62 yards by Tom Brady

61 yards by Jeff Blake

61 yards by Mark Brunnell

2004 Quarterback Challenge 

65 Yards from Carson Palmer

65 yards by Byron Leftwich

63 yards by Mark Brunnell and Jake Delhomme. 

2005 Quarterback Challenge 

73 Yards Byron Leftwich

72 yards Carson Palmer 

71 yards Jake Delhomme.

One time in 1983, Jim Pinkett who played for the Raiders there a pass that made a touchdown, the pass went across 99 yards. The receiver was able to receive the ball and make the touchdown. Some NASA Astronauts made a big throw too with a ball and that traveled far too. 

Has Anyone Ever Made The 100 Yards Throw?

Well, as a football fan you should know that although the 100-yard throw is possible to make, no player of any league has been able to make that distant throw in-game. We have seen distant throws that have gone close to 100 yards. The pass that almost made it to 100 yards was from Jim Pinkett in 1983. A flying throw of about 99 Yards. 

Also, we have had players like Nick Marshall throw a ball across the field and make 73 yards. He made the throw in the NCAA league. Also, during games throws are mainly shorter than when the players practice. The practice throws have been recorded to have made 70 – 80 yards most times. 

Even though we have no official records of people making throws that are up to 100 yards, there have been videos of people during practice or just fun plays that have been able to make throws above 100 yards. Players like Lamar Jackson, Odell Beckham, Melvin Ingram have posted videos of themselves making throws that made it across 100 yards. 


We must have noticed that the major question people ask is if in football history anyone has been able to throw across 100 yards. Although, the major question that should be asked by most people should be to know if it is possible to make that throw. Most times the throws in-game hardly make it very far because of games pressure but it is very possible to make an official throw of 100 yards.

There has been a lot of argument so far between football fans, yes it is possible but it hasn’t been done yet. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know if there are prescription football visors. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks

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