Forza Sports Speed Bag Platform With Hypersonic Swivel Review

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Speed bag swivels may look like easy mechanisms, mostly to a newbie in the boxing world who has just taken their first swing in the gym or their house, the fact is, a simple mechanism is far from the truth when it comes to speed bad swivel. Just like the bag, and the fighter’s talent, the swivel is just as important to a boxer. They need to give specifically the correct quantity freedom the bag requires for swift movement while maintaining safety.

 A quality swivel ought to Keep the bag balanced and provide an active and responsive bounce rate for the bag. A swivel does not just give a satisfying and rewarding adventure, it also requires mechanical fluid. There isn’t any boxer who would want to experience hearing a bad screeching and whining of poorly designed metal on metal in the middle of training while approaching the zone, getting to the lightning-speed punch. 

The situation is, it can be extremely difficult to know how a swivel will operate by merely looking at it. Logically, you would have a go with an option of several designs but that is not always logical. Don’t bother yourself much, we will be reviewing the best speed bag swivel, give a detailed buying guide, and put in some other necessary information in this article.

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What Is A Speed Bag Swivel?

A speed bag swivel is what attaches the speed bag with the remaining speed bag platform. The speed bag is what enables the bag to move around when taking a hit. 

Variation Of Speed Bag Swivel

There are about three kinds of speed bag swivels, ball hook swivel, chain-link swivel, and U-bolt swivel. 

The Ball Hook Swivel: This kind of swivel has been in existence for decades and is very common among boxing gyms. They are the easiest kind of swivel so they were easy to arrange, also putting and taking the bag out is very easy too. Although they are loud, they are not good for home use. 

The Chain Hook Swivels: These are a much quiet version so they are seen in health clubs too. Switching the bags might seem complicated and you might require a plier to do it. This swivel is squeaky after a long period of use so it needs lubricant from time to time so you can enjoy it. 

The U-Bolt Swivel: This is also called the D-bolt swivel or the speed precision swivel. Many of these swivels possess a ball-carrying design so you get rapid and proper rebounds. This swivel has a lock pin that is utilized to attach and take out the bag, you take out the pin to detach the bag and put it back in to attach it, it is quite easy. Sometimes the bag will slide with the U-bolt so you may get imperfect rebounds. You can avert the sliding by using duck tape to hold it right at the top.

Who Is The Forza Sports Speed Bag For? 

Who Is The Forza Sports Speed Bag For

A speed bag and all its components from the swivel to the platform are used by professional boxers or professional gyms for fast reflexes and muscle building. 

How Much Does Forza Sports Speed Bag Cost?

The Forza sports speed bag platform with hypersonic swivel costs 45-50 dollars. 

Forza Sports Speed Bag Platform With Hypersonic Swivel – Review

The Forza sports speed bag platform has a very stiff V-frame bracket created using 11 gauge steel tubing and 1 – ¼ thick produced wood drum for a good execution workout. The solid rebounding development will enhance your ability and hasten your learning curve. 

The speed bag platforms adjust higher than 12 vertically to lodge everyone in the family.  The ergonomic knobs hold tightly n the rails for a safer grip. The clear-coated 1 – ¼ thick constructed wood drum has a diameter of 24 enabling any size speed bag to be utilized. 

The speed bag platform is covered in powder with a  reliable glossy finale to complete the natural beauty of the surface completed drum. Constituting the hypersonic swivel. It has exceptional speed and toughness for whatever you throw towards it. 

The [amazon link=”B07MG8CCWW” title=”Forza sport hypersonic speed bag swivel” /] is good for instantaneous and refined users. This is the best choice of swivel for those who need to move carelessly with their speed bag. The ball hook swivel is manufactured utilizing stainless steel with an electro polish finale for reliability and aid. Outstanding power and finale of pure stainless steel rather than the cheap zinc-plated brass. 

We are sure it has been made clear that this hypersonic swivel product wouldn’t be a cheap one, the truth is that if you really want something of great quality and seamless velocity sessions, you know it’s worth the money.

Manufactured from strong stainless steel, there is a very low probability of destruction from the force, no matter how big and heavy you are. Many swivels available for people to buy now are made from delicate, more reactive metals like brass and then covered using chrome or steel-look finale.

 The octagonal core plate develops a much better footing than a circular outward look as it increases force out unanimously to the edges and corners. It also needs a smaller surface area for putting in and has a fast alternate loop pin for simple reinstating and detaching. 

You know, one of the things that made us gain interest is the velocity this thing has, the difference between this project and any cheaper product is glaring and would make the user see the important alternate of speed. Some people say that they have encountered issues with the pin but that has been fixed by Forza. Talking about bounce, there is no other swivel more responsive and pleasant. 

It is so nice that training doesn’t have to be as difficult as it used to be. You figure out that when you start using this product, workout time increases because you don’t gr tired anymore. 

Notable Features 

Ultra smooth z-axis and swivel loop movement.

Noticeable swivel loop ball bearings easily verify that there is no pretend bearing house. 

Rapid alternate loop disallows fumbling with or without a cotter pin.

Free motion gap spacing on the swivel loop. 

A bearing inside contact areas on the swivel head enable maximal utilizing of bearing friction reduction. 

Precision CNC machined

Laser hit high-quality Forza sports designing.

Stiff V-frame bracket gotten from 11 gauge steel tubing.

1 – ¼ thick produced wood drum. 

Strong rebound effort.

Powder coated with a precision glossy finale.


Stainless steel formation

 Smooth z-axis and movement 

Practically quiet

 Insanely quick

Well balanced

Very delightful and  rhythmic bounce

Rapid change loop pin allows you to set up and detach immediately.


Very expensive

On limited occasions, the pin wobbles.

Beneficial Features Of Forza Sports Speed Bag

It Is Good For Letting Go Of Anger

This means that you don’t necessarily need to be a boxer to own a speed bag in your house, it can also assist you in letting go of anger and a little frustration. Hitting this little bag repeatedly has a great way of letting go after a hard and frustrating day in the office. 

• Enhances Speed

This advantage is for the boxers because the further you punch, the faster the bag goes. 

• Enhances The Reflexes

If your reflects don’t improve as you hit the bag, the bag comes back to hit you as fast as possible, it is necessary for you to learn how to react rapidly. It also prompts you to maintain your guard all the time. 

• Eye And Hand Swiftness 

Having the best speed bag will enhance your self-defense practice because it requires you to be completely in sync with every sense to help you punch and dodge. 

Buying Guide

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Speed Bag Platform 

Just as with every other thing, selecting the platform can be hard too. Firstly, you might feel you need a professional platform but also, something might be discouraging you from buying it. Another confusing question is, do you want a wall-mounted speed ag platform or a stand. When selecting a bag swivel, some of the factors to consider are price, material, motion, and brand.

Speed bag swivels are not too expensive so you can get the higher grade ones that are more durable. The materials put in most high-grade swivels are stainless steel and Chrome or a times nickel plating. The cheaper ones are made of plastic so they wear off quicker.

The movement portrayed by a speed bag swivel is necessary because incorrect rebounds can make you lose your rhythm. It is best to figure out the movement by looking up reviews for the particular model you want to buy.

1. Types Of Platform

We have the fixed and adjustable types of platforms.

• Fixed

Before buying the fixed boxing speed bag platform, ask yourselves these questions; check if the height is good enough for you and also make sure you are the only one that will be using it or someone that is the same height as you. 

• Adjustable 

However, there are adjustable speed bag platforms that you can buy. The cost more than the fixed speed bag, the height can be adjusted within 12 to 15 inches. It is a great choice when you have more than one person making use of it. These platforms also permit you to connect numerous bags so you can broaden the scope of your workout. 

2. Size And Shape

If you have been around speed bags you would know that they have a variety of sizes and shapes. So when you want to purchase one, You need to look into what you really want to achieve. Smaller, rounder bags are built for enhancement of speed and reflexes. Undermining that aspect, they are great for a cardio workout. The bigger ones are for newbies or beginners, they are built for improving muscles. Although, one thing we have discovered is that these speed bags don’t move very fast so there is a lower chance of you getting hurt. The measurements of smaller bags are 4 by 7 while that of the bigger bags are 10 by 13. 

3. Sturdy Frame And Brackets

This is one of the most important things to put into consideration before buying a speed bag platform. Search for a frame and brackets that are sturdy enough so they don’t bounce back on you frequently. Even if you have a small budget and want a cheap product, this is something that you should look at. Reason being that a platform frame that isn’t sturdy and without brackets is likely to throw you off balance and distract you with the noise it makes. 

4. Drum Material

Many people hardly know what a drum is when talking about speed bag platforms, for those that don’t know, it is aboard, it is usually round and it is used to hang the bag. It is a wooden material that is reliable and eco-friendly. Meanwhile, it can be very hard to maintain and resists scratches. The pros and cons vary on the kind of wood you have. 

5. Price

The bags and the professional speed bags have different price tags. Normally, you would expect the better and more professional products to be more expensive. The beginner’s products have affordable price tags. Although, as you improve, you will have to get professional products. Improvement is inevitable and so is buying professional products. 

What Does It Take To Mount A Speed Bag Platform?

Speed bag platforms normally come in almost partially arranged. In this circumstance, all you need to do is attach the bag and adjust the height. And if you filled in for the wall-mounted speed bag, then you require to have a drill and several types of equipment needed for this work. Commonly when you purchase a product that should be mounted on the wall, it arrives with the essential accessories. 

What Speed Bag Size Does Professionals Use?

As noted before, experts normally use smaller speed bags. The major purpose is that this kind of punching bag enables them to improve their reflexes, speed, and coordination. And while developing these speed bag platform reviews were also noticed that on average, the smaller bags ranges from four to seven inches. 

Final Words

We have now come to the end of this product review, we hope that it was helpful and can help you see reasons as to why the [amazon link=”B07MG8CCWW” title=”Forza sport hypersonic speed bag swivel” /] is the perfect option for you as a bike lover. 

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