Golf Umbrella VS Regular Umbrella (Find Out The Similarities And Differences!)

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Golf umbrellas are typically larger, with a diameter of 60-68 inches (152-173 cm), designed to cover golfers and their equipment. Regular umbrellas have a smaller size, usually around 36-48 inches (91-122 cm), for individual use and general rain protection.

The Table Below Contains The Disparities Between A Regular Umbrella And A Golf Umbrella. 

Golf UmbrellaRegular Umbrella
Larger coverageSmaller coverage
Bigger canopySmaller canopy
Straight handle design Hooked handle design 

In most cases, golf umbrellas are designed with rib arcs ranging between 26 to 34 inches (if both sides are measured, it’s 52 inches to 68 inches) and the canopy diameter can be up to 60 inches. Top premium quality features are designed with golf umbrellas to make them strong enough to withstand harsh weather. Their canopy is made from waterproof materials like 210T Pongee, 240T Pongee, or even 190T Pongee fabric, and the frame is made from durable metal or fiberglass. Golf umbrellas don’t break easily since they are built with premium quality materials.

What Is a Golf Umbrella and What Are Its Top Aspects?

A golf umbrella is a specialized umbrella designed primarily for use on the golf course but also suitable for other outdoor activities. It is known for its larger size and robust construction, providing extensive coverage for golfers and their equipment. These umbrellas offer protection from rain, wind, and even sun, making them versatile for various weather conditions.

Top Aspects of Golf Umbrellas:

  1. Large Size: Golf umbrellas typically have a larger canopy, with a diameter ranging from 60 to 68 inches (152-173 cm). This size ensures ample coverage for golfers, their bags, and equipment.
  2. Durability: Golf umbrellas are built to withstand outdoor conditions. They often feature reinforced ribs and shafts, making them more durable and wind-resistant compared to standard umbrellas.
  3. Wind Resistance: Designed to handle strong winds on open golf courses, these umbrellas are wind-resistant and less likely to invert or break in gusty conditions. They provide stability even in adverse weather.
  4. Multi-Person Use: Golf umbrellas often come with longer handles and ergonomic grips, allowing multiple users to comfortably share the umbrella, which is beneficial for group activities.
  5. UV Protection: Some golf umbrellas are equipped with UV-resistant materials, providing shade and protection from the sun. They serve dual purposes in various weather conditions.
  6. Versatility: While primarily intended for golf, these umbrellas can be used for other outdoor events like picnics, and sporting events, or as a general-purpose large umbrella for family use.
  7. Portability: Golf umbrellas, despite their size, are designed to be portable. Many come with a carry case or sleeve, and some have features like automatic opening for convenience.
  8. Design Options: Golf umbrellas are available in various colors, patterns, and designs, allowing golfers to express their personal style while staying protected.
  9. Additional Features: Some golf umbrellas come with practical features like pockets, integrated vents to reduce wind pressure, and anti-slip handles for added comfort and utility.
  10. Branding and Personalization: Many golfers personalize their umbrellas with logos or names, and some golf courses or events feature branded golf umbrellas.

Golf Umbrella vs. Regular Umbrella

CharacteristicGolf UmbrellaRegular Umbrella
SizeLarger, typically 60-68 inches (152-173Smaller, typically 36-48 inches (91-122
cm) in in diameter.
PurposeDesigned to provide coverage for golfersDesigned for individual use and general
and their equipment on the golf course.rain protection.
CoverageOffers a wider area of coverage, makingProvides coverage for one or two
it suitable for multiple people or golfindividuals and their immediate
bags and clubs.belongings.
DurabilitySturdy construction, often with reinforcedStandard construction, may not be as
ribs and shafts to withstand wind andwind-resistant as golf umbrellas.
PortabilityBulkier and heavier due to its largerMore compact, easier to carry in a
size. May require a specific bag orpurse or bag for everyday use.
Wind ResistanceDesigned to resist strong winds on golfLimited wind resistance, may invert strong gusts.
VersatilityPrimarily designed for golf use, but canVersatile for everyday rain protection
also be used for other outdoor events.and sunshade.
HandlingMay feature a longer, non-slip handleOften has a shorter handle for single
to accommodate multiple users.use.

How Good Is A Golf Umbrella? 

Whether you’re an avid golfer or you’re just in love with outdoor sports and pursuits, a golf umbrella is a must-have accessory for you. Heavy rain during sports activities can cause significant issues for both spectators and players. That’s why it’s important for you to get a golf umbrella to save you from unexpected weather issues all year round. Hikers can get themselves protected from the elements as well and golfers can keep their golf equipment safe from the elements. Honestly, a golf umbrella can save the day in so many sports, outdoor activities, and hobbies. 

Perfect For All Outdoor Activities! 

Furthermore, we all know that a golf player needs a dry, safe, and peaceful place to hit the ball during bad weather conditions, and a golf umbrella is a perfect answer to that need. It’s just a perfect accessory for golfers looking for protection against bad weather and the elements. Based on extensive research, we got to know that some people don’t even know what a golf umbrella is. As a matter of fact, some even thought it was the same thing as a normal umbrella. Therefore, we’ve decided to bring more clarity on this matter so that you’re better informed about these two types of umbrellas. 

How To Choose The Best Golf Umbrella? 

Just like we said the other time, the size of a golf umbrella is one of its main aspects. More harsh winds, more rain, more sunlight, etc. will be kept out by the umbrella’s large size. As a general rule of thumb, getting a golf umbrella with a canopy diameter above 50 inches will offer up to three people generous coverage. Also, you should consider the weight whenever you’re opting for a larger golf umbrella. Golf umbrellas with a metal shaft and ribs are heavier than those made with fiberglass, so keep that in mind. A normal golf umbrella should not weigh anything above 1.8 pounds. Golf umbrellas have large canopy color variations which give you the option to choose the one that suits your personality and is most

1. Size And Weight

 Just like we said before,  there are two major ways to measure a golf umbrella – either by measuring the diameter or using an arc measurement. You should go for a measurement of 60 inches or more if you’re going for an arc measurement. Additionally, it’ll be a good idea for you to consider the weight of the umbrella too. A golf umbrella should be as light as possible to make your leisure or sporting activity easier and enjoyable. We recommend a golf umbrella below 1.8 pounds of weight, as it’ll not weigh you down. 

2. Quality

The quality of the golf umbrella goes a long way in helping you maximize the longevity of the umbrella. We recommend you go for an umbrella made with premium quality materials. The shaft and ribs of the umbrella should be fiberglass since fiberglass is a very strong material that lasts for long periods of time. Although, umbrella ribs and shafts made with metal or plastic materials are good too but not as strong as those of fiberglass. As a matter of fact, you should avoid umbrellas with plastic shafts and ribs, as it will not be able to stand against heavy rainfall and heavy wind. Consider umbrellas with high-quality nylon or polyester materials with waterproof properties. 

3. Wind Resistance 

A well-built golf umbrella should be able to withstand strong winds.  We recommend that you go for a golf umbrella with a windproof design that offers wind resistance. A golf umbrella with a windproof design comes with a strong and durable frame to withstand heavy rain and winds. 

Closing Thoughts 

The bottom line is that golf umbrellas are umbrellas that are mainly composed of all golfers and other hobbies. In contrast to a typical umbrella with a smaller size, golf umbrellas are bigger to help safeguard golfers from harsh weather and elements. We’ve come to the final chapter of this informative blog post. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know the difference between the golf umbrella and the refusal umbrella. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!



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