Hollywood Racks Sports Rider For Electric Bikes Reviews

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The [amazon link=”B08HJTFN64″ title=”Hollywood racks sports rider bike rack” /] for electric bikes or e-bikes has been specially created for heavy-duty bikes. And if you follow electronic bikes, you would know that some of them weigh more than 70 pounds. No matter where you look, you should have the knowledge that the large majority of bike racks are accessible presently on the market are built with a high load of just 50 pounds. 

This is why you might have to look out for the Hollywood sport rider racks for electric bikes. It might be exciting to know that the rack has a load facility for 2 bikes and both can weigh 80 pounds each. You know what? There is more, It has two rack versions, one of them being for regular tires and the other for fat tires. 

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What Is An Electric Bike Rack?

Electric Bike Rack

Relating an electric bike rack to a normal bike rack, the e-bikes particular racks have special tow bars that possess a larger maximum weight capability. What this means is that a way to distinguish both racks is by you knowing that the e-bikes are made with more reliable materials and can withstand a larger weight. What we are saying in essence is that if you already own a bike but you are scared of risking a rack breaking while you are driving, you have a better chance at that not happening if you have an electric bike. 

Who Is The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider For?

Not just this product but bike racks are used by people who see biking as a hobby or professional cyclist that sometimes move their bikes around or travel with them. 

How Much Does Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Cost?

Hollywood racks sport riders for electric bikes have a price range which is from around 500 dollars to a maximum of 550 dollars.

Buying Guide

These right here are things to look out for when choosing an electric bike rack: 

1. Types

We have the roof racks and tow bars.

Most of the electronic bike racks for cars are built for the hitch-mount tow bar for noticeable reasons, they are simple to pack. Some racks are good for hauling a lighter electric bike on the roof. However, the comfort of loading the heavy electric bike to a hitch-mount bike rack causes it to be the most impressive rack type. Tow bar bike racks have more weight than roof racks although they also keep up two to three times heavier. Normally, 60lbs per bike is proper.

2. Locking

There are two kinds of locking, bike, and rack locking. 

Fortunately, most electric bike racks stay in the middle to the high-end quality category which entails that both the racks and bikes can be locked. What we mean is, a lock is for the thieves in the area that won’t stay away from your property. Traditionally a lock is important especially when your insurance covers your bike, a part of their policy will state that you should have a lock. 

3. Wheel Sizes And Tire Width Rack Compatibility

Electronic bikes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and when selecting a rack for your e-bike, be certain that your bike suits inside the suggested sizes for the racks. Common sizes are:

20 – popular for e-bike wheel size especially folding bikes.

26 – mostly on inexpensive electric bikes.

27.5 – A normal electric bike wheel size

29 – Highest wheel size 

650b = 27.5

700c E-fitness or E-road wheel sizes

Fat bike tires width -4 -5 

Normal tire width for electric bikes 2 – 2.4

4. Adapter 

When selecting an electric bike rack, be certain that you confirm if you would require a special adaptor or attachments for fat bikes, step-through frames, and lesser wheel-sized bikes. 

5. No Wobbling 

A very important factor for high-quality racks is an anti-wobbling system that prohibits the rack from moving on the hitch. However, tow bar bike racks have two sizes, most people have encountered instances of unstable racks when driving. Fortunately, this issue can be solved with an extra tightened knob on the down rack.

6. Tilting

A pivot structure with a foot assist is one of the most amazing features not counting the locks on the rack. Most electric bike racks have an outstanding high load capability but they can still be tilted for simple access to the boot. 

Hollywood Racks Sports Rider For Electric Bikes(HR1500) – Review

The HR1500 is the large tire electric bike hitch model of the sport rider SE2 hitch rack. It will hold two electric bikes or regular bikes with a ‘5’ large tire. Unique features involve additional heavy-duty wheel holders for heavy load-carrying ability. 

The rack folds up when you are not using it, tilts down for effortless vulnerability, and involves a keyed similar locking hitch pin and ‘8’ safety cable. The bike rack holds up two electric bikes with about a size 60 wheelbase, high capability 80lbs for each bicycle.

Popular wheel holders will hold any boke with up to a size 5 tire. Locking bike frame attaches to chase thieves away including a keyed similar locking hitch pin. Besides, step-thru bike frames may need the utilizing of bike adapters. This pack contains 2 hitches only, features a patented no wobble tools hitch tightened structure for rapid and safe installation. 

Also, it cannot work with 1 – ¼ to 2 adapters, not to be utilized on a trailer, towed vehicle, or fifth wheel. The racks fold flat on the vehicle when it isn’t in use and tilts down for simple cargo vulnerability. Batteries on electric bikes must be taken away before installing and moving bikes on electric bike rides.


Application 2 by 2 trailer hitch collectors

Moving capacity: 2 electric bikes

Weight capacity: 80lbs for each bike

High tire width: 5

High wheelbase: 60

Range between bikes: 10

Shank increase: 7

• Range from the face of hitch to:

1. Nearer part of the rack when folded down:  7 – ½

2. Nearer part of the rack when folded up 5

3. A distant part of the racks when folded down: 27-1/2

4. A most distant part of the rack when folded up: 16-1/4 

5. Transporter weight: 54lbs

About Hollywood Racks Firm

The Hollywood racks company started in 1973. The proprietor started by making trunk-mounted racks in the rear of the bike shop in Hollywood, California. That is what brought about the name Hollywood racks. The main purpose of the company has remained the same since then, which is to produce high-quality racks and other products that are simple to utilize. 

Now with nearly 50 operations, Hollywood racks is still a family business. It has remained like this because they care about each other and what they manufacture. They work very hard to make sure they meet up to expectations. 

Beneficial Features Of Hollywood Racks Sport Rider?

The Hollywood rack sports rider for e-bikes makes it easy to transport 2 electric bikes at the back of your vehicle. It has a locking frame hook and heavy-duty wheel holder with welded gussets to augment the rack so it can deal with the additional weight. An anti-rattle procedure fastens the rack’s shank to your hitch collector to deter it from moving in the tube. These are some reasons why this bike rack is very unique:

1. Locking, Ratcheting Hooks

The Hollywood rack sports rider utilizes locking frame hooks to keep your bikes safe. The ratcheting, cushioned hooks adjust effortlessly On the vertical mast and lock safely in place. The dismissal button enables every hook to slider up the ratcheting arm for bike disposal. The hooks operate independently, which entails you can keep them to transport bikes of several heights. 

2. Adjustable Wheel Hoops

The wheel hoops hold bicycles with wheelbases up to 60 by sliding along the horizontal hand. They keep safe with easy-to-operate hand knobs, and ratchet leashes tighten the wheels to the hoops. These global hoops will stick to regular and fat tires up to 5 widths. 

3. Folding, Tilting Design

The rack tilts, with or without bikes being loaded, for gaining entry easily to your car’s back boot area. Just take out the pivot pin, remove the down quick-release spring pin, and drop the rack down. The rack also folds up to the rear of your car when it’s not being used. To put the rack up, just drag the upper quick-release spring pin and take it up. 

4. With The Anti-Rattling System, You Don’t Need A Tool To Install 

The rack puts in your hitch without the requirement of tools. Just slide the shank to your collector until the wielded stop plate gets to the hitch. The stop plate prevents you from having to bend with your hand and knees on the ground to correlate the pinholes while installing the hitch pin. 

As soon as you have placed the hitch correctly put the lock pod. Lastly, utilize the arranged anti-wobble handle on the front side of the shank to fasten the rack in your hitch collector and avoid it from rattling. 

5. Complete Safety For Bikes And Racks

The lock bases in the frame hooks holding the bike steady on the rack and protect them from transportation. Also, the lock pod binds to the hitch pin to keep safe the rack to your vehicle. These locks are easily keyed similarly. For additional protection, the 8 long safes.

6. Tightening Your Bike Using Ratcheting Hooks

The Hollywood rack sport rider for the electric bike has been produced utilizing a few of the maximum quality steel. It is colored with a nice and sleek dark powder coat finish and uses locking frame hooks to keep your bikes safe. One of the nice features of the racks is the ratcheting hooks.

These are simply adjusted along the vertical mast and lock safely in place undermining any complication. The producer has thought about nearly everything. It has an extra push button that enables the hook to slide up the ratcheting strategy and allow simple bike disposal. 

7. Movable Wheel Holders

The thing is, wheel holders, enable you to move bicycles using wheelbases up to 58. You should know that you can move the wheel hoops too. All you need do is slide them along the horizontal arms and that is all. 

When you are through with placing your wheel hoops in the right place, you can safely adjust them with hand knobs. The producer has given Velcro-like hook-and-loop belts so you are able to keep your bike safe to the holders effortlessly. It is so simple, you require little time to get this done. 

8. The Folding And Tilting Feature

This feature is exclusive, practically the rack has been built so it can tilt to an extent that gives you access to the back of your vehicle boot area. That is very impressive. Let me explain more, you don’t have to bring down your bike and disembark your rack. Just tilt it and you can access your cargo effortlessly.

 It is the quickest way to access hour stuff. All you need do is remove the pin, then pull the bottom quick release spring pin, and lastly, you can take the rack down. That is all. Another thing is that the rack can fold up at the back of your car when not in use. To achieve this, pull the upper quick release pin and elevate. 

9. Simple Fixing Method Using Locking Hitch Pin

This product can be installed with ease based on this feature. You just have to utilize the locking hitch pin. What you require is to slide the leg into your receiver, then put in the hitch pin. 

We would say that the frame hook locks and hitch lock are both nicely keyed similarly. The rack involves an arranged anti-wobble handle in front of the core unit. This fastens the rack’s leg to your hitch receiver. This component avails the rack from rattling around in the receiver. 

10. Adapter Features For Kids

If you are moving your kid’s electric bike or regular bicycle, then you can utilize the wheel hoop adapter, this doesn’t come with the product, you will have to buy this on the side. 


1. Keyed-alike locking pin enhances security and protection 

2. Tilts for easy and quick storage

3. Can fold flat when not in use 


1. No loading ramp

2. You have to buy separate adapters 

3. Not usable with trailers 


We have now come to the end of this product, we hope that it was helpful and can help you see reasons as to why a Hollywood rack sports rider for electric bikes is the perfect product for you as a bike lover. 

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