Hippo Golf Club Review (Shocking Secrets Of This Golf Club!)

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Hippo Golf Clubs are a good option for beginners and high handicappers looking for forgiving and affordable clubs. The Giant XT set includes everything you need to get started, and the clubs are made with durable materials.

Facts and numbers:

  • Hippo Golf Clubs are rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
  • The Giant XT set is the company’s most popular set.
  • The Giant XT set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 5-PW irons, sand wedge, and putter.
  • The clubs are made with durable materials and feature oversized heads for increased forgiveness.

Hippo Golf Club Review

1. Quality and Durability
Hippo golf clubs prove impressive not just during the initial gameplay, but also over time due to their durability. The clubs are designed with high-grade materials that withstand hours of play, maintaining their form and performance even under substantial usage.

2. Innovative Design
Hippo shines when it comes to design and technology. The sleek, modern aesthetic of their clubs doesn’t just provide appealing visuals, but it also contributes significantly to the functionality of the clubs. They show forethought in integrating design features that enhance performance, helping golfers take their game to the next level.

3. Club Variety
Whatever your specific needs, Hippo has a club for you. Their wide range of offerings includes everything from drivers and irons to putters and hybrids. This diverse selection supports players at all skill levels, meeting different preferences and gameplay styles.

Club TypeFeatures
DriversHigh launch, low spin, optimal distance
IronsExtremely forgiving, suitable for all skill levels
PuttersHigh MOI, improved accuracy and consistency
HybridsVersatile, combining features of both woods and irons

4. Comfort and Ease
Hippo golf clubs are designed with optimal comfort in mind. The brand extensively researches grip and weight distribution for the perfect balance of comfort and performance. This not only reduces strain on golfers’ hands and arms but also enhances control during swings.

5. Affordability
When compared to other brands in the market, Hippo offers clubs at an extremely competitive price point. Despite their reasonable pricing, they do not compromise on quality, offering golfers top-tier equipment that doesn’t break the bank.

6. Positive User Reviews
A testament to their quality and performance, Hippo Golf Clubs have received positive reviews from users worldwide. The majority of reviews highlight their lasting durability, exceptional performance, and outstanding value for money.

What Type of Clubs Does Hippo Currently Make?

  1. Drivers: Hippo manufactured drivers, also known as 1-woods, designed to provide golfers with maximum distance off the tee. They often featured adjustable lofts and various technologies to optimize ball speed and forgiveness.
  2. Fairway Woods: Hippo produced fairway woods, typically numbered 3-woods, 5-woods, and 7-woods. These clubs are used for long shots from the fairway and offer a balance of distance and accuracy.
  3. Hybrids: Hippo offered hybrid clubs, which are a cross between irons and fairway woods. These versatile clubs are designed for improved distance and playability in challenging situations like rough or fairway bunkers.
  4. Irons: The company manufactured iron sets, usually ranging from 3-iron to pitching wedge or even 4-iron to sand wedge. Hippo irons catered to different skill levels, with game-improvement irons providing forgiveness and player’s irons offering more control.
  5. Wedges: Hippo produced wedges, including gap wedges, sand wedges, and lob wedges. These clubs are crucial for precise short-game shots around the green.
  6. Putters: Hippo Golf crafted a variety of putters with different designs and technologies to suit various putting preferences. A well-balanced putter can greatly influence a golfer’s performance on the green.
  7. Complete Sets: Hippo also offered complete golf club sets for beginners and recreational golfers. These sets often included a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter, providing an all-in-one solution for those new to the game.

Ironing It Out

Out Hippo happens from a hi-tech perspective seeking to use the newest production techniques to create outstanding products. The ITX2 irons are in fact no different. Once more, the very same formally oriented way to manufacturing is really shown in a steel shaft set that often retails for under $300 or maybe a graphite shaft 1 for $350

The Hippo ITX2 features include:

A Kevlar carbon and seventeen four stainless steel insert is employed in a three-piece head construction. The insert is really put into the cavity in between the face in addition to returned sections. The insert is actually sized the same as the faceplate.

The sole is actually a widened and deep undercut cavity which places the majority of the mass of the clubhead well below the ball

A “soft feeling” iron with a low center of gravity is really created by the enlarged “sweet spot” produced from the blend of the undercut cavity, carbon dioxide insert, and great sole. This particular blend raises the club’s punching forgiveness while concurrently aiding air flow out the ball.

Putting It To The Test

Hippo invested in substantial assessment to offer the “pat-on-the-back” boasting it subsequently claims. Huge handicappers connected with the check had only praise for the Hippo ITX2 irons. Nevertheless, pro golfers who typically have a lot more familiar manufacturers called clubs and therefore, much harsher critics, came out from the evaluation amazed with the club set’s performance, especially the long irons, the three-four clubs. The general opinion expressed by the professionals was the club forgiveness that one proclaimed generated zero bad shots in all.

Beginners Benefit Beautifully

Do not let all of the compliments from pro golfers deter any mid or low-handicap shooters from thinking about a switch to Hippo. All golfers yearn for a golf club with ultimate forgiveness including wedges and short irons as well. The Hippo ITX2 iron set has a thing to give all player amounts along with an uncompromising price tag which can make this an incredibly value-laden choice.

Additionally, savvy internet bargain hunters are able to discover perhaps the very best pricing for those Hippo golf items surfing the net looking for that hole-in-one buy.

Top Hippo Golf Clubs On The Market

The Hippo H7 Golf Club

The H7 driver, equipped with 2 outside weights positioned deep in the single lowers the Center of Gravity to get the ball in the air with ease. HiPPO Golf has proven itself as a brand that’s associated with better performance while providing exceptional value and providing a diverse cross-section of golf equipment. With globally recognized sub brands like Beast, Impact, and Giant, Hippo has actually become “The Power Behind The Player”.

The HiPPO golf brand was created by Howson Sports, a UK-based sports equipment maker in 1989. It’s grown quickly to be probably the largest European-based manufacturer in the golf business. The first aim was to create a distinctive wood head design that would offer exceptional performance at a value that is outstanding to the golfer. A number of UK-based professionals, including the PGA European Tour Director as well as professional DJ Russell, was recruited to entirely try prototypes. Right after a tremendous length of time, a wood head was learned that showed considerably improved results from any other clubs as well as prototypes from will be competition in the second. By the enhancement of the very first wood, HiP PO has went on driving the boundaries of technology with product development teams utilized both in the UK also US headquarters working continuously on principles which are a newbie. The emblem is now extended throughout an extensive selection of gear from award winning irons to golf bags & accessories, all providing overall performance that is excellent at value that is excellent.

Some other kinds of golf clubs on the market

1. Callaway

Callaway is so much one of the very best golf equipment producers on the planet. Several of the top-notch players in the area use no other manufacturer but Callaway because the quality this particular brand provides is just exceptionally good.

In case you would like to feel the power and luxury performance then this particular brand is actually a necessity for you because that is what Callaway specializes in.

This brand comes with irons which have several of the most modern designs and on top of everything, their irons are actually made up of several unique technologies that improve a player’s capability to enjoy really good golf.

When we speak about a number of the equipment we have recognized as well as encountered with this specific product then that might be “superb turf interaction, additional management and stability”. In a nutshell, with which brand, you are going to get a comprehensive power package efficiency that’s a thing all of the golfers out you will find looking for.

Construction And Material

Particularly for a blade lover, this particular unit could be the most exciting thing. Above all, the looks of these irons are directly on the cash and they’ve all that a much better will want from a club. The problem for certain players could be the standard lofts.

Especially in case you have been playing with much stronger lofts then yes, you might not in that way a part of these irons. We’d ,suggest these irons to the mid handicappers as by practicing with such irons, they’re competent to improve the ball striking of theirs by using responses as well as the texture.


Honestly, there is not a great deal that we’ve to say about these irons since they’re small and basic with forged blades so that the players are able to enjoy a great texture and good command.

Yet another quality we’ve found in the Callaway Apex MB Golf Irons is actually that they’re easier to fly in the air. Furthermore, Callaway made certain to completely focus more people on the positioning of the CG on the club to give much more control.

2. TaylorMade

Nowadays we’re speaking about the most effective golf brands so under no circumstances can we skip the brand since it has several of the top-notch and best quality irons.

From far better player irons to game advancement irons, this specific brand offers everything and it’s the choice of more and more golf players out there.
The special of this brand and the irons of its is in fact it’s the ultimate crispy noise and the absolute best experience whenever you strike the ball with them. The frames of the irons of theirs are in fact really tough as well as just in case you are somebody searching for straight heel flights with superb forgiveness then yes, TaylorMade is in fact the emblem that you’ve to test in this moment.

Construction And Material

The M4 irons are really the best TaylorMade irons and we will have proper justification for which. The M4 and M3 irons by TaylorMade possess the RIBCOR technology which is actually probably the most crucial and the most amazing feature that you’ll just fall in love with.

This particular engineering aids in hitting the ball higher, longer and also straighter and that is really what you’ve to distribute the ball right in the gap to where it ought to be.
You’ve to get the M4 irons on the radar of yours just in case you’d really like forgiveness and additionally the best offered distance. The pace pocket plus the far better deal with openings of these irons in fact perform best with the RIBCOR tech.


The spin speed of these irons is actually good as well and you’ll be pleased with your ball flights because as said earlier, this’s the specialty of these irons.

There’s this obvious structure in the cavity that works really well to make by far the greatest performance across the whole face and of course, there is this consistent feel as well that we truly have to value.

The unwanted vibrations can also be reduced on the mishits and once again the RIBCOR technology just tends to make these irons even more outstanding.

3. Titleist

Titleist, another golf club brand that creates several of the greatest irons of all time. This particular brand has also been the talk of the city as a result of several of its high-quality and good exceptionally irons.

You will usually find Titleist on the top of the table if you discuss game advancement irons, best drivers, best wedges, or maybe perhaps very best putters. Above all, you’ve to understand the main fact about this specific brand that when you’re taking a look at forgiveness, this specific brand as well as its irons are essentially a beast!
It’s not simply the precision supplied by this specific brand which makes it a must try, actually, but there are likewise a selection of various other aspects that we enjoy about it. From precision to reliability, Titleist provides the best playability also. The creates are essentially a little pricey but truthfully, they are well worth your each and every penny also you are merely going to love playing golf with them.

Construction And Material

These irons are available with a face insert along with a new forged body that is praiseworthy. The face insert is actually made up of high strength spring steel and it will help in raising the pace of the launch as well as the ball. The CG progression is improved in these irons.

Particularly in the long irons, the CG is actually lower and more centred. With these irons, you are going to get to enjoy much better accuracy and much better management.


The most important quality of the 718 AP2 Irons is actually the ability to deliver a great deal of forgiving than the prior design by Titleist.

The higher strength inserts, the slim faces as well as the ideal distribution of body weight, all of these elements with each other make this club a must purchase and we assure you you’re merely going to appreciate the performance.

In addition to it all, the pace provided by these irons is simply outstanding. For instance, in case you’re somebody who wants greater and more time shots then the 718 AP2 Irons are actually what you have to get the hands of yours on, today.

The sole concern you may experience will be the cost because these irons are a bit costly and some folks might begin asking yourself whether their price tag is really well worth the quality that they’re getting.

Final Words

We’ve come to the end of the Hippo Golf Club reviews. We hope you now that Hippo golf clubs are worth buying as a golf professional.



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