Himal Golf Travel Bag Review

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Golf travel bags are essential equipment used for carrying other important golf equipment. Traveling from one golf course to another outside your state or country is quite exhilarating and interesting. But you need a good golf bag to keep your clubs and make the journey easier for you. 

Over the decade, golf travel bags have followed the trends in modern luggage. Now, the most common way to go is with flexible wheels, which are varied in different models – some come with just two while others come with more. 

There are hundreds of options to choose from on the market but we’ve selected the Himal golf travel bag as the very best golf travel bag out there. Furthermore, we’ve compiled a list of the things to look out for before deciding on our buyer’s guide. Our buyer’s guide includes the features and factors to consider before you spend a penny on a Himal golf travel bag. Without wasting time, let’s hit the review! 

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What Is A Golf Travel Bag?

A golf travel bag is a soft or hard-case bag that comes in several shapes and sizes to offer absolute protection for a set of clubs, and a few accessories used for golfing. 

Who Is The Himal Golf Travel Bag For?

The Himal golf travel bag is for any golfer who needs something to carry his/her golf equipment without the fear of damage while traveling.

What Is The Cost Of A Himal Golf Travel Bag? 

The Himal golf travel bag is quite affordable and cost-effective. It costs only $46. 

Variation Of Himal Travel Golf Bag – Soft And Hard Cases

The protection and durability that a travel bag provides are determined by the material used in making it. Hardshell cases are made from a composite substance or high-impact plastics which are quite resident and stronger materials. Soft cases are naturally made from nylon or polyester. The thicker fabrics tend to deliver more durability and protection. 

Himal Golf Travel Bag – Beneficial Features

For a while now, Himal has been delivering reliable, durable, and affordable outdoor products which make golf travelers enjoy their journey to have more fun. This brand cares so much about the welfare of their customers, and that’s why they always offer a satisfaction guarantee. The Himal golf travel bag is an effective and practical bag that comes at an affordable price. Here are the beneficial features of the Himal golf travel bag. 

Effective Wheel System 

One of the things we loved about this bag is the smooth and effective wheel system which makes traveling easier and fun. The exceptional wheel system allows you to transport your clubs without any scratches or damage. You might have experienced a difficult time rolling your bag wheels, but that’s not the case with Himal golf travel bags. 

Its easy-rolling wheel system delivers smooth rolling to help you transport even the heaviest of your equipment effortlessly. 

Sturdy Handles 

 This golf travel bag comes with soft cushions and sturdy handles that are designed to deliver convenience when you traveling or going for outdoor activities. Its quality handle setup makes it more versatile and easy to maneuver. Himal golf travel bag makes things easier when you’re carrying or pulling it. 

Durable Construction

The well-designed handles are well-cushioned for added comfort. For enhanced durability, the manufacturer used Quality 600D heavy-duty polyester for body construction. This construction makes the bag very rugged and durable. There’s a lot of space to accommodate your clubs and accessories easily. 

Highly Multifunctional

Himal golf travel bag is multifunctional. It helps you to transport not only your clubs but also shoes, keys, and many more. 

High-Quality Zippers And Exterior Pockets

Also, you’ll be able to access your equipment, thanks to the high-quality zippers that are built to last long. For added convenience, there are two exterior pockets. With this bag, you’re assured that your clubs and equipment are secure and safe, thanks to the stable PVC bottom and security strap. 

Protective Straps

The security and protective strap ensure the safety of your golf clubs as you travel down to your destination. It is quite a portable bag that can be rolled up easily when it’s not in use. With this, you’ll be able to transport your golf equipment between courses and airports. 


Lastly, the bag is quite easy to carry. It was made with a flexible material that makes it lightweight and easy to carry to an airport, golf course, or to the car. 

Pros Of Himal Golf Travel Bag

1. Highly durable and sturdy, thanks to the premium 600D heavy-duty polyester

2. Universal size 15 x 13 x 50 inches fits all the needs for an excellent travel experience. 

3. Ample space to hold your clubs and other accessories like keys, shoes, and so on.

4. Advanced smooth zipper design can be used several times.

5. A high-quality wheel system makes your journey more comfortable and worthwhile.

6. Features soft cushion and velcro carrying handles which are useful to help carry the golf club travel bag to the airport or course.

7. Protective security strap with two exterior bags 

8. Outstanding after-sale supports the manufacturer 

9. Incredible body construction makes it a good value for money 

10. Himal satisfaction guarantee 


1. It’s a daily basic bag with limited extras 

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Golf Bag For Travel

Your golf bag should be easy and convenient as possible to offer good protection to your golf clubs when you’re traveling with it. Before buying your preferred golf travel bag, you need to consider certain things. These are important factors that will help you make the right buying decision. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors. 


The durability of a bag is one of the most important factors to consider as it tells on the lifespan and sturdiness of the travel bag. Make sure you lookout for the materials used for making the body construction of the bag including the zippers and handles to ensure that you’re buying a good travel bag that’ll last for a long time. 


When a bag has a good warranty, it’s a good sign that it’s quite durable. A good warranty service means that the materials used and the workmanship of the golf travel bag are quite exceptional. Look for a good warranty as some manufacturers are great at looking at customers’ interests than their counterparts. 


You have to put your budget into consideration when buying any golf equipment. The Himal golf travel bag will definitely cater to a wide range of budgets. It’s a budget-friendly option for golfers on a tight budget. Ensure that you’re not buying a cheap travel bag made with cheap materials and from unreliable workmanship. Buying a golf bag made with cheap materials will cause potential inconvenience and disappointment along your journey. It might save you some money now but will expose your clubs to the risks of getting damaged.

Hard Case Or Soft Case

Generally, you’ll find some cases made from durable fabrics while others are made from rugged solid material with enough padding for extra protection for your clubs and other accessories. Your choices on which to choose will solely depend on your personal preference and the travel requirements. Hard cases are heavier and quite expensive than soft cases, but they deliver ultimate protection. Soft cases, on the other hand, are a bit less expensive, lightweight, and easy to store when not in use. 

Storage Space

The storage space of your preferred golf travel bag more can accommodate the length of your longest club and other important accessories. Nearly all the golf bags on the market are built with enough space to accommodate golf equipment, but there are some smaller and more compact ones with insufficient storage spaces. Make sure you check at the first instance. 

Ease Of Movement

Easier maneuverability and ease of movement are the two things you should also look out for in a travel bag apart from good protection. A decent travel bag with good mobility will ensure reduced frustration and makes your journey easier for you. Generally, a bag with hard cases equipped with decent wheels will be easier to move around even if it’s a bit heavier. 

Soft cases are quite easy to store, less bulky, and easy to maneuver than hard cases. Lastly, keep in mind that not all travel bags are designed with wheels, some are meant to be carried to move them. Either way, Weight

The weight of the travel bag is another important factor to put into consideration before making a purchase. 

Don’t forget that you’ll be the one to lug the bag around yourself in and out of cars, at the course, or even at airports. So, if the weight of your travel bag is too much, it will definitely be a burden on you. It is quite advisable to go for a lightweight option which makes it easy to lug or carry around. Either way, the Himal golf travel bag is easy to move, maneuver, and store. You won’t have any mobility problems with this model. 


The weight of the travel bag is another important factor to put into consideration before making a purchase. Don’t forget that you’ll be the one to lug the bag around yourself in and out of cars, at the course, or even at airports. So, if the weight of your travel bag is too much, it will definitely be a burden on you. It is quite advisable to go for a lightweight option which makes it easy to lug or carry around. 

Also, keep in mind that if you’ll be traveling out of the state or country, paying for excess luggage weight on your flights is inevitable. If your golf travel bag is quite heavy, it’ll cost you some amount of money in a weight penalty. Here’s where your choices between hard cases and soft cases come into play. Generally, hard cases weigh roughly 13 to 20 pounds while soft cases are roughly between 7.5  to 10 pounds. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that golf clubs alone would weigh some amount of pounds. Let’s say around 30 to 35 pounds. You don’t necessarily need a heavy bag to add to the overall weight. Before traveling with your golf equipment, make sure you’re familiar with the weight cost and limit the airline charges. That’s why we recommend the Himal golf travel bag for you. It’s not too heavy and still delivers optimum performance. 

Padding And Strapping

Protection of golf clubs is the major reason why you’re buying a travel bag, so therefore, you must ensure you buy the one with enough padding for optimal protection. When you’re traveling, it’s normal for you or another bag handler to mishandle the bag, putting all you’ve got inside at the risk of damage or breaking. 

More of a reason why additional padding is required in travel bags even though it normally adds to the overall weight of the bag. Talking about a strapping system, it works hand in hand with the padding to ensure your clubs and other accessories remain in a place without bouncing around. A good strapping system is one of the things you should look for in a golf travel bag. 

Water Resistance

Another important feature you should look for in a golf bag is the waterproofing capability. Not all golf travel bags offer water resistance, so look out for that also when buying your preferred bag. If you’re traveling during the rainy season or in wet conditions, you need a travel bag with a waterproofing casing to help prevent moisture from getting into your clubs. That’s why we recommend golf bags with hardshell cases.  


Lastly, the locks in a travel bag help to ensure the security of all of your belongings in it. Not all golf bags come with locks, so make sure you consider this when shopping for the bag. 

Final Thoughts

Golf clubs and other equipment are a fair investment for all golfers and it is reasonable to get a travel bag that offers protection and security to ensure they’re not damaged. The Himal golf travel bag is an outstanding golf bag with incredible features and benefits. If you want the easy maneuverability of your clubs, you should consider buying this bag today! It is affordable, easy to store, and was made by a reputable manufacturer. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this single product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the Himal golf travel bag review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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